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Friday Sermon 16_125

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah hollyfield would really mean a lot of projects at nudie mina bulan well mostly just subliminal alum from okito but he had another financial guru who Alan Messiah, he became Manish guru who Island neon when suddenly Allah fully healed from the shell of a sham even during a time when kitabi mokum will come out in the beginner will hurt them see the will of the Adam levy Bashara here is having a medium whether it be 30 he Ibrahim alayhis salaam Hina Cornejo away who have him for sallallahu alayhi wasallam while at very high lumen and Latina barakallahu li him Kapha Xs a lot of amino monogame but hamdulillah and let me let me attack Isabella then Bella Mia Lucia

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reconfirmed work with me akula who Illumina to Li work a bit with Akira Al Hamdulillah. A lady Angela Allah Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah who

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will hamdulillah militina who wanna stand you know who want to start Pharaoh when he when our crew Allah He when I wrote the bill for him and surely and fusina woman say it Mr. Lena but yeah the healer who fella mobile Allah woman you blade fella howdy Ella. When a shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Allah. When a shadow under Mohammed Abdullah he Rasulullah sallallahu taala Buddha would even have the Hara who Allah De Luca de Vaca fabula he shahida for sallallahu alayhi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira and Kathy Allah.

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But in our stock Alhaji De Sica tabula well, Hayden had he had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in a shotgun Marie matter to her in a Coloma setting with a local level data and Allah, Allah Allah Allah,

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Allah Allah azza wa jal Tabitha kariba and akula rubella him in a condo Jim Drew lsvt, big herbal Hekmati, well known wherever till Hashanah was the ideal home builder here in North America, who will be Mangala and CBD he

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will be modeling rubbish if you suddenly were silly, Emery looked at me lasagna coli alone, that's a bit under no TV, la la la la, la la homogeneous and Amina live in a monomial. Sally has also been happy with us on social media. But I mean, I've dedicated last few hours talking to you about a single ayah of the Quran. And that is the 100 and 25th. I have sort of had that surah number 16. And number 125, the IRB can call to the weight of your master using wisdom. And then Allah as well not able to Asana and with good and beautiful counsel. And then he adds was added humility here and debate them or argue back with them in a way that is best or that is better. And then he adds, this

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is the final statement of this is in the last hurrah. I talk to you a little bit about different ways in which people use less than beautiful ways to argue or manipulative ways to argue. And there's a long list of them. I'll talk to you about that in a second. But today's football will be primarily dedicated to the conclusion of this ayah in North America, who are Lam Obi Wan, De Leon, Sabina, he, or who are the mobile motorin that certainly your master he in fact is the one who knows better, who is lost or who is gone off from his path. And he knows better those that are committed to guidance. That's the concluding statement of this one single idea. It's important for us to note

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that when there are lots of statements inside a single ayah that Allah is telling us to take those concepts that you would think are separate concepts but think of them as one because he made them into one unit of learning via Wi Fi so that they can contemplate his if they are unified unlike you know it could have been Elizabeth Baker will Hekmati will more exalted Hashanah Raja de l'homme bility. here would be an ayah by itself. And then this last statement in Naropa, who will be one Bala answerability, or who will be Muslim would be an ayah by itself, because those are separate statements. But alone, his wisdom took two separate sentences, they really are two separate

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sentences, and made them into one ayah. Because an IRA is not restricted by what you consider rules of grammar, meaning a sentence ends with a full stop, then you start the next sentence, right? So you can have multiple sentences inside of a single if that's the case, here there are multiple sentences inside of a single ayah. So the thing is, if you just heard somebody say, you know, let me explain to you why this is important in understanding this idea. If you said to somebody Allah knows best, or Allah knows better, right, that's a general statement, it can be applied to anything, what's the weather going to be like tomorrow? Allah knows better, right? When is this pandemic going

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to be over? Allah knows better? You can, you can take any statement about the future, or anything about the unseen or anything even about maybe we're studying an eye of the Quran. And we don't understand fully what it means or there's some ambiguity or there's questions that we haven't been able to answer. And the answer to that would be what Allah knows better, right? So it's a general universal principles statement. And it's there to humble human beings about the limits of this

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Knowledge. So there are times in the Quran where Allah commands us to say that Cora BLM, you know, tell them or say my master knows better? And that's a way of saying, I don't have to know the answer. You don't have to know the answer, because the one who needs to know knows and what he wanted us to know, he tells us, he told us and what's beyond our scope and won't benefit us. He didn't tell us. This is actually something that informs our way of approaching the Quran altogether. Because in the Quran, Allah sometimes doesn't tell us a lot of information. Sometimes he won't tell us the names of everybody like currently, we're studying sort of use of right, and he's got use of

