Majed Mahmoud – Risalah Series #3

Majed Mahmoud
AI: Summary © The Khadija was initially a woman who was born in the early 1800s and married to Mohammed SM. The segment discusses the life of the Khadija and how she was initially rejected by the mother and father of the infamous Khadija. The segment also touches on the importance of the Kaaba in rebuilding the city and bringing people to greatness. The speakers discuss the need for everyone to act with confidence and the importance of having a dream to achieve success. The segment also touches on the potential danger of a book being created by a machine and the consequences of not being married.
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Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah We begin with the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala we ask a lot of nice decent blessings upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so let's proceed. He was intelligent Salah Salem how never you see all the idol worshipping people worship idols never in his life. He touched an idol touched him. Not once, let alone what prostrate, let alone sacrifice a camel or whatever for an idol never did intelligence, even though he was against idol worshipping, that people still very much trusted him with everything, someone traveling away from Mecca, precious items. He does not leave it. She does not leave it with mom and dad. He does not leave it she does

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not leave it with son and daughter or brother and sister. They said Mohammed Salim, can you watch over my stuff I'm traveling, that's the level of trust he had in his community. Brothers and sisters, he was the most humble one of the strongest of men.

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And he was most handsome yet he kept his humbleness May Allah keep us humble and keep us trustworthy and make us intelligent and friendly, thankful helpful a family man and woman and truthful say I mean, and other highlights he was respectful. Not once did he abuse or harass a woman or man No, no, go open whatever book you want, you will not find a narration. And lastly, there's more but just for the sake of time and summary. He was just unfair. He sees oppression he lifts it and tries to give justice to the one who's oppressed as much as he can. And I would advise you all yes we need to seek to lift oppression from around the world. But you know what would not make sense when we do not try

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to lift oppression in the house? Yes or no? How can I as a young man or show go try to yeah free the people free the people there slavery still exists when you are enslaving your parents Yes or no? No thank you nothing as if you bought them and you will sell your parents yes or no. And parents as well. Where is the oppression sometimes in the house? When we may not be there with one child over the other? Correct May Allah forgive us protect us? So yes, he lifts oppression whatever. He sees closer proximity and he moves forward.

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This man

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is you're like, like Who in the world is compatible with them? And like?

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I said Mr. No. Like, like who has a chance who's the lucky woman? that he would end up being with? What if I told you he will be the lucky man if he ended up with that one specific woman?

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Really? Yes. If Mohammed Salim was the greatest man in Mecca brothers and sisters, if he was the greatest man in Mecca, then Hades as the greatest woman in Mecca Oof.

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If he was known as the trustworthy

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as the truth, he was known as the pure as the mud is trustworthy and truthful.

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If he was known as someone from a prospective lineage, my parents never did something outside of marriage, even my great grandparents. So the Khadija has family and coming from a respected lineage, if I send them never touched an idol or worship or had any religious affiliation of such sort. So the Khadija never touched an idol or believed that they benefit or the harm awesome. Two key differences don't have deja had a lot more money than Mohammed arsenal. Number two Khadija according to much of the narrations, she was significantly older than Mohamed Salah, salah and the majority, the majority in the majority of the historians and experts in the field, they say she was 40 years

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old and he was 25 years old approximate But the main point is what was the main point that she was what was the key word older that's most definitely show now what will happen. Mohamed Salah is now knowing about Khadija and Khadija is monitoring and watching Mohammed SM is aware of him Khadija

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brothers are lining up

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lining up to her deja riche status looks all the good stuff that every man would dream of. And she rejects and rejects and she's wise it's not want to be in that desperate mode or anything. No, no reject people from Christ, the chieftains the big shots. Nope. But now she sees Mohamed Salah, this man's special, she learns about him, she puts them to the test. She checks what he does and things of that sorts. He sees his business interactions and, and so on. And she says he is and she knows he is the man. He is the one who's compatible and

