Asim Khan – Study of Surah Yasin – Episode 08

Asim Khan
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Bismillah Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam wa sherfield ambia and Mussolini Nabina Muhammad Ali.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. mothers and sisters, I

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pray that you all Well, there's a saying in Arabic

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just said

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that knowledge will not be acquired by a relaxed body.

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knowledge will not be acquired by a relaxed body nor that means if you're feeling relaxed right now, maybe you're sitting, leaning on the wall, you compromising your ability to acquire knowledge. Yes, I believe me from our own experience. The closer you are to the teacher, the more you will listen and the more you'll benefit, as Paula you will come in and spend the same amount of time but just repositioning yourself will mean that you will get more Yeah, though you will spend the same amount of time so unless you have a problem with your back when you think then you can save but if you don't, then I would request that you come closer to Sharla.

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Okay, so at our scene, we are now on verse number 21, verse number 21. We explained most of it last time, but we will start from verse number 21. Again, today in sha Allah. This is the story of us habla Korea, the people of the town.

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The story began,

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when Allah told us that two messengers came to a town, and they gave them down and they belied the town belied them, they said they were lies, a law center, third messenger, and the three of them then tried their best efforts to persuade these people to give up the

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paganistic waves, because they were mushriks and to embrace Islam and to worship Allah, Allah. However, those people were arrogant, they would not want to listen.

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And so what happens is, when they reach the end of the efforts, if you like, Allah says another person into the scene. One man, a believer, Allah says Raja amin, opposite Medina tianzhu. Yes, our palaia formatter, Bianca serene, he listens to what the prophets have said. And he actually accepts the message. And not only does he become a Muslim, he

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soprano law decides to risk everything, and go to where the messengers are propagating their message, and to try and get the people to listen to them. Even though he knows that the messengers, they are being treated badly by the people being abused, and perhaps even their lives are at risk, because they have threatened to stone them. If they don't stop knowing all of that. He still comes. Yeah. And when he comes, the first thing he says, is it? Yeah, tell me it tell me and mostly my people, my people follow the messengers follows those that have been sent. So you can imagine the scene. You know, some of the scholars that are good to be said, what happened is that the people,

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they gather around the messages, and they were going to kill them.

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At that moment, this man enters the scene. So if that's the case, you can imagine a huge like mob like crowd gathered around the messages. And they are, you know, becoming more and more aggressive, and looks like things are going to become even violent. At that moment, this man enters the scene. And the first thing he says is all my people follow the messages, right? The first thing to notice is he says he addresses them not as old disbelievers. But all my people

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call a year old me it who mursaleen now suparna, how many Muslim brothers and sisters who do that work to non Muslims think of those non Muslims as their people?

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Now somebody may say, Yeah, but how are they his people? They were his people, meaning that they are from the same, same country. And the fact that we're the same citizens of the same state. He said, that makes us the same people. So it's fine for me to call you, my people. My people follow the messages. Yeah.

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It's not that part of the believing man. He didn't know that you're not allowed to call for your people.

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Or that he knew, but the stuff that he was negligent of this teaching, rather, he was teaching us something. And that is, even though a person is a disbeliever you still want them to become Muslim. You still want them to go to Jenna. You don't want them to go to the * file. In fact, our process cillum Allah says la cabeza nafsa Allah yaku meaning, he says perhaps you're going to kill yourself over the fact that they are not

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Going to believe. So the professor said he felt it very difficult to see his people, his non Muslim community, going where they were going and refusing to accept Islam. And it weighed heavy on his heart. In fact, Allah said, he says if you're going to kill yourself to grief, that are not going to believe.

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So what that means is, is teaching us that when it comes to non Muslims, our

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view of them is these people are desperately in need of help. And the ones that are going to help them are us. And the greatest way we can help them is by trying to guide them to Islam. Yes, by trying to guide them Islam, as opposed to looking at them and saying these people, may Allah curse be upon them. They go into the Hellfire as some people do. They, you know, gloat at non Muslims thinking, yeah, they're gonna go to Hellfire as good for them. lalala look at this man.

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You know, what is amazing about this story is that Allah gave this believing man the same amount of space in the Quran as he gave the three messages. Look at the page of the last half, you will see half the page is about the three messages. The second half of the page is about this man.

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Allow one believing man. The other interesting thing is that

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this man is inside a story which is unknown to most people, even though the story is inside a sewer, which is the most beloved to Surah to most people. So he has seen is one of the most beloved sewers to people. And yet most people don't know about this. Yeah, they don't know about this man. Yeah, but when we read about him, what we actually being told by Allah is this man is a hero.

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In the eyes of Allah, this man is a hero.

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So much so that what he did, Allah valued it so much that he placed it in the Koran so that he would become immortal in the memory of all human beings until the day of judgment.

