Mufti Menk – How To Make Dua

Mufti Menk
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salaam aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam

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ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa

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salam ala Medina.

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We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad's Allah

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and His entire household as well as all his companions. And may Allah bless every single one of us,

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beloved brothers and sisters in Islam,

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why is it that I make a draw?

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Or what is known as a supplication?

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And I don't see the reply the response? I don't see it sometimes. What's the reason?

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We need to know that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has told us that whenever any one of you makes a do out here we speaking of supplicating, asking Allah for something.

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It is always responded to. Allah replies Allah responds. Sometimes you get what you want as you want it, Mashallah documents.

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Sometimes you get what you want a little bit later on. Sometimes you get something in place of what you had asked, because Allah knows that that is better for you.

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And sometimes Allah subhanho wa Taala keeps in store for you something in clear of that prayer or that supplication in the ACA.

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So this is all part and parcel of what Allah has chosen for us. We make it to us sometimes, and we don't know that this is detrimental for me, and Allah through His mercy keeps it away from us.

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But today, we want to go

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more direct.

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What am I taught before I make a dua, before I call out to Allah, what should I be doing? Because we all have needs, Allah has created us such that we have needs, this world is imperfect, it's not perfect. If it was perfect, the value of Paradise would have depleted and decreased. If we got what we wanted in this world, what is the point of going into general? Because gentlemen, we've been promised you get what you want. That means here, you won't get what you want. That's what is meant by it. Because Allah is promising you something that your heart is always yearning for. I need this, I need that, but you're not getting it I want you to have I want this I want and Allah subhanho wa

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Taala says, Look, there is a set of rules and regulations, you follow this and there will come a time when you will get just that low. Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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So before we go out to Allah, we need to ask ourselves a few questions. Number one to start with, how is my slate? The slate between me and my Baker? Is it clean? Or does it have scratches? Or is it even a

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what is meant by that? Let's take a look at the drama of cinema was Salah, which was one of the most powerful drugs and he was granted it. He started it in a specific way with a man and a certain set of bills with me.

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Daddy, in NACA.

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He starts off by saying oh my God, forgive me. Magic is an appeal of Allah and he's a king at the same time. And he said, Oh my God, forgive me. Why did Allah make mention of that? So me and you to learn that look, he's about to ask something. But first, he's clearing the slate. Oh my God, forgive me. Forgive me. I really I've done this. I've done that. And now I'm talking about ourselves. I have done this and that and so on. I ask you for forgiveness for what I've done. I promise I'll never do this again. I won't do that Yala. There are certain sins I have committed that I don't even know there are some things that I don't even consider anymore because of how bad the situation is. Let me

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tell you walk into a mall in Sandton The mere fact that we walking, there's harm happening every split second, you put your eyes There are up there. Look down the people selling magazines there. So we don't realize it, we know it we acknowledge it that the situation is so bad, we try our best. It's like when you walking up a street or sorry when you walk in through a bush. That way you have a lot of phones. How will you work you make sure that I'm not I'm not being hurt by these phones. So you lift your trousers and you move this way and you go the other way in that way in order that you don't get hurt. When it comes to Allah subhanho wa Taala you try your best to obey His command. The

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hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says he then I took him on shame. If I have prohibited you from something you have no excuse to do it. Well, either I'm allowed to condition in fact two men who must have

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Bottom, when I have instructed you to do something, do it as best as you can to the best of your ability. May Allah Subhana Allah grant us goodness. So the difficulty we have today we want to call out to Allah we want to make dua to Allah but we haven't cleared our state. Like sometimes we tell the sisters sister, you cannot make a decision Allah God does all goodness we don't judge people the judging is for Allah subhanho wa Taala but pieces of advice we are entitled to deliver. So we say a sister can be told that my sister you making dua, you have a difficulty you have so many 10 issues and you are now see what is wrong I'm making so much for coming to my house, but my sister allows

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you to do a few things and you haven't done you haven't yet covered you hey we're not talking about the face yet. That is another level that you could get to Alhamdulillah we start in grassroots we say you're here to start with the dress your legs are showing and you say you're alive now arthritis Allah save me God me cry You know grant me my my knees are so but why did you expose them Why are they exposed? Have you made don't buy yet for the fact that many years back you had them exposed?

