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Nadim Bashir
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Hello 100 or $100 mean was there was someone that was at Muhammad wa ala early he was talking he has marine was sitting with a Sleeman cathedral cathedral, my god Subhana Clara's mana Ilana Alhambra in the Qatari marking rubbish. So they were silly Emery, one of them Lissoni of Concordia, my God.

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When we say our deen in the very beginning of the mission of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam there were three important things that the Prophet salallahu it was something he focused on. One was still hate. One was dishonor, and one was akhira. All the sutras that were revealed in Makkah, we're emphasizing upon the Oneness of Allah subhanho wa taala, who Allah subhana wa Taala is his USMA his Seafight his attributes, what are what is he capable of? The second thing that these sutras the highlighted were not the stories of the people of bunnies, sorry, but the stories of the people of the past, add some mood and so forth. Not only that, but there were stories or there was a yet that

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emphasized upon the prophethood of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam and finally, the one thing that was always emphasized was the akhira the Day of Judgment a day that you and I we all have to face, brothers and sisters. It is a very common thing that we see in our families today.

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When we sit down and we motivate our children, I remember growing up, and I'm sure that a lot of you growing up, you're motivated the same way, which I'm about to explain. You all were motivated to study, why study? Why go to school, because if you don't go to school, you won't get a degree. If you don't get a degree, no man is gonna give you his daughter, right? That was the that was the motivation that we all had. Why do you need to study yes or no, there is a smile on the many of your faces. This is how you are motivated. If you don't study, you're not going to get a girl in your life to marry. So likewise, now think about this. How many of us do we actually motivate our

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children, and we motivate our family members, that just like there is a day that will that will come where they will have to get married. Likewise, there's a day where each one of us, we will not have the support of our parents, and you will not be able to stand by your own children on that day. Today in America, how many parents use you baby your children, you don't mature your children, and you do every single thing for your child. Why? Because you want to protect them, you care for them. But on the day of judgment, this is a day that each one of us will have to face we will stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Day of Judgment, lay Sabina who were being who told you man, there

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will be no one who stand before Allah and this person on the Day of Judgment. We don't prepare our children for that day of judgment. Whenever I return, do something wrong when they do something haram when they do something that is considered as a vise, we always try to explain them from the worldly perspective that why they shouldn't do something. But how many of us do we actually sit there and tell them that they will have to stand before Allah on the Day of Judgment. This is something that we all need to realize whether it sisters from day one from day one, in every single passage of the Quran, there is a mention of the Ark era. Why? Because each one of us we will stand

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before Allah subhanho wa Taala on the Day of Judgment, this dunya was created by Allah subhanho wa taala. The matters of the affairs of this dunya were put in the hands of other people, people who are in charge of other people, people who are rulers, people who are kings, and other and other people who are in charge, but on the day of judgment. On the Day of Judgment, there's only going to be one judge, and one executioner, and there'll be all in that will be Allah subhanho wa Taala he will be judge, jury and executioner. And so that is the day that we all need to prepare for. Because on that day, the ultimate decision will be made. The greatest decision regarding our life will be

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made whether we will go to Jana, or whether we will go to Johanna. So this is why this is something that we have to study. And this is something that we always learn about so that it can prepare us for the Day of Judgment. When we read the Quran Allah subhanho wa Taala says it should be Yeah. It Kotaro but in Nasik, he says that the time of accountability has come close. And one Hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam narrated by uninsulated Malika Viola and he went to a person by the name of even Abdul Malik, and who actually did not have the money he has. And it's a bit of Malik that Do you remember anything? Which the prophets of Allah Allah, he was some he mentioned

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about the day of judgment. And as we manifest your autonomy, he says that yes, there is one thing that comes to my mind regarding the day of judgment that I heard was, was a law hottie with some saying, and that is that he put up his two fingers. And he says that that the eye and the hour are like these two mean that we are so close to one another, meaning that the day of judgment, the hour is so close to us. And of course, the alumni the way they have explained this is that if you study the history of mankind, for starting from the time of Adam, either you sum all the way to the last person that will come how many years have gone by from Adam Alayhis Salam to the time of the Lhasa

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Allahu Allah he was sending them. So in comparison to the history of mankind. The Day of Judgment is close to the OMA of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and another Hadith of in, in another Hadith, this is narrated by Mohammed Ali alotta and who the promise that Allahu alayhi wa sallam he wants at the end of his life, he led the Sahaba in Arusha. Salaat. And then he turned around and he says that do you see the night of yours? Like, do you acknowledge that this is the night and the sahaba? They said, Yes. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says that 100 years from now 100 years from now, there will be no one left of those who are right now on the faces earth.

