The Origins of Halloween

Abdullah Hakim Quick


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The speaker discusses confused rituals that are giving multiple signals' signals, and the importance of not being involved in them. They also mention the use of pictures of pumpkins during Christmas celebrations, but not involved in them. The speaker suggests not being involved in these confused rituals, and emphasizes the importance of not being involved in them.

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I'm now going to the fall season. The Celtic people of the North used to believe that during the fall season their year began. And actually for the Celtics, their New Year's was November 1, October 31, was the final day of the year for the Celtic people of the North.

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And that day was called the day of Sam hain.

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And this individual what he had to Billa was supposed to be their God of the spirits of the debt of evil again. And according to their belief, the evil spirits would rise to the surface and would terrorize people on that evening.

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And on that evening, if you did something wrong to a person, they're come back to get you on the night. So some people would put on a disguise. So you couldn't recognize them on October 31 on that evening, and then they would be safe. Also, they would burn fires. Now, the only thing we find left at that is the jack o' lantern that they will put inside of their winter window made from the pumpkin. What actually happened in Europe is that the church moved All Saints Day a day for the saints. They moved it from May 13 to November 1 in 1834 ad.

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And so what they said was that the 31st night is All Hallows evening, All Hallows evening, which in America later became known as Halloween,

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And they depict the forces of evil. What is happening now is that the children put on disguises.

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They dress as little devils, little witches, as goblins, vampires, anything evil, and they go out. And now with the new american way, they do trick a treat.

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And they come to your house asking for food. Do they do that here in Miami? Trick or treat? they knock on your door and a disguise and some Muslims thinking they want to be Americans. Or they want to be Canadians. They send their little children and they're in little disguises. So what are you going to just a little angel? What are you going to be? How are you going to dress and go out there.

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And so the reality that we recognize that number one, this is the day of Sam hain. And the Quran tells us in the shaytaan a little insanity, I do one more being that the devil is an open enemy to humanity. There is no compromise with the devil. So we don't play around and disguise ourselves as little devils little shale team. We do not disguise yourself as this because it is an open enemy to the people of monotheism. Also, there are a number of other aspects. What is happening now, as you may know, in America is that there is a new church coming about, which is called the Church of Satan was el villa. And in the 60s in San Francisco, the church was initiated. And right now in the

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American army, if you are Jewish, and you die, they bring you a rabbi. If you're Muslim, they'll bring you any mom, if you're a Christian, they'll bring you a priest or minister, if you're registered as part of the Church of Satan, they bring you a priest from the Church of Satan, or the belemnite shaytan energy. And he is performing these rites and rituals, calling on the devil to accept his initiate.

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And so this is growing in this society. And they actually did a couple movies they did this Rosemary's Baby,

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right, they also The Exorcist, and a number of movies they did to frighten people with evil, that you will be so afraid of evil. And they show the priests as bumbling idiots falling down over their feet, can't do anything running away from the devil. And the devil is a businessman in his suits. He has the power of lightning, and everything. So even though the devil dies, in the end, you end up being more afraid of the devil than anything else. That's part of the plot to brainwash people to be afraid of the shape time.

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The reality is, is that the President is up to slam said

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that the upper hand is better than the lower hand

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earlier than earlier, Hayden middle yet is so far, that the upper hand is better than the lower hand. What that means is you should be the one who gifts and don't bake.

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That we should not be begging.

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And so to send a Muslim child out to check a tree is a demeaning lowering thing. You ask them to beg people for food. Then they're dressed up in a way that they're not.

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Then when the candies and things come in the bag, how do you know what it is they actually gave you? Is it how

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most of the candies today are made with gelatin, with glycerin, they made with pork products. We had one person in our area in the Boston area where I grew up one person in our area and I project he, he used to sit back and he used to give everybody x lakhs, you know, x lakhs you give you chocolate and he puts x lakhs in the thing. And then he goes around and waits the next day to see everybody.

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So they can do anything to you, man, you have no control over the situation, you have no control.

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And what is also happening is that there are some evil wicked minded people who are attacking children on that night. I don't know about Miami, but in Canada now, they openly say on the television, do not send your children trick or treating by themselves. Do not go to in darkened streets, move as a group. Don't go to a house that you don't know the people on the inside.

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And there are literally groups of Satanists who are capturing children. And they're performing a right sacrificing the child on that evening of Sam hain, supposedly to get more spiritual power. It's happening right now. And so from so many angles, Muslims should have nothing to do with Halloween. And if your children are in school, go to the teacher.

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Go to the teacher and make it clear to the teacher we do not involve our children in the ceremonies, even the Jehovah's Witnesses will go to the teacher and tell them take my child out of Halloween. They don't even believe in that. Take my child even out of your Christmas. They're not involved in that.

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What can happen during these occasions if you want them to draw pictures of pumpkins or you know fall plants, okay?

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But we don't want to be involved in these confused rituals that are giving signals from many different angles.