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Why? To inspire us to say look at this man,

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you need to learn how he lived his life and try to be like him. Yeah, that is the reason why so much detail has been given about this man and what he did what he did, as somebody may ask the question, was this man try coming as competition to the messages? He came to the location where the three messengers were, and now he's going to try and advise the same people who the messengers have tried to advise an affiliate

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is he trying to compete with the messages? He's not easy?

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What then in his mind is telling him You know what, despite the messengers not being able to convince them I should have a goal What do you think?

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Was he trying to compete with them? He wasn't was he? Then why did he come from

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okay so any carry on their legacy This is the teachings that we should do this very good Wiles.

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I think I've got your saying that Yeah.

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He didn't want to say them That's right. But the prophets they tried to save them. The prophets they're like the greatest of all scholars.

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Okay, he felt sorry for them to do he couldn't take it that you know, he doesn't try anything and they go to the Hellfire Yep.

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Very good. That's what what the brother said his duty Yes, at the back, because

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they might listen to him. Mashallah. So this is where it gets his, his intelligence from his own martial arts work about the difference between this man of the messengers is not just the fact that they are prophets and he is not. The second difference is he is from the people while some messages are from another place, another country, the story began, what dorabella who method as hobble Parvati in is a * mersa don't strike for them the story or the example of the people of the town when messengers came to them, or came to it. So they went from the people, they were outsiders, they were foreigners. So this man he thought to himself, perhaps we'll add this is my reflection that

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they've tried. But you know what Allah has given me something which he hasn't given them and that is he made me part of the nation.

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Some, perhaps they will listen to me where they haven't listened to them. And that is enough for me to try. Yeah, that is enough for me to try philosopher knows best. The other thing is what does he say to them? The first thing he says is follow the messages. Yeah. Which is, you know, indicative that he wasn't coming to take over. Rather, he came to support. Yeah, I'm not coming here to tell you to follow me. I'm coming to you to follow them. Yeah. Now,

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he begins a very,

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a very compassionate and wise call to his people trying to persuade them, and he will employ many different skills and tools to try to persuade them, you have to follow this very heavy to appreciate the nuance and the way he speaks. After telling them follow the messages, he then say to them, if tiberiu Mela is a llucmajor walmartone He says, follow the ones who, number one, they are not asking you for any edges.

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And number two, they themselves are committed to guidance. Yeah. Why does the first thing to ask is this fun? This is

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a surprise. It's a little Cuckoo.

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He's going to try and formulate a strong argument. Okay. And part and the argument is based on two things, he says, Okay. Follow the ones number one who don't ask you for any budget, what does it mean? Or just because sometimes I'll put on law says to the prophets tell them Matt as a lucam, Allah He malah. I don't ask you for any man.

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And sometimes Allah says, tell them that you don't ask for any idea. What is the difference between the two man means money as far as it can be more than money. Now, as you said, it can mean money. It can mean position here, and it can also mean leadership. Yeah, it can also mean leadership, which basically means, you know, in our maybe in a bit more modern sense, it can mean power. And it can mean money, it can mean to fame, it can mean popularity, all of these things. They can can be considered agile. He says number one, they don't ask you for any of that.

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Why is that a strong argument to start off with?

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They're refusing to believe the messengers. He comes on the scene, he says, follow them. And let me explain why. Number one, look, there are asked you for any

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why is that compelling to him? Is

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they would give you wrote, yeah.

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This one is the opposite. This thing didn't ask you if anyone? Yes.

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Their intention is that

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they have nothing to gain. Okay, very good. So I didn't ask you for any money or wealth or position. There's nothing in it for them.

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And if some if there's nothing in it for them, it means that you know what? They're not out to try and dupe you out to try and swindle you for money in order not now to try and get the bedroom or anything else.

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They don't ask you for any edges. That's a very strong reason why you should actually listen to them and follow them.

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So awesome. Okay, very good. The fact they don't ask for any money shows that they sincere and they don't have a ulterior motive. Yeah, don't have an ulterior motive to appreciate that someone comes to you and says, I've got a message from God. And your life depends on this message. Give me 10,000 pounds and I'll tell you Yeah, there was no one said that. You'd be like, Oh, I don't know about this guy seems very shady. You know, he says he's gonna save my life and he wants 10,000 pounds. Yeah. person will hesitate.

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favor person says, I'm going to I've got something from Allah and it will save your life. And you know what? I don't want anything in return. I don't want money. I don't want thanks. I don't want nothing.

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You may feel You know what? I should listen to this person.

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Because it is a person who seems as though he's genuine. This is the first thing it shows that he's genuine. The second reason is what they're doing. And they themselves are committed to guidance. That means that if you look

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At the way they behave and conduct themselves, you can tell that they are people of good, upright character.

