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As the CEO of this loss of gathering,

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and the topic that we have covered, not fully, collectively,

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shall we have covered the most important thing that you need on this issue. And that is the importance of the heart. And as a result of what I've been saying that the soften heart helps on remembering a lot

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helps on running to Allah. Those who have the who had, the one who has a softer heart would be a better runner to almost, as Allah

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ordered us to run to him by saying February in a lot.

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So the more your heart is soft, the more you'll be running to Allah, the more your heart is soft, the more you'll be rushing to do the good deeds. So, so much keen to do the good deed as I mentioned before, that

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used to be accompanying the funeral. Until it spin, the field has been performed. for it, a funeral is being performed, based on his knowledge of the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam, that whoever accompany a funeral, till it's performing prayer in janaza prayer, he'll be having one theory of agile and the reward of pure art, the reward of the one killer is as the mountain of effort.

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But he did not know the continuation of the heading. So someone, some of the companies talking about the Prophet said also in addition to this, and whoever accompany accompany the funeral until it will be buried he'll be having to clearance have to then have delivered our said, Oh, that means we have been indulgent with many fields we have missed, we have lost many deals and is regretting that he did not

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accompany the killer to its burial. They can see the more you have soft heart, the more you'll be and also the more you'll be sincere and also the more you'll be dealing in a better way with your brothers. Because we complain sometimes we deal with one another in a harsh way when we go outside Mashallah. We have to deal with the attitude with the lifestyle outside.

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But we need the Islamic lifestyle. We need the Islamic style to deal with one another. Sometimes we are harsh. Why is this is a problem in the heart, soften the heart, we have to maintain it. It's very important.

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Eventually, there is no entrance to paradise.

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It was hard still have a problem. The one who enter Paradise has hard must be Saleem pure sound. No entries into paradise, unless you have a sound heart. If you deserve to enter Paradise, but you don't have enough sound heart, those

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some purification should take place before you enter. So make sure that purified here before it will be pre purified for you there you may lose something.

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And Allah Subhana Allah blame and threaten those who have hardened heart, it was the hardened heart automatically will let you will shut to you from the remember. That's why Allah said, bye I were you and because he had a poor one. Not only this, he didn't say woe to those who have hardened,

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hardened or hardened hearts. He said from the remembrance of Allah.

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Alone, he didn't stop here, he said min Lee karela from the remembrance of Allah, which means to say that if you have a hardened heart, it will shock you from the remembrance of Allah.

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And the solution as we mentioned the DA improving your Salah.

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Listen, let's count out I said

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that in a salad

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but you got to play it here. Then you go out and you find yourself

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frustrated from being able to control yourself against fashion and look at what is the matter. The God. Allah subhanaw taala

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failed him his promise he told us in the Quran. That Salah prohibits him

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hopes to prevent you from fascia and monka Oh, maybe Salah has not been performed in the best way. So it will be giving that effect. So improve your prayer. And I swear Well, if you said to me, I cannot stop the sin, I say okay, I'm not going to say to you stop this and I'm going to say to you improve your prayer and struggle, this is your, this is your G have G had, you know people say that way g have G here, this G is here.

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If you cannot, if you fail to make that plan to fulfill that kind of jihad, you will fail to make the Jihad outside.

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This is the Jihad now, which is available. It's available. It's a struggle between and the devil every time

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a brothers Do you have any complaint about fifth here? stealing the shoes? Did you have that problem before? who lost his shoes before he?

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phones? Okay, be careful. Watch out the fees of the phones. What else? The shoes? Okay, this is the brand's books? Yeah, awesome books, no books

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is done. I'm not interested in learning.

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Okay. There's a worst kind of thief that comes always here.

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A thief who steals your prayer

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he's trying to take since he could not stop you from coming to the mosque at least. Let me sleep. Let me steal from his play. And you described by the prophet SAW something that he is.