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Alison's got 11 Brothers, but not one of his brothers has mentioned by name in the in the surah. Isn't he's not meant they're not mentioned by the moms I mentioned by name. And why is it that Allah is emitting this information? Or, you know, Allah mentions that he ended up in Egypt, but he didn't say where they used to live in the beginning, which is going on canon that the Bible tells us, and other historical records indicate right? So why would Allah skip out on information from us? That's what it feels like, he's not telling us everything? Well, he wants us first of all, to understand something, he tells you what you need for a purpose, for guidance, right? So if you know it, give

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you a simple example of that. If I say, if I say to my son, you know, I want you to tighten the screw. Here's a screw screwdriver, here's the screw. And he starts asking me, what manufacturer is the screwdriver? When did you buy it? How much did it cost? Does it deteriorate in value? Are you going to get a new one eventually? Or is it going to be always this one? How long did he ask you to do this task? Is it the right screwdriver? Is it the right screw for the job? That's it. All these other questions may be very curious for you, but they don't benefit the task at hand. Right? So the same way, Allah gave us what he gave us for the purpose of guiding our lives, to give us good

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advice, to give us beautiful counsel, to give us something that will keep us out of harm's way. And he gave us exactly what we need. And what happens is, we become less interested in what he did say. And we became become more interested in everything he didn't say, we become more curious about that. And when when that curiosity takes over, then that statement that your master knows better is applies to ways Allah knows better the answer to those questions, because we don't have the definitive answer to those questions because Allah didn't give them to us. So at the end of the day, there'll be a debate, what could it be this could have been this, could it be this. The other is

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Allah knows better what to mention, and what not to mention. Allah knows better what to say and what not to say, what to teach you and what not to teach you, what to give you guidance with and what not to give you guidance with. He knows he, he knows what he's doing. There's no better teacher than Allah. And nobody designs a curriculum better than the best teacher. So this curriculum that Allah revealed to us is perfect. It doesn't need additions. It doesn't need subtractions. It doesn't need editing, he's better, he knows better, and how to teach us now that statement, again, in general has a certain meaning. But what meaning does it have inside of this ayah it's been, it's been unified

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with the concept of you and me trying to call others to the path of our master. And it starts with the Prophet himself. So a lot more sentiment, that's the most important realization here. The commandment or the rule is singular call. Now, when I say call, if there's 100, people in front of me and I say call, they're saying I'm talking to the audience, and I'm telling them to call. But in Arabic, the plural is different than the singular, even as a verb. So you see it through the EU would be longer if I was calling if I was telling everybody to call. But if I'm talking to a single person, I say, the EU sound is short. And what that does, is it tells us that ally is talking first

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and foremost to the Prophet himself. So alongside him, let's figure out why that's important.

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Our profits Iceland has more access to the unknown, the unseen world than any other human being in his time. He has access to see gibreel Ali Salaam for who years, he has access to the revelation from Allah. He has been shown, you know, glimpses of Judgement Day of Hellfire and of heaven. He has been introduced in person to profits that have died 1000s of years ago. He has access to what the unseen he has he's been given, though we call it limited access. But he has a glimpse into the unseen that we don't have. When when jabril Elisa Lam comes dressed in white and comes in asked him some questions and everybody else's weirded out Who was that? The supervisor knows who that is. He

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has information that is unseen to the rest of us, he's got it. So Allah is talking to someone who has more knowledge about the unseen among human beings than any anybody else. This is important to note.

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With that in mind, by the end of this ayah Allah says, when you debate with somebody debate in a way that is most most beautiful

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Or more beautiful, keep things civilized, keep things dignified, keep things beautiful, because when you debate with someone, they tend to try to win the argument by saying more and more and more offensive things. Because as someone starts losing an argument, the way to fight back, is to actually fire away to get heated. Now, you know, just like in any sport, if you're about to lose, you start getting upset. The same way in a debate, it could be when someone sees that they're not getting somewhere, they're not winning, their arguments have been stumped, they start getting upset when someone gets upset, they get more offensive. So they can say things that are very outrageous,

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they can say things that are so, so deeply and you know, so profoundly hurtful, but they just say it, because now they're backed in a corner. And now they're just gonna lash out and not control their tongue and say, act however they act. In those situations, the prophets, I said, I was being told, well, they can argue with whatever foul language they want, they can argue with whatever false accusations they want, they can argue by taking the subject here, there, and everywhere else, they can use character assassination, if they want, you will only argue with that, which is more beautiful meaning the truth. And also it means the way you will argue because you know, you could be

