Nadim Bashir – Arrogance – 40 Hadith of Noble Character

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The importance of apologizing for one's arrogance and not wanting to "antsernize" is emphasized. The speakers also discuss the concept of "waiting on" and the importance of affirming one's opinion when faced with negative " words." The message of Islam is emphasized, and individuals can become distant from it. The segment also touches on the ridiculing of the message of Islam and the need for people to act like it.
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Salam aleikum to low blocker to welcome to another segment of Hadith of the day where we talk about a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam and expand upon it and learn from it in our current context. So today the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that I've chosen is about arrogance. But before I talk about that, I want to say that in SUTA Shuara, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions that on the Day of Judgment, Allah says yo Mala yen for Omar loon wala by noon, he says that is a day when our wealth in our children will never come to us to us, meaning that they will not benefit us. And the reason why Allah subhanaw taala says that is because on the day of judgment,

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because of the situation, the severity of the situation on the Day of Judgement, Allah subhanho wa Taala says that we as a human beings, we will try to find anything and everything that may have benefited us in the dunya and will try to give them as ransom to save ourselves. And so we see that Allah subhanho wa Taala he talks about our situation on the day of judgment and he says it at Aloha because bin Salim, the only person who will come in a good situation in the hereafter is a person who comes with a holiday Salim. Now the word Salim in itself, it comes to words Salama, and saliva means safe and sound, mean that if we have a heart that is safe and sound, safe from what from the

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disobedience, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada sound in terms of that, we're able to internalize and accept the message of Allah. And we do everything to come close to Allah subhanho wa taala. This is called a call by Salim. A call with Salim is a type of heart that is clean, is able to absorb and internalize what Allah wants from us. Now think about this, you know, when you go to your kitchen, and you about to take out a glass from the dishwasher, or from your cabinet, usually look at the glass the first thing and if you notice that that glass is not cleaned, what do you do? Do you use that same glass or use another glass? Obviously you use another class are imagine you came across a glass, that

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there was already something in it. And let's just say there was some milk in it and the milk has gone rotten. Now, would you add anything more into that glass? Absolutely not. What's important to know is that that glass is like our heart. Just like we want it when we want to put a pure water in that glass, we ensure that that glass is clean. Likewise, when it comes to our heart, we have to ensure that before we put Allah and His Prophet in our heart, our heart has to be clean. Now the reason I gave this, this brief introduction is because there is a disease of the heart, that if this does exist in our heart, then anything that comes afterward will not be stabilized. It will not be

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permanent in our heart. And that is Kibera, and that is arrogance. There's a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu. It was Saudi Arabia, even miss Frodo the yellow time, which is found in Sahih Muslim, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he first of all told us that how severe is Kibera? And he says and I want you to think about this, that I mean, each one of us in some way in some capacity, we have Kibera in our heart. And the Prophet alayhi salam Says law Yeah, the whole Jana that one thing that you and I we strive for every single day Jana, why do we pray Salat for Jana and for the pleasure of Allah? Why do I read Quran because at the end of the day, what's driving us to

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do everything is Jana. Why is it that at times we are able to do those things that we find difficult because at the end of the day, there is a reward, there is you know, eyes on the prize, there is a goal that we want to reach. And then when we hear about Janna it becomes even more easy for us to do some of the difficult things or to do something that is against our knifes. So the Prophet Allah He is some is telling us that one thing that we all are chasing Jana he says you cannot enter into Jana. Who is that personal? Can I enter into Jana McKenna fi Colby myth called who the rotten min Kibber

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Subhan Allah, may Allah protect us. May Allah subhanaw taala save us the prerelease I was telling us that anyone who has the weight of a seed

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contemplate when we're talking about a seed a seed a source

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Small, you put that even on a scale brothers and sisters, it has no weight. It has absolutely no weight. Here the practicality is something that anyone who has in their heart, the weight of a seed of arrogance mean that anyone who has a bit of arrogance in their heart, He will not enter into Jannah

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let us always ask ourselves as one question Do we have arrogance in our heart or not? Now there was a hobby of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he he asked the Prophet alayhi salam, that but a man loves to have beautiful clothes and shoes. Because what they initially thought was that this means that anyone who has pride and a lot of times we translate Cuba as pride. That's wrong. Because pride means that you are proud that you have such and such. You are proud that you have a great job. You are proud that you have a great family. You are proud that you have children that bring comfort and happiness to you. You are happy and you are proud of the fact that you have a house

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Alhamdulillah you are proud of the fact that Allah has given you a holiday it is in Halal sustenance. These are things that we are prideful about. So does that mean that we have Kibber not necessarily the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he then gives us the definition of what a kebab is. And he says in Allaha Jimena on your Bible, Javon. Allah also is beautiful, and he loves beauty. So there's nothing wrong in being beautiful, or to be good looking or to have good things. But the prophet Allah is some that says, But arrogance is what Bata will Hucky Welcome to NUS. It is to suppress reject the truth. And welcome to NASA to look down upon people. Now. You know, when we talk about a