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Why is that important? In order for you to accept the message? Why is the character important? Because if the character wasn't, you know, top,

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then you would think you know what, they don't practice what they preach. They don't practice what they preach. And this is a review of what was said at the beginning of Sofia seen Allah validated the message of the processor by saying it was setting you off from those that have been sent. I swear by the Quran that you are. And secondly, Allah Suraj if you are an upright person, your character is flawless. And now another believing man from many years before this ones came. And he said, People need to follow those messengers because number one, they're asking for the money, which means their message is genuine. And they themselves you can take the word because look at the way

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they live their lives. Yeah, they are guided people, they live by the guidance that they preach. What interestingly Marshall mentioned is the verse is actually

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is a two part verse. The first part of the verse is in a verbal form, the second part is a nominal form Joomla philia. And a Joomla is meal. Listen to a carefully

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follow those who are not asking for money. This is a verb to ask the asking, reading in the present tense. Well, homework done and they are more that meaning people committed to guidance, that is a noun. Yeah. What's the difference between a fear and isn't a verb and a noun? But one of the main differences is that a verb is caged by time.

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As for the noun, it is permanent, it's not caged by time. If someone says cateva, he wrote, when did he write it? In the past? If someone says Kitab, a book, it's a book.

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Now in the future, in the past, always going to be. So when he spoke about them being guided, he didn't say they are people on guidance, or they are being guided. He said they are more that people committed to guidance. That's interesting, because he's saying that it's not like they are sometimes well behaved. You know, like when you come to the masjid, everyone becomes on the misbehavior, except when they pocket the cause, isn't it?

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When they come in this behavior, but when they leave, and they go home, things can change. When they're at work, compared to when they're home? Yeah, when they were their friends, compared to when they when they found me? Yeah, things changed. When the circles are two people's behaviors change. When a person is or more that means whatever the time, wherever the circumstance, that person's character never changes.

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You know, one of the beautiful things to use of spawn one, I'm not sure the author of this gem, he said that when you civilize Saddam

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in prison. And he spoke to the two prisoners in Australia, when he spoke to two prisoners. He isn't our How come he gets the opportunity to give them down? Because they come to him? And they say, can you interpret a dream for us? In Iraq? communal?

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mursaleen? Yeah. They said, Can you talk about our dream for us, because we see you someone who has excellent character in prison. Yeah, and by the way, he's in prison for no good reason.

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Imagine being taken to prison,

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under fabricated charges.

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Now, when he gets out of prison,

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when he gets out to prison, is the King has a dream. And

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he asked his men to interpret, they can interpret it. And then his butler, who was one of those prisoners, he says to the king, I know someone who can interpret it. He's in prison. He goes to UCLA ceram. And he says, you know, this is your chance to get out of prison now. Tell me the interpretation. And you could be out even though he chose you interpretation and he said, You can come out now he says, No, no gonna come on to you tell the king to open the case against me up again. Because I want the justice to be served. I don't want to get out this on a free pass because I interpret the dream of the king.

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The king is amazed. This man doesn't want to come out of prison.

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There's something going on it he becomes impressed by his character, and he's caused the women of Medina to cut their hands. He says, tell me

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what was the issue there? Something happened, isn't it?

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And they say about us. We don't know any bad thing about him at all.

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Those women we're trying to get him support.

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coerce him to commit Zina with the wife of Aziz. Yeah, so their character is very

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less than perfect basically.

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Now, the brothers come back in the scene after so many years as big as coming for food because it's a family in the country. They come to the Aziz not knowing his use of and weapons. usable Islam doesn't reveal his identity. He helps them one year, another year. Then what happens is Binyamin.

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Binyamin is taken, he's caught stealing, supposedly, they say to use of Oh, Aziz, please take us instead of him. Because he has an old father in urban shape and Caribbean, for whom I had an American to take when I was in his face in nanorod, communal

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masini. They said, because we see you as one of those people with excellent character. Imagine who they're talking to. The person they threw in the bottom of a well and left for dead. They saying your character is just flawless.

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Yeah, what does that show us? The author of this gem said, he shows us that whatever the circumstances, the use of the lace, that arms character never changed.

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never changed. Yeah. And that is very telling of a person.

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May Allah give us good characters.

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So he said they don't mean the character is always the best.

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And here there's a lesson here. The lesson is that for us, when we're trying to persuade a non Muslim colleagues or friends to accept Islam, one of the best ways of doing this is to say look at the man's life who preached this message, read his Ceylon and one of the best books of Sierra to give to an anonymous him is the book of Martin Lynx. Here, has anyone read the book of bottlings?

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No, this is one of the best books of Sierra except for like four issues. If you Google bartling, Sierra, and criticism, you'll find someone who's written about four main, what they call fabrications in his in his book of sirach. Besides this, it is the best written book of Sierra in English.

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Yeah, give this to them.

00:22:27 --> 00:22:38

A gift this job because this man is teaching us the one of the ways you can see the truth of this message is look at the character, the one who's preaching it. In the same way, we should take this as a lesson

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that we should, one of the ways we can, you know, try and persuade our non Muslim colleagues to accept Islam is to buy them a copy of the seal and tell them to read. Another lesson It teaches us is the obvious one that if he's using their character as a way to persuade them to accept Islam, it shows us that our character needs to be the best all the time.