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And he is the worst side. He's the worst thief ever, because he's stealing from your prayer. So be careful. This is a struggle, do it. improve yourself, be a better Muslim. And I swear by Allah, that even the one second I watched myself and remember the importance of improving the play, and I practice it. I feel a great deal of sweetness in my heart The moment I remember that and I tried to practice do that. And you'll feel the light or light this, this Islam these places. These are parts of Jenna, these are the Riyadh gardens of this life. Without the believer cannot live. It's just like a fish that you cannot let it live outside of the water.

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Likewise, is a matter of the believer. The believer needs these places of Eman. I asked lots of panels

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to strengthen our hearts and your hearts, interfaith, the man to make us better Muslims until the moment we die, and that the best of our deeds be what will be seized of our deeds

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line and in what manner what the Medical Medium or solid was

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between 102 100,000 just a short thing just to pick up on the talk of the non solid particle wave inspiring sort of article and on the story of magic move you know from Allah tala. When the when the thief can pin into the house of magic minion of Moloch Tada. And

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he mentioned that even the thieves at that time they knew the hot of the Muslim. They knew the rights of a Muslim. So when he reminded him about the three days that he is the right is right, basically to stay with him. So on that point, we were on a journey once myself and my family and my brother and his family and we were all

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on the way on our journey to a place from Medina and we were actually heading to gamble. And we were all in one car.

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Packed actually, and was a very old car. Toyota Christina quiet will calm and we had some trouble on the way and handle eventually after some trouble. We reached jambon, we were there.

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Then on the way back, we again had troubles and we reached better, you know better, better from

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Pamela, the village of bear that we reached very late at night, and we had serious problems with our car. So we stopped at a petrol station, and we wanted to

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Then we had the rest of our two, three hours in the masjid. And we thought we're going to sort out our con the next day insha Allah. So we slept in the masjid and then the Imam campaign. Now the Eman he had quite a hot heart, not really welcoming. And he was very angry to see all of us in the machine. And he came to know that even sisters and children are within the massala behind the curtain was a very old machine.

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So he was very furious and very angry at us and saying, how can you sleep here? This is a mixture. This is a lot of work about us going on and on and on. And we were just listening. We were just surprised. How can that be?

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So I want to, I didn't want to be rude to that man. So we reminded him of the hug of a Muslim, that this is a heck of a Muslim day, you can stay with your brother for three days,

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if you wish.

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So he contemplated a little bit and he thought about this Hadees and he said, You know what? Actually, there's no problem. You can actually stay in the masjid. There's no problem at all. inshallah, just stay here, relax a little bit in shower, and when it is morning, you're gonna make your shower, so his heart soften. Mashallah, by the words of the muscle Salama, he was. Anyway,

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the actual thing but I wanted to tell you tonight

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is the legacy which handler for the noise was speaking about as well, which is that we need to think seriously, to leave something behind and we should wish good, we should wish good for the Muslims, and also the non Muslims. And many of us martial arts of our culture, they always think about, you know, benefiting the Muslims of Hungary left, but what about the non Muslims around us? Please don't hold them to Islam basically.

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Just one example, by one of the most prominent Sahaba

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by the name of a nice author, who knows who he is of the madness of

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the scholars, they actually differed on his real name they about 30 odd opinions. But the most famous one is of the madness of the alumni. Now,

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he came to Medina at the very late stage when it was about seven off the hedgehog. So he was he spent with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam some three years, probably a little bit more than that. But in that very short period, he translated some 5374 Harris has some scholars mentioned, this is a great number. It's actually no Sahaba reported more Hadees than anywhere else over the last one. Now, if you read in the story, and in the biography of Eduardo de la one, he was a man very humble, very, very humble. And he was caring for the people. He was scaring for the Muslims. That's why he was actually learning to be able to spread the message of Masada, but he was on the

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but there was somebody else he was really worried about.

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And the stories in Sahih Muslim, once you came to the mercy of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was crying.

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Everybody was crying. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asking him about the reason why are you crying?

