Nouman Ali Khan – When Will you submit?

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of staying true to Islam to become a "monster" and avoid social consequences. They emphasize the need to give up the decision to see the logic of a decision and the importance of humility and acceptance in bringing everyone together. The speakers stress the need to instill confidence in one's body and not take it lightly, and emphasize the importance of clarifying one's mission and goals. They also emphasize the need to study the term "opma" and hold onto it, as it is a war and a chance to change.
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Well I can handle it

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well I can handle it everybody welcome to abundant abundant.

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When hamdulillah

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under the under obligation Kitagawa Allah who

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was hamdulillah

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Allah He led me into his wallet Then what am Aquila who said he can sell milk? What am yep Allahu Allah you mean actually we can do tequila

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but hamdulillah

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Allah The Nakamoto who will step into who want to start

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when we will be here what are the what can you add a when are the human surely unforeseen a woman say as Dr. Molina

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and yet the healer who Fela mubadala woman you believe Fela hodja

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when a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa sharika when a shadow under Mohammed Abdullah he was solo of Salah hula hota Allah Buddha demon Huck, Liam Hara who Allah de Nikolay work si bien de shahida

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sallallahu alayhi wa seldom at the Sleeman Casio on casilla some buttons for inner circle hadiza Bala behavour Howdy, howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were in a shuttle mareeba Nicola was just as in beta wakulla with us in Walla Walla Walla Zinfandel.

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kulu subhanho wa Taala. Chiquita Hill, Kareem

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Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. Yeah, Nina amanu. Many of them in command Dini for Sophia Tila, who becoming

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a Buddha as elected, meaning exerting lol caffeine uj hidden se sebelah

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una llamada la in the Liga fabu la te Manisha la Lahu su anali Allah maganda minella Xena

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will be shortly somebody recently Emily Dr. Melissa de coco de la masa COVID-19 multi Villa ilaha illallah wa la Medina Mina Latina Armando Romulus Ali heard what I was, what I was holding me of anatomy,

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I first of all, ask Allah azza wa jal that he gives me the strength and clarity to deliver a message that is beneficial, and is something that remains in the hearts and minds of myself included of the Muslims. Because the subject that I've chose, that I've chosen to share with you today is of really paramount importance. And typically what I like to do in a heartbeat is to focus on some portion of Allah's words. And the portion that I've selected for you today is the 54th. I have Soto Nisa. So tenocyte happens to be a solid, it's early money by most accounts, and includes many instructions for Muslims on how to set up themselves as a community. So some of these are some of the

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foundational principles for Muslim community to be established in Medina, in the life of Medina. And then it also it has principles for us, of how to go beyond the community and really, truly become a nation. So you know, there's this idea of us the smallest unit of humanity being an individual, and a beyond that being a family and beyond that being a neighborhood and beyond that, being a community, and even beyond that being the nation. And so it's the stepping stones that lead us to becoming a solidified nation and oma, and a lot, as always inventions, these ions in these injunctions one after the other in the solar, some of them having to do with Divorce Law, others

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having to do with fighting in the path of Allah spending in the path of Allah. And you find a very interesting contrast, you find a larger, which I'm talking to two groups of people, one group of people that's refusing to accept Islam, and another group of people who have accepted Islam on the outside, but have walked away on the Islam from the inside and will not feel alone. And there are different kinds of hypocrites, there are those who never really believed to begin with, and it was a facade to begin with. What God does, Allah will call for you got to be right, they just they never had it to begin with. On the other hand, there are those who may have come with goodwill, they

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actually thought Islam has something good to offer. And they accepted it thinking that it is the truth is convincing, and it's a beautiful thing. But when it came to its instructions and its injunctions and its demands, he said I love Islam, but this is getting a little too much. This is a lot to ask of a person. They were not like a lot of these people that came into Islam a good number of them were not like the Sahaba of Mecca.