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Now, this is something that was slow so long, it was seven days.

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says something at that time. And keeping in mind is that this was news to many people. Why? Because when you study the stories of Nuada, you set up only the time when he gave Dawa was 950 years. These were people who lived alive for more than 1000 years. So comparing their lives to the lifespan of the ummah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. First of all, our lifespan is extremely short. And I will say this, that even now we apply this the same saying of Rasulullah sallallahu. It was said that 100 years from now, 100 years from now, none of us are going to be alive. None of us are going to be alive. Of course, when is the time that we go only Allah subhanho wa Taala knows, but it

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is fair to say than 100 years, none of us are going to be alive here at this time. And every 100 years this can be said that a new group of people are going to be frequenting East Plano Islamic center and every other Majid on the faces earth. Now there is some other hobbies as well. So Allahu alayhi wa sallam, for example, I show the alotta on how she says that Bedouins they came to the sua Allahu Allah, he was sending them. And they asked us was about to do a judgement. He then he,

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he looked for the youngest person in that crowd. And then he said, If this person he looked at the youngest person in the crowd and said, If this person lives a long life, if a person lives alone, this person has a long life than before he gets to his old age, the Hour will come this way, he says the Hour will come. Now what does that mean? Does that mean? Because this hadith in itself is confusing to many to many people. Not only that, and that's something that I know he also reports a hadith very similar that the Prophet alayhi salam was asked, When will the hour arrive? A boy by the name of Muhammad was amongst the from amongst the answer, he was sitting there. Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that if this boy lives a long life, then bring them perhaps before he comes to his old age, the Hour will come for the rest of you. Now, what this actually means is that the purpose of some is not actually saying that the day a judgement will occur. What this is in reference to is that once again, as I said earlier, I shared that hadith with you about the 100 years, the prophet Allah your son was saying that people will rotate, there will be a new group of people that will come in this dunya the people will leave you people will come and they will inhabit the earth. And then not only that, but this will continue till the Day of Judgment, but the Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is also telling us as the owner might have explained, that when a person passes away from this dunya, and he goes into the island of birds of the world of Bursa, as we know the time when a person is in the grave, before the Day of Judgment, this even though it may seem that we are bringing a person and he's close to dunya, but this person has already shifted into the hereafter, he's already shifted into the hereafter, he's no longer part of this dunya. So this is what the orlimar have explained, by by through this hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now, let's get into some of the names of the day of judgment that are mentioned in the

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Quran. And each one of these names. This is a moment of reflection for all of us that this is this is these are the things that will happen on the Day of Judgment. First of all, Allah subhanho wa Taala says that full lumen are they have fun, will you ever call what you will Rebecca will generally wear crown this is an ayah, from Surah Rahman, where Allah subhanho wa Taala says that whatever is on earth will collapse. And it will perish mean that before the Day of Judgment occurs before the day judgment occurs, there will be there'll be twice there'll be two separate incidents where the Trumpet will be blown, a horn will be blown. And in this during this time, everything will

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collapse and everything will perish. This world that we see around us, there'll be nothing left from this. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala He will resurrect everything from from scratch again. This is why when you say the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala whenever he talks to the disbelievers, those people who don't believe in the afterlife, there are so many religions today who don't believe in the concept of Africa. In fact, believe it or not, there are even some Muslims that recently I have come to know about who say the same thing. So bahala they say that how are we going to be resurrected? One man in sootel in Surah, Yaseen is there is a there is mention of a man who came to

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the Sula, so Allahu alayhi wa sallam, he took a bone, he crushed it, and he let these he let the dust you know, scattered in the air. When he did that he asked us well so Allahu Allah you were sending them that are you saying that Allah