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So ever worried about your loved one, he said, Your civil war are having to quit my mom with my mother, and she wasn't a Muslim. At that time, she was not a Muslim.

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So we had a discussion and she mentioned something about you your soul and sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, which I didn't like. So I left the house and I came to the masjid. And that's why I'm trying. So please

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make dua for my mother to become Muslim. Look at this. He was caring for his for his mother. And that's how we should care for the non Muslims, beginning from our families, and then our relatives, and then our neighbors and the people around us. Who is going to teach them about Islam. If it is not you and me. So Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made a very simple one. He said Allahumma fd, oma ebihara

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and that's it.

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So the alojado Calm down, relax a little bit, and he went home.

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And as he wanted to enter, usually he knocked the door and he wanted to enter. But he heard a voice from inside saying stop, stay where you are done.

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What's this? So he stayed on he waited.

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And he heard water dropping inside the house, as if somebody is taking a shower.

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And after a short while, his mother opened the door. And you could see the water dropping from his from his from his face.

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And the words which he said to Welcome Hello Hola. These words we spoke about them yesterday. These words while the Chateau La ilaha illallah wa, Mohammed Abu

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Abu huraira was happy. Abu huraira was Allah. He went back to the ministry and he was trying again.

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He was praying again. So sudo sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw him. And he was asking him What's wrong with you now? Just a little while ago you came on you were crying. So what's wrong? He said, yeah.

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This time I'm crying. But I'm not crying because I'm sad. This time I'm crying because my mother just became Muslim. So I'm crying because I'm happy. So please,

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make a door. Make a drawing that Allah subhana wa Taala makes us find him and his mom from those who the believers will love and we will love them. And Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam answered, and he made though I understandable Herrera will do lavon we used to say there is no believer, no movement, who hears about me or he sees me, but will love me and my mother. So Pamela, this person is in. So he's Muslim, go and read and go and read the explanation of it. It's fascinating. And it's hard touching. And it is something we should really take into practice a lot of things we know theoretically, but when When do we start to put it in practice, as it is mentioned?

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Make every now see how you're here. Whether it is in this machine, or it's on the internet, wherever you hear ain't no see her. Doesn't matter how small it is. Make it a late life turning

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a life turning. Don't just

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actually take it contemplate. And from that very moment, make it a life changing.

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Moment. He wants

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to latos law. So the law while he was knocking on my door, Allah, Allah God.

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A lot of people don't know this, but I will be glad and I were students together at Islamic University of Medina. And we were actually classmates in the first year of Sharia. So this is the first time I've seen it will be in like,

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a very long time. And we're catching up today. And you know, we shared a lot of stories. So we're talking about, you know, what are some of the things that you remember the most from Indiana. And it was a beautiful story. And I want to share this with you. We keep emphasizing the point that everything you hear you want to act upon. And this is what it truly means to be truthful with Allah subhanaw taala that everything you hear you actually act upon it. So it will be that was sitting in the dust one day, and the chef's phone rang. And when the phone rang, he excused himself and he had to leave. And there is that statement that nothing gets in the way of a believer, except for two

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things mean that sorry, a believer will continue to do everything and not stop for anything except for when it comes to two things the time for salah and when your mother of course. And I thought to myself finally you know all the things that you study, University. How did this manage to stick out the most. But it's a profound lesson that this is what true scholarship is all about. This is what true Islam is all about. It's not about how much knowledge you actually have. But rather it's what are you doing with the knowledge that Allah Subhana medinas has given you are you implementing it in your life. So I'm going to mention four nasi has all together within it and I want you to enumerate

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them with me memorize them and leave it leave the conference with the lights on. So number one, everything that you learned over the past two days, right, it's down within the heat's on to make sure you don't forget it and try to implement it to the best of your ability. People come and give you know see how not just for the sake of entertaining you not just for the sake of boring you but rather for the sake of you getting closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala that's point number one.

