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The importance of being aware of hate and discrimination against individuals is emphasized, as the upcoming Day of Justice requires organizers to be aware of the negative impact of the attack on their community. The history of Islam is discussed, including the implementation of Islam restrictions and the use of negative language. Pranksters are used to harm people, and resources are needed to spread hate and pray for Valentine's Day. It is emphasized that protecting people from harm and finding a way to be present is crucial for a successful holiday.

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feel any kind of if there's any kind of discrimination against you based on religion

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or more because of religious reasons please report care we have organizations in place that can help us is that our job to contact them and let them know and make them aware about this and you know, if someone if someone experiences or feels that there is some hate from a from a person and that person is reported and that person is caught, you could actually be the cause of saving so many other people's lives also. So do keep that in mind inshallah we have to be aware we have to always be vigilant inshallah about these kinds of matters and we will have to comply and I'm going to address these some of these kind of matters also

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me see magic Aveda shine, journey, fear anything I mean did he get what home for him an estimate was in it or anything was either in Makati Lutheran Jimena tonight he doesn't know how far you will check with why you having your son sorry, service. Ali

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Soufan wants to learn you know you know what why the who actually wanted to know Mohammed Abu rasuluh I'm about to buy the bottle out of article with the high end machine what I mean by the old one that he mentioned it's all about the industry lagging behind and working and if I leave a house even now so I need to walk away in your

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home digestion when we're hot I love to i love you my coffee and I'm passing it on and Jana people method on Marina Hello Mina publico my settlement was the raw was zero.

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Soon while living in

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Dallas will walk an international law he already sort of sort of along with all the but in

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law hadn't had he had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we're sure to have locally appointed him. We're going to be the origin of

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my BA respecting brothers and sisters.

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All praise for Allah subhanho wa taala, who has given us the greatest gift of all, which is called Hidayat

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and how we're going to name him that he had an early Hydra when I couldn't have to do longer than Allah. And we will only realize the value of this neuroma when we face Allah subhanaw taala on the day of judgment. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us the ability to implement the reality of Magadha in the law in our life. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah that He grants us Allah,

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our departure from this world and he writes us an apostle Hakima respected by the sisters and is also a great blessing to Allah subhanho wa Taala and that He has created us

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Within the best Omar, the OMA Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and I ask ALLAH SubhanA, Allah, Allah that he grant all of us, in almost in around the world, the Shabbat, the intercession of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and that his intercession be accepted. For us on the Day of Judgment, respected brothers and sisters. In the past few in the past several weeks, I will say, we know that Islamophobia has been on a rise due to several incidents. Not only that, you have people in this world who will continue to preach the hate about Islam, people who will continue to alienate Islam, and people who will continuously put within others the hate of Allah and His Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we see. But at the end, as this is going on, as this is going on, we see that crimes are taking place. We know what happened a few days ago, in North Carolina, three people, very young people who really embody of what a human being needs to be like. These were people who were social activists. These were people who were chasing a dream. These were people who had just been married six months ago, as the person who has just been recently married. And the and the time they're spending with their wife, and the time they're spending with their spouse, thing as a student who's going to school and was just started school, and now do that. But they have just been

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accepted into med school, or dentistry, school or any other school. These were people who are chasing their dream, but it was because of someone else. And their hate that a heinous crime took place. And now those three people are not with us. Yesterday, I found out and most of you may know by now that a Muslim brother in Canada was shot, someone knocked on his door and he looked through the hole to see who he was, and someone shot him. Today, we found out I was born in Houston, and it's still there, they're still discussing the show, finding out what exactly happened. Just Just yesterday, or day before yesterday, and Muslim young girl HIV sister was being followed by by

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someone for five to six miles. And that person he threatened her by saying that we are going to take all your lives. This is currently happening in the place in a place where we thought that we were always safe. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep us safe. And shall we ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us. But at the same time, while there's so much fear, while there is so much intimidation, what as we Muslims can do to suppress that fear. What can we do to eliminate that intimidation. And the best way to sue this fear to sue this pain? And to eliminate this fear is to study the life I was really wasn't allowed on equals no, because believe it or not respect your