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I will recreate this. And Allah subhanho wa Taala he ordered Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to say, boom, yeah, Mohamed Salah Salem, you hear her lady and sha Allah, Allah Mara, the way Allah created you from a drop of blood from a clot of blood. Likewise Allah subhanho wa Taala can create you from dust. This is not difficult upon Allah subhanho wa taala. So Allah will resurrect everyone from from their graves. Now at this this moment is as I said, Let's go through some of the some of the names of the Day of Judgment in sha Allah. And then next week we'll get more into the day of judgment as we know there are so many stations of the ACA. The one the very first things that we

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find in the Quran is the day of or the Yeoman of the Yama is one of the names Johanna Yama means piano actually comes to the word karma yeah Puma which means to stand and to to rise something so mean that because we will stand before Allah subhana wa Tada on the day of judgment, and Allah will rise us from our graves. This is why this the day of judgment is called Yeomans to Yama. Allah subhanaw says in the Quran, Allahu La ilaha illa who that there is none worthy of worship of Allah legem I know most certainly Allah will gather all of you Isla Yeoman at the AMA on the Day of Judgment, na Eva fee there is no doubt in it. The next thing that is mentioned in the Quran is young

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will ask ALLAH, ALLAH SubhanA says in the Quran, when that can then be Rahman Ahmed Abdullah, he were Yeoman Afeni. When malignity will tell you when they begin, this is called the day the last day why because after this, there will be no more days. There will be no more days this is the last day where because every single day is a challenge for all of us. Each one of us. Every single day we are challenged, we have to strive for the alpha we strive for Jana, but after that day of judgment once the sport has been settled, the decisions have been made. Then after that there will be no such thing called a day that is the last day. Allah subhanho wa Taala also refers to this day as a Sai.

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Allah says in the Quran, yeah, you understand the Quran back home. Oh you people who believe fear Allah subhanho wa Taala be cautious of Allah subhanho wa Taala in zealot acera, that the earthquake of the Assad the hour is something that is extremely severe. Now in in the amongst the Allamah afford to be Rahmatullah. Yeah, Ali, he's a very famous scholar. He was a scholar of the seed. He mentioned that this asana, just like today Asana is in reference to a watch. Asana is in reference to an hour in our day and age. But just like we are unaware of the unexpected events that could happen in any hour. Likewise, there are going to be great events that will take place in the IHSA.

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On the Day of Judgment, there will be some tremors that will take place on the day of judgment that will shake people to their core foundation, the horrors of the Day of Judgment, the way they have been explained in the Quran. You will never find people behaving like this on on the day in this dunya Allah subhanho wa Taala the way he talks about the Africa, Allah says in one idea that out of regret today out of regret, regret we cry out of regret, we might even punch a wall out of regret, we hold our head, but on the day of judgment out of regret, people are going to be chewing on their hand and they will be so unconscious that they will keep on chewing on their hand. Today I if you

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bite yourself, you know right away, you bite your tongue, you know right away. But on that day, Allah says when you're on when you're off the volume Isla de yaku Yeah, later, Anita Hill Tamara Sudhi. Sabina, Allah says in the Quran, the way you will see people behaving is as if they're drunk. Have you seen a drunk person before? They have no clue what they're saying. They have no clue where they're walking, they're oblivious. This will happen on the Day of Judgment. I showed you Allah Anna she says that she asked that the Prophet saw me he mentioned that on the Day of Judgment, people will be without their clothes on the day of judgment. And I show thought to her she said that yet

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Azula when we when we cover ourselves out of shame, when we worried about what we be worried about the other person looking at us and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says that Oh ah Isha people will be so consumed by the tears and the situation on the Day of Judgment, that they will not care about looking at the other person. This will be the situation on the Day of Judgment. This is why Allah has given us this dunya this time to prepare for that akhira Yes, while there are there are these challenging times that will come in the ACA, but at the same time, if we prepare ourselves for the ACA, then there are so many a hadith of us

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To us long while he was sending that talk about that people will be in the state of comfort and ease on the Day of Judgment. People will be there'll be certain people who will be under the, the shade of the Throne of Allah subhanho wa taala. So they are going to be people who would be in a state of comfort, but majority of the people are going to be in a state of discomfort. May Allah subhanaw taala make everything easy for us. The next, the next name that has mentioned the Quran is Yongle bath bath means resurrection. Allah says in the Quran, yeah, you are natural in quantum fee rubbing mineral baths, if you are in doubt regarding resurrection, because once again, many people they