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if you're recording an ayah of the Quran, or you're, you're sharing something that Allah says himself or the prophets that himself say something, then you're sharing something that's more beautiful, but there's an ugly way to share it too, right? So it's not just what you say, it's how you say it. Like I keep coming back to that. So debate back in a way that's more beautiful. Why? Because in the mind of the one who is debating, let's say, like, let's put a scenario to this not of the profits of ourselves, let's say a young man decides to give that law in, you know, in the university, right? And they set up these booths where people come in, they ask all kinds of

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questions learn about Islam, or Islamic Awareness Week, or why Islam and you know, those kinds of things. And there's a booth and people are coming and asking all kinds of questions, and some guy comes and starts insulting the prophet and starts insulting, no fraud, you know, or he goes off and just says, the most ignorant some most outrageous things and won't stop. And, you know, they're just absolutely belligerent, there's no way to control them. And as they start talking like that, or like, you're going to talk about my profit that way. Or I know how to put you in your place. And you start getting heated and angry too. And then you start quoting my art about how people like him will

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burn in hellfire. Because what you what he does, is the way of the kuffaar and dockerfile. You know what Allah says about you? You know what we believe about you? You know what we know about you? We'll see you on Judgement Day.

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I'm going to be laughing at you looking above from above, when you're burning in hell down there, you know, folio, mala, Xena, amen. Amen. mamanuca. Faria, Haku, addolorata kiambu. On that day, the believers will be looking from above down to the believers and disbelievers and laughing at them. There's a scene like that in the Quran. That's not the right time to call it though. I'll be laughing it you can laugh now. But we'll be laughing the day is coming.

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That's not more beautiful. And that violates the beginning of this ayah call using wisdom.

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When really that's a big deal of becoming Heckman. There's no wisdom in that. But where did that mentality come from? These people are so evil. What they say is so vile, and so outrageous. They're so stubborn in their gopher in their disbelief and their denial of a lion is messenger that they need to be put in place. Allah will deal with them in the in the worst way. I know these are the kinds of people Allah talks about in his book, and you basically you're no longer calling someone or discussing with someone or disagreeing with someone. You are actually judge jury and executioner on behalf of a law now you've condemned this person to hell because of their behavior. You've decided

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that these people are beyond hope they're a lost cause. You've decided that there's no guiding these people The only way you can talk to people like that is this this and this. The Quran has already told us when someone's acting that way what should you do? I did the analogy I mean ignore people that are outrageous and walk away from them. Follow Salama respond peacefully and just ended. There's no need to continue. That's something we've already talked about. But you know, the something in your emotions and mind says these people. Oh man is gonna look epic on Judgement Day with these people as if you're already in the safe zone on Judgement Day and you're in the you know,

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the back seats, the VIP lounge, and you get to comment on everybody else that's going to be in the trouble booth. Like, how did you get your reserved spot? Where did you get that thought process suggest that you know something Allah doesn't or you know, something that only Allah knows where this person will end up. There are people that were the worst enemies of Islam, the worst staunch enemies of Islam. People that were ready to kill the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And now when we say their name, we add a lot the Lahore on home. Now lobby pleased with them, they become people that are guaranteed heaven by rasulillah salam because Allah gave him. You know, Allah didn't give that guarantee for everybody but he revealed specifically, let these people know they have Heaven, Allah will let them know, through His prophets, Allah loves him. But those were people that at one point, were ready to kill not just this believe in the Messenger of Allah, not just reject or ignore the Quran, but actually kill those who Allah sallallahu are these

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nations in the past that tried to kill their profits, those nations got destroyed, you know that, right? That's not a small evil. And yet, those are some of the best they became some of the best people that ever lived. What I'm trying to get at is, you don't however bad a person appears. You don't get to say their last cause I don't get to say their last cause. And that's when you understand the conclusion of this ayah. In Rebecca.

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No doubt about it your master. He's the one who knows better.

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He's the one who knows better be Mandela and sabini, about the one who is lost away from his path. Okay, someone has been misled from his path or someone's off the path, you can see that they're off the path, Allah says, but I see better than you do. I see how many steps farther away they are. I see what events are coming in their life, that may change their heart, and they take a turn back towards a less path. You may see them veering off away, in a way in a way and you say these people are lost, Allah says I know better what loss looks like, I know better. You don't get to write people off. You don't get to do that.