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London bottle hockey, welcome to NASA, I want you to think about this. Imagine someone comes to you and says to you that this is the right way of doing something and you say I disagree with you. Now what you are doing and when in essence is while you are rejecting one thing, you are affirming something else, okay? And I want you to I want you to understand this. If someone says that this is the right way of doing this, and I say No, I disagree with you. What I'm saying is, there's another way of there's another way of doing this. So when we say that we are rejecting the truth when someone comes to us and says, I don't think you should do it this way because Allah and His prophets

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I send them are saying that this is not the right way to do it. And you say that you don't tell me what the Quran says. Or don't tell me what the Sunnah says, I know better. Not truly if that person says that that person is telling you and they don't have a proper understanding of the Quran and the Sunnah. First of all that attitude in the correct way That in itself is a sign of kibble. But when someone comes to you and tells you the right thing, and just because you feel that you don't want to act upon it, and you say that you know what I don't care about now, you may say that, okay, I understand, but I'm going to do it this way. So what you are doing is that you are rejecting the

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message of Allah and the message of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet, and you are affirming something else. And that in itself is legislation. You are saying that there is a better way of doing this. So what you're doing is that you're legislating something. Legislation is only the right of Allah subhanho wa Taala Why do you think Allah despises Kibber so much, because when you reject something, you are affirming something else and only Allah subhanho wa Taala gets to decide what is right and what is wrong. So this is why Cuba is first of all, is so despised, that is bottle will help. The next thing is home to nurse to look down upon someone to feel that you are superior to

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someone else, based on what there could be many factors. But what we learn from the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salam is that the only thing that Allah subhanaw taala decides someone's Taqwa is our someone's piety or someone's superiority is based on their Taqwa. So this is why it is so important that we cannot look down on anyone. And this in itself that when I look at someone else, and I make a judgment about them, that is in itself looking down upon someone. When I look down upon someone, I've created a judgment about them. And when it comes to judging Allah subhanho wa Taala he is the ultimate judge who gets to judge a person a person who is righteous or a person is a wicked person,

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only Allah does. Who gets to decide or make that verdict that this person

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is a right is a person who is beloved to Allah or someone who is despised by Allah. That's that's the responsibility and that's the right of only and only Allah subhanho wa Taala This is why Kibera is also so despised because we are doing something that truly belongs only to Allah subhanaw taala this rite of legislation and judging people when I when we recite the Quran and Sunnah Latini was a tune, and we say at the end of the Surah, la sallahu be acumen Heike mean, like Allah is the supreme judge. There is no one who comes above Allah subhanaw taala so when it comes to us, passing a judgement or a verdict about someone, remember that we are intruding Allah space, we are intruding

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on Allah's, you know, Allah's authority here. So this is why Cuba is so despised by Allah, because in his in essence, it is legislation and judgment and both of them both of them, they are exclusive rights of only Allah subhana wa taala. So keep that in mind. We have to stay away from that. Now, the question is that what exactly could lead a person to Cuba, there are three things quickly I'm going to mention there are three things that leads us to number one is our job. One is origin means that basically you think more of yourself than everyone else. I am above and beyond everyone else. Number two is jealousy. And number three is ostentation, or the when you do something to show

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someone else that leads a person eventually to Cuba. Now, when a person gets to that level of Cuba, then what could happen after that and what things does that what what is it what does it lead to eventually, the very first thing that Cuba leads a person to is that you're not able to worship Allah sincerely. Because at the end of the day, when you have this thinking in your heart, that I understand or I know more than everyone else, and not only that, but I'm going to pick and choose from my Deen what I like and I'm going to reject the truth of Allah and I'm going to argue about it however I like and there are people like that, that the always the feel that they are intellectual

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at times when they try to find objections to with Allah subhanho wa Taala Okay, Why did Allah do this? Like as if we're saying that we are smarter than ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is as if we're saying that Allah is not aware of the times that we're living in, and the times that will come in the future. And we are saying that didn't Allah know this? This kibra in itself tells us that how can you worship Allah because you're the one who's objecting to Allah. So even if we're worshipping Allah, then that worship becomes meaningless. So that's the very first thing that Kippur leads a person to. The second thing keeper leads us to is heedlessness and we become distant from Allah

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subhanho wa taala. See, if I in this dunya if I believe that this person who gives me advice, does not give me the right advice.