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You know, when you come into Islam in Mecca, it's not a bed of roses to begin with, they already know if I become a Muslim No, well, all the Muslims I know are being cursed at tortured, beaten up made fun of, they're getting kicked out from their family's homes. So if I join these people, then I guess that's coming in my future too. There's no added advantages in becoming Muslim in the worldly sense, not in any way. When the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam migrates to Medina, the Muslims are to begin with a strong community significantly stronger than they were in Makkah. And now if you become a Muslim, if the challenges are not the same as the challenges that were in Makkah, become a

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Muslim in Medina, that is, they're not the same. And so a lot of times people would jump into Islam not realizing the consequences. What are they getting themselves into? This Deen is not an easy thing. It's not something that you shouldn't you can take casually, it really is a change, of course for your entire life. So Allah has always in these IR talks, specifically, there's an entire passage dedicated to a discussion for the monastic own for the hypocrites. And the hypocrites would walk away from Islam in two ways. And this is important. One is obviously leaving Islam altogether with the outright you become Muslim, and everybody knows you're no longer Muslim, you become a coffin

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again. But there's another form of turning away from being. And that is on the outside, you say that you still profess to be from the Muslims, because that has social consequences if you walk away from Islam, all right. And that has social consequences, but for all practical purposes, and on the inside, there's nothing left. There's really nothing left. And when especially now you become a person of picking and choosing, what do you take from the demon what you don't take from the deen. And this is one of the central messages of this surah that you don't have, you're not in a position to negotiate what it is from this Deen that you accept and what it is from this Deen that you don't

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accept, or that you don't find comfortable. So you're not you know, you're not going to necessarily take it. This is one of the central ideas communicated in this Dean. Just recently, actually, yesterday over the internet, I was talking to a youth group in DC. And, you know, a question came up in the discussion there was this, you know, young sister who asked the question, I love everything about Islam except hijab. And it seems like a job is there to protect men from looking at us. So, you know, I don't really see the point in it. And instead of arguing of the social benefits of a job or what a job does take honor women and all of that stuff that's actually already going in the wrong

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direction, that conversation, we need to take a step back and ask a more fundamental question. Let's take a step back and let's let's ask Ibrahim alayhis salam Ibrahim al Islam loves Islam too. But then Allah makes a little tiny little request. How about you go in the middle of the desert and leave your family there? Right? He's not one that's going to say I love everything about Islam, but this whole leaving my family in the middle of a die thing? I don't know. I'm not that comfortable with that. And after he's done with that, you know, what, why don't you jump into a fire? You know, I love everything about Islam, except this whole, you know, earning myself alive. That's asking a

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little too much. Nope, you don't find that question. Then Allah says, put a knife to your son's throat. Go ahead.

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He says, You know, I love the sound. But I also love my son. I don't know is there? Can you give me a logical explanation for why I should do this? Can you tell me the social benefits or some of the other reasons other benefits of why I should be obeying you is hard on a limb, or ask them to do a bit harder. I mean, there's a reason a lot harder is that lesson is so so dakara whenever it was said to him, give yourself up, submit surrender, he said, I surrender I give myself up, I submit myself entirely before the master of all people behind me. So before we talk about any aspect of even trying to figure out the logic of it understand the larger purpose, Allah has made this been

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one of submitting to him, if you're having a hard time submitting to him, you're having a hard time with Islam itself, the very central idea of Deen itself. It's not to say you shouldn't understand the outcome of Allah, but you have to you and I have to be ones that once we understand them, we have to whether we get it or not, whether we see the logic of it or not. We have to give it up. We have to just give it up. You know, Allah azza wa jal even acknowledged in Lusaka, when it came to river he said, Well, you know, Veronica Vietnam Carlo animal by ruthless no river, it's a very interesting discussion. Allah azza wa jal says there are people who consume the vine they say that,

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you know, that's because they say that businesses just like Reba, I mean, if you look at liquid transactions and some solid transactions and money and cash and what is backed by and it's a complicated discussion, it could go either way. You can't even tell the difference 1920 potato data one two lines in a contract. I mean, what's the big deal? It is the same and if you sit and have a four hour argument with a finance major about whether the device Hello or not, you know, or what's the difference between Dubai and business you might say yes to saying Yeah, I don't see the practical difference, but a lot and made only one line instead of explaining to you the the fine

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line differences between them. He said there's only one more thing you need to know now that you understand to you and your head they're very similar. There's only one more thing well I have the love of VR.