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Where did we learn that from you making a dog out? That's correct, but clear your slate go back and see whatever data is on it. Say Allah forgive me. I am undertaking I will be a person who's going to obey you instruction when Allah tells you get up for Salah

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it becomes so difficult to get up for Salah yet if someone were to tell you brother to in the morning get up this one deal you're going to strike 10,000 grand clean profit on condition you arrive here within 30 minutes

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I don't want to say will arrive they know Andy's but half of us might Allah protect us because why this 10,000 claims to be made clean it might be due in the morning no problem. Allah He that Salatin factor is later than two in the morning and it is worth much more than 10,000 pounds you and I know but then we okay we set our clocks intentionally for seven o'clock Why? Because I got to go to work but we can see look an hour earlier two hours to work with Allah subhanho wa Taala then

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then with evil in flitch man he makes the

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that is that not a type of hypocrisy.

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We know we need Allah and we haven't listened to anything he has said and we want him to listen to us and know who needs who here. Do we need allow? Does he need us? We need him definitely. So let us clear the slate with Allah subhanho wa Taala to start with and let's learn from the Amir the prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala they always said yeah, Allah forgive us, they did not need that. But they said it in order for us firstly to learn lesson and secondly for their rent to be raised by Allah subhanho wa Taala sometimes you have a person who tells you you know what, I didn't sin so why should I engage in is still far? Well if you go back to some of the ideas you will find a certain

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term when we're taught to say a few Rocha Lima Allah Allah, Oh ALLAH and seeking forgiveness for that which I don't even know that have committed because by default, I told you we living in a non Muslim environment. By default, even walking sometimes can be something so dangerous, and we've we've forgotten about it. We're not saying don't walk but we're saying be conscious of what Allah instruction is. And you should know that sometimes sins are committed without you knowing. And you might think okay, it's not intentional, Allah may not punish you for that. But it is your it is the sign of your Eman. When you say Allah forgive me, even for that which I don't even know sometimes.

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May Allah Subhana Allah, Allah grant us goodness, then you have someone who has planned a sin, they are planning sin. And this is why the adage says you want your two hours to be accepted. It should not be a two hour which is made for you to have a sin facilitated. I can give you an example a living example. A person wants to go and commit adultery. So before he goes he says, with subconsciously without even realizing it. I hope I'm not caught. I hope I'm not caught. I hope nobody sees me. What are you doing? You making a draw? asking Allah Allah don't expose me I'm about to go and do something very damaging, not only to me, but directly against your command. And I want

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you to help me by not exposing me. It is exactly like a if going to Steve and before he goes and Steve is making to

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make sure they fall asleep. Yala helped me so that I don't you know, nobody can hear me. Let me take all the things and go out. It's the same example. For this one. We understand the other one happens in our lives. And we don't even think as I said, subconsciously, we were looking here, but why because you're about to commit a sin. A person walking into a casino and he says a almora doesn't come in. Well, don't worry. He's not

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baby makers from those who understand my beloved brothers and sisters, the deen is so beautiful. Sometimes we just need a reminder. Sometimes we just need to be told look, we make dua to Allah. Imagine if Allah had had us without having needs, would we ever have made it to our to allow? And this is why the adage says, Do

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you want to know what in essence is the worship of Allah to supplicate to call out to Him to make dua to him? Because the minute someone tells you, brother, can I please borrow from you? 10,000 rands, he knows that you have it. And that means he believes you have the capacity to give him so when you say you're a law, I need happiness. You are worshipping Allah to such a degree that before you know him, you already confirming to him I know you are the owner of happiness, because he was not the owner. Would you ever asked you know, you wouldn't like a beggar on the street? Would you ever go to a beggar on the street and say, please borrow me 10,000 pounds? He probably tell you just

