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What do you believe in?

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The Quran is the message from God I believe in it. You believe that the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the messenger of God said, Yes I do. And then a sunset, okay, repeat after me a shadow en la ilaha illa Allah so he repeated after him. He said his Shahada. I was like, wow, this is this is amazing. Like if somebody told me this three, four years ago, I would have said no way he's he's an atheist

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam aleikum. greetings of peace. Welcome to the deen show how you guys doing? I have incredible guests incredible story, a man who is living without purpose but was seeking purpose and he's found purpose. And he's here and I'm here with him. Guess where in Bosnia? This is our brothers live. How are you? So totally cool. Very good. How are you? Thank hamdulillah you have an incredible story and it's very unique. how Allah the Creator of the heavens, Earth answers Dumars. Please share with us this unique experience how it happened, how it brought us here, we're we're here together today. Yes, that was the cause of the of the door. Exactly. That girl is

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here sitting now together there was approximately five years ago

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when me and my very good friend

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started researching about a lot of stuff. And that's how we how we came to Islam. And started researching about Islam. We were born Muslims, but never never practiced Islam. So we started the research, doing research research research for about two years. And suddenly Allah just gave us opened our hearts and our minds that this is this is the way of life this is. This is our purpose of life. And so during that research, as we just opened our minds, my friend said, okay, you you realize no we gotta establish peer because this this is the main pillared everything of being a Muslim. How is looking? I'm like, Yeah, yes, we have. We have to we have to establish prayer. But I

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don't know how I never prayed. I never in my life before. I didn't know how to take will do nothing. And he typed in YouTube. he typed how to pray just so to pray. Found a good video gave it to me. Here. Take a look at this. You can learn from this. That's a great video. I looked at it. You can? You can. It's explained Voodoo and the prayer. Okay, I typed it in how to pray. And it started with the deen show. I had no idea what the deen show is you came up, I had no idea who you are. Nothing. Okay, so for a couple of days, I was looking at learning from that video How to establish prayer.

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also learning how fatica because I had no idea about anything.

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And in in those couple of days when I was looking at it, and started establishing prayer in my own eyes, it was like a door that I made.

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Having no idea who you are and everything. I would love to meet this guy. He He taught me how to establish prayer. But that that's all that's just crossed my mind. I had no idea as I said who you are, what the deen show is nothing. So about one year has passed since from that.

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I was sitting with that friend of mine. We were sitting in a coffee shop in here in Australia. And across there was a mosque. And he saw a man walking in there. I didn't know the man he he knew him. He saw him. And we didn't even know you're busting roots.

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This is Eddie's father. Can I see my father going into Maschine and not me, my friend. I didn't even know no question. This is what his father Eddie was the guy from the deen show and because he started watching a little bit the deen show. He's like yeah, that's his father. I'm looking man, I gotta meet this guy. I gotta I gotta go approach him. So I went the next when the next time of Salah was I went to the mosque he was there again after the Salah, waited outside and approached him. So we had a sit down together coffee we're very good friends Meanwhile, because the consultant here sorry.

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We talked about told him my story and everything and how I wanted to meet you and me. So when when we first sat together, he told me that you guys live in Chicago. And my wife's brother lives in Chicago. And that's great. Like, okay, no coincidence at all.

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And then after that, I think next year we went to Chicago me and my wife and my kid

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and the place where her brother lives is as you as you know 10 minutes walking distance from from your place so in that's huge in that huge city of Chicago also coincidence? No way that's that's the plan of follow up. He answered. My door is amazing, amazing, amazing. We're here in Bosnia, in Barcelona comes the daughter of cooks 300 in LA. So what happened before your before you start to look, search and seek what was going on in your life because many people you're fairly young, they're not thinking about this thing that we're talking about now about, you know, worshipping the Creator, not the creation, you know, establishing prayer, you know, living Islam, you know, many

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people are involved in so many different things, so many things distracting them young kids nightclubs, chasing girls chasing boys, you know, fashion entertainment, video games, doing everything but opposite of seeking, why am I here in this life? What's my purpose? What happened in your life so people can relate that start to have you think like, beyond the materialism in the material world?

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Okay, what happened? Before I was one of these people that you just mentioned,

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I used to, I used to own a nightclub here in Sarajevo, not far from not far from here.

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I owned it for four years, three or four years.