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End of story alone made it

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You know, unlimited business hot and humid bahara that is it. That's the conclusion. Now with that background in mind, I want you to inshallah reflect upon the words of this profound Ayah Yeah, you have the Xena um, and of course the ayah is addressing us when your sons I mean, come on Dini, the one who turns back away turns away among you men come and Dini from his Deen

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The one who turns back from among you from his Deen. Allah didn't say all of us are turning back to from from our Deen, a Gruffalo. mungus. And men is an interesting word in Arabic, it could refer to something plural. And it can also refer to something singular. So from a point of view of the clearly could be even if a single person is walking away from the they're walking away from the religion. And I've already mentioned to you this can happen in two ways. One practically they denounce Islam altogether. And two, for all practical purposes internally, in their heart and their heart of hearts in their thoughts. They really don't submit to Allah. They don't really see the

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point of living by alesse teachings. They don't see the point of that anymore. So they for that for those practical purposes, they walked away from being also even if nobody else human beings don't see it. We see a Muslim on the outside we're supposed to say salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. We're not supposed to judge what's in their heart, but a lot can. Allah sees what's inside. So whoever of you has walked away, or just so then what is the lesson so far, then soon. And so far as in the Arabic words, that implies very soon,

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it won't take very long for Allah to take immediate steps and one of those steps, yet the length of the Omen Allah will bring about a nation. A lot will bring about a level bring forward a nation is very interesting. The first part was even if one of you walks away, and then Allah says, Hello, bring a whole nation around.

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In other words, you start thinking you're special. You think Allah needs you. You think you're a contributor to Islam, that nobody else can be that you are irreplaceable. Allah has always and essentially says, What, what's the speak of you, I'll bring a nation instead of you. You're you're not an asset. You're not don't think of yourself as that, that high. Already, we're being put in our place. And one of the central embedded teachings of this ayah is humility. Now we understand our place that in this Deen when we get the honor of saying La ilaha illAllah, when we have the honor of saying Mohammed or Rasulullah, sallAllahu, alayhi wasallam, then this is an honor and a gift given

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by Allah. And if you don't appreciate this gift, then who needs you, there's plenty of others that can appreciate it more than you and I, there's plenty of others. Similarly, we have to start stop thinking even those among us who are involved in religious activity, they're involved in positions of leadership, of volunteering, of helping out Islamic causes, whatever they're doing in whatever capacity sometimes you start thinking, Man, if I don't do it, it won't get done. If I'm not the one giving the hook. But if I'm not the one helping out volunteering at the machine, if I'm not on the board, if I'm not the MSA president, if I'm not running the demo organization, man, this work cannot

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happen. I can't even believe you know how I'm surprised it was even happening before I got here because I'm God's gift to Islamic work. Right. So I you know, without me, how would it even move forward? and Eliza was in is letting us know all of us know that, you know, his Deen is beyond you and I and it's not like other people will come forward. And so we give other people credit. Allah says yes. And now we'll be filming. Not yet. ecoman. Yes, he called me Coleman will be a nation welcome. Yes, the law will be owning a lot will bring a nation. It's not even that new nation gets credit, a lot gets credit for bringing them out. A lot gets credit for the replacements. We are

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replaceable, and we are in a position of privilege and honor. And we have to accept that and admit that. And that's a humbling thing. At the same time. It's an honor. At the same time you and I should be humbled that Allah has chosen us and given us this responsibility. We should take it very, very seriously. And in no aspect of our Deen and in no ounce of our attitude. Should we be people that turn back from our Deen in any capacity altogether or partly? We shouldn't be of those people we should be of the people who move forward. You know, there are interesting

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expressions in the Quran for Muslims moving forward.