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brothers sisters, what we are seeing today, we will find examples like this in the minds of those who listen along what he was saying, the intimidation that's been put within us. We find that in the life of this lesson, a lot of it was sending them that when we say where is the help of Allah subhanho wa taala. This happened during the time of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the Prophet of Allah salAllahu Alaihe Salam is leaning against the Kaaba. He's leaning against the Kaaba and the sahaba. They came to the Prophet. And they said, yes of Allah. Yes, below allow, when will this finish this torture? When will it come to an end? And the Prophet sallallahu I assume that it

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says that he was the against the Kaaba, he came forward to address these people who came to him. And he says that, don't you reflect upon the people who came before you. There are people who denounced them. These are people who did not give up their Eman for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. And these were people who were tortured. And then he says, he says to his own Sahaba, that you're free, he said, Easter. So we find that it's the hub of your world that they would go through this. We hear the stories of our mother, the asset of your love, and what his father's Yasen went through what his mother's Samia went through. These were people who were elders in the community. These were people

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who were the singers of the community, they were old. And yet because he said none of the law they would hurt, their lives were taken away. So we need to truly reflect on the life of the of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because what we are seeing around the entire world, it is still not as bad as it is. In some other places around the world. We can still easily go different places. We still able to go to work, or recenter brother and sister and when we see some of this

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You find three people who are in the gym, people were shopping a few days ago, some people threatened all of us and everyone is on the alert. Think about our Muslim brothers and sisters overseas.

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Think about him for a second where people are in prison because they see that either hate or love. People who are hating because he said that you know, you love people who are tortured because they say that and yet they're surviving and they're strong and we need to become strong. We inshallah will become strong, we have to remain steadfast. We have to keep our focus on the loss of 100. What the island? What do we see the News, the news and the current news coverages and you know, different news stations, when they exaggerate and the hype of everyone, that this is what Islam and Muslims are doing. Let us remember that this exactly happened. During the time of those who are still alive.

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It was

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when the Prophet of Allah, Allah find some began to preach about Islam. He began to talk about Islam. The operation went to a good college, they went to a party, who was a supporter of Muhammad Sallallahu, it was settled. Yet he never believed in the message of the product. It is his own nephew, but he knew this continuous support. They came to a modeling and they began to exaggerate, because this is the habit of

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those who are against Islam. This is your habit that the Kingdom will fall in and begin to exaggerate. Do you know what your nephew is doing? Your nephew is saying bad things about our our, our forefathers, he said evil the wrong things about our forefathers and what they believed in this and that it was Subhanallah when you look at the libros, who also loved while he was some he never said anything about their gods. Because the Quran says not the beginning of their own and in tune in there for soup Allah I want to be laying there in the water. It just says that we should not say anything wrong or negative about someone else's faith. You think the person will go and say

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something about something negative about someone's fate, he never did that. But the more he came to recall it and they said that this is what your nephew is doing. Once again, exaggerating the matter. They did this we are seeing this today, let us reflect on the virus was Allahu alayhi wa sallam. This happened during this time. What did the programming some do in reality, he only said that either in de la, la, la La, he went around to the people about Allah subhanaw taala. He never said anything about their idols. Allah subhanaw taala talks about the idols but the promise of never said anything negative about that, please come forward. Please come forward.

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So we need to reflect upon the life of this verse Allah while he was sitting down to help us get through these tough times. Not only that, when we see that even through the time of Rasul Allah, Allah Halima salah, there were people like a look on it. People who showed their continuous support, it's not in Muslim. So how about you then you find people that are non Muslims, but they give their support. There are people who are against Islam, but there are a lot of non Muslims who have given their support people who have written numerous books, more books than you and I can do it collectively. They have written so many books in support of Islam, in support of Islam. Those people

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are are our current and they have good volumes. These are the people who give support and stand they right from the start. We see on Facebook that whenever a non Muslim, he says anything positive about Islam, we began to share with everyone else. Because this is very rare. We don't find some examples like this. But when we find these kind of examples, it brings it brings some happiness to us. Think about the Promise of Allah while he was setting up. Besides other people who showed their support to help so low it was set up later on, they may have become a saint, but we find that whatever we are going through the point I'm making is whatever we are going through, we will find direct examples

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within the Rasul Allah on amis. And then it's remember and let's reflect also on the Quran. Allah Subhana Allah tells us in the beginning and similar uncovered Alif land mean a house even as a youth Rahu in your own.