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cannot just simply wrap their minds around the fact that how can Allah recreate something from something that does not even exist? So ALLAH SubhanA says that this is also the day of human buys on this day, Allah will resurrected people. And so the coff Allah subhanho wa Taala says Yama Yes Ma'am, I wanna say hi that will happen the day they will hear the blast of the horn in truth, that is the day of emergence Yamuna Hello, this is another name of the day of judgment that is mentioned in the Quran, that from the graves because one is to be resurrected people we brought to life again. But then when people could will come out of their graves and they will head towards that day or that

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area where they will be accounted for. This is why the is called in is called The Day of Hood. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala he says that this is the this this day is also called Rei. Allah says Acharya Tumon ARIA Wilma document aria that this is a striking calamity that will come upon the people. Because once again, because of its tears, and the distress that will happen on the Day of Judgment, another name given for this day is Yeoman fossil. Why fossil? Because just like we say, you know, Oh, do you know we say oh, do face lacquer. Now, you know, what does that mean? Is that a decision to to make a decision about something? Likewise, this day, on this day, Allah subhanho wa

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taala, he will make a decision about the fate of every single person, whether this person is is amongst the people of Ghana, whether this person is amongst the people of Johanna. And then not only that, but on that day, all the disputes of this dunya that were left unsettled.

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And all the disputes that is dunya that were left unsettled. If you take a loan from someone, and you don't return it, if you take someone else's rights, and or you take something that belongs to someone and you don't return it back, but not only that, but if you violate anyone else's rights on in this dunya that day, this is why it's called yomo FOSS the decisions and all the unsettled. disputes are the conference that took place, all of them will be taken care by Allah subhanho wa taala. And this is Allah that Allah will not do upon anyone else. Whoever is on the hook, they will be they will, they will. They are on the hub. And the ones who are the guilty that for them, there

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will be justice justice served by Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhanaw taala also referred to this day as yo Medina, why? Because on this day, this is the Day of Recompense and reckoning, just like for example, this, when we say the word Dean, Dean also comes the word Dean, which means a loan or a car that you take from someone, when you take something from someone you have to return it back with is Huck. Likewise, Allah has given us this, this life, this energy, these resources, Allah will ask us about the bit about all these things on the Day of Judgment. Finally, the last two I want to cover for today is mentioned into the NASDAQ. And so there are others. And so the NASDAQ Allah says

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for either John Paul Mitchell Quran, and so that I was Allah says He that John at his saw, the word saw Ha, according to many orlimar. To be in others, it means such a loud blast that will make people death saw have fallen on Fula none. One person made the other person death. What happens is that on the day before the Day of Judgment, this is in reference to the first the first trumpet that will be blown, or the first time the horn will be blown by the by the angel that Allah subhanaw taala will order when this horn is blown, everything will collapse and everything on earth will fully become deaf mean that this will be such a loud horn, and this is right before the day of judgment. And then

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not only that, but Allah subhanaw taala the next thing he says is that this is that this day is also called for metal Cobra. Why? Because this is a great catastrophe. This day a judgment is a great catastrophe. And it will be and when we say a catastrophe when a catastrophe befalls anyone when a catastrophe before the end

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In one, it is very, very overwhelming. In fact, many people are not even able to recover from that catastrophe. Likewise on this day of judgment, this Day of Judgment will be very overwhelming for other people and the decisions that will take place on this day of judgment. Some people will never recover from those decisions. Some people will remain in that decision as it is made for them by Allah subhanho wa taala. This was why it is called Paul Mitchell Cobra it is as a great catastrophe. So inshallah we will go in and start right here. There are many other names of the Day of Judgment, but then after this, that what are the different stations of the day a judgment, there is even a

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place called the house, the house of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who will be able to drink from the house of Allah so Allah salah, which people are going to be rejected from drinking water from the hands of a sua Allahu alayhi wa sallam. Inshallah We will cover this next week. May Allah Subhan give all of us the ability to prepare for the Day of Judgment, may Allah subhanaw taala make us successful in this dunya May Allah take us with the Kalama at the end of our lives and may Allah subhanho wa Taala keep us in his shade on the day of judgment and grant us the Shiva Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the Day of Resurrection Zakum Allahu Allah Subhana Allah who have the

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courage to Allah, you know, into that stuff. Look, I went to Lake Xochimilco Hey, so I'm gonna play

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