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And essentially, if you're not moving forward, it's not that you're in your place. You're actually headed backwards. Yeah, you enter the nomina moloko is a pillar of human fi roofie Sevilla sockets

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are a little bit higher. cydonia Mina, la cara Soto was very harsh language. What's wrong with you? Those who those of you who claim to have human, when you're told march forward in less path, your feet get planted into the earth? What is it you prefer? Daniela Baraka was that what's happened to you? It's understandable that a disbeliever, who has no concept of Paradise who has no concept of Hellfire who has no concept of Judgment Day, if he prefers this world, it's logical. I understand. You're Muslims. You've been given far more better information. You know a lot more about what's ahead. And if you still prefer this world, there's some serious problem. Malecon is rightfully said,

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what would be wrong with you? What is wrong with you that you don't march forward in the last panel

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Anyhow, Sofia Tila will be filming, then Allah gives us qualities of this nation. And it's important to understand the comprehensive message of this ayah in that Allah says there are people who may walk away from this Deen. And now Ally's describing people who don't walk away from is the people who live up to the teachings of his the people that he expects a nation to be like. So when he gives us qualities of these replacements, really, we should have these qualities, so we're not replaced. That's the point of giving us these qualities is that we should aspire to carry these qualities in ourselves as an oma and May Allah make it easy for all of us to carry these qualities in ourselves.

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Allah says you have to go home, when you have Punahou, he loves them, and they love him back. He loves them and they love him. Allah mentioned his love first. And one of the one of the embedded teachings in that is he already loves us. He already loves us. And we should when we appreciate that we should truly love him back. He has given us an honor. You know, when you a lot of times young people, especially as they're raised, sometimes, unfortunately, in this country, you know, by Muslim families, our families, we failed to teach our children what an amazing thing it is to be a Muslim. We just raised them on on cruise control, thinking we're raised Muslim, so our kids are going to be

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automatically appreciating Islam without us having to put any extra effort in it. Okay, maybe we'll drag them to Juma prayer, halfway through the Salah, over bring him to Sunday school and leave them outside, whatever. And then they do what they do for hours, and automatically, somehow they will become righteous. And reality hits you when they become teenagers. And then you come running to the mom and say, can you talk to talk to my boy or my girl? Because there seems a little different now, the services, they got a license, I don't know what's happened to them. You know, ever since it they got their cell phone or I'm worried about who their friends are because they don't talk to me

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anymore, that stuff starts happening. But from the very beginning, we're supposed to be instilling certain values into our kids into our upcoming the next generation. And one of those values is that his Dean is actually a gift, not a prison, not a curse. A lot of times our young people when you ask them, What do you think of Islam? What do you know about Dean, they'll make a whole list of things that are wrong. This is wrong. That's from smiling, salon, happiness, joy, you know, taking a breath, relaxation, you know, having good friends company, here's a whole list of things that I shouldn't be doing. That's what it seems like Islam is. You ask him, What do you know about Allah,

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when Allah will take revenge and destroy the kofod and he will, he has destroyed nations before and they'll he'll create his created Hellfire on judgment day is gonna humiliate people and etc, they don't know, the first thing that comes to your mouth is not mercy.

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It's not mercy, it's not guidance. It's not help. First thing that comes to their mind is judgment, punishment. Here's what I can't do. I can't live my life freely. That's what they think. But you know what the reality is, all other people are slaves were the only ones that are fleet free. We're the only ones that are free. Everybody else is either a slave to their knifes, or they're a slave to their entertainment. Or they're a slave to their bank account, or they're a slave to their job, or their career, or their appearance, or their fashion sense, or their car, or their house or their payments. And we are slaves to Allah freeing us from all of these things. It frees us from all of

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them, we're the only ones that are free, you walk around, this is supposed to be our country is supposed to be an expression of individual freedom. You ever been to a high school, you see a bunch of cliques, they all dress the same. All the goth kids dress the same, all the hip hop kids dress the same, all the other groups of kids, they all dress the same. It's like they're enslaved into dressing a certain way. They have a uniform, this is supposed to be an individual country, right?