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Do you think that you will say I believe in Allah and you will not be tested, you will most certainly be tested. This word I used and when he comes to a fitna like when there is a fitna that is taking place, it becomes difficult to hold onto your Dean. Dean can easily slip out of your grip. You have to hold on to your deed, we have to hold firmly onto our deen at that time in these kinds of times, it takes with the result within ourselves. We have to become stronger in these times. Allah is the Bacara he says I'm a simpleton.

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We all want to go to tender.

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We all want eternal bliss in the hereafter. We work hard for Jenna. Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us

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Do you think? Do you really think I'm gonna put an agenda that you will enter into Jana? Well I'm

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publikum and you will not experience with the people when before what they went through before you. Allah subhana wa Tada then says mustard who will Benza Raul was with Zillow. They were afflicted with severe poverty and ailments and they were so shaken. That even high failure hula Rasul until the messenger will levena Harmon Houma

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la the believers around the messenger as they began to say, where is he helpful was behind or whatnot. Were several brothers and sisters, we will always be tested. Yes, the Quran let's say, the lad to ask Robert, husband, man, Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala will not put something upon us that is beyond our means. Whenever circumstances and whether you're going through Allah is bringing this upon us because we do have the capacity to go through this. We have to remain strong. When we look at the life of a celestial body we're sending them despite all the sacrifices he went through the Sahaba went through, the children went through, the women went through, they remain steadfast when we study about the sea of the Prophet and we learn about shortly before that, how the Muslims were socially boycotted for three consecutive years that I would call him caring for the Muslims. He told him I was I said that I want

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you all to go to a place to go to a place outside schools close to Makkah little outside of Epcot and stay there because there is protection for you over there. When the police he found out they made a pact that all these Muslims are to be socially boycotted. These were Muslim that time for three consecutive years. They had very less to eat. They were a part of everyone else. Women were crying, children were crying out of hunger. This is one of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he went through. This is what the Sahaba went through. Probably several All right, he was somebody that he said.

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He said in the law,

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a Buddha

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taught his two sons. I want you to go and divorce the two daughters

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brothers sisters, for any of you who are fathers and you have daughters

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you cannot bear the pain of your daughter dying Horst It hurts.

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It hurts. It lives with you. Every single time you see your daughter it hurts. Think about my man who's been learning a lot. And because he said that he got him in a lot his no one daughter and his two daughters were divorced. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Sahaba when we say that the story of who was beloved with the Allah Tala is in what they went through a mapping Yes, and his father and his mother what they went through

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this never shorter ground, they never fell down. They remained steadfast. They kept on calling to Allah subhanho wa Taala respected brothers sisters, the question is that we in times like this, what can we do? What can we do first of all is always remember that safety and protection is only in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala no one can hurt you without the permission of Allah subhanho wa Taala the promise of love it was similar to send a one time sitting with him Rob is no longer on he says you have to love me or I look at him I mentioned this hadith on this member several times.