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give me 1% of what you want me to give you problem will be solved. There you are you asking him because you know that he has. And in the case of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The minute you say, yeah, Allah, Grant me Shiva, Grant me cure, what would you know, you would know that look, I'm going to go to the doctors. And when you see the specialist, I have to do this, I have to do that. But Allah will guide the specialists to make the correct decisions in your ego to quickly diagnose the matter to hold the scalpel or the knife properly. To You know, Allah is the one who grants that so you're, that's how it will help. But as I said, the prime condition clear your slate with the maker. We are

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going back to our maker, if you look at the laws of Islam, they are pure, pure, yes, someone might say very strict, but will lie. The solution to the problems of the globe lie in following the rules of Islam.

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Now let's take a little step further.

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We've made the drought we've asked Allah to forgive us We ask Allah something reasonable. Sometimes there's a block between us and the response, the positive response, what is it the condition of the heart, we have hatred against this one. We backbiting that one enmity against this one jealousy with that one, sorry, I'm pointing at the walls, you don't want each other. And we have, you know, this problem and that problem. And we are we are rough people. We don't ever listen to others. We are not tolerant in our own homes. You know, we are not we handle our women in such a way that even if they were working for someone else, they will be treated better.

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And then we wanted to add to be accepted. So you're sitting on the masala with your hands up, Allah.

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Allah Hey, Grant me but there's a block between you in there. It's like you want to drive your motor vehicle but it's clamped. So come out, jump out, get the clamp sorted out going organic, go and find out why it's cramped. It might take you a while to locate. It might take you a while to locate, get the clamp out and then start driving. We would never want to drive with a clamp on because you mess up your vehicle the same way they are clamped. Sometimes there is a block there is a man meaning hatches something between you and the acceptance of the drop your oppression of others. We cannot oppress someone and expect that our jobs are going to be answered No. But Allah says through His

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mercy, sometimes he gives it to you even if you don't deserve it. That's the mercy of Allah. Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is why

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Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mention of the drive that he made to say, well my offspring, let my offspring have some goodness and Eman and so on. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about sustenance. And he says, As for sustenance, I will give it even to the Kufa for a while. Allah cassava fellowmen

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ko Illa

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Allah says even those who disbelieve, I will grant them, goodness I will give them the sustenance of this dunya Mata Mata meaning the provisions of this dunya I will grant them for a while, those who tend during the wild good news to them, those who don't, they have a very severe abode awaiting them. So we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to grant us an understanding that sometimes Allah gives you that giving is actually a test from Allah subhanho wa Taala. It does not necessarily mean he's happy with you. And sometimes when he has taken it away from you, it could be a sign of his lovely.

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Let's answer the question why, or how, how is that the case? Allah took something away from me, it's a sign of His love. You see if you have a man who's very healthy.

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You have a man who's very wealthy, and elegant as well. I mean, it's not a

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small form.

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Goodness hamdulillah We ask Allah to grant us goodness, if a person doesn't have a problem doesn't have a problem. Sometimes it leads them to forget Allah. It leaves them sometimes to forget, everything is running as per course, you know, you have the latest vehicle everything is on course no health problem, no medical problem, no nothing, no stress whatsoever. So there was a young boy who told me and he said, You can give my example in the talks and I've said it a few times so far. He says, you know, for 25 years, I never had a Salah. I barely attended the eat, forget about the Juma and I come from a wealthy family and I've had everything on the block. He says, I realized that

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as a gift, Allah made me suffer some very big problem at the age of 30 at 25. huge problem. For the first time in my life, I actually raised my hands and said, Yeah, I'll be your Allah. And he says, From that day to now I haven't left salah and I haven't left anything. I've just been regular and I found the comfort I always needed.

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So he says it was a gift of Allah that I started suffering. Without that suffering, I would never have turned to Allah. He says, this is one man's example. We have something to learn from that example. Are we going to wait for something big, negative to happen in our lives before we come to the musalla? Before we obey the law before we leave the gambling before we leave the drinking before we leave the drugs before we leave whatever womanizing and so on we are doing are we waiting for something major to happen when if Allah loves you, that major thing is going to come because if that's what will make you leave it alone might do it for you. He loves you.