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It has to be a revelation from a law that gets someone to write somebody off is a revelation from Allah Himself. This is not about letting people do wrong to you. That's already been done a separate subject people, here's me, we talked about this and say, Well, if you're not going to write somebody off, that means you should keep giving them more and more chances. That means that you give them opportunity to do wrong by you over and over again, because only a luck and judge, you're confusing two separate things. And it's important to separate those two separate things. One matter is you and I have dignity and rights. And when somebody is crossing those lines, Allah revealed borders for

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those. So when somebody is acting in an undignified fashion, you walk away from them, and that border still exists. But as you're walking away, your thought process about them is what's being controlled, here are my thoughts about that person that I walked away from they may be acting ignorantly they may be someone I will not allow them to cross the line with me. I will not allow them to, you know, continue to say belligerent things or being the presence of that, I won't do that. But at the same time, I won't walk away thinking these people are condemned or a lost cause. Maybe at some other point, they calm down and we are able to have a civil conversation.

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same person, same person that I walked away from because someone acting a certain way that doesn't define who they are. That's just one time they acted that way. Two times they acted that way. Or that year, they were going through that phase, people go through phases, yes or no. The third kabuna token on top of many people, you know, in your life, you meet them later on, you say you're different. Yeah, I'm not the same person anymore.

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You You meet them, and you can tell they've changed dramatically, they're not those habits that they used to have that define them are gone. Something happened in their life that changed them, change them significantly. You know, so when we, and by the way, the idea that some kind of evil runs in their blood, or they're never going to change, or it's just their nature, even if they become better, they're going to go back to the who they really are, sooner or later, you know, like the Arab expression that double Allah,

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if there is some evil inside them that they will go back to, I am not the one to know that are you? That's what Allah and that's actually the kind of evil that the brothers have use of honey. Sam mentioned that, you know, if he stole, he used to have a brother who stole just like him as if it runs in the family.

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Right? It's a it's a trait, they can't escape it. They'll come back to it eventually, in one way or the other. So the idea that people are beyond redemption, yes, there may be somebody who is lost. But even someone who's lost a life saying yes, you can see that they're lost. But let me let me tell you, I know better what that loss really is,

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you know, to help you understand this visually, I know maybe this will confuse you. I hope it doesn't. I think it makes a lot of sense. When you see someone at a certain point. Like in mathematics, you have a dot a point, right as a certain point on the graph. You don't know its trajectory. You can draw an infinite number of lines through that one point. It can be going the you know, anywhere

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Number of rays can be going through that one single point. If you see a person at a certain point, and you say they're lost, they're in the negative. But you don't know if their trajectories towards the positive. You don't know if Allah has planned a curve or home for them. And they're going to be way ahead of you later on. You don't know any of that. You just know that one point. And based on that point, you say they're lost. And the law says no, I know better about what that lost is. I know where it's heading. You don't. So put your and, and there are people that are in the positive. That's the other scary thing. There are people that are in the positive, they're in a good place.

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And you can look at them and say they're in a really good place. But you don't know what downward spiral lies around the corner. And they end up worse than the worst people. Somebody can, you can be in the most beautiful place, looking at the most beautiful view on top of a cliff and one slip, and you're at the bottom of a valley. Isn't that the case? So just like people that are lost, or not permanently fixed, Allah knows better if they are not the people that are found the people that are in a good place, the people that have some guidance with them. They're not secure in their place, either. Nobody's cemented where they are. So the statement ends from Allah, well who are alemu Bill

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motorin. And he knows better those that are committed to guidance.

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That's a really scary thing to say, at face value. It sounds like Allah knows the misguided, Allah knows the guidance. Ah, no, hold on. Allah knows better, whoever's misguided and what their reality is, and who how they may go from being lost to being found. And Allah knows better those who feel that they are in good place with the laws guidance, that are going to slip away and who are the people who are actually going to remain committed to it. Just because we have guidance today doesn't mean we'll have it tomorrow. It's not something we're entitled to. And that's something that we can hold on to and say I own it. If we if we owned guidance, we wouldn't have to beg a love for it.