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all narrations

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We have when the experts in the field of authority in the life of Mohammed Assalam. They all say that the one who initiated the marriage proposal was Khadija Berliner and I want to add something Khadija the modest started Khadija pure initiated the proposal, she comes to teach us something I know it's a little bit of a sensitive topic, but we'll play inshallah safe and real is that sometimes sometimes we feel in a panic disrespectful mode when our daughters or our families from the girls side, initiates the idea why you seem so desperate? No. If you want to, he will come to you. Khadija is teaching us if he's that great, do your stuff. Do your networking and let it come

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from you. And the most respectful of women in Mecca, Khadija knew that this does not scratch her honor. But I gotta warn you something. I gotta warn you from something. You gotta watch out which family do this to? Because it can backfire when the ones you're doing to will stab you in the back yes or no, and ruin your reputation. So watch out. Things are very difficult. So I would tell you in general, appreciate your mom and dad's experience in life. Okay. And mom and dad. Don't be too intimidated to do something from your end if you don't who has the daughter even though the culture is kind of not very friendly with that you guys agree or not? It's a bit cringy cringy I remember

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one time in the masjid I will never forget I really appreciated that a father came to me he said this man is really wonderful. And brother You know how very few good men are out there? I'm like, yep, I know that right? We see that and Allah knows best Allah knows best correct? So he said can you please do something tell them you know that you know for girl who is single and is willing to get Can you can you do something I did? And hamdulillah eventually they got married. That's not very common case. But that worked out. But the point being is don't be shy, the greatest of men and women that go through that. So I pray to Allah, may Allah grant you all our righteous spouse, I mean, the

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singles relax, okay. I mean, you're married man or miskeen. What What are you doing? Okay. Okay. So then Khadija initiates the proposal for Hamas asylum is absolutely happy and excited Khadija, and he does not mind that I have a chance. Yes, you have a chance and Khadija initiates that Hamza sat down with his family they come to Khadija his father guardian and the proposed to her deja and the father Khadija in an authentic narration. He rejects them 100

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so the brothers like that. It's not just me that Muhammad Hassan just got rejected. He rejected her father rejected. He says it was a widow key a team at the party Blender armory. He said, You want me to get you married to the orphan of Abu Talib. Under his scare, I swear never in my life will accept that Khadija business.

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She talks to him here and their words does her thing whatever she has to do, what are all the until she he was convinced and accepted. And here we go. One more for you guys. Bam.

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A nice red heart. They got married Khadija and Mohammed asylum. They never indulge in anything before marriage, anything that is would scratch their reputation or scratch their souls. May Allah protect us they I mean, and you know what Mohammed Salim said in authentic narration. He says in the book too, haha.

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Yeah, all the way all the way. He said her love was deeply her love was deeply rooted in my heart. But I continued to love her day by day, day by day sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Brothers and sisters, however, as the marriage was proceeding, and things were going great, and Khadija was completely supportive, all of a sudden that Cabo is on the verge of collapse. Brother, wait, wait, wait.

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When did this happen? This happened about 10 years after the marriage of Mohammed saddam and Khadija. We had children. Yes, the first child they had was an Qasim Ben Carson passed away at a very young age. But Mohammed bin Salman Khadija did not giving up did not give up on getting children. Then they got one child after the other one child after I was back to back they got four girls. They got Zainab roclite here on consume and Fatima wonderful. And when everybody was like, Oh, just girls, they were so happy to have girls May Allah make us proud of the girls that we have seen things as they progressed about 10 years later, this thing is happening. The Kava was about to

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collapse. What another attack, no floodwaters flood took place in Mecca, and the walls are no longer being strong enough to hold the house. So they are now about to rebuild that

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Other interesting. So you know what usually happens with building stuff they bring the slaves, right? Remember the slavery? Correct. So the slaves used to build stuff but because it's the Kaaba, who will build it, the chieftains, right the elite. This is the Kaaba, I want to contribute, roll up the sleeves, I'm gonna work as hard as possible and who contributed Muhammad wa sallam, you have to appreciate something he would not have contributed if he did not have a supporting spouse, I guess with me, and you have to highlight that aspect from her. So she full of support and help every sub tribe of every sub tribe of grace the caretakers of the Kaaba participated in the rebuilding of the