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Point number two

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The scholars that Allah subhanaw taala has blessed you with the scholars that almost signed on with Allah has blessed you with him. They'll call you Mama Mama with Dinah, he mentioned that 5000 people used to gather in the circles of Mr. mathema da him Allah, from those 5000, only 500. Approximately, we're writing down what he used to say, the rest of the students were observing the loss of human mathematical or observing his character. And that's what you want to focus on as Muslims as beginner students of knowledge. Where is your heart? Where is the character? You know, it's very sad to panela that, you know, you see brothers with big beards, you see other aspects of the sun that upon

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our brothers and sisters, but when it comes to their interaction with other individuals, sometimes they're even worse than the disbelievers. Where is the impact of that knowledge. So as you're leaving this conference, you want to make sure it's changing your identity and your love as well.

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Point number three, your relationship with the scholars, there's a very profound statement of the management or him Allah. He says, Allah subhanho wa Taala causes death to the hearts of the people before he causes death to their bodies, due to their disrespect for the scholars. Allah subhanho wa Taala causes death to the hearts of people before he causes death to their bodies, due to their disrespect of their scholars, almost panula Allah has blessed you with a lot of students of knowledge in the City of London. And perhaps some of you may be continuing to study with them regularly. And I pray and you know, that I was finally granted the topics to do so. But learn my

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dear brothers and sisters, that you are meant to respect the people of knowledge in amongst you, that when you respect the student and the students of knowledge and the shot machines amongst you, then did it Allah subhanaw taala will elevate your status as well. And you will put a bollock and your knowledge that he has not put for anyone else that may in the service of your machines be in the service of your students have not helped them out in their dharma. be as supportive as you can. And within light Allah Allah Spanos, Allah will bless you and your communities. And I want to conclude with the fourth piece of advice, this last piece of advice, the green Sox, how do you want

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to be remembered when he passed away? I told you yesterday went to masala and the brother introduced himself he told me everything about him. But I couldn't remember anything about him, except for his breaking sauce. That's what clicked in my mind as he was coming in as he was leaving, I just kept focusing on those green socks. Now inshallah I pray that I meet him again, I get to know him better, and you know, learn something else about him. But it was a lesson for me that you know, when I pass away, how is the last pilot Island going to make me remember to amongst the people? And this is a question you want to ask yourself, that when you truly do pass away? How will you be remembered?

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Have you done enough for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala that we can say matter the origin and silence, and to be listening and positive, send them singing and dancing. You know, who wouldn't want that ending. But in order to attain such an ending, you have to be in the service of the people during the day and worshipping Allah subhanho wa Taala during the night, and that is what the software is all about. So let's go through this four pieces of advice. Again, benign Salah, who remembers them, start me off, what was number one first piece of advice.

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Go for it.

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That was the appointed derive from it, but act upon everything that you learned in this conference. If you whatever you remember, write it down. This is why unless finalidad taught you to read and write so that you can write it down. And that's the very first lesson that we had to wait a good couple of seconds for someone to remember how you written it down, you would have remembered right away. So if you have a pen and paper ready done differently, Tyler what was lesson number two? What was the second lesson I mentioned?

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Change your eye color excellent. The importance of your luck towards other people that the soft heart necessitates that you're good towards other people and as a Muslim as a person in practice in the center of the prophets of Allah, it was set up. This is what the conference was all about. Changing your adapt and changing your flock towards people. What was number three?

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respect towards the scholars and supporting the people in their adult. This is what you need to do as a Muslim Allah subhanaw taala may have not made you a scholar, but it does not mean that you cannot support the dialogue and support the scholars. And what's the last piece of advice

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How do you want green socks? Exactly? How do you want to be remembered after you pass away 81 of you remembered with the green socks or do you want to be remembered as matter numerology lawnside but let's find out Allah graduate sincerity and everything that we do, and grant us righteous deeds and mela spinalis other reasons and it was for those of Allah with the particular Salam Abu Bakar Ahmad with nine and Ali and the rest of the companions while I could have done one and if something unacceptable alameen wa salam wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad, Allah Azza wa sallam Joseph makowski