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Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The history of Islam during the time of God Allah Tala is discussed, including the loss of normal people and the conflict between the Muslims and the Persian Empire during the time of Oman, Qatar, and the loss of the city of Jerusalem. The speaker also touches on the loss of the city of Jerusalem and the news of the American-NAV movement's success. The transcript describes the European Empire's dismantling of the Ottoman Empire and the replacement of the Iranian Empire by the Iranian one, but the time after the Ottoman Empire was replaced by the Iranian one.
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So he will have the label behind me and also there was some level so the moment he was so happy here's Ryan Watson with his name on the continuum cathedra my boss. So Hannah Clara's mother in law, Montana in Belgium, Hakeem will be shortly so they were silly Emily, what a lot of them listening have got Hakone. So, we are continuing with the, the biography of saga Casa YOLO, to dine, and in the biography of Solomon because of the Allah tonight and we talked about his life with Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his life after with ModelView a lot and and assassination and the turmoil that existed during the time of audio, the alotta line and what happened during that time.

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And it says that he even came, simulcast of YOLO tonight, and during that time, if you remember that there was a person during his time who saw a dream, that, as that Ibrahimovic Islam is saying that I wish everyone had taken the approach, as I did mean that side of your mouth and iron Sagna because of your law that it did not take any one side. In this particular matter, neither the neither the sight of God Allah Denine and neither the side of Maui or the alotta line, but he just simply chose to buy some animals, purchase some animals and take care of them and mind his own business. And so after the entire incident was over, it said So as with your lawyer, and he came across my area, or

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the allotted on one time, and while we are the Allah that I asked him that outside, you are such a prestigious.

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Such a prestigious a hobby of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a noble Companion of the probiotic is Salam. And when all this was taking place, the term oil within the OMA of the Prophet alayhi salam, why did you choose to simply ignore the matter?

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So So either you're allowed to die and he simply said he simply gave a gesture, which meant that he wants to ignore the question. And so while we are the ultra I told him that this gesture is not found in the Quran, you have to give me a very legitimate reason. Why did you refuse to get involved? Whereas ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala in the Quran, he says we're in for if attorney, menial macmini Nakata Lu foster Kobina. Huma, now in that IRA instead of gerada, Allah subhanaw taala is talking about two people or two groups rather, who are in conflict, two groups amongst the Muslims who are in conflict, but it's clear that which one is the guilty ones and which ones are the

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victims. And so here sides are the Allah Tala and he is simply just avoiding it. Because if he were to take any side, then it would be as if he is favoring one upon the other. And he did not want to do that. And then when why will the ALLAH and he pushed Sagawa because of your laterra and a little more, he said that how can I fight against a person like you Allah that I and that the Prophet SAW Allah Allah Allah He was salam has mentioned so many things. And in particular Sado the Allah and and he referred to as saying of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that the Prophet Allah has some said about Allah Viola tonight, that have you.

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He said that the the position of how rune Alehissalaam to Musa alayhis salam is like the position of

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the Allah Tala and to me in the in the in the case that are in the meaning that just like how to not use an arm support and Mussolini Islam and fulfilling his mission. Likewise, our legal view Allah Tala and plays a role like Harun in the case of Harun and musataha was salam. And so Solomon Wakasa the alotta and who said that how can I take the side you know against him in that kind of situation. Now that's not saying that he was not he was against God Allah tonight, but he just simply chose not to take any side so that there is no there is no continuation of conflict. Now this is something that happened during the time of God Allah Tala and I want to take you back into the time of Oman,

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Qatar Rhodiola athalon Because it was during the time of Oman, Qatar where the Allah Tala and that the Muslims were able to conquer Persia. Now if you say the

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History of Persia, Persia was considered as the superpower of its time, it was considered as the superpower of his time. And no one dare touch to two empires. There are two empires that existed during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. One was the Roman Empire, and one was the Persian Empire. And these two were the superpowers of the world at that time. Well, during the time of Roman photography, Allah Tala and it says that the Muslims went out and they were heading towards the they were heading in the direction of Persia. And while this was taking place, on a viola and chose to leave Medina, and he had assigned a little Viola and to be the ruler of Medina, in his

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absence, as soon as he left from Medina, the Muslims, they came together and they recommended Amara Viola tonight, that it is our recommendation and our suggestion that you don't go and fight this battle. And this is the battle of Odyssey here, and you don't go fight this battle, because God forbid, if you lose your life, then we will lose an Ameerul Momineen. And losing a normal person or any other person is still taller, we can tolerate that. But losing an amine we need the leader of the believers is something that cannot be replaced and we will be scrambling to find a replacement for you. So it is our suggestion and this was a suggestion that was given by a drama been offered

