Mufti Menk – Your Deeds will be Multiplied!

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of protecting one's good deeds and not harming others. They explain that even if one has a good deed, it is worth protecting them by not engaging in things that harm others. The importance of protecting one's deeds is emphasized.
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Allah subhanho wa Taala says we've instructed this to you in order for you to be reminded. Then Allah says, One had also irati mustafi.

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Who was that who Subala Fatah, Ravi Kumar sabini. This is my straight path. This is my straight path, so follow it.

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Follow the straight path, and don't follow the paths of the devil that are all leading astray from this beautiful path that Allah has set for you. Don't follow the paths of the devil, because they will lead you astray Subhan Allah, the clear path is manifest. My brothers and sisters, one of the most powerful to us or supplications that you can ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is a dinner Serato monster came Guide us to the straight path. That is the path Allah speaking about crrt Mr. kamin my path is very straight, it is the straight path. It doesn't have meanderings in it, make sure that you are on that path. And make sure that you ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant you is.

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So those are the things that Allah has advised us, the prohibitions, stay away from certain things and so on. That is the list. Now, we will amass a lot of good deeds in our lives, we will pray and we do pray so Mashallah, that's a good deed. We fast we do charity, we give a lot of charity. When I say doing the charity in Islam, charity is not only about wealth, but it's even about your character. When you have good character, you have actually engaged in a charitable act, because you've been pleasant with others. So Allah tells us when you've gathered all these deeds, bring them on the Day of Judgment. And if you bring them on the Day of Judgment, I will multiply them for you

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by 10. If you take a look at the same Surah Surah, Al anon, verse number 160. Allah says, my

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bill has an anti fella who actually unfairly her, whoever comes with a good deed on the Day of Judgment, we will multiply it for them by 10. Why does he say whoever comes with a deed? Because to do your deed is very easy to bring it with you is very difficult because

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when you deceive when you cheat, when you wronged someone, when you have back buttons about someone, when you have eaten the wealth of someone, Allah takes your good deeds away, and gives it to them. So if you come on the Day of Judgment after having done good deeds, but you also did bad deeds, a lot of your good deeds would be eaten, sometimes maybe all of them. So Allah says, well, make sure when you do your good deeds, you look after those good deeds by protecting yourself from harming others. When you've harmed someone, you've just wasted your good deeds. You've given it to them, so don't harm them. Come on the Day of Judgment, having been conscious of the fact that you did good

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deeds, and you wanted to protect them. So we will then multiply that for you tenfold. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, but if you had wasted those deeds, how do you expect the multiplication of those deeds when they didn't even come? They were given to someone else. So this is why it's very important as we do deeds, let's make sure that we protect those deeds by not engaging in that which is harmful to others or hurtful in any way. May Allah protect us all.

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