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this is this is an awful business. There's alcohol there's there's many many many bad things. And that that's what was going on in my life during these years. So me and my friend that I mentioned before, we were hanging out at that club. I used to have an apartment right above so we're hanging out there we go to my apartment that's where we did the research on on computer typed in a lot of things research research, but it started when we started thinking okay, what is what is this what is this purpose? All these troubles when you own a nightclub there's many many troubles coming along with that different kinds of troubles so there's there's no peace in your life. And that's that's

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what got us thinking what's the what's the purpose of life? And that's when we started also researching about Islam what is because we were as I said born Muslims so we're now practicing you know your parents were primarily your father mother more like a communist atheist is my father mostly my mother? But also no practicing not no no purchasing Nothing. Nothing. No, you wanted to know what what what you you obviously believe there's a creator I did Alhamdulillah I always believe there is a creator and I always believed in the revelation Quran. But I never I never even took the translation to read the Quran. Nothing there was like, Okay, I believe but now I realized there's

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you can't just say okay, I believe in that's it. You that's not our purpose. So now, did you put the Quran to the test? Yes, yeah, yes. First, okay. Then when we started researching, researching, researching after

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a while, we said okay, let's see what the Quran says. Let's see the translations within the dividend start praying it Okay, we started reading the translation. And at the beginning, when what I was all these years all these troubles with the nightclub and everything, all the stress in life, and I came right at the beginning when I started reading the Quran.

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There's a verse

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about gender, about gender and the description of gender the forever lasting peace I was like, Oh, that's it that's what I'm looking for the forever lasting peace there's no trouble there's forever because you got any club now, but you don't have that what you're looking for that? No, no. Constant troubles. stress, stress concentration. Man, I want to get away from this. I want to get away from this. I always like I don't want this in my life. But there is no other way. Okay, that's that's what I got. That's why I got no. And I said, so that read that in the Quran about Jenna. That's what got me like, Okay, this is it. This is what I want. How do I get this? And that's when you realize

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you can just say

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I believe in God, I believe the Quran is the revelation of God. And that's it. I don't want to practice it. What's the point of the revelation? What's the point of God sending the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam what's the point? 23 years he was the messenger what's the point of all that if I'm going to say okay I believe but I don't want to similar disregard yeah just regarded what's the point of old oldest? And that's how you how you get to me when I saw that the that's what most got me and everlasting peace no trouble no stress, no nothing that's in general. And okay, I want this how do I achieve this? And that is true following the message following the Quran

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following the Sunnah and staying away from what Allah has prohibited. And also I just

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what I needed to see to say, Okay, this is a relation There is no doubt this is the relation revelation from God the Quran. Okay, let's see scientifically what they say about the Quran. And when I saw that, all these numberless

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examples, examples, and then evidence of scientific evidence that 1400 years ago, people had no way no way of knowing it. Like, the baby, when when it starts

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developing, that's all explained that people may be maybe 100 years ago.

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Scientifically, when it was proven, proven, 50 100 years ago, people 1400 years somebody knew that. And people say, okay, he could have somehow No, it Okay, no way. Something I just was recently discovered. Now, this is being discussed 1400 years ago. Yeah. Yeah, it's not possible. And one example out of 100 and more. Yeah. And that's when I saw scientific proof that the Quran is from God, because there is no way people. And what's the point even Okay, if some people say, okay, he could have known that was the point of saying, It's from God, why didn't he claim it from itself? and capitalize off it? Yeah, yeah. Why don't you claim it from yourself? When you have such a

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knowledge? Why don't you claim it for yourself? Why do you say it's from God? If it's if it's not so the, but again, there's no way people could have known these things 1400 years ago. And that's the beautiful thing. I like what you said, like all of the emphasis that the last and final messenger who was a brother to Jesus, Moses, Abraham, he was just a seal of the prophets. He kept on emphasizing worship the Creator, worship decree, creation, nothing with himself, don't idolize him. He said, Don't idolize me. Don't worship, just the Creator. That's what you that's amazing what you just said, All emphasis is on God. Yes.

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I don't want as he said, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I don't want nothing from this from you people. I don't expect expect anything. Just worship the Creator, the one and only. And that's something that's amazing. The message, the simplicity of Islam, submission to the will of the Creator, not the creation, is the pure monotheism to towhee that just worship the one who created you, you guys can understand that. It's simple. No Trinity, no worshipping a man a stick a stone, a bone, a human being Jesus. Nobody, but the one who created Jesus, the one who created this whole universe and everything in it. God Almighty in Arabic. And that's the only thing that makes sense.