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In Allah.

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Allah when Allah loves someone, he tests them so he keeps them occupied with something because now you budgeting your money is not enough. So you can't really spend on the gambling. You can't really spend here you can you suffered a big loss. You went underground, but I was keeping you now in the machine and he's keeping you check. You have a health problem. So no more Xena Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. are we waiting for that day to stop it? Or can we stop it? Now? That's the question. Then we want to make big big to ask to Allah Allah. But we haven't yet cleared our slate as I've seen at the beginning.

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So these are just examples for us to think. Today is a Friday Juma we come to the masjid, Mashallah for what to listen to something that we can take back for the rest of the week. And we ponder over it must affect us, it must impact upon us, we must change our lives with these messages. They are so important that we should be arriving in the masjid early to listen to them. We have time for Allah, you find that Listen, if they were to tell you listen, you know what? And look, I'm going to give you an example below the cuff, or should I say below the belt? I wanted to say cuff but you know, the proper saying is the belt, some of us don't wear? So

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the truth is, if we were to say, if we were to say

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that a pop star is arriving from the United States of America,

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and at three o'clock you have a meeting with them.

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I am now talking Okay, arguably, you might want to debate with it. But arguably we're giving an example. The bulk of people would arrive there well before the time to get the best seats. Am I right? Am I right? The bulk of people would arrive there well before time to get seats. And I'm not saying our Muslims will not be there. He's a diplomatic terms. I'm not saying our Muslims will not be there but we need to know something when Allah

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Allah has called out Hi.

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Ah, what does that mean?

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Come to the ultimate success. We've only been five minutes late. Imani is about to say As

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salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. You could do better for a pop star than you did for a while.

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This is reality on the ground. Someone went once to be honest with you, it shows dedication, nothing else. If you dedicate it to Europe, that pop star can come back again and again. You'll probably invite them home.

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Develop the link with them and then you tell him Hey, I know that pasta. You know Don't tell anyone but me and Madonna chance Allah protect us. Can we say that about Allah subhanho wa Taala to say Alhamdulillah we try to develop our link with Allah Okay, we don't want to brag but in your heart, can you say Mashallah, I'm trying to develop my league with my maker. Today I challenge all of you. Let us all be able to say to ourselves in our hearts that I want to develop a league with my maker, then make dua and see how quickly it is responded. Believe me, the hottie sister of ilala.

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Get close to Allah in terms of ease with is nothing wrong as such in your life. The day you have an issue. Allah will come

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Do you love? Hello greetings to you. We know another Hadith where the Prophet sallallahu Sallam speaks about how

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when we make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala for when we get closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala handspun he comes on foot, we get to him walking he rushes towards us, love Akbar. So here we are.

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Allah subhana wa Jalla Grant has a deep understanding there is another block that comes between us and the response of our to us. I will take it directly from the idea of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam modula up the Sahaba yaku Yama, brb. Ha, ha, ha, the Japanese Alec, the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he makes mention of a man who has engaged and embarked on a long journey. Now he's in need of something and he raises his hands to the skies and he says yeah, brb. Oh my oh my love, but his clothing is how

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he's doing his era. His food is how his body has been nourished will help.

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The added says how does that one expect to be responded to how still out of the mercy of Allah He might get something. But how does he expect to be responded to when his food his her? his drink is how long he's been nourished. You know how deadly that statement is. nourished by haram means you might be eating veggies, but how did you make the money to buy those veggies? That's what it means love about it's included in it. So sometimes we think No brother Just give me water my brother the water that you are buying now. h2o. People say you cannot have a certification of * out of water. No, you can. But that only you know, you know, how did you earn the money to buy that? May Allah

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subhanho wa Taala help us cleanse our act.