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Every time we pray and say you know salata, Mr teen guidance, guidance guidance, if we already own guidance, we wouldn't have to ask for it. It's something that has to be asked for, because it runs out like just like water in your body and my body, it runs out and you have to drink again. That's what that's how guidance is. And those who commit to nourishing themselves continuously, Allah knows them better. It's a very humbling idea for anyone who tries to talk to anyone else, about Islam, about the deen about giving good advice. First, understand where you and I stand alone knows better where I stand along those batteries and even the profit. And I started by saying, why is it

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significant than this, I began with the profit. If anybody would know the unseen destiny of another human being that he would have access to know where they're gonna end up. That would be this little loss a little longer for them. And he's being told you need to internalize Allah knows better, who's lost and alone knows better who's committed to guidance, if he has not given been given that license, except on revealed occasions a level tell him specifically this person, let him know that person let him know. Right. Other than that, even the prophet SAW Selim did not know. He was not given access to the insides of people's hearts. And this is why he was commanded in the Quran to

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say, Palma, a dreamer. You follow me when I become?

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Tell them? I don't know what's going to become of you? Or what's gonna become of me or have you in a W Illa? You Hi, Elena, I'm only following what has been revealed to me. Well, my learners you don't move in. And I'm only here to warn you. Clearly. That's it. That's all I can do. But I've just because I'm warning you doesn't mean I come from a superior position.

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I don't even know how he's going to deal with me. I have no clue. This is what Allah commanded. Just suffice it to say, to the mccanns, to the mccanns, that teaches us, you and me a kind of humility in communication. Yes, we can talk about Islam, we can enjoy the good, we can give good advice, we can share something beneficial about our religion, but don't share it from a place of superiority, you know, and acknowledge that we were no better than anybody else. And if, even if sometimes people say that, you know, I'm not better than you, but you're a horrible.

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You can start by this fake disclaimer of humility, and then be arrogant after that, whatever. But you know what I did say, I'm gay. I, you know, I'm humble. A level you know, Allah knows where I stand, the way you and I carry ourselves, the way we speak, our demeanor, our body language, the things we choose to say. All of that is an indication where our heart really stands. That's just our words. By our words, you know, there are plenty people say, you know, I'm the kind of person that totally minds my own business all the time. But have you heard that?

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So, that first statement gets nullified by their actions, doesn't it? So the same way just making the claim that yes, you know, Allah knows where I you know, I'm no better than anybody else or etc. Just saying that isn't enough. You have to be that I have to carry that. I have to think like that. Look at people like that. Talk to people like that. Especially

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Actually inside of our own families and circles and friends and things like that, we have to retain that kind of, you know, a demeanor. It's a scary thought that people when they become, you know, shutdown can get us in in strange ways. And I gave hope about this a long time ago. But I'll just quickly remind you, because it's related here. Sometimes people are very far from Alessi, right? And Allah shows them guidance. And they find their way back to Allah. And when they find it, they're like, I finally found that I found the truth. And it's so empowering when you find the truth, and you're so angry at your former self, for not being on the truth before right? Not being committed to

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it, how could I have been so blind, but 100, Allah guided me to it now. And now that you have it, you have this sense of urgency to give it to everybody else.

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Right, and it makes you kind of jittery and disturbed, it started burning you on the inside, that somebody else around you that you care about isn't committed to the religion, the way that you found this new commitment. So you go out of your way to save you need to pray you understand how serious it is. And you kind of shaking them up. And you forget that if somebody dealt with you this way, you would have run a mile. You forget that and you forget that you start acting like I've already been saved, I need to make sure you're saved. This is what this is coming to correct. That good energy, that good enthusiasm, that concern that needs to be released in a guided way. It cannot be released

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in a way that turns you into arrogance that turns you into judgmental and condescending and then you tell yourself No but I'm doing

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that that's not what that is. You know that's again, a trick of shaitaan where you take something evil but it makes you look good. was a you know lahoma shape. I know I'm alone, so protect yourselves a lot. I pray that I protect myself from that. And Allah protects you all from that. barakallahu li walakum Philco, Hakeem, whenever anyone here can be iottie Hakim

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hamdu lillahi wa kafa wa Salatu was Salam or either anybody listening estafa also son Allah, Allah him Mahatma bien Mohammed the meanwhile early he was a marine Kala who has always advocated hula hula ministry

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in Oklahoma eketahuna soluna lnav Valentina. amanu sallu alayhi wasallam with aseema Allahumma salli ala Muhammad, Ali Mohammad gamma sonica Allah Rahim Allah Allah, Allah Allah mean in the middle Majid Allahumma barik ala Muhammad in rather early Mohamed Salah Ibrahim Ali Ibrahim al al amin in the middle Majid about de la la it took a lot in the La Jolla movie The idea with a son when he

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when honey fresh out you will one cup one of the La La Jolla no matter stone. I can solder in the salata kind of mini Nikita mahkota