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AI: Summary © The La [Theilaha illabers are linked to love, and their conditions include knowing, believing, accepting, and submitting. A chef talks about his experience with alcohol and the importance of being a Muslim, while also mentioning his desire to be a successful entrepreneur. The segment emphasizes the need to love one more time and avoid confusion, and mentions the success of Islam in addressing issues such as addiction and mental health.
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in Hungary lucky enough to stay in Europe when I was a villa him in Shuri fusina Women say Lena Mejia de la who Fela Medina when the yield Lin fella heard yella were shadowing

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in Allah. The whole Sherry cada wash Hedo and Mohammed and added who are pseudo bad? Y'all Yehuda subhanho wa Taala he Kitab al Karim yeah he you have lady in

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law hochkar to call it while

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work on a common Jaha whether sending humeri John Kathy wrong when he saw

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he will

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in no more her can i Lee come rocky

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yeah a Johanna. Deena and no definitely no Hamato no Carlos said either your sleeve like

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way off your knuckles. Back home, where many of the

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photographers efos and Amina and that the NASDAQ and Hadith Kitab Allah O'Hara had you had you Mohammed bin Salman Allahu alayhi wa sallam was shown

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to her what could fit in

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that in

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that infant now from that? My dear respected beloved brothers and sisters I ask Allah azza wa jal

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to bless us with sincerity in everything we say and everything that we do, I mean herbal Alameen

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Chawla to Allah today

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is the final condition of the series of the conditions of la ilaha illAllah.

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For the past seven weeks, we have been

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detailing and explaining that La Ilaha illa Allah has conditions.

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The first is the knowledge, the second is the certainty. The third is the acceptance. The fourth is the submission. The fifth is the truthfulness. The sixth is sincerity. And today is the last of these conditions, which is love.

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Loving La ilaha illallah you know La Ilaha illa Allah, you certain that La Ilaha illa Allah is the only way to Jana.

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You are saying it with truthfulness with sincerity you have submitted to Allah azza wa jal you accepted it.

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You have to also love it.

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You have to love La Ilaha illa Allah, what does loving La ilaha illallah means? It means loving Allah azza wa jal loving Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam loving whomsoever Allah loves, and whosoever loves Allah subhanho wa taala. The person the closer he is to Allah, the more he is beloved to you. loving everyone who's trying to get close to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and hating

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any action that is not pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala you hate drinking alcohol, you hate anyone who's making Suzu to other than Allah subhanho wa Taala you hate anything that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala declared in his book that is haram.

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A man came to the chef one time and he said Yes chef.

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Look at this OMA

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problems everywhere on

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distance from the Dean what's happening? Why

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so the sheriff said

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because you put

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the eight before the three

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because you put the eight before the three

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he said yes yes explain I don't know what does it mean you put the eight before the three

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so shake recited

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come wherever you

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learned Oh como as words will come washy or ought to come? Well no knock that off to

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what Ijarah Shona Casa de

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Lama sir Keanu total Dong ha ha

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Hudbay e comm mean Allah Wallace Wally, what he had in FISA villi feta up de su feta have decimal had to love will be Emery wala Hola, yeah, dill Coleman fair city in lolich. But we read the Quran so many times when

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reading the Quran and memorizing the Quran. These are all great acts of worship. But the reason the Quran was revealed is to ponder upon every single area Kitab and Enza. Now ileka Mobarak Lea de baru at the reading the memorization of that our means to get to the reason why the Quran was revealed how many times we heard this iron Surah Toba Yeah, Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, tell them, if you're fathers,

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and your children and your wives, and your brothers, and your tribe, and your money

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and your business and your home is more beloved to you than Allah and His messenger and Jihad fie Sabine Allah. Then wait,

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had T Allah we wait till I Allah decide what he's going to do with you. And look at the way the eye and wallah who lie dill Coleman fasigyn He called the people who prefer their wives and their children and their money and their homes above Allah and His Prophet fasea 18 evil doers evildoers.

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This is the reason that is the delille we said before that every condition that we mentioned has an evidence from the Quran and from the Sunnah, from the Quran, this ayah and Surah Tober. Allah is telling us a hub he used the word more beloved to you.

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Allah when we should take this area and ponder upon it, and think how many of these things that Allah mentioned,

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are more beloved to me, than Allah and His Prophet? What does it mean? more beloved to me?

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What does it mean? It means that I put my business before Allah.

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Yeah, Sheriff if you want me to stop selling alcohol, I'm gonna go out of business.