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the Ultron. So what the word OH MY GOD, ALLAH and who did was that he collected all the Sahaba of the Alladhina on home, outside of Medina, he collected them. And then he asked them that this is a suggestion that was that was brought to me. He even called a little gala dinner on that right now leave what you're doing in Medina and come outside of Medina so that we can discuss this matter. When they came together. They this discussion was brought up and Amina mini in Amara Viola and even though he is the leader, but he even even at that time and serving the position that he is he even consulted at that time with the Sahaba of the Allah that I know. And so he asked him that what

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should we do? This is a suggestion that came up. And so what should we do and they all said they all said that yes, that is a very valid point made by Adorama been over the allotted time. So rather than you going You stay back in Medina, and you can have a connection with the person who you will appoint. Now we started talking about sadhana we will cancel the allotted time. And the reason I shared this story with you is because at that time, while amaro the Allah Quran, he asked the Sahaba, the Allah Ananda, who should be leading the Muslims, they were all thinking and they were in they were, they were quiet for some time. And then they all came to a unanimous agreement. That sad

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when we were closer to a lot and is the one who should lead us in this upcoming expedition and in this upcoming battle. And so sadhana because of your water and the uncle of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is now appointed to lead the Muslims, but at the same time under the Allah Tala and gave him a very sound advice, and he made any and he reminded him that just because you are the uncle of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, just because you come from the family of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This does not guarantee you victory. Being related to the prophet of salaam does not grant your victory, rather will grant us victory is relying on Allah

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subhanho wa Taala having the Taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala adhering to the teachings of the Quran and the Sunnah, the teaching of the Quran, which is the Kitab Allah and applying the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in your life. So this was an advice that was given by Omar Viola tonight to Saudi Arabia because of your logline. Not only that, but honor of you Allah and even he instructed, solder the allotted time that I want you to explain to me and I explained to me but inform me every single thing that is taking place within your camp, whatever is taking place, I want you to give me a full description of what's taking place. So it said that during this time,

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there was a lot of communication. Now well, Allahu Alem what you know, the communication at that time was not through of course text messaging or emails or Twitter or Facebook, okay. It was through a different unique way. But nonetheless, the connection was there and the communication was very healthy. Between Amara Viola Milan and sobre la casa de Allah Tehran.

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Now as they began to approach they came to a place called called the SIA and the the purchase they found out that the Muslims are coming, the missiles were coming so they left their place and they came to meet the Muslims in the place of God the CEO now is said that all of you Allah Tada and he even instructed and he ordered sadhana workers for the Allah Tala and on your way to call the SIA I want you to go I want

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Want you to go and visit all those tribes who are considered as our allies, and I want you to ask them to give them to give us their men, their their their men who can fight in a battle. So it said that the Muslims were able to muster up a in an army which consisted of approximately 30,000 people, but nonetheless, the odds were against them, because the the the Persian army, which was led by a person by the name of Ruth stone, he had approximately some people, some books of history mentioned 100,000 people, some say it was 90,000 people, nonetheless, they were they had outnumbered the Muslims. Now when the Muslims they came and roost him, he came at that time to you have to remember

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that in in, in Persia at that time, there was another person, there was another person at that time ruling, but here Gustavo is the one who's representing the Persian army. And so roadstone he said he sent a message to Sudan because of your allotted time that I want you to send me a group of your members. So we can just have a dialogue and we can just have a conversation I mean, exactly what is going on. So it says that Saddam accosted you Allah and he accepted this request of bluestone and he sent a group of Sahaba the Allah Tala on whom to go and visit a stone. Now when they went to go visit bluestone this group was led by a person by the name of Robbie, even a hammer. Now, this name

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is important. Why is because the the name Robbie, even Ahmed is not mentioned anywhere in history. This is a hobby rasa Allahu alayhi wa sallam is not mentioned anywhere in the books of history. His biography is not even mentioned, the only mention that he has in the books of history is this moment, when he went to go face to Jerusalem. When he went into the tent, it said that the tent was also of course, not like a normal tent that will come to our mind. But it was like a well structured tent, a huge tent that was decorated with a pillows, and cushions. And now when that was done, was sitting there with all his ministers. So he said that this person will be even Ahmed, he came inside

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now with the horse but with a mule. And as soon as he came in, he as soon as he came in the people, they saw that it was a man. And some books of history, he mentioned that he had a spear. And he didn't even have a full sword. He had a broken sword, he had a broken sword. And not only that, but his clothes were full of patches, as soon as he came inside, and he began to look and he began to witness all the glamour inside the tent. This was their way, the Persians way of intimidating a person that look how much we have. And you have nothing you don't even have close to where we have everything. So this was a way of intimidating the opposition. But it's the hub of the ultra on who

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were people that they were never intimidated by the dunya. And some books of history mentioned. And you have to understand too, that the carpet that was in the tent was a very elegant quality. Because even till today, when you go to like furniture stores, the Persian rugs are the most expensive rugs. So at that time, we were talking about rugs that were made of silk. So as soon as Robin Ahmed walks in, is some books of history mentioned that his meal, had difficulty walking upon that carpet. So some books of history mentioned and this is just a minority opinion that he took his sword and he cut, he cut the carpet so that it can make it so that it will make it easier for his mule to walk.