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That makes there's one God, just one who created everything. That that's the only thing that made sense to me. Yes. I also took a little bit to admit, I didn't go into the whole thing about Christianity, but I did research it on the beginning also, okay, let's see what what what's this, this is all about. And a lot lot lot of things make no sense, especially the Trinity. Like there's one god one in three, God came down to earth, God God got killed to

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that we get our sins forgiven. That just didn't make sense doesn't make sense. The innate disposition of the human being it accepts doesn't reject the message of Islam that the belief system is if Islam if a person is open, you are definitely open, you are seeking us, locally and inside yourself, where you earnestly asking the creator because that's where we usually tell people start within yourself because if your heart is open, and if you want to receive if you want the truth, and you seek the truth, seek it and you'll find it so you are seeking yourself but also, I mean, what I would like to mention, it's a thing that it's constantly in my mind, even as I said before

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Alhamdulillah I always believed in God. There was like never for me a question if there's a God

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Even before in that chaotic life of mine, little things like when I would take a shower, I had a nice apartment not shower. And before way before years before Islam, I would like I was feeling good. And I would sometimes thank God thank you God, that I have this nice apartment, I can have this nice shower gel, it was just in my mind a couple of times and maybe also this is a huge thing, knowing that everything you have is from God. And thanking, thank thank Allah, whatever he gave you. And this may also have been a trigger to you know that Allah Allah had mercy on me to to guide me towards the truth. That is a very important point you hear that take notes right here little things

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you can do. We talked about being sincere, being genuine, wanting to truth because if you don't want it, I mean, it's not going to be open. You're not going to see it. But if you want it and then what he was saying being grateful and thankful it just common sense that design indicates a designer and thanking the one for little things he was doing. Thank being grateful and thankful. And then door just started open up. My next question is amazing. Tell us the story. What happens next with your father. Okay, that that is also that. That's a story that really, really makes me happy. Because as you said at the beginning, my father was with here, way, years before communism here in Bosnia. So

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people would raise their v people would follow that idea about communism, communism, the whole idea, there is no God, there is no creator. And my father was raised like that. He was an atheist. He didn't believe in God. So when I accepted Islam,

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started practicing. I thought about the scheme. My father, he doesn't believe in God.

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two years, two and a half years ago, he was here in Sarajevo, he doesn't live here. Now. He was here in Syria we're visiting. And he had a little heart problem when he was visiting. So he, he ended up in the hospital, nothing serious Alhamdulillah. But he ended up in the hospital. So he was there for like, 10 days, I visited him every day. And when he got out, I decided, Okay, I'm going to use this opportunity

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to start talking to him about the creator first. So we went I asked him to let's go for breakfast is okay, we went for breakfast. And when we sat down, I was like, right away. Okay. What, how do you feel about God?

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He smiled. I was, I was afraid he's gonna say, okay, don't bother me with that stuff. You know, my, my opinion about this, don't bother me. But still, I want I asked him. So he smiled his and he said, You know how I feel about it? That I doubt there's a God. So Alhamdulillah he, he did want to talk about it. He didn't, he didn't refuse. He didn't run away or anything. So he sat there for three to four hours talking, talking, talking, talking. And

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the whole idea I was approaching to him is like, there's no sense he's he's a smart guy. And he also knows knows this stuff knows about science knows a little bit how the universe works. And he said, all these the the planets, the distance from the Earth to the Sun, it was it was, it would be a little bit closer, a little bit a little bit further away, we wouldn't exist here, dirt wouldn't exist. And that's all these examples he took, and that that God came to think about it. There's no way this can function without the Creator who keeps this whole thing going. You mentioned something very important, the fine tuning. Everything is in its proper and

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everything collapse. Exactly. Yeah. And that's, that's what got him also, like the main thing, I think, main main thing that got him thinking, accepting that there's a creator is that everything is in its place. Somebody has to care to take care of this. And now what happens next now so you have a he's coming to visit you. You're talking you're being you know, real respect for what your father and he's liking does he liking the changes happy? Does he see something different in you? Like definitely, definitely, definitely. Even before I started talking to him, he saw

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he he knew I was started practicing Islam. And he saw the change.

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Definitely, definitely. He's like, I'm very, very happy. How you are now.