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This is supposed to be individual, everybody has to listen to the same song and watch the same movie and then report back to their friends and say hi to, you know, this is individualism. This is what you call individualism. So Allah, Allah has given us that that honor that we don't have to follow a crowd, you don't have to turn into sheep. We don't. He's freed us from that by making the slaves of His coming back to the IRA, you have a home with a Buddha, who now the next part is really hard. And really, that's what I wanted that to be the heart of my football. But really, I wanted to share with you a lot as always, it says the next quality and some argue that this quality is a result of the

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first quality, meaning if they really love Allah, if Allah loves them, and they really love a lot, and the next part is natural, and that is the letting meaning.

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And a lot of times we skipped a village in Albion and we go straight to a certain other cafe. That's easier. You know, as in Latin, meaning they are powerless, weak, humble, meek, soft in their dealings with believers. They are easy going with believers. They're forgiving with believers. They're courteous in their language. They're not judgmental. They're not harsh with other Muslims. One of the worst qualities of a community that claims to be a believing community is that they are judgmental and harsh and backstabbing towards each other. This is one of the worst qualities but he's like he had developed so when a lord reminded them of the fundamentals of their Deen, he

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included in those fundamentals while kulula nasya horsemen speak to people nicely. speak to people nicely. You'll find nowadays unfortunately a stigma associate

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Dealing with Muslims, the more religious they get, the more constipated they get socially, the more difficult it is to talk to them, the angrier they look, if the guy's got a beard, it means he's just going to constantly be upset at something, and you're going to avoid trying to talk to him. If a woman starts wearing hijab, it just means she's gonna judge you because you're not wearing one and she will look at you with eyes that will burn your eyes right through your hair. Right? That's that's the that's the perception. But the closer you come to the that that much more you're supposed to become courteous and kind and generous and understanding and forgiving of others. That's what

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you're supposed to be. Instead of looking at someone who's living in ignorance, a lot of Muslims do ignorant things a lot nowadays, maybe your friends do when you don't do them anymore. But if your friends are doing ignorant things, your first thought I'll stop at a lie these people I can't believe they're my friends. Such ignorance they do they do without the government. They don't care about anything. You were that guy two years ago. That was you who guided you. You got it yourself. Welcome to Allah subhanho wa Taala fan Casa minha. The same ayah which says, I love avena poopy comb, he put love between your hearts is the same as it says you were at the very edge of *. You

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were at the edge of the ditch. And he rescued you. So when somebody else is at the edge of the ditch, instead of getting angry at them and kicking them off, be patient, be courteous. Be patient. And sometimes you come and ask the mom in the scholar, you know, I'm trying to give that one to my brother or to my friend. It's been like two months, nothing's happening. What should I do? Give me some magical thing to say. Tell me what I can do. You know what, what's new, and a ceramic magic trick is Southern.

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He's talking to his own son for a very long time, his own the same community for a very long time. And it's not like he talks to a group of people and they don't listen. He says, You know what? I'm packing my bags. I'm going somewhere else. Maybe I'll find a better crowd elsewhere. Nope. Same crowd. Same crowd. We have to be patient with each other especially believers, especially believers and that's no holidays, I would go far. That's him would go far. That's the messenger for a decade some Allahu alayhi Salaam with operations maka the worst of the worst. for a decade. We're talking about Muslim families. We're talking about your own friends and neighbors. You know, we have to

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humble ourselves before them. It's a very serious problem, arrogance. You know, one of the great central teachings of our religion, La Ilaha Illa. Allah, the beginnings, the beginning of our religion is acknowledging the greatness of Allah. And the more you realize a lot of greatness, the natural result of that should be the more you realize your own lesser status. The more you make a lot, declare a lot of greatness, the more humble you should become. That's the natural result of declaring lightner had the law every time you and I say Allahu Akbar, it is not just a statement of the law of greatness. It's a statement of our own weakness. It's a statement of our own humility.