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He took the spear, he took his spear and he took one of the pillows of of raw stone, and he put it into the ground. And he tied his animal right there. Like there was absolutely no fear or any intimidation. Then he came, he removed the pillow. He removed the pillow that was that was put there by row stone for the baby to armor. And then he says that and he moved it. And at that time we asked him said Why did you move and he says I don't want sit on the Dounia that belongs to you. I don't want to sit on this dunya then Rustom asked him, Why are you people here? Why are you people here and that is when the very famous saying of Robin armour came out and he says, Look Regenesis men are

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bad. Men are a bad thing very bad, Eli Reba, that's really bad. The reason why we are here is to take people out of worshipping people towards and we want to bring them to what to worshiping the Lord of the people. And we are here to remove the in Justices of the others other practices and bring the justice system of Islam. This is why we are here. And then and then it says that Robina Ahmed he then said that if you have a choice, you have a choice. Either you will accept our religion or

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We will fight and we will we will fight the Promise of Allah subhanaw taala will be established. And then he says that, what if we were to say no, this promise of Allah that you are talking about what exactly is that promise? He says that that promise is that if any of us die, we are considered as the shahada and we all go straight to Jannah and the people who are alive they will witness and they will experience victory. So it's for us it's a win win situation. It's really up to you now what do you want to do? At that time, gruesome said, I'm not going I'm not falling into this threat of yours. Go back and we're going to fight this battle. They came to Saigon because of the Allah Tala

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on and they told him about what he had decided in Saigon rapacity Allah, Allah, Allah and the sahaba. Were not such people that he wants to go to war, sadhana Wakasa, the ultra on hearing this answer, some books of history mentioned that he had tears in his eyes, because now they will have to fight now that he was scared, but now people will lose their lives. Now he said that the battle of policy took place for approximately five days. It said that on the third day, that you know, it said that for the first two days the battle will the battle will go on during the daytime, but at night the fight was cease, it would stop. But on the third day, it said that the Muslims and the

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opposition continue to fight. And some books of history mentioned that they were fighting for 30 hours constantly. 30 hours constantly, they were fighting. It said that later on when the Persian army they sent their elephants and there were approximately 9200 Elephants, they sent against the Muslims. And these elephants had crumbled, and they had crushed many Muslims. And that is when suddenly because of the Allah Tala and he began to order all the Muslims, that you need to start shooting your arrows not at the people, but at the eyes of the elephants, because that is the only way you can blind them. And that's the only way you can make them ineffective. So it said that the

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Muslims began to attack the elephants. And within two or three days within a day and a half. In fact, all the elephants were defeated and all they were all they were all killed. And when the elephants were killed the these people they retreated. And when they retreated, majority of them lost their lives. And it said that on the fifth day when the battle of Persia had come to an end, it said that they came and they saw the rooster had been killed the How was he killed? Well, Allah Allah we don't know some books of history mentioned that some people saw him and they killed him. Some say that when everyone was being attacked in the in the middle of the fight, he lost his life.

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But nonetheless bluestone lost his life. Now, after this, after this was over, then the then simulcast of the Allah Tala and according to the order of Omaha Rhodiola. And he continued to march into Persia. Now, there was a place over here, it was called, testify on this page is Tessa fawn is a place that is south of Baghdad till today. And if you Google it, you will see that over there, there are some huge monuments that are there till today, they are the remnants of what you what used to be there at that time. And the the, the the river that they would divide the Muslims. And this this, this land, which the Muslims were actually targeting was the Tigris River, or the the Tigris

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River. And it said that when the Muslims they had where they were able to cross, they were able to cross it. It said that at that time, the the person who was in charge, or the ruler at that time, his aim was yes, the Raj. And at that time, he was he had called the Muslims and he says, Listen, I know you're coming into our city. Let's make a truce, you we will give you 1/3 of our city you keep that and let us keep let us keep two thirds of the city. Now the Muslims when sadhana because of the alotta and he consulted with Amara Viola de line, he said absolutely not. That's not going to happen. So he said that when the Muslims came in, when the Muslims they came in, it said that the

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people living inside testified, or this was called at that time it was called an mme and the reason it was called an mme is because the word and muda and is the plural of the word Medina. And the word Medina means a city. So if you went to testify, and at that time, there were some there were settlements in telefono and Medina in and each in each settlement had their small boundary. So that's why it was called an mme. But nonetheless, the Muslims came in as soon as the Muslims came in majority the people they fled the scene. And as soon as they fled the scene, the Muslims came out, they came and they took over, instead of at that time, the the palace that belonged to the Kisara

