Musleh Khan – How I spend my time in Lock down

Musleh Khan
AI: Summary © The speaker has been in isolation for 20 years and has spent time on research and reading. They will continue to do this until they have a chance to study. They have split their time into three parts, with the latter being the most difficult. They express hope that everyone is aware of the importance of brotherhood and sisterhood for everyone's well-being. They also discuss the difficulties of avoiding isolated oneself in society and mention upcoming videos about protecting everyone from the virus. They end by asking everyone to please pray for their safety and mention a video about a woman on filming her daughter.
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Salam, alaikum, warahmatullahi wabarakatuh everyone, as all of you are tuning in, just drop me a line, let me know, what are you guys doing in isolation these days? What have you been up to? How are you spending the time and so on and so forth. So very short, maybe one or two minutes is all I'm going to speak to you today in sha Allah. But for some reason, a lot of you asked me and send me messages and emails, and some of you who have my number, you text me, and asking me how I spend my time in isolation, what it is that I'm doing to pass the time. And so I thought, Okay, well, for what it's worth, let me share some of the things that I've been doing, since this whole isolation

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period had began. So we're in our third week, and if I remember correctly, we finished three jars now where we're not in the masjid. And so how I've been spending my time, really and truly, it's two things. And it's a routine that I've had ever since I was a student in Medina. So for about 20 years or so, this is the routine that I've adapted each and every day of my life as much as I could really get your hand. And the first thing is this. So this is what I spend my time with most of the day. And I'll tell you exactly how I do it. Okay, so let me just grab what I want to show you guys. Everybody see that?

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This is my personal poor end, I've had this poor end for about 25 years now. This is the only poor end that I read from and that I've memorized. When I'm reciting from from my memory, these are the pages that I see in my head. So I'll show you.

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This is the color of the pages. And that's what helps me memorize. So as I'm reading, I'm seeing these colors and these pages, as I'm reading it through from memory. And you might be able to see as well, that throughout my journey in this particular port, and I would make a lot of notes. So take a look. Everybody see, I don't know if you can see some of that, but I'll circle certain things. And I would memorize them certain things that will catch my attention, certain things that I would want to reflect on certain things that I would want to remember I would want to translate or I don't understand. And I do that in the entire Quran itself, when I've memorized it, and when I've

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understood it, then I go back and I erase it all. And so I do this over and over. So I've been spending a lot of time revising, I tried to recite one Joseph, so it's about 20 pages every day. And I do that three times a day. So I will do one just three times a day. And that's been my routine against ever since I was probably 18 or 19 years old. Secondly, because our Madonna is around the corner, you just never know. Right?

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That insha Allah if we do have title, we are hoping to do a total week this year. I haven't done taraweeh in about 10 years. And it's just because I've been very busy with Darwin traveling and doing other things. So I'm really getting myself ready, I've been shot a low tide, I'll take part in that. That's really the first part of my day. So in terms of my schedule of how I revise, when I wake up for fudger, I will recite immediately after selecting fajita, I will recite the first juice, or whatever juice I'm on, I'll complete the entire juice, then I'll go back to bed, I'll wake up again, somewhere around maybe 930 or eight o'clock sometimes. And I'll first thing that I do is

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before I even have breakfast, I'll recite the same juice a second time. When I'm done that, then I'll have my breakfast and I'll go on with my day, somewhere around two or three in the afternoon. So just a little bit after the huddle. After I finished doing my workout, I will do it a third time. So I ended up finishing reciting all the one just three times in the day, I'll finish doing that somewhere around three or four o'clock in the afternoon. And then that's when I get into studying. So that's the second part of my day. The second part of my day is where I'm studying. I'm just reading. I'm trying to research stuff. It's where I get into some of your questions, I think about

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what I want to talk about. So I spend the latter part of the afternoon in just research, research research. So that's where you'll see me, those of you who have me on WhatsApp or what have you, you'll see me that I'm online, especially during the afternoon period. And then I'll go on like that until maybe around nine or 10 o'clock. So I'm just doing different things and I'll even spend time with the family. Sometimes we'll watch a movie or something. So it'll be very relaxed in the later part of the afternoon. around maybe nine or 10 o'clock the kids are in bed and that's when I start

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Start reading again. But I don't review the the gist that I've completed for the day, what I ended up doing is I spend the night time before I go to bed for about an hour and a half, almost two hours. And I would recite the sutras that are difficult for me. So I spend the latest part of the night before I go to bed, just reviewing the things, the sources that are difficult the areas that are hard for me. And I can tell you now and hamdulillah for the most part, all the sources are okay. There are some sources that if I just if you ask me to recite it right on the spot, I'll get by most of it. But I have a rule mentally that I disciplined myself with again, since I started memorizing,

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which was three mistakes You're out. So if I stop or I make a mistake, or forget a surah, three times, whatever it is, I'm reciting. So three mistakes in one just, I give up, I start all over again. And that's the routine. So I'm really hard on myself when I'm trying to review just so that I could get it perfect. So if I'm reciting one of the sodas that used to be really difficult for me, was suited to use IV. Su that said, that used to be difficult for me as well. Just a few more maybe sort of thought it was once upon a time difficult. But Alhamdulillah, the sources have gotten a lot easier over the years. And so that's what I would do. And I didn't make up this routine, the

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scholars would teach us this. And they would say that you leave the latter part of the day. So you divide your day into three parts. And the latter part of that is you really need that for research. And where you're discovering new things, and you learn new things. For the morning, you memorize during the day where you review and during the latter part of the day you research. So that's how I would divide my day. And that's how I've been spending my day guys don't really get out as much as I would want to I'm I try to get out as much as I can with the wife and kids. But usually, it's just in front of the driveway where we're going up and down maybe our street. And that's really about it.