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Or their advice is meaningless, or their advice has no value to me. Then eventually what happens is that every single thing this person says, you become distant from it. Even that person who's giving you advice, you have no you your heart is I am to that person. Because you're judging that person based on everything they're telling you to do. Now, when it comes to Allah subhanaw taala. If we have that kibble in our heart, that we can never get close to Allah subhanaw taala In fact, it will create a distance between us, us and Allah subhana wa Tala go back to the story of a belief and Adam Alehissalaam that is the very first time when cable took place. shaytaan actually thought that he's

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better than Adam, that is wantonness. Not only that, but he rejected the order of Allah which is both don't hug. So the two things that are mentioned in the definition of Kibera, as a profile as I mentioned, Chapin was able to exhibit both. He turned down the message of Allah Allah said to make sense that he said no, he said, Why aren't you doing it and he says, a hydro man, he did both in at one shot and one time, this is why Allah subhanaw taala then says Abba was stuck. Bara what can me I carefully he is a person who rejected and he showed his cupboard and his arrogance, will Academy and caffeine and he's amongst those who rejected the message of Allah subhanho wa taala. And so this in

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itself creates a distance between us and Allah subhanho wa taala. Number three, that a person who has keep it in your heart in their heart, and because once again, they feel like they're better than everyone else, they are away, and they're not able to benefit from those people who are truly righteous. Like, you know, we find and we thrive in most cases, when we sit down in a gathering that reminds us of Allah subhanho wa Taala we try to

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I in those kinds of gatherings why do we get on YouTube? Why do we try to go and find videos? Because those videos they connect us with Allah subhanho wa Taala we love to hear about the Quran we love to hear about the Sunnah of the Prophet alayhi salam, but a person who has kibble in their heart, if a person is talking about Allah and other soul, they will not even listen to them. So you are depriving yourself from listening to those who have knowledge and those who are righteous. The fourth thing that happens when a person has skipped but is that on the Day of Judgment, this kibble will follow you and it will disgrace you on the Day of Judgment. A person will be in the state of

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disgrace because Allah subhanho wa Taala will recall those moments where our cable played a role in our life, Allah will tell us in front of the entire mankind, that this person, he would argue against the Ayat of Allah subhanho wa taala. This is something that's mentioned the Quran in the Lavina Yuja they do not feel if Allah Allah mentioned in the Quran, that there are people who continuously argue about the Ayat of Allah, they object to Islam and so forth. Allah says Kedah Nikka Jacoba Allah, Allah, Allah Cooley, Colby, Moto, Cabanon Jabbar, I was over whether we refer to them as with a cabinet, and the hearts are sealed. And not only that, but Allah says they are Jabba,

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they are like tyrants, like this in itself is a loom, it is an oppression, that we are coming in against ourselves. And finally, because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, what happens to a person when they have given is that it deprives us from Jannah. That one thing that as I said, we all are searching for, that one thing that we do every good for, to enter into Jannah. To or to enter into the eternal bliss of Allah subhanho wa taala. We are deprived from China. So then why do we want to do this? Let's try to stay away from Cuba. Let's clean our hearts. If I have anything in my heart about anyone else, or if I have a feeling that I'm better than anyone else, we have you

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removed those feelings. When I leave on the EULA, I was asked that who's better? You are Oh, Bucher, he said Obamacare is better. Who is better you are Omar, he says always better. Like this response tells us that I am not I'm not in not. I mean, I'm nothing in front of everyone else. I am the lowest of the low. Now I'm not saying that we degrade ourselves. I'm simply saying that if I feel like I am above the Quran, the Sunnah that is bottle, Huck, if I feel like I am above others, and remember, the Prophet SAW, I mean Allah subhanho wa taala. First of all, he says in the Quran, and then he says that I could see what does he say in the Quran? Why do you make a mockery of one

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another? Perhaps that person that you're making a mockery of they're better than you. They are more closer to you than Allah subhana wa. They are more close to you to Allah that they are more closer to Allah than you. And then in the code see, what do we find? Minaya? Li Walia, taco, the other two will help anyone who declares war again, so whoever and whoever, whoever shows MIT to any of my wellies, the people who are very close to me, this is Allah saying, fuck are the other two who will herb I declare war against a person? Now how do you know who's the Wali it's never written on someone's forehead? The I'm the willie of Allah. But this is what the whole idea is. Imagine if I go

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in I'm abusive to someone. Or imagine I'm acting rude with someone because I feel that I'm better than them. And it just so happens that they are a wali of Allah. We don't know, they know. And you cannot just judge a person based on their appearance. You don't today we judge people based on Oh, do they have a beard or not the way they are dressed. This is something that we see but only Allah knows who's a winner or not. So if I act in a wrong way with someone, and it just so happens that they are a winner of Allah subhanaw taala that remember that Allah has declared war against us, we think that we have done something right. We think that we have done you know, something noble, and

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on the other hand, Allah so Allah has declared war against us. I mean, that is the worst position to be in. So this is why we have to remove Cuba from my heart. I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to clean our hearts. I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala that we leave from this dunya in such a way that our hearts are absolutely clean. Before we depart from this world ask Allah that we that he gives all of us a Kolbe Salim and when we raise when we are raised on the Day of Judgment, may Allah subhanaw taala raise us from amongst those who have a culpa, Salim immunoblot Amin does that Kamala had a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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In musli, me now almost Lima Do you want to know meaning I will note Mina on et now

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I don't need that anymore saw the pain I was on the bond he was on et now a slob your auntie one before she you know she

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wouldn't voice hearing our voice she I think one downside BP now one downside being party was slow on me and I was all in

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one heavy leaner photo gentlemen one Hatfield was the one that good enough guess

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what the guilt or I don't

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now lien

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