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the palace, the palace that everyone had gone to, if you were a leader of a country that you would have done, you have gone then at that time, they would have gone there to the palace of the Kisara it was the most Allah

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In the most luxurious palace at that time in that land, or anywhere in the, amongst the surrounding lands, it was the most beautiful, the most glamorous palace. And it was not at that time actually it was, you know, some people call it the White House Actually, it wasn't called the White House, the name of that place was called the white Palace. The name was called the white Palace because it was white on the outside. And it was all white marble inside. It said Assad No, because of the Allah Tala and he entered that place, he entered that as a as a victorious man. And he led the Muslims to this great to this great victory. And then not only that, but he went inside there and there was a

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huge place inside a huge place inside. He made that into the masjid, he called the Sudan and that belong to the Muslims. And this was the fall of the Persian Empire. This is the time in history from here on out Persia was now under the influence of Muslims and it belonged to the Muslim empire or the Muslim world. This is was the end this was the end to the to the great superpower the Persian Empire at that time. Not only that, but when Saudi Okazaki Ultron. He went inside. First of all, he informed Amato, Viola that about this victory, and then he took all the treasure, all the treasures that belong to Kisara. He took that and he shipped it to Amara, the Allah Tala and and so the

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highlight it was at this time, that when all the the treasure, the treasure of gessoed came to Ahmed on the alotta line. He calls to wrap up in Malik, he calls to wrap up in Malik and he says, Soraka Do you remember the promise of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam? And he says, Yes, I remember the promise of the Prophet salallahu Salam, and he says what was the promise of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says that the promise of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was that one day he called me and he said oh Soraka would that day will come that you will be wearing the crown and the bangles of Giza. And it said that when that when all this treasure came to Omaha,

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the along the line, he calls to raka Ben Malik, and he gave them this and he says, I want you to wear these bangles. I want you to wear this crown. And I want you to walk in the streets of Medina so that everyone can remember what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to you and how the words of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam are the absolute truth. And then it said that the Muslims came in and and then the you know, the Islamic empire started and it started but it also continued and now the Persian Empire has crumbled and now is in the hands of the Muslims. So this was a southern coast of the allotter under he led this entire expedition. Now be after this this

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happened at the time or what have you along the line. There's something else I want to share with you that happened during the time of Earth's mantle the allotted time. During the time of Horace Mann with the ultra iron, he sent a group of people to China, he sent a group of Sahaba to China, which was also led by Saad also the Allah Tala Han and Simon Foster The Allah Tala, I'm they went to China, they went to go visit the Emperor, they were welcomed, and they were shown respect by the emperor and they actually were able to build the first Masjid the first Majid in the history of China, that till today it is still there it is called the masjid of sadhana we will pass on the

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Allah Tala. And now if you actually look at the history of this many, you know, I was actually doing some research and watching some videos about this, that some say that the tomb of simulcast of the Allah Tala until today exists within China and there is no proof of that there is no proof of that he did not pass away in China. Because once again, if you remember all the turmoil that took place during the time, God Allah time saga, Viola dawn had already come back by then, now after the Muslim was established in China, is said that later on many of the Muslim empires or the Muslim Khilafah people who belong to the Muslim Khilafah they came over there as such as people from the basset

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Khalifa, the Omega dynasty they came over there, they some of the people they settled over there they married over there, they immerse themselves into the culture into the Chinese culture. And that's why till today, you have so many you have actually quite few million Muslims who are living in China till today, there are a lot of Muslims living in China so that all that started from saga Casa de Allah Quran and you can imagine that every single Majid every single month that does exist in China, and every single person who prays in a masjid till today, sadhana because of the Allah Tron is getting the reward for that because he put in place a sub budget area, he built the first

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Masjid which was the foundation for Islam for the from that time till today and inshallah to the day of judgment for Islam in China.

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So this is you know something else as someone calls of Yola on who did so. So inshallah go ahead and stop right here. There are some more some more things about sadhana Casa Viola De Lima Inshallah, next we will go to another Sahabi of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but once again it goes to show you what exactly the Sahaba they did to contribute to their Deen. And you know what we can take from this is that, you know, even at that time was silent because of you Allah Ron was in the Battle of God the CEO, he was actually sick at that time. But nonetheless, he he's he stood up he fought, and he gave his life for for the deen for the deen of Islam. And he gave everything he could

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for the sake of Islam. That's something that we all can take a lesson from, or take a lesson is that we have to do everything that we can in our capacity, use all the resources that we can to help our deen so that today we can help our deen and the upcoming generations. They can help the cause of our deen also insha Allah Zachman Allah subhanaw taala we humbly Subhana Allah we humbly listen to Allah either. illa Anta nesto Federico

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