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And our character being good and have a high level will become a source of guidance for other people to become a source of guidance for other people. So this is some of the lessons we learned from why this

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is okay.

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Question here?

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He said, Why does he repeat himself for

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what's up? Is it

00:23:33 --> 00:23:34

okay for us?

00:23:37 --> 00:23:44

What is it repeat himself? What do you say? Follow the messengers. Follow the ones that don't ask for the money and they are themselves magic

00:23:45 --> 00:23:46

person either repeating himself

00:23:48 --> 00:23:49

emphasize Okay.

00:23:50 --> 00:23:51

Where we can say

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history. This is one of the reasons why because this is what people find the most difficult to follow the messages. Isn't that what we find the most difficult as we might know what to do, but do we do it? Do we follow them?

00:24:12 --> 00:24:39

It's difficult, isn't it? Yeah. That's why he uses the word it TBR as opposed to saying, um, you know, bureau soon. Um, you know, Bill Russell, what does he say? People believe in the messages. He didn't say that. He says people follow the messengers. You know why? Because he knows that they understand the truth of the message. The issue is about following issues about following. There's another lesson as well.

00:24:40 --> 00:24:45

And that is that actually some of the schools that Abraham payment from the law said, it's not repetition.

00:24:52 --> 00:24:53

I don't know what's happening on

00:24:58 --> 00:24:59

the other gym. Bye

00:25:00 --> 00:25:09

No time is that this is not a repetition. In fact, he's saying two different things. He said, firstly, follow the messages. Secondly, a general a general note.

00:25:10 --> 00:25:32

I, the kind of people you should follow in life are the type of people that don't ask you for any money for their advice. And secondly, they are themselves, you know, practicing what they preach, you see? So they say in life in general, these are the type of people you should follow people that ask you for money for their advice. And secondly, they don't they themselves are practicing what they preach. I remember Malcolm X,

00:25:33 --> 00:25:36

Ramallah when after he passed away,

00:25:38 --> 00:25:40

who wrote his biography was unexperienced

00:25:42 --> 00:25:43

as when you read his biography,

00:25:47 --> 00:26:12

is he approached the FBI? Okay. And he asked them, tell us something about Malcolm X. And he managed to get the two officers who were snooping into his house. In the last days before his assassination, they were sleeping in his house. Okay, they're listening into this conversation. So what they said one thing we tell you how complex is that? When we spoke about outside the home, he practiced inside his home.

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00:26:16 --> 00:26:55

the listening into telephone conversations, maybe bug these rooms, where he, what he's how he speaks to his wife, and so on and so forth. And all they hear is what this man lives by what he preaches are sad. Yeah. So that was compelling. So this is perhaps another point that this is not in fact, repetition. Rather, this is a separate point, though related. Then he says something else. He says why Mali, Allah, Abdullah de facto Ronnie, he told john, why should I not worship the one who created me? It is to him that you will be returning. Yeah, that you will be returning. Now pay attention to how he speaks him.

00:26:56 --> 00:26:58

Instead of speaking to the crowd.

00:26:59 --> 00:27:01

He speaks to himself.

00:27:02 --> 00:27:25

Yeah, he didn't say why should you not worship the one to created you? He says, Why should I not worship? The one who created me? Why does he do that for? I mean, if I imagine, I've got an audience with all these people. And instead of talking to them, I'm talking about myself. You know, I think about myself that, you know, why don't I do this?

00:27:26 --> 00:27:28

One, I believe this. What's wrong with me?

00:27:32 --> 00:27:32

So they will?

00:27:38 --> 00:27:40

Okay, I think you're somewhere there. You're solid.

00:27:52 --> 00:27:55

Okay, so he is criticizing himself, hypothetically.

00:27:56 --> 00:27:59

And that would be better for them.

00:28:01 --> 00:28:02

Instead of criticizing them?

00:28:04 --> 00:28:05

It's good.

00:28:07 --> 00:28:10

He's being indirect basically. But why is it being indirect for

00:28:13 --> 00:28:21

imagine the opposite. Imagine he said, What's the matter with the people that you don't worship? He was the one who created you, Baba, no, look.

00:28:23 --> 00:28:28

What's wrong with you? Are you? What was the reaction people gonna be like? Have you tried that approach?

00:28:30 --> 00:28:34

Who said that? Yes, defensive. They become defensive.

00:28:35 --> 00:28:38

What do you mean was wrong with us? I'll show you what's wrong with us.

00:28:40 --> 00:29:03

But the other way around, inverting it, saying what would have to be wrong with me that I shouldn't worship the one who created me now look at the way he spoke about a lot. It didn't say why shouldn't I not worship Allah? He said why should not worship the one who? Fatah Ronnie, there's a difference between you know, in the Quran, there's many there's about four words for creating

00:29:04 --> 00:29:09

this better. Yeah, but he was somehow it will help. There is.