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But in that hadith, what did he say? He says what Allah no unknown much the logo under OMA that Oh ALLAH angel for all commission, yes, lonely and for over 11 Shaman productive a whole lot of love, that everyone will get together and they will try to benefit one person, Allah does not want that person to be benefited. These people cannot benefit that person. On the other hand, if everyone gets together and they try to harm one person, but Allah wants to protect that person, there is no one who can harm that person because Allah is his protector. So how about when you look when you only reflect on the story of fit owners, and Musashi is the here all the children are to be killed? That

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was the year the year that children are not to be to or were not to be killed? That is the your handwriting son was born. The year all the general RGB killed, that's the year musante his son was born Musala his son grew up right under the nose of Finn. Oh my God, Allah make this happen. Because Allah Subhana Allah is Allah. Allah subhanaw taala is the protector and that is from whom he had to seek protection. Allah subhanaw taala to protect us

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There's no one who can cause us any harm, unless it is the will of Allah subhana wa. So always remember that even though we live in times like this, always ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah, always remain firm, always remain firm, do not be, do not be intimidated, do not to keep that fear against that kind of fear is going to be there. But you're not intimidated, we will continue to come close to Allah subhanho wa taala. In times like this, people are divided into two groups. There are people who come close to Allah subhanho wa taala. And there are people because of the intimidation and because of fear, they go away and all of us are behind on with it. We have, you know, the brothers,

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we go out, we go out and we spend our life. And sometimes people can tell me that whether we are muslim or non Muslim, but think our Gigaba our sisters, and I commend the sisters, I truly from the bottom of my heart, I commend them, I have so much respect for the sisters, especially for those sisters who go out every single day. With the hijab on people can see that this is a this is a Muslim woman. And yet because of the current circumstances, this has not deterred them away. Well what's behind with Allah, this has gotten taken away from us behind what, in fact, our system has become even more stronger. I pray to Allah that Allah protects our brothers and sisters. But Allah

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subhanho wa Taala protects all our brothers sisters around the entire world. And may it may make you know we ALLAH SubhanA protective have any kind of shut in evil, but I commend the sister Gulai because they go out and protest every single day. People see now we will stare at them. There have been so many experiments, where of non Muslims, they wear the hijab, and they walk on the street and everyone is staring at them. You know how difficult that is? Yet our sister they continue to do this. So in times like this, this all make logical must have a hideaway God and that has continued to come close to Allah subhanho wa Taala let these currents Concur on current circumstances, not

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take us away from Allah will bring us closer to Allah. And remember in every single era of Islam and Muslims, in every single era of Assam Muslims, Muslims are tested in different ways. Muslims are going to be tested, whether it is today, whether it's tomorrow, whether it was in the past, there's always some time that we will be tested, we will be tested. And when you look at the lack of resources, he was tested, but he came up on the other hand, he came up, came out on the other hand, and he was successful. He came up with a loss of 100 to Allah. Allah put Ibrahim Alyansa through many tests, but he passed all of them with flying colors. We are being tested. We remain steadfast

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and mashallah they help Allah subhanho wa Taala welcome. Like when Allah says in the Quran, Allah in the nest will likely show the help of ALLAH SubhanA welcome. Yes, we'll have Islamophobes they have a job to do. And their job is to continuously spread hate, they will continuously spread hate, they will spend billions of dollars to do that. But guess what, my suitor brothers sisters always remember they had a billion dollars but you know what we have? We have Allah subhanaw taala we have Allah subhanho wa Taala the help of Allah will trump everything that they do, we have to come back to Allah subhanho wa Taala if we hold on to Allah, Allah will help us we have to come back to Allah

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subhanaw taala May Allah Subhana Allah protect us may Allah subhanaw Give us the ability to as a congressman send her the law now when it comes to I'll leave when I find out what we have to do with a suffering Allah He welcome we're excited this year first off you know in the home

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and have dinner

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last night on when I stopped for me let me show in person I mean yeah,

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we may do

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wants to know

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what's going on.

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Oh my god. Oh god, the Vatican with Tamala G was for fun. I mean, in the English apology industry Love Your Work man. We're here in Omaha.