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cabin. Allah knows when exactly the Mohammed Salim perhaps took a break to quiet it's break break time. So he took a break. And the others were building the cover. They reached a point where now they have to place what a regular brick No, there's something special about the cabinet, besides the bricks that are being used something known as the black stone. Okay, what's the blacks don't take it easy on black stone was believed black stone was believed to be a rock or a stone that came from the heavens. Okay, it's a stone that the creator sent down. That's what they believe. So when they were building the Kaaba and they arrived to the time to put what just make sure you got to put what the

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one of the subtribes that Volvo Volvo Volvo Lift your hands off this What do you mean my family would have the honor to put the Blackstone another subtype said no no, no, no, no, no you gotta relax you got to relax. My family will put the Blackstone Put your hands away from this I love the fact that you a the both of you relax chillax. I'm putting the Blackstone they said what are you talking about? No, we will put it No we will put it if you don't take your hands off the black stone you may no longer have hands. I think that serious they're about to what start a war within the family. over what prestige status I want to put the black stone the grab swords against your

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cousin's against your uncle? Is that how obsessed you are at that time or about status and reputation at the expense that the bloodshed of your family? So one wise man won on that job war not for the people. They fought for over 30 years, some out of over what? killing of what a camel. What about the Blackstone? They believe from heavens, yes or no?

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So then one wise man said Listen, listen, everybody stop. Put your shorts back stop. How about the first person who walks from these doors? Whatever tribe he belongs to. He and that tribe gets the honor to put up Blackstone What do you guys think he will be the judge? Agreed. Agreed. Agreed. Agreed? Agreed? Agreed? And what are they all doing? Looking at the door?

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wishes mine from my tribe? Or wishes from my tribe? Who is it? Who is it? Who is it? And who walks in? None other than Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam by consensus the people are saying I Taku and I mean the trustworthy has come they felt no one is more deserving look at the status of Mohammed Salah. Look about 35 years old attack woman I mean the trustworthy has just come. He definitely is deserving of this. Mohammed Salim when he comes I'm pretty sure I'm guessing I don't have a narration. But everybody was staring at him. What do you guys think? So? Like, is everything okay? Like what's going on? Right? So they explained the storytime Listen, this was happening. We're

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about to kill each other. And this is like, seriously like bloodshed. And we said whoever walks in whatever tribe they belong to, and you don't who walked in and couldn't be any better? Congratulations. Congratulations. You put the Blackstone he got the idea. This way does. He caught everybody off guard. He said I want a sheet. What a sheet. Okay, here you go. Sheet. Okay, perfect. All right.

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Then Manasa lamb grabbed the Blackstone, and he placed there right in the middle. Okay. He said, I want every single sub tribe of Christ to send me a representative to hold part of the sheet. How thoughtful was that? So they placed the Blackstone right in the garment. And then he said I want every sub tribe to send a representative and everyone

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came in Can you imagine how they felt like your greatness is on a whole nother level yes or no he could have got all the honor. So everyone carry the carry they carry the all the way everybody contributed and weight when they arrived the Kaaba Mohammed's and picked it and he installed it. So the point being hammers asylum, I want to ask you a question his status after that did not didn't not skyrockets he saved people from bloodshed and so on. It's amazing years of love and happiness and joy with Khadija and Mohammed Hassan it was absolute greatest May Allah grant us a blessing nerissa I mean, all of us here. So afterwards brothers and sisters, Mohammed Salim is now

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approaching the age of what 40 years old greatness upon greatness enough saying that

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all of a sudden

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like any night he has a dream.

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And the dream sees having a regular dreams regular I'll give you an example Nava Jimmy had but just an example of a simple dream. He dreams of someone as an example, eating an apple one byte two bytes, three bytes as this man in the dream is about to take the fourth bite the apple what falls the apple rolls, the man goes down on his right knee picks up the apple stands up washes the apple and takes the first bite

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when he wakes up regular day. And what does he see a man whom he saw in the dream Okay, and he was holding an apple just like the dream. He took three bites just like the dream the apple fell and rolled on the floor just like that. He went down on his knees picked up the apple just like that. Then he took the fourth bite just like that. Wow

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that's pretty interesting. Okay, happened to me before brother it's called deja vu. Okay, okay.