00:29:12 --> 00:29:16

There is this word here football. And there's another word as well.

00:29:18 --> 00:29:21

baddeck is another word as well. Yeah.

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Ba Elif Allah, and Hamza? Yeah, yeah.

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This differences between them as the difference between Hala and Fatah. The difference is this photo they said it means to open and to take out. Yeah, to open up something to fetch and ibraaz basically to open something and then you take something out, and if they are boss, they always have this thing they always mentioned our boss is saying about this. He says, I never knew what the meeting was have felt awesome. our allies have

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faltered of the skies and the earth and two I saw two Bedouins arguing over a well.

00:30:07 --> 00:30:21

Yeah. Now here pay attention. No one should think they have numbers floating autonoma is saying I didn't know what the what the word meant at all. Like is like another word is like another language to me lalala it means that he didn't know precisely what I meant

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was the precise meaning of this word unbeli is, is impossible that he wouldn't know what the word means. And he is from the most elite to Arabs. Yeah. He doesn't know exactly what I mean. So he says two bedrooms are arguing about who has ownership of the will. And then one of them says I should have ownership because Ana thought to her, I thought power to her. Which means I dug it up and the water began to gush out because of me, not because he,

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yeah. And so he goes at the moment, I realized what felted meant.

00:30:58 --> 00:31:14

I realized what farted meant. So here, that man is employing this word. He's saying, why should not worship the one who brought me into existence? Yeah. Why is that more? Why is that better than saying I should wash my worship a lot?

00:31:15 --> 00:31:16

What's the difference?

00:31:18 --> 00:31:28

How is it different saying Why should I wash it? The one who fathered me, brought me into existence. As I was saying, Why should I worship a lot? Doesn't mean the same thing.

00:31:30 --> 00:31:31


00:31:37 --> 00:31:42

very good, very good. By saying Fatah Ani, he makes it

00:31:43 --> 00:31:49

applicable to all he's not talking about his God, or which could be misinterpreted as saying, oh,

00:31:50 --> 00:32:04

he's talking about your God now right. Now God, love the one who created me, is obviously the one who created me as well. Yeah, very good to make it specific to everyone or relatable to everyone. Anything else?

00:32:08 --> 00:32:08


00:32:10 --> 00:32:41

we had very good, because when you speak about the fact that a lot brought you into existence, it makes you look at a lion appreciate him as the one who gave you everything in your life, which therefore makes you want to reciprocate the blessing by showing some gratitude. Yeah. So by saying you're like, this is more compelling. Yeah. You know, it's part of people love to take pictures. Now. This isn't selfies. This is like mania, selfie mania. People with a selfie sticks.

00:32:42 --> 00:32:45

In the huddle, bar for the service to

00:32:46 --> 00:32:46


00:32:48 --> 00:32:49

everywhere, isn't it? everywhere?

00:32:51 --> 00:33:11

The thing is, what what is it about the picture that people love is capturing the moment, isn't it? That moment of happiness, right? You can look at it like this all the one photo, Ronnie who gave me every single moment of my life that I love to take a picture of, and enjoy later on. You know, who gave me that picture? Allah gave me that picture of mother.

00:33:13 --> 00:33:23

Father, honey. So when you say like that becomes more compelling. Well, the one who gave me everything in my life, it makes total sense to worship Him and no one else. Yeah.

00:33:24 --> 00:33:35

What you lay him down. And now look at this. He doesn't say the one who created me and the one who I will go back to, he says the one you will all go back to.

00:33:36 --> 00:33:48

This is called lt fat in Arabic language. It is to shift in the pronoun. He started by speaking about me. And then he spoke about you in the same sentence in English, you don't do that.

00:33:49 --> 00:33:53

If you did that, I think you maybe just come from back home or something.

00:33:54 --> 00:34:38

Yeah, but it is foreign to the English language. The in the Arabic language is the father of the shifting pronoun comes in the Quran many times. And some of the scholars they said that, in fact, it is shujaa Albion it is the daringness of Arabic. What does that mean? It means that they have such mastery of the language, they could switch the pronoun in the middle of a sentence and it will still come out compelling. Yeah. And if that is the case, then what this shows us is this man was so confident, speaking in a hostile environment about his religion,

00:34:39 --> 00:34:50

that he could do something like this. He could say, first of all, what's the matter with me that I shouldn't worship the one who gave me everything in my life and the one who you are all going back to?

00:34:52 --> 00:34:59

What does it mean? We're going back to what does that mean? We took it to us, we took it to yourself, but we can. Also you were talking to us all along.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:05

And what you're telling us now is that we're going to go back to him as well. That is a reference to the hereafter.

00:35:06 --> 00:35:15

Why is he thinking about the hereafter? The reason he's speaking about the hereafter my brothers and sisters is because the remembrance of the hereafter.