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So if we're worried about our income, you're worried about whatever else we you know, in our lives that comes into our mouths as well as that which comes out of our mouths such as the words sometimes we we busy hurting people with swear words, how do you expect Allah subhanho wa Taala to respond to your app. So we clean up that entire act, then raise your hands see what happens. Allah subhana wa tada makers from amongst those who are always responded to when we raise our hands. Then we need to know the Hadith says use the Japanese a hottie Kamala statue, your do as all of them will be responded to for as long as you don't make haste. So

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ask the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what is the job? What is it to make haste?

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So he says, and Nicola,

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there are two there are two felonies. For one of you to say I have been making Dora and I've been making more drama, where's the response? It's not coming yet. That means you're making haste. Allah knows when it's right for you. And sometimes Allah as I said, through His mercy has done something so that you can remain in close contact with him. I give you another example. There was a certain brother had a medical condition.

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This again, he told me you can give my example. He had a medical condition in another continent altogether. And he was a very pious lad Mashallah, you know, he had his beard growing. He had Mashallah mustard all the time making up and somehow, someway, someone told him you can have this thing fixed. So he went overseas, elsewhere, and he had this pop. And it came, right one time, it came right, Mashallah. That day, he says, I looked into the mirror and I was so excited. I saw myself perfect once again.

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His beard was gone. Everything else gone. He wants to test what the clubs are all about. He shifted in this way. And that way, Allah protect us. He says what a lie. After some time. When I looked back in the mirror, I saw the problem coming back to do with his eyes, being squint complete response says, After that, I looked in the mirror. And I seen this thing and I I wipe my eyes again. I looked in there again, that's what's going on here.

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And he says that's when I realized that Allah did me a favor by taking me out of this. And in return, I went back into this mess. I went into something I never ever have been into in the past, just because my friends used to talk about it. And I was too shy to go there. And he says, Now I realized that my goodness was a gift from Allah. It kept me away from so much and it kept people away from me. Besides the genuine now this someone who is ill is telling us so what about us don't realize the gift of Allah when Allah has kept you in the condition. Sometimes he will grant you generally in return for your patience upon that condition. There is the hadith of Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says whomsoever I have taken his eyes away from

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jr I give him January in return.

00:25:03 --> 00:25:21

I give him that howdy Jesus zaharie Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us through the lips of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that if there is anyone whose eyes I have taken away I have blinded them in the dunya and they have been patient in that regard. I give them Gen nine retail Gen nine retail

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we asked a lot of open our doors I have said much but as you know

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on a Friday we just listened to a little bit there is still a lot that we could say about to how we make to our to Allah we start off by sending blessings and salutations to Mombasa My name is Ella and we end in the same way then once we've made the to our as Allah says to Musa alayhis salam and Allah tala

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g but Dawa to come FST tema

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de Sevilla Naveen Allah,

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peace be upon them. Allah is telling them we have responded you're glad you made the draft for the destruction of phenol. We responded to that. But now in the interim, whilst that is going to happen, make sure that you are steadfast. We have a lesson to learn from that.

00:26:14 --> 00:26:58

Allah says make sure you are steadfast and do not follow those who do not know those who are deviant. Don't follow the Kufa don't follow the others. Because there is no point in making a dua And once we've made the drop, we now transgress in the same way that we cleared our slate before making the draft, ensure that it is as clean after making the draft. Sometimes I'll give you one thing you asked for and after that if you've transgressed The next thing doesn't come. love Allah subhanho wa Taala cleanse our hearts, may he help us become more conscious of ourselves. May he help us love one another solely for his sake, because we share the Shahada. We could have differences in

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many things. Even in food. Some people eat vegetables alone, while others might not have red meat, while others would probably have fish and so on. We have differences in a few other items as well. Our colors are different, our sizes are different, our levels of finance, don't completely different. Together with that we love each other for the pleasure of Allah. We love each other for for the pleasure of Allah, the minute you start feeling hatred for a fellow believer in your heart, that is the minute you should know that shaytan is getting older from Allah subhanho wa Taala help us to love one another. And to understand that even though we are on a different level, we should be

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assisting one another not developing hatred against one another until we meet again.

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