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The way you used to be like that. It's a huge difference. Alhamdulillah it's a huge difference. You just have to change

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When you start, as I said before, doing what what the creator told you to do, and staying away what he forbade you to, to do, you become a different a better, that better, much, much better person. That's what he saw that by itself his parents knew the rights that they have and how children are supposed to treat their parents with kindness and gentleness in a day and age nowadays, where children are, you know, giving their their sad to say their parents the middle finger or cursing their parent. No. Respect. Yeah, but that's a thing that'll lead you a straight one way ticket to the Hellfire being like that towards your parents. But Islam, honors apparently not old folks homes

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and you dump them and you forget about ugly. That's also one thing about among many that I've changed, like, my my treatment toward my parents, my father and my mother. So he sees that now the logical arguments of design for the universe, and he accepts that what happens next? What happens next is I start talking to him, okay, now you realize there is a creator, that creator who created us who gave us life who put us on the earth? Doesn't it make sense that he gave us a message? Why are we here? Who we are what what are we doing here? What's our purpose here? So we started talking in that direction.

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That also took about one year me talking to him. And it is taking some time. It's not overnight. This is like so now of course, I left this and now Yeah, we left he took me one year to talk to him to him to realize there's a creations Now, of course, patients will always talk patiently. And

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another year has passed. It was in three months ago, just right before Ramadan. It happened that my father was here at the same time Hassan Your father was here.

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So I also talked to Hassan about my father when I'm talking to him. And

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it happens for them both to be here at the same time. So I called up cousin and my father, we had to sit together first we had a coffee, and then we short coffee. And then we said okay, let's go tomorrow for breakfast. So we went tomorrow for breakfast. And Hassan also talked to him. And I was also his they're about the same age. So it's he I think he's going to take you more seriously. And so he talked there also for like two three hours. And Hassan taught me the most of the talking. And

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suddenly, he said, as they were talking like he said, Yes, Yes, Yes, that's it. And I'm like, Well, what That's it. That's it. It is I believe that I believe in it. So what do you believe in said

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the Quran is the message from God, I believe in it. You believe that the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the messenger of God said, Yes, I do. And then a sunset. Okay, repeat after me. A shadow en la ilaha illa Allah. So he repeated after him. He said his Shahada. I was like, wow, this is this is amazing. Like if somebody told me this three, four years ago, I would have said No way. He's, he's an atheist, no. communist. Raised No way. So I'm looking at him. He's repeating after Assange, his his Shahada eyeshadow and La ilaha illAllah. There is no other God. But one day I was like, This is amazing. So he asked me write it down on a piece of paper, because he

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didn't know.

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I wrote it down on a piece of paper. And he was visiting here also, about three weeks ago. And he showed me from his wallet because like, look at this, I still got that piece of paper. I was like, I was so grateful. Alhamdulillah he started reading the Quran, the translation, he told me, he's halfway through it. And inshallah he also said, as I get through it, I will get towards establishing the prayer.

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Amazing, amazing, amazing. So another, that people will perceive something that's not no ways coincidence, a law setting things up. Now, you're, again, speaking for your dad. And now it just happens that your dad and my dad ended up inside out

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having a meeting. And finally after some time reflection, he figures out man, this is the truth. He accepts it. And you met the Shahada. As he said, there's nothing worthy of worship. I mean, this is something the main message you can dig this, you can dig Islam, but there's nothing worthy of worship, except the Creator of the heavens and earth. That's it. And he sent messengers and the last of them, including Jesus, Moses, Abraham, and all the preceding ones that came last was Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon them. That makes sense. He accepted it. 100 This is amazing story. I

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Tell you give us now we're closing up. But for those people who are also they're tuning in, you know, they might have been doing some late night reflection like you. You are a former owner of a nightclub you were running the show. And now some people are watching the deen show. And they're like, you know, dealing with that anxiety, the void and the hard drugs, alcohol, you know, and all the other chaos that comes with life. But they tuned in what advice do you give for people who are still stuck in that bubble of confusion? Get away from this as soon as possible because there is no happiness. There is no happiness in a kind of lifestyle. Maybe maybe maybe some.

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Currently, when you get like, take drugs, drink alcohol,

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passes away two, three hours, you think you feel good, but I know you don't feel good. It just you think you trick yourself that you feel good? But there is no there is no happiness in such a lifestyle. I know I'm talking from my own example.

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It's, I can't even compare my life before and my life now how Alhamdulillah how I'm satisfied with my life. I'm happy in my life. There's

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everybody has some problems. You can't it's dunya it's the life here. You can't live without problems, but nothing comparable to the problem said before. That is amazing. Thank you so much. What an incredible story inshallah could be a much benefit. And for those people watching jazak Allah has Polycom Silla, and I want to thank you guys. We'll be out here and Bosnia broadcasting. You can have a look. amazing city going back to the roots over here. You know, so make sure you tune in so you can see more of Bosnia and these incredible stories that we have coming for you in sha Allah Assalamu alaikum Peace be with you.

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