00:35:16 --> 00:35:29

It has the power to destroy heroines. So sapan a lot of them when a person thinks about the day he will have to stand before a lot, even if he is the best of people. He will be terrified.

00:35:31 --> 00:35:58

And the arrogance that is ruining his life could possibly be removed. Yeah. So in this way, parameters of the Astra is very important. Not just on a theological level, but on a tarbiyah level as well. Yeah. Another benefit of mentioning that you're going to go back to him is that when you think about the day, you'd have to go back to Allah

00:36:00 --> 00:36:22

you start to reflect about how you living today. Yeah, you know, the Quran so karma, if anyone read it, they would realize the way the Quran approaches this idea of the Hereafter is to say that people's morality and ethics become corrupted, the less they believe in the hereafter.

00:36:24 --> 00:36:31

Together, people who don't believe in their affair the brand says those people are the least ethical and moral people.

00:36:33 --> 00:36:37

Here, they saw many proofs of this for example.

00:36:40 --> 00:36:56

Right and as you can see, will be deemed member as a solo or writer, lady, you can they will be deemed solid and narrow. Allah says, Have you not seen the one who belies at the meeting the day of judgment was the second verse.

00:36:57 --> 00:37:01

For the medical lady, he adored the team

00:37:03 --> 00:37:17

of suburbia. And that is why this person, he harshly pushes away the orphan. What's the connection between mistreating the most vulnerable people in society and disbelieving in the day of judgment?

00:37:21 --> 00:37:32

Exactly. When a person thinks they're not going to be bought back to Allah, the morality becomes corrupted because there's no accountability. Who's going to who's going to take me to task for this? If I've got the power to do get away with it, why not do it?

00:37:34 --> 00:37:55

Yeah. So the Quran connects, you know, the ethical behavior, human beings to their belief in the Hereafter, which shows us that one of the ways to improve your character is to reflect about the day of judgment and about your standing on the Day of Judgment, this will help a person to reform his character. Okay.

00:37:56 --> 00:38:04

The other thing it teaches us is that the man ended with a threat, the end of that sentence with a threat and a warning. He told john, you're gonna go back to him.

00:38:05 --> 00:38:40

Now he says, I definitely don't mean dooney earlier than he you didn't wash man will be a dog toniann Nisha to say Oh, Hola. You don't? He says How can I take besides him any other gods whose intercession will not help me and who would not be able to save me if the Lord of mercy wished to harm me? Again, he speaks. I mean, am I going to take besides Allah, other deities, which means that these people that's what they were doing.

00:38:42 --> 00:38:49

date is if if the old Merciful One wanted to touch me with some harm,

00:38:50 --> 00:38:59

then these other idols, they wouldn't be able to number one, intercede on my behalf. And number two, they would not be able to save me.

00:39:01 --> 00:39:19

He is saying that idol worship or worshiping anyone besides Allah, it doesn't make sense. And you know why it doesn't make sense because, okay, why do you bow down to these idols for why did the Quraysh worship idols? Why did these who worship Latin alza and monarch? Why?

00:39:20 --> 00:40:00

Yes, they would say man agrodome, inland ukar. reborn, idolize olfa they say we don't worship them except meaning the reason we worship them is because we believe we can get closer to God because they are close to God. Yeah. So this man, he says, that doesn't make sense. You know why? Because if I think about it, again, he's talking to him. So if Allah wanted some harm to come to someone, he decreed it could those idols come and number one intercede which means they could intervene on your

00:40:00 --> 00:40:03

behalf and say, You know what? No,

00:40:04 --> 00:40:05

I don't want anything to happen to him.

00:40:07 --> 00:40:15

And number two, they can't save you. Meaning if the danger did happen to you, then they wouldn't be able to come and rescue you.

00:40:16 --> 00:40:22

If they can't save me, and they can't intercede for me, there's no reason for me to worship them.

00:40:24 --> 00:40:30

Yeah, there's no reason for me to worship them. And again, he says it in the first person. me.

00:40:32 --> 00:40:59

Why does he say like that, again, because he doesn't want to, it's actually more than just wanting to not wanting to offend them. It is to make the message more compelling. This is the reason why it's not because it doesn't want to hurt their feelings. Okay? It's not Oh, he just is so nice to them. He doesn't want to say to their face type of thing. You know, he's being indirect lalala. He's being indirect, because he wants to be more persuasive. Yeah, and influential.

00:41:00 --> 00:41:01


00:41:03 --> 00:41:04

your task was

00:41:07 --> 00:41:09

more compelling in the sense that he's from the people.

00:41:14 --> 00:41:15

He's one of us.