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Okay, okay. You get deja vu every day. Okay, so next night, same thing. Dream happens identical. What in the world is going on?

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What is going on? third night, same thing the dream next morning identical. He dreams it's raining. It rains he dreams someone dies it happened dreams. Someone delivered a boy it happens. What is going on? This is like, unbelievable.

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Obviously he shares it with his wife supportive wife at the top of the line. Hmm. So true dreams that you had. Then all of a sudden at the age of 40 which is not his usual at all. He expresses to add something What is it? He wants? What? alone time? Really? Yes. hadiza which you do full of support. Allahu Akbar, Khadija Khadija people Khadija. She saw Mohammed being the greatest of men, the greatest of family men Remember that? Yes. Give everybody their rights by now when some alone time that I didn't facilitate that for him? She did. She prepared the food and the drink and whatever, accessories or necessities he needs for his trip. Okay, can I ask you a question? Sure.

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Where is he gonna go? He wants to go up far from Macau away from the congestion of the city that traffic? Where does he want to go up to a mountain to a cave called the cave off? Ha Hara. Okay. And would you mind if? Can I ask you a question? Yes. Why does he have this inclination? Like, why does he want to have some time alone? He wants to worship. I don't get it when your worship. He wants to get the hang of the highest says he wants to go and ponder over the creation and ponder over the Creator, the developer of all of that. This is something else. This is amazing. So he wants to know, what's the purpose of life and what's the mission and he sees oppression and what is this life all

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about? He wants to have that connection with the Creator. I saving it. I'm saving it till this session ready? When we speak about having someone who is a creator, pay attention, please, please, please pay attention. When we speak about a creator, someone that caused something to happen. That is not a tall, clean. It's not. I guess with me, it's a very simple fact that someone caused the universe to come to place you like no, but you don't. There's a chance. How, what basis do you say that? I asked you. If you see a book, you see my notes. Here we go. See my notes. Okay, you see the notes you go over my notes, for example. That's pretty organized, right? So you wonder who are these

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notes belongs to

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To write who typed it up? Yes or no? Is that what you ask? Yes or no? Who does this document belong to? Do you ever ask or have you ever seen there's a possibility? It doesn't belong to no one.

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How the way this was formed, is that there was some disorder and ink fell onto the pages and formed itself into letters and F and an eye and a T and everything and, and you cannot deny that a chance. Yeah, there's a chance. Yeah, one in what? quadrillion billion? But do you actually ever say that to a book? To a note that you ever say that you will never get married? I promise. You I get I'm gonna work on you never getting married? If you say that, okay.

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Yes or No, someone had to write this 810 pages. Then what about a D and a have a body that requires 10,000 books to explain?

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Yes or no. But there's a chance we came from monkeys.

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Because brother, the universe, there's a chance, there's a chance I wish you had so much hope in life like that. There's a chance, right? We talking about Wow. You would not say that about a document. And even there's a chance now when it comes to the skies, to the mountains, to the planets to the universe to the body of the human being. You're telling me no one was involved with this powerful, who is intelligent that had to be involved. I'm not jumping to conclusions. I'm not saying it's Allah. pray five times to No, I'm not saying that. But I'm saying you have to admit people, someone intelligent, powerful, never created had to start and do the cause yes or no. Simple Don't

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complicate that. Simple. People want to ruin our brains instead, our consciousness and our logic is it think about a thing I'm thinking about and that's in done it's over, back and forth. How long the spending in the cave several nights brothers and sisters not one or two, several nights. Whenever he runs out of food and drinks, he goes back to home to his wife Khadija Khadija want to go back again, said no problem, food drink for several nights. But all of a sudden, greetings. He hears what he hears people greeting him. He's walking, doing his thing when they go back to the cave or so. And all of a sudden he hears he hears a wily coyote rasulillah

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there's no one around what was the sentence Peace be upon you or messenger or agent of Allah the Creator. What's going on? A salaam aleikum. Wa Salaam wa a Corolla Isetta? Monica Santa Monica Peace be upon you, all messenger or agent of Allah the Creator. There's no one around lo and behold, the greeting was coming from a rock and a tree firm model we began at Jebel in one ledger in Walla, Hydra Illa Han, Salah mollica Rasul Allah, what is going on?