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I mean, what kind of social life can I have? Can any one of us have these days. So that's where things have been like for me, for the most part, it's been very beneficial for me. But I have to say that there's a big part of me and I'm sure all of you that you miss out on that connection that we have. When we see each other when we say Salaam to one another, when we're in the massage aid or a community center or an institute somewhere, it really changed my perspective to how much we can appreciate the time that we have with each other. And so the last thing that I want to say to you all is I hope that we are all getting a sense of appreciation for brotherhood and sisterhood that we

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have had for pretty much our entire life. And for whatever reason Allah subhanaw taala had decided to take that away from us and isolate every one of us in our own little bubbles wherever we are in the world. And I hope that this is a wake up call, especially for those who might have difficulty getting along with other Muslims. People who don't seem to appreciate each other's company you know, the whiner that comes to the massage it every now and then and just literally complains about everything and anything. The the Grouch that I call him, the Grouch is the person that walks in and nothing makes this guy happy. Nothing walks into a Masjid. He'll complain about the microphone, the

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color on the walls. This guy standing beside him this other person sneezed, like everything is just a complaint for him like he's just totally the unhappiest Muslim you'll ever meet. So I hope that those individuals and particularly can see now and develop some sense of appreciation of why brotherhood and sisterhood is so important to us. We need each other so that we can connect and feel alive and feel like we belong somewhere. This is not normal. It's not a natural thing for human beings to isolate and be alone like this all the nations generations from the beginning of time even Adam alayhis salam Allah didn't leave him alone, that even though he was expelled and he was put

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onto this earth, what was the first thing that he did, he went looking and searching for hella his wife until they finally met each other so it shows that even the beginning of mankind since the beginning of time, we need companionship, we need somebody beside us. So this is really one of the more difficult things I would say for myself personally, emotionally psychologically and mentally is just to get a get a custom with an i don't think that I could ever get accustomed to isolating myself. I just don't think I could do that personally and those of you that I know I know that you're probably struggling with the same thing as well. So I'm looking forward to in sha Allah hotel

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whenever it is, whenever it is that we can get back together and things can get back to somewhat normal in sha Allah soon. Bismillah hytera with

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That being said, one thing I want to announce to all of you is that starting maybe today, I might release one video, but most likely either today or tomorrow, I want to introduce to you a series that I'll start to ensure a low tarla. It's a Facebook Live, just something really simple. It'll be about one or two minutes long. And it's basically called let's study together, let's study together, what I will do is I'll extract a verse from the Quran that I think is important for us to reflect on and study and it won't be in any particular order. It won't be on an under any particular subject. It's just you and I sitting together and just reflecting on a verse. So I've got a bunch of verses

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that are really want to talk about that I think when we're isolated like this, we should be thinking about and reflecting on and hopefully didn't improve us in whatever capacity. So starting tomorrow, inshallah you can look out for that. And I'll try to do one of those every single day in sha Allah as long as this isolation period continues. With that also being said, I'll start another series with the Islamic Institute of Toronto, just working out the details, and inshallah we'll release that soon. So just stay tuned for that. But more than but other than that in sha Allah tala, just drop me a line, guys, let me know how you guys are doing. Tell me how you're spending the time these

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days, especially let me know where you're from, what country you're tuning in from, or what city and and let's stay connected in sha Allah. Last thing is that for those of you who send me emails, and you send me questions and things like that, I'll try to get to them as much as I can. You can imagine, as I'm sure all of you, especially those of you who have kids and family, you can imagine it's just total chaos at the home. When the kids are here, they always get bored, tired, they start fighting with each other, they need to get out, release some of that energy. So that's how my day is kind of going up and down and just all over the place. So I will try to get to that in sha Allah

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tada as quickly as I can and try to answer all of your questions. For those of you who asked for appointments Unfortunately, there is no appointments happening these days. So if you want to come to my office, I don't really have one right now. My office obviously is in is in the IoT, so we're not there. So for now, in shot low title, we'll figure out a better way that we can connect but for now it's just going to be emailed in shot Allahu taala Okay, guys, so stay tuned. I will release a video either later today or tomorrow about let's study together and it's all about reflecting on random verses of the entire plant that are relevant and important to us. So with that being said, Guys, may

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Allah subhanho wa Taala reward all of you protect all of you and keep you safe. Please, please, please don't forget all those people.

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In the United States, in Italy, in Spain, oh, my God, things are just getting out of control. In some parts of the world with respect to this virus, some Italy just just the numbers continue to pile and pile and pile. I can't imagine what they must be feeling and what they're going through and even in United States and for me, I have tons and tons of family in New York. Please Please pray for all of them. Remember all of them. And make sure that you continue to say your door every day before you go to sleep and when you wake up at least three times as our Prophet alayhi salaatu wa Salaam told us Bismillah Allah Vila your daughter oh man it's me Shay on film of the wife is summer. Well

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who has Sameer regarding you repeat this Dora three times when you wake up three times before you go to bed and inshallah you're protected from any affliction during the day and during the night in sha Allah Butera. Okay guys, I don't like to make these videos long. So that's it for now. inshallah I'll tune in a little bit later. Setting low height and guys I hope you're safe here. hope you're well take care of cinema alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato

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