00:41:17 --> 00:41:32

Yeah, it's not too much to do with the fact that he's one of them. But the fact that this is okay, this is the point actually, that this is more like a personal recommendation. personal recommendation, you know, today I was reading that

00:41:34 --> 00:41:43

23 billion pounds worth of UK consumerism is directly impacted by reviews,

00:41:45 --> 00:42:17

the review culture, TripAdvisor and so on, and so far, it has a big sway on the way people spend their money. 23 million pounds 30 billion pounds is influenced by these reviews. So strange, is that this industry of reviews is so big, that it's given rise to another industry of fake reviews. Companies employ hundreds of people to write fake reviews, not just in their favor, but against their competitors as well.

00:42:18 --> 00:42:27

And then TripAdvisor had to release guidance for people to spot fake reviews. They said if you see a lot of eyes and wheeze

00:42:28 --> 00:42:41

and release in various images fake imagine any the point of this is that the review culture is so big, because people they trust the person recommendation.

00:42:42 --> 00:43:05

They trusted, the company is always going to say is good. Yeah, but the customer VCs is good. Miss means something in the very same way. He's making like a personal recommendation. You know, I wouldn't do this personally speaking, I wouldn't worship these idols. I don't think they're gonna help me. It doesn't make sense to me. You know, what does make sense to me is to watch You're the one who created me. And you know what?

00:43:06 --> 00:43:10

That's the way I see things. And to me, that makes complete sense. And I think

00:43:12 --> 00:43:29

that's the best thing. So the other people think you know what? He seems to like that. He seems to make sense to him. He seems to work for him. You know what? We should take his recommendation. Yeah. Which is another reason why Perhaps he's speaking in the first person me. And

00:43:33 --> 00:43:59

then last two statements. He says in the oven Laffy Bala al imobile. If I did that, I will be clearly wrong. What's he saying? In between the lines here? If I did that, I will clearly be misguided. I will be wrong. I will be confused. I'll be messed up. If I did take these idols as beings that should be worshipped besides Allah man, our be messed up. What are you saying between the lines?

00:44:03 --> 00:44:09

Yes, not if you did this, you are doing this. If I did this, I'd be a fool.

00:44:10 --> 00:44:14

In between the lines, you're doing this and you're being foolish. You are being foolish.

00:44:16 --> 00:44:34

This shows us the man was being wise. Yeah. And there's another parallel to this as well sort of calf. When the youngsters are rounded up in front of the king and the king, interrogates them for their beliefs. They also put together an argument, Allah says, what a baton Allah

00:44:36 --> 00:44:38

is mufa carlu are born out

00:44:39 --> 00:45:00

of the land Nether amin dooney. Isla de la de poner. He then Shah, Papa, they say you know what, King, the moss our master see the beam indirect again, Mr. Caesar Marshall the skies in the earth, and we would never take others beneath him as deities. If we did say that

00:45:00 --> 00:45:39

That, we will be saying a shut up and exaggerated line that will be over the top. If we did that there'll be also meaning you people are doing that you people are going over the top. This is indirect again, why? Because there's wisdom in that. Now, the last thing he says is this in me, meant to be on baconfest marrow, then he comes out clearly, and says that I am in fact a Muslim. He says in me, indeed, I emphasis man to be on become I have believed in not my master, not their master, in your master.

00:45:40 --> 00:45:42

Why switches again,

00:45:43 --> 00:45:58

in order to show something different this time by saying, I have believed in your master, you know, he's doing that he's saying, me and you. Together, we should all be believers.

00:45:59 --> 00:46:01

It is not about me versus you.

00:46:02 --> 00:46:41

Rather, it is me and you, both of us together, we should all worship Allah subhanaw taala. First, Moroni, that he says, Listen to me hear a lot to be said, this can either mean listen to me, either you people listened to me, I believed or it can be that he turned to the messengers who were still there present. And he said to them, Listen to me, meaning bear witness for me, bear witness that I have believed before Allah that I have one of those who believed first Moroni now because the next thing they said, data, the whole agenda. It is then said enter Paradise.

00:46:43 --> 00:46:47

So from enter Paradise, where did we go in this story?

00:46:48 --> 00:47:01

What was said before words coming out of this man's mouth to his people lovingly trying to advise them. All we see now is he's being told to enter Paradise. What has happened in between?

00:47:03 --> 00:47:16

They killed him. But the question is, why isn't the killing of the man spoken of or mentioned even in passing? Why is it glossed over? Why is it concealed

00:47:17 --> 00:47:20

to the fall in general, he is told to enter his alley.

00:47:27 --> 00:47:31

It's not befitting to mention these details why though why is not befitting

00:47:37 --> 00:47:38

because well

00:47:40 --> 00:47:42

they may be disturbing

00:47:43 --> 00:47:45

Okay, is

00:47:56 --> 00:47:56


00:47:59 --> 00:48:25

Okay, good. There's two good points, maybe one this is not really relevant. And secondly, because he got what we all want to get parents here data the full agenda means he was told to go to Paradise and some said this is this actual means Allah said to him into Paradise Lost to him and the paradise and if he was being told to enter Paradise just after he died, it means he died

00:48:26 --> 00:48:35

as a heat as a possum said that their souls will be the the berries or the bodies of green birds panela perching on the algebra.

