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How Not To Talk To Someone Who Is Grieving

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Musleh Khan

Channel: Musleh Khan

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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to try to encourage someone to build a strength, from grief, you have to be wise and very cautious of the choice of words you use when you talk to someone about their emotions. having a conversation with somebody who is confused or struggling to deal with grief, that kind of conversation is not for everyone. Not everyone should do that. Because again, you have to be very cautious and wise what you say and how you say, even if you mean well, even if at the end of the day, Does this sound familiar? Brothers and sisters, you don't, I'm just telling you, you need to move on. But I'm only giving you enough see her. Okay, this is just me, I want the best for you now grow up and get over it. You

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know, sometimes when we try to advise each other, and maybe we're doing it unconsciously, we're not aware. And sometimes people who do this are aware that they're being insensitive to that person, and how they're how they feel. They're being insensitive, they're ignoring all of that, and their focus just on advice, or Naziha or reminder. And that insensitivity is sometimes covered with the word Naziha and remembrance you know, so I've said something to insult you or make you feel worse, but it was all in the name of no see have so just get over it. This is not no see her brothers and sisters, even the word itself not see her comes through the word NASA, NASA her means to bind to things that

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were originally together and they split apart.

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So you were once strong and confident. Let's talk about how we get you back to that type of place. Do you see how the attitude now see her is not about telling someone what to do.

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It's not about commanding them all the time. It's not about taking control of their affairs and especially in this case, their feelings. It's about giving them and doing what it is that you can to build strength, confidence, inspire, encourage