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But when people who say Allahu Akbar, then pass judgment of anybody who walks into the machine, and they look at the size of their beard, or they look at how they're dressed, or they look at the accent of their language, you know, when that happens, when people who even work in Islamic causes look at each other with suspicious eyes, when they can trust each other. You know, when people say Salaam without meaning Salaam Salaam wa alaykum, you know all of you know what that means. But what it implies is there's no beef between us. I don't dislike you, I love you. There's absolute peace and harmony between us. But when you say that somebody can brother You know? You don't mean that you

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mean the exact opposite. I hate your guts, brother. But you're saying the Salaam article. That's what you're saying. And this is absolute hypocrisy. You cannot say Salaam Alaikum to someone and have feelings against them. You can't. And you're saying something you don't mean? that's what that's what you're doing. So you and I, we have to you know, internalize the Latin, meaning first humbled before the believers eyes that in another Catherine and they are tough, harsh, authoritative against caffeine. And caffeine here is not non Muslims. Caffeine is here enemies of Islam. Caffeine is here who were trying to undermine Islam. The Muslims were not harsh with all non Muslims in

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Medina, who were they harsh with the enemies of Islam, those who are trying to undermine Islam attack Islam, insulted religion, say things against the Prophet save things against the Quran, those who are trying to attack Medina from from from Makkah, those people, they have to be harsh towards them, they're not going to back off. They're not going to take it sitting. They stand up for themselves. So what we're learning here is a fine line between we're not arrogant because we're humble. At the same time. It's not like you can walk all over us either we stand up for ourselves. We don't take it sitting down. Our you know, our young men, a lot of you that go to public school

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young men, you know, our girls, they go to public school and people pass comments at them. Stand up for yourself. Stand up for yourself. Don't take it just oh I have to be patient and you know have to be humbled and you're walking like you know you've got a back surgery or something your back is lowered and, and you think this is like Islamic that you have to you know, look like you're you're weak.

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Or you're sick or something No, I we have to lower our knees that's fine. But that doesn't mean it's a lower our heads. It doesn't mean that we have to be confident people. We have to instill confidence in our Deen so much so much that when we see gopher we look at its inferiority. You see how inferior and pathetic it is. And we see the pride and the greatness that Allah has given us in Islam. We're not arrogant, but we certainly are confident this will be have to be at least that in other capacity, and then Allah goes further to say Liar, liar, Hakuna, Lomas Allah,

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they're not afraid of the blame of any blamer In other words, people will say things to us. People will accuse us of things. People will accuse literally loan accused, people will accuse us of things. The Peter kings of the world will accuse us of things before Congress, they will do so. But we won't be afraid of it. We're not going to go Do you know what he said about Muslims? Oh my god, what's going to happen now? No, no, no, no, no. We were we knew what was gonna happen. We knew what was gonna come and we're not afraid of it. We don't have to explain ourselves to you. We don't you don't have to tell us you guys are crazy this out of the other and we have to exhaust our best

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telling you No, no, no, we're not crazy. We're normal. We're okay. No, no, that's what they want. They want to keep us busy constantly telling them that we're not crazy that we're not Islam. Muslims are not violent with some tonight extremist Muslims are not just Muslims are not that they want us to make a whole list of things that Muslims are not. So we never get to tell them what Muslims are. Right? That's the point where you're constantly busy explaining yourself now you're Hakuna Matata

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Hakuna de la Motta diamond. And then finally Allah says, we generally do not cease to be the de la artists used to be the law, they struggle as hard as they can no less path. In other words, this oma has come together because that this oma is on a journey. It's on a journey. It has a goal. And it's got to get to that goal and they have to take care of the business inside the house before they can reach that they can deal with the higher goal. You have to have your house in order to do bigger and better things that Allah has made us an oma for a very high cause it's called a jihad, disobedient. Now we're not afraid of that term. It's a noble term in the Koran, and it has nothing to do with the

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craziness associated with it. We have to confidently study this term and understand what it refers to. It refers to the mission of all messengers. All messengers, were doing jihad he submitted a Saudi cylinder Jihad he submitted de Mousavi Salaam to Jihad he submitted. Warhammer Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam did you have to be submitted, they struggled in a less path. Allah gave them a mission and they struggled in it. This oma has a mission. It has a goal to accomplish. It has to clarify the teachings of his Deen to the rest of the world. And as to show the world the beauty of Islam, that's a big goal. It's not a small goal. You know, with all the billions of dollars being