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All of a sudden the alcohol become the Zack

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Yes, yes. If I do not listen to my wife, we're gonna be in big trouble. She's asking me to do something that is haram.

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You put your wife before Allah.

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You put your business on eight because of the time just go through them. You have one. This is the words of Allah. It's not like the chef is coming up with his mind. Look what he's telling us. This is Quran. Listen, you want more than that. Listen to this. The importance of loving La ilaha illAllah. Last ion Sorokin, Bucha de la la Taiji do Coleman. You will not find the group of people these people do not exist. lethargy, do Coleman. You mean ona Billahi we're assuming

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you will not find the group that they are claiming they believe in Allah and the Last Day you are

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doona man hug hola hola Sula.

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You will not find the group of people who believe in Allah and the Last Day that they love. They have never worked with anyone that oppose Allah and His Prophet. One. Oh, can you

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awake when I wash it? Even if they were the parents, the fathers, their children.

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Have their spouses or their tribe,

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they do not exist to say that you love someone that oppose Allah

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that means the first part of the aisle does not exist. You do not believe in Allah and the Last Day. This is the importance of having love of Allah subhanho wa Taala and loving La ilaha illallah making it a condition, a short of being a Muslim Aquila, Colheita stuffer, Allah stuff you

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Smilla salatu salam ala mon learn. There are many as we take one more Allah Subhana Allah Allah says in Surah Al Baqarah Wamena Nassima yet tuxedomoon Duni lay and then you hit Bornholm cow Billa Well, Latina avenue I should have been Lila and there are people who worship. There are people who worship others besides Allah and they love them, just like they love Allah.

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But the people who believe they love Allah the most more than anyone else, and the delete from the Sunnah, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he told us that

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there are three characteristics.

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Whoever has them will find the sweetness of Eman. Number one, Allah and His messenger are more beloved to him than anyone in order to taste the sweetness of Eman Allah and His Messenger have to be must be one of the Allah on came through our Salah salem said I love you more than anybody except myself.

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So no Jamar, including yourself too. He said, I love you more than myself. And I Ahmed n AR Omar. Now yeah Omar that said your Eman is full

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a big Allah to make a slip en la ilaha illallah

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and di en la ilaha illallah ya Allah I asked you the best of your needs for everyone who attended and everyone who's watching to make the last words La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah. Yeah, when

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you see many people ask many doctors who work in the ER, they tell you that they tell the people when they have a Muslim patient, they tell them please c'est la ilaha illallah c'est la ilaha IL Allah it's not easy. A doctor I know from out of 36 people one person was able to say it one person this is needs to fit from Allah. This leads a person to live by La ilaha illallah it's not gonna come just like that. It's not gonna come just like that.

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Because the reward of it is Jana, or to her similar to a llama Fernando de Nova Nova Serafina femenina with a bit of them and I want sadhana I will come will caffeine allow more *ing Lima to Hibou with turbo Robina hablan I mean as far as you know with react in karate

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in Turkey in Imam Robina dunya Hassan Phil accurate he has worked in other than not robbing to collude and that data will help Lennar Milan Kurama in cantilever hub, along with this one and then we'll start off in FY Colima. Can your hammer I mean, Aloha mushy Madonna or Martin Muslimeen or Hamilton Hamilton was the mean was some Allah I don't have you know Muhammad Ali he was seven years marine article

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hola hola. Como long, likeable.

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Illa shadow one no Mohammad Rasool Allah. Hi yah la sala de fer al Furla for the comedy Salah toccata Komitas Sana Allahu Akbar along like, luck Illa.

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Alison Dooley now he'll be in Ireland me

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Maliki only Dean.

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He cannot boy he klenner staying.

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Is it you know, sit all tall.

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Stepping Sirata levena and him are here in outdoor reality him with a bow on clean earning

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while also in

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Santa Fe hosts

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in levena man who saw the

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letter was sold in healthy way to solve this problem

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samyama halimun Hamid

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hola hola como

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Alison during Europe bill and me in a rough man you're rocking Maliki only Dean ear cannot boy he kind of staying you know swear or stopping Sirata levena and him are you really do the ironing

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on knee pain Ernie

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Cole who Allahu

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Allah husana

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Lemme le do LMU

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LM Yirrkala hookah phone

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samyama halimun Hamidah

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hola hola

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Hola Hola

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send me

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a set said Molly kumara

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sound like lava kettle please remain seated inshallah Tada as usual till the Eero come