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Can you can you try to see where he's coming from? how he's feeling? He's feeling there's something going on dreams. I don't usually want alone time. And greetings. What in the world is happening? Brothers and sisters, he goes up to the cave, looking for answers. He expresses that to his wife and she's full of support. Never did his wife accuse him of being mentally ill or anything like that soldier, you are possessed, never full of support, you'll be fine, you'll be fine, full support. May Allah make every husband and every wife supportive to one another on good causes. See, I mean,

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then he goes on to the cave. And it's on a Monday,

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late at night, in the month of Ramadan, then nine months of the Arabic calendar, just like what September is too many of us sitting in the cave,

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night pondering

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and it's how long of a while By the way, how long of a walk is it? It's about an hour walk approximately to go from the bottom of the mountain to the cave and that's when you have steps and so on. He had no steps no path, sitting in the cave. Dark Night. All of a sudden, someone walks in.

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He tells him

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if clock what a cup read. He said man because I cannot read. So this person comes in and he squeezes them so hard. And Mohammed is what so strong. Remember

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He cannot break from it. It cannot break from it. This man is so empowering him so much so forceful, Mohammed his oxygen is running out he's about to face death. Then he lets go. Accra read Mohammed sets us and I cannot read my energy or I cannot read brings them against squeeze them so hard, but to question he can no longer breathe, his face color changes. Let's go across

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the car I cannot read. I cannot read unlettered I cannot read, he brings him he squeezed him so hard squishes and so hard. Mohammed says he's gonna die, he's gonna die. A strong man cannot break through. Then he releases him then he says it. Arabic. He told them read with the help and the assistance of your Lord Read, read with the assistance of your Lord, this mirror have become who is my Lauren and Lily Halak. The one who created the one who created everything, the sky that you were looking at the mountains you were looking at the cameras that you were writing everything he created this mural and led the HELOC and specifically helical inside Insan. Hammond is listening to the SOS

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lm helical insan he created the human being specially

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minella what menolak from a piece that looks like a suspended blood clot and Leach.

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You see, you see Mohamed Salah, you see people this fully loaded piece of information, you will be able to absorb it you will be able to comprehend it you will be like a well read educated person even though you've never read or write wrote, just like how we made you out of a leech blood clots that grab this narrow decreed with the assistance of your Lord, the one who created specially the human being from Allah o'clock. So read what our bukalapak from your Lord is the most generous. One of the greatest signs of his generosity. olevia column, one of his greatest signs of his generosity is that he will preserve what is being said to you through writing for ages and ages. Not just that

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another blessing. I limit inside MLM yalom. He taught the human being that which they never know he did. And He will teach more and more. And he just taught you one thing that no one in the world can know in the sixth century or the seventh century except the one who made the embryo yes or no. And he given that one piece of information and that man disappeared. Manasa lamb was terrified. Mohammed Aslam is about to run, running at the dark of the night are not waiting. He's terrified. He's scared, going through the rocks going through the sand go through the stones, running and running and running to who I will not say he's running his house. I refuse to say that he is running running

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to his wife, Khadija, Khadija de la Mancha. He walks in and right then and there, he says, cover me cover me covering. The moon is in Milan. He has he just comes and she covers him right away. One cover to covering him. And she does not interrupt him. She covers them just like how he asked, cover him. When he was shivering. He was terrified. She waited, they didn't interrupt, waiting

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until he settled. Then he told her

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if you know what just happened, I was in the cave. As you know, I'm spending the night there and someone randomly walks in. He says read a tome I cannot read he squeezes me about to choke me to death, did it three times and he said read in the name of your Lord, your Lord, the one who created created you and I from my clot. You and I did all of us from a clot. Read your load is the most generous read. Your Lord is the one who bestowed blessings upon you He is the most generous, he will make the words preserved and He will teach you that which you do not know hadiza my conclusion what my take

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will seek to be Julian Assange Bernie Julian Julian. I'm about I'd say I'm possessed. I think I'm done. That's it. It's over Khadija, right when he said that.