00:27:48 --> 00:28:28

pushed into demonizing Muslims, this Omar has a goal to overcome all of that, because they may have finances on their side. But Allah azza wa jal is on our side. You know, a lot is on our side. So we have a goal, we have a mission, but we can't accomplish this mission. If we're bickering among each other and arguing among ourselves, and we're too busy dealing with you know, these pathetic things that are holding us back from what really Allah created us for you. J Do you guys wanna see Sabina and then Alonso is an M, Danica Ma, that is the favor of Allah. That is the favor of Allah. If you and I become an oma, that truly struggles for the sake of Allah that shows humility to each other,

00:28:28 --> 00:29:00

that becomes tough against the enemy. We become Stern, and we don't take it lying down. We become these people than a lie saying that is a less favor. Now these people are standing up for themselves. Now they're doing what I commanded them to do. Now they're moving forward. We're constantly thinking in our communities, we're never going to be all hamdulillah. We've accomplished everything we need to as a community, we're always thinking, what more we need to do. What's the next step? It's a Sabine, it's a fast, what's the next step in this path? What's the next milestone? What more do we need to get done? We're constantly thinking ahead, what more do we need to do? And

00:29:00 --> 00:29:37

what we need to instill into our cases, we only got this far, you guys got to go further. This is just the beginning. These are the people as always, that says this is the favor of Allah. This is a blessing of Allah. You see him on your show, he gives it to whoever he wants, and he's given it right now to us. He's given it to us. And it's not. I didn't say that he's given it to us and we can hold on to it. If we walk away from these responsibilities. We are replaceable. So Panama, you see him on your show. A lot of them from the lobby, and allows all of us here on a massive ally is vast, and all knowledgeable. He knows what we're saying on our tongues, and he knows what we mean inside

00:29:37 --> 00:29:59

our hearts. He knows what we represent. Whether we are people that will move forward, or people that will move forward. Just because you've been hired for a job doesn't mean you'll do it. Just because we're Muslim, doesn't mean we're going to get the job done. We have to all get serious. We have to hold all rewire our thinking as individuals as families and as communities. Be a part of the machine. Bring your family to the machine.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:34

Listen to the lectures that are that are being offered every week, bring your bring your kids to the hotbar let them hear a message every week. This is an important part of them developing their thinking, if you don't associate and this is these are the only safe havens left for us learning our theme, don't rely on a computer, because the computer comes with many good things and also comes with a lot of garbage. You know, hey, if Allah has given us the blessing to be able to establish his houses, all across this country, including this great mustard here, you have to answer a law for not appreciating it. You have to answer a law for not making it at least some part of your child's life.

00:30:34 --> 00:31:06

You guys are going to grow older, your kids are seven 810 12 years old. Now, when they're 50 and 60. Maybe they live in abundance a lot. And one day the thought will come in their mind. You know what my dad used to take me to the machine. I should go back. I've met people like that, that lets a lot left it all together. And then when the age of 60 comes back to the machine, we were just talking about why did you come back? Because he goes I remember my dad used to take me here. So something in my heart said I should do that again. And he came back. We want to instill these memories into our children's lives. Do that. We take that responsibility. Start with these first steps. May Allah make

00:31:06 --> 00:31:29

us of those who love Him and He loves us. May Allah make us of those who are not afraid of the blame of anyone who blames us. May Allah make us of those who truly do struggle in this path. And may Allah make all of our efforts in this Deen however many shortcomings they've had male accept all of our efforts and overlook those shortcomings and may only accept our sincere repentance before him. Monica lovely Welcome to another team when I finally what year it was lucky

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan makes us ponder on the 54th Ayah of Surah-An Nisa of the Noble Qur’an.

“Or do they envy people for what Allah has given them of His bounty? But we had already given the family of Abraham the Scripture and wisdom and conferred upon them a great kingdom.”

Surah Nisa includes many instructions for Muslims and how to set up themselves as a community. And in it it also has principles for us of how to go beyond the community and really truly become a nation. So you know there is this idea of us the smallest unit of humanity being an individual and beyond that being a family and beyond that being a neighborhood and beyond that being a community and even beyond that being a nation. And so these stepping stones that lead us to become a solidify nation, an Ummah.

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