00:48:36 --> 00:48:38

One reason so

00:48:39 --> 00:48:44

what why was the why would the Quran just night mentioned that he was killed?

00:48:53 --> 00:48:53


00:48:55 --> 00:48:57

target audience at this stage is

00:48:59 --> 00:49:00

the ones who do believe

00:49:04 --> 00:49:05

we believe

00:49:10 --> 00:49:11


00:49:15 --> 00:49:16

And he went to paradise.

00:49:18 --> 00:49:32

Okay, it's, it's more encouraging for believers to read this and then read between the lines are he must have done he must have been killed. And then, but the focus is drawn to the outcome as opposed to the process you have to go through.

00:49:34 --> 00:49:37

Okay, anything else last? Second last.

00:49:40 --> 00:49:45

Okay, it's a form of honoring him. Possibly. Possibly. Yes.

00:49:55 --> 00:49:59

Okay, very good. This is a point mentioned by Razi that the reason is

00:50:00 --> 00:50:22

To show us that even though he was killed, what he experienced was in this life, there was a moment where he was being, you know, seized, but the only thing he remembers is being told to depart us. Yeah, it's like fast forward, and navy old into paradise, you know, like, someone gets

00:50:23 --> 00:50:34

hit on the head, and then they become unconscious, then they wake up in the light somewhere else, like what happened in between, I don't remember what happened in between, is to show he said, the immediacy of the reward of Allah.

00:50:35 --> 00:50:42

That Allah sped up his reward. So he got it instantaneously tailor the whole agenda.

00:50:43 --> 00:50:52

Yeah, what happened in the middle? That doesn't even make any difference and even worth mentioning was so fast. Yeah, this is one of the reasons. Another reason perhaps, is because

00:50:53 --> 00:51:02

the target audience of this story is who it began by saying walk dorabella home and strike the example for them, who is them?

00:51:03 --> 00:51:06

The Prophet is being told striking example for them, who is them?

00:51:07 --> 00:51:15

The price, the price as the primary audience the story by two, if the parent mentioned his killing, it would, he would put

00:51:17 --> 00:51:36

dangerous ideas in their heads, basically. You know, look what they did, they actually went and killed the believer. Yeah, those people who are enemies, too, they don't they shouldn't be made to hear those things that could put dangerous ideas in their heads. They could say, you know, we could do something like this is what we should do something like this as well.

00:51:37 --> 00:51:44

So this is perhaps another reason is all Allah knows was clearly the full agenda. palaia later, told me

00:51:45 --> 00:52:04

Then he said, Oh, if only my people knew here and our boss, he said, NASA how como fi hired he, when he said he said he advises people was his living. When he said follow the messengers.

00:52:05 --> 00:52:15

One as a home, FEMA, Matty, he and he advised them even in his death, when he said yeah later called me alimony if only my people knew.

00:52:16 --> 00:52:37

He cared for them. Not only when he was living, but even after he died, he still had compassion for them. Because the words if only they knew mean if only they knew what I have been given a reward now, they would not have behaved the way they did they would have accepted Islam. If only they knew they would have accepted this.

00:52:39 --> 00:53:06

Call a year later call me Jarmon be mahasamadhi Robbie Machado and he book coming because of two things Firstly, because of what Allah has forgiven me. My master has forgiven me. This shows us that even the Shaheed needs to be forgiven for his sins. Even the show he needs to be forgiven for his sins ALLAH forgive him his sins. Secondly, what Jalan emailed me and made me of those who, who on it.

00:53:08 --> 00:53:14

Yeah. Now what is amazing about this is that he felt on it by God, by Allah.

00:53:16 --> 00:53:26

After he died, he felt like you know, Allah has made me an honorable person. And that's beautiful because the way he died in the eyes of his people he was a despicable traitor, isn't it?

00:53:28 --> 00:53:35

So even though they dishonored him he said what is their dishonouring me when allies wanted me yeah allies on me

00:53:37 --> 00:53:39

and this goes back to the beginning so just seen as well.

00:53:40 --> 00:53:42

In the mountains zero Manitoba.

00:53:43 --> 00:53:52

Web for Bashir, who, the mouthfeel and you were during Karim, Allah said in the beginning of Serbia seen the only ones who will

00:53:54 --> 00:53:58

benefit from your warning are the ones who number one listen.

00:54:00 --> 00:54:18

And they feel alone in the unseen so go and congratulate that one person of the forgiveness from Allah and an honorable reward. Then this man comes in he says, You know what Allah gave me and he wanted me. Yeah, it's beautiful the way the soul ties up.

00:54:19 --> 00:54:30

They Mashallah, this brings us to the end of this Duff's inshallah we'll continue next week, how there was sort of lost and robotic and ml and Amina Mohammed while earning savage mine does open luckenbach laughing

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