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You on he was sitting with the steamer alongside Yala, Hamid Wilder and Hamlet called something called over him Allah had invited him to come in to Medina of Africa 100 water and Hamlet going on with Carla Ibrahim, Ibrahim and

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recenter brothers sisters, as I told you, and as I mentioned that we should not let this fear intimidation take over us continuously come on to Allah subhanho wa Taala but at the same time, at the same time, we make it very clear, we should always be vigilant, we should always be careful. A Muslim is always careful. A Muslim is always aware of their surroundings when they follow the Allah lot that it was sent. On behalf of colossal love it was in the trenches to go and find out what are the plans of the performance of the place when he

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went there, when he went there. At that time, the leader of the branch was sitting there and he said, It looks like there is someone amongst us who is normally amongst us. So I want you to grab the hand of the other and ask their name. Before anyone could grab the hammer for labor for the Allah that He grabbed the hat on someone else, he says who aren't you? A Muslim is very vigilant. A Muslim is very careful. He's very aware of his surroundings, as as the chief of the police mentioned. And not only that, Karen mentioned, if you find if you send any kind of aid, if you send anything that is related to hate, or your life to be in danger, it is our job to report it, it is

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our job to make other people aware. And this is and hopefully Inshallah, slowly gradually if we do everything we have to do, then inshallah ALLAH SubhanA wa change our circumstances to show up, these circumstances have come from Allah, and it is only Allah who can remove these, these, this negativity. So this is one this is one thing first of all I want to mention, before we end up about two more things I want to mention number two is tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I talked about this last year at the same as I kind of talked about this. Now what is the origins of Valentine's Day, receptor Brothers Sisters, we don't need a day to give a cardiac or a gift to our wife to show them

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our love. Promise Allah Islam says in Hadith, the hell do the hustle, exchange gifts this whole inshallah increase in your love, we shouldn't exchange gifts, we should give gifts to each other. But at the same time, let us remember that this day has come from a Roman paganistic ritual and practice where women were victimized, women were degraded. And women were dehumanized. We cannot do these kind of things. We have respect for our mothers and our sisters, we should continue to give them give them a time of the year. But if we remember if we begin to engage in these kind of practices, then this is the downfall. This is the downfall because this is what Shavon does. He

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brings one practice after another one practice after another that if we continue to do this now that our upcoming generations, they will think this is part of this, and they will do it. I'm not saying don't give gifts, give gifts. The 100 100 get gifts. But there are different there are times throughout the entire year you can give a gift. When they say Mother's Day we don't need Mother's Day to to show our respect and love to our mothers, when they say Father's Day, we don't need a day during the year to show our love and respect to our fathers. We are supposed to do this every single day, which was every single day. And last thing I just wanted to remind all of you in sha Allah,

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that resetter Brothers Sisters, we have a very big event coming up, we have a huge event coming up. Before I explained that event I want to give you I want to share with you an example an analogy. When you plant a tree, there are three main components that are needed to plant a tree. You need a seed, you need sunlight, water and soil. Once you put the seeds in there, you need healthy soil, you need water and you need sunlight in order to keep that high surviving. Once again here are three same things you need the soil, you need water in sandwich, research brothers sisters, our fundraiser event is coming up. And how can we be sure to this point through your eyes and through your

00:28:27--> 00:29:03

donations. We only showed up cross our finishing line through the same two things with your to us would have a loss of 100 with the IRA and with your donations and your contribution tries to make sure you put this on your calendar inshallah I want to see all of you there, give whatever you can, if you cannot give please make while Allah subhanho wa Taala because we need to help us have 100 with more than our relations we do need to have Allah subhanho wa Taala we can collect wherever we want. But if the wish of Allah is out there, if the help Allah is out there, we cannot do anything. We need to help align everything with Allah with us at every single step before we think it's

00:29:03--> 00:29:37

definitely Allah after meticulous that we know Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah should be at the core of everything in our life. So this is why I'm asking all of you to please don't take this very seriously. Inshallah we want to pray them along there. If you would just want to say we want to pay them off on there. We have to make an effort for it. If I just say that I want to I want to drink water by no go to go to the water, the water will not come to me I have to go to the water. We all want to pray there in Ramadan. We have to make an effort. May Allah subhanaw taala all this ability to act upon to act upon what has been said and wherever it has been hurt a lot of us