Haitham al-Haddad – Why Marriages Fail? Part 6

Haitham al-Haddad
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issues that keep the relationship between husband and wife, including problems with sexual attraction, embarrassment, and problems with relationships. They also mention that women are not attracted to the man they are talking about, and that men need to be aware of the physical presence of their partner to avoid confusion and embarrassment.
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Okay this is one major area which is committing major sins not related to matrimonial law, but outside the matrimonial law. Now,

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aside or related to this committing some sins related to that, even if it is not full sexual relationship, but many women, many women come and they complain about their husbands that they always watch *. Okay? always watch *, the manga underlying okay of this problem that listen to this when the person the only when the man watches * a lot his we can say this his sexual

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desire becomes very weak. His sexual desire to have a relationship with his wife becomes very, very weak. And in our photo, we mentioned this, he said, When Allah Allah Allah says put a little more meaning and a woman upside in delicous Kalamata luminati, a woman of Satya Nadella has gone on to the Verizon woman, men to lower gate their gaze that is better for them, I'm curled up believing woman to know what that again, he said, if the person is watching the wrong thing, part of his sexual strength goes to the * out and he is left with a weak sexual strain. And that's why he will not be able to fulfill the needs of his one, this is one thing, the other thing he will become

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addicted to that and he will spend most of his his time watching this. And moreover, his wife becomes jealous when his husband is seeing this, and he's not paying attention to her. The third or the fourth point is that and this is something really very evil, we have to be careful about it. Most of you or most of women are not like those whom we see in the in the posters or or in the, in the internet or these models, etc, that women are not like this. And even they said those women on postcards or models, they are not they they they are not in reality like this, they they use computers to shape them properly and to beautify them and to make them look as if they are coming

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from maybe the heavens. So when when men start to watch these, okay, picture posters and *, etc. They raise their expectations from their wives, they raise their expectations in terms of women and women are not like this. So they start to what not to feel attracted to their wants. And once they start to not feel attracted to debt, once they become away from their wives and hands, okay, the problems they start because their wife feels that her husband has been taken away, etc, etc. And moreover, he doesn't desire him, he doesn't want her. And that, okay causes her to be, first of all worried about him, and more over feel that he doesn't love her. And once she feels

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that, then problems is stopped. So and that's why a lot you know, Allah commanded us to lower our gaze to make the * out for ourselves in order to keep away from these held on things. And from a Sharia perspective, it is required that the man doesn't you know, any woman except his wife, and the wife doesn't know any math except her husband. And when the case is like this gamma, he sees that his wife is the most beautiful wife in the whole world. And the woman she sees her husband, not the most beautiful wife in the men because women are not attracted to the shape of the map. Women are attracted to the way the man deals with them. So if a woman is not having enough is avoiding pre

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mixing, so she doesn't know how men, other men, stranger men are dealing with women. And when she only knows her family members like the Father, the brother and she knows her husband. She feels that her husband or the way her husband is treating her is the best thing. So she will accept him even if he is not even if he is not the best husband or even if he is not having the best of character and that helps the husband to be attached to his wife and that helps they want to be attached husband and then when they meet each other they feel that they are a day of having the utmost happiness. And once they have this, this is one of the main issues that keep the relationship between husband and

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wife intact and that keeps the relationship between the husband

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And his wife in a very good situation and once that love

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that love remains between the husband and wife, they overlook so many problems they overlook so many shortcomings when in the during their life. So, this is something has to be observed. Now, let us move to the second main reason why

Effects of Pornography

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