00:29:24 --> 00:29:59

She told him Kela Voila. Yeah, Mohammed. Don't you ever say that? We are Mohammed. There's no way that creator will cause that to you. Do you know who you are? Yo, Mohamed, let me remind you who you are. In neckla pasilla Rahim Mohammed, you're the best of family people. You're the best husband. You're the best son with the best nephew. You're the best grandson. You're the best cousin and nephew to all your family. No way. The Creator does that to someone like that. You are possessed No way. Mohamed you are someone who takes care of the week takes care of the week when you are someone who's strong. You

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Is it properly? Yeah Mohammed What

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are you the most friendly, hospitable of people in Mecca? The Creator will never do to someone like that for someone who does these good deeds, yeah Muhammad and you know Allah know what a bill Huck and you do everything that good cause no way a lot of something like that to someone who does these things. May Allah make us do things like that say, I mean, when she said that to him, she reassured him verbally, and obviously howdy to help them big time, yes or no? Then Heidi didn't just talk like that her DJ took him to her relative watarrka who is what are what is the scholar, one of the biggest scholars in all of Arabia, who never worshipped idols. He was a person who is educated. He

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reads, he writes, but at this point, he reached an old age and he became blind. She brought Khadija her husband Muhammad to waka waka, my cousin, listen to what Mohammed has to say. Mohammed speak up what's going on? What's going on? Speak up. He tells in the story, what is paying attention what is moved, what are called gets very emotional worker is aware of the previous scriptures what I'll tell them, the one who came to you and walked in upon you is the secret keeper. The Secret keeper which the creator sends to those who ended up becoming prophets and messengers. Just like how he sent it on to Moses, Messiah Salaam and Buddha's had to receive the message and fight Pharaoh and lift

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oppression and spread justice and worship the Creator. That's the same one who came to you. Then what a process.

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Yeah, like 2002 agenda. I wish I was young.

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I wish I wish I was young and I wish I would be alive. I wish I would be alive when your people expel you try to take you out of Mecca, Mohammed interrupt the sustenance that we will have more at home. The message that I may receive will cause my people now you appreciate a sentence my people see me as the golden man of Mecca, the representative, the one who plays the black stone, the one who stopped bloodshed, the one who never lied, the one who people trust, all of that will go outside the window. They will kick me out of Mecca, what are called a scholar who read the history of the past prophets. He told them Mohammed no one ever team with a message similar to yours, except that

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enemies started to grow against them. Then what have I told them and if I live long enough,

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if I live long enough to witness the day where people try to fight you and kick you out of Mecca, I will do whatever it takes, I'm blind. I'm old. I will do whatever it takes to save you and help you. Mohammed is moved, Khadija is moved near Allah be pleased with Khadija hadiza people Khadija hadiza

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the greatest woman in the greatest man, they still stick together through thick and thin yes or no. And then they eventually leave. But what's the message like what's going on what's needed from me? A day to pass by and no revelation come? Mohamed is so sad as I'm so sad. He now he wants to go perhaps to the cave again with walking. And he's walking and walking, walking. And all of a sudden he sees someone who is who the same what he saw in the cave, sitting in the air on a chair. Mohamed satin looks at him what happens he's terrified and he runs back to who to Khadija. But this time this person goes after him to the house. What will happen? What will be said? What in the world is

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next? We'll see you in Charlotte next month.

The Prophet’s Adulthood & the First Night of Revelation
What was the Prophet’s (ﷺ) role in helping to rebuild the Ka’bah? How did his relationship with Khadijah (R) begin? What were the miraculous events that occurred when he was 40 years old? In this session, we discuss the Prophet’s (ﷺ) adulthood before becoming a Messenger, touching on his ability to unite people for the common good despite differences and his love for his wife and family, and his reaction to receiving a revelation from Allah (ﷻ) for the first time.

Risalah: Reflections from the Prophet’s Life (ﷺ) is a 21-part lecture series by Majed Mahmoud, released daily throughout Ramadan 2020.

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