Murtaza Khan – Surah At-Takathur

Murtaza Khan
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After praising Allah Subhana Allah and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa early we're sending them, we stopped, we looked into throttle body or the coming of the hour, or the shattering of the shaking of the hearts, the clamoring of the hearts, whereby we mentioned that human beings would be dispersed and disorientated on that day, running Helter Skelter not knowing what to do. And that same theme of ARIA begins to spill over into surah Taka for whereby this concept of being in a state of hoffler in a state of heedlessness, just like inside coming towards an era people will be heedless, or unaware of the coming of an era people

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inside this dunya a heedless unaware regarding your preparation for an era that's a member of the inside is the theory mentioned that the coming of Korea or the following surah attacker Thor. Why is the place there. It is placed in the De Boer only stay a dead straight off the sort of party speaking about the day judgment you find and how Kamata chaos or the mutual rivalry, the boasting and the heedlessness upon this dunya it distracts you derails you from an era Beamer. Another this surah is giving you the key point about preparing yourself to meet Allah Subhana Allah in preparation for a mere mortal Cobra, Alastair dad cobbler mode to prepare yourself before death, not

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after death. There's really not divided the concept of what is appearme what is the hereafter or the Day of Judgment is what is known as Dr. Martin Cobra, the major their judgment that many of us that we read about we study about an interest of what will take place towards the end of time, or what will happen inside Fira. But it's something that precedes that, a prelude to that that all of us that we will face, which is a stepping stone towards a pyramidal Cobra, which is classified as a Yama to sohara the mind that day of judgment, and in essence, the mind that their judgment is the real Day of Judgment, because unmowed column Hill basa outcrop depth is like the blink of an eye or

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even quicker and swifter than that, in regards towards an era because a person who's raised from the grave term list correlate with the Yeoman Oba, the Yom how many days did you reside upon this earth, said I lived for only a day, or part of a day, or partial day that I lived. But this is how the earth era is. How remote is that a person can sleep for many days, a person can sleep like a terrible calf, who slept for a long time. He slept for more than 300 years, and a lot harder or woke them. So this is what death is a pay homage to Sora that many of us we don't want to. Obviously we don't want to face it. We don't want to discuss it. Even as Muslims we find it is the least

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discussed topic inside our life. When it's the most reality inside our life that are most apparent or near enough in every single page of the Quran will speak about death, about ultium or rodu illa Allah returned back to Allah Subhana Allah Al mo Seba and help the calamity and mode, all these various derivatives inside the Quran speaking about the return. So the word and after the intellectual individual is the one who begins to prepare himself for an era begins to prepare themselves for unmowed Kapha bill molti Well, everyone in some ahadeeth that we find sufficient is that def itself is a Moreover, is an admonition that when you enter into the graveyard, you bury a

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deceased a loved one, it becomes a more either, it doesn't become to discuss politics, or to meet people or to be with friends or to discuss things tougher than multimodal Avon. The sufficient is that mode is awake as individual and a strange thing by the some recall of sera of history Terry had mentioned The Omen, kebab, Natasha, Allah he he printed this on his ring, the fabric multimode either that he had it on his ring that's sufficient is every time he looks at his ring. So efficient is that mode. def is a remembrance is an awakening for the individual. That's what almost should be the awakening of the individual. Young coluna Minar cosori illa coborn this dunya or death, as if

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I'm Samadhi salistre. See, he mentions it takes you a minute Khufu takes you from your palaces in an kubu takes you to the grave person may cific I don't live in a palace. But as they say the proverb that every man's house is his palace, young cuckoo Mina dunya, in Accra, Allah will take all of us from this dunya towards in an era welcome Philip de moussaka, Metatron Illa hain. You're only in on this world for a short span of time, a short span of time you reside upon this earth then the return

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Back to Allah Subhana Allah. So this surah is awakening for us Muslims to remind ourselves about the preparation towards Allah Subhana Allah, this surah which is a makansutra even a moment show Can you see it begins to highlight mm Buhari goes to view is embodied in Surah I forgot to mention the end of the surah have certain words that the Prophet alayhi wa sallam he mentioned, for amongst the four by the surah at the cathode, also known as an mohindra that we find in Mr. Mohammed Hakeem that we find the Prophet Allah is not attributed him Yunus had leave his week but just to show highlight the importance of this surah he said when men come yesterday and he Accra alpha area, who amongst you is

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able to recite 1000 A yet obviously is very difficult read 1000 or yet in a night or in a day that we find if you're able to read surah to take care so that would be equivalent to 1000. A yet this surah when can hadn't had his wife his week, we fight about money has early insight, it's work Joe who are speaking about the jewels of the Quran, he says under an idea to Quran up thermen Sita elf the eye of the Quran more than 6000 6300 or 26, or a number that we find when we take the main thing of 6000. If we divide in six parts, you find out one part of the Quran speak about a cop speak about an era. So based upon this hadith is how this becomes true. There were reads the surah is equivalent

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to 1000 verses of the Quran, another week Hadees that we find to show the magnitude of the surah that a prophet Allah. He said when I recite this surah 10 then weep when I recite the surah. For him to study if you're not able to wait once I'm reciting his surah for to hear will then try to weep, meaning that the impact of the surah and pondering over the surah should make the individual week in a heartbeat is a sermon to me that we find ways to consider the falling Hades locale namely Adam where the young, if the son of Adam at two valleys of gold, he would want another value of gold, and nothing will fulfill that of the individual except for the Torah that enters into the mouth of the

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individual we are to below element term. And unlike * repentance, the one who repented back to Allah Subhana Allah, they should consider this as a verse of the Quran. If the 11th Hadees mentioned that the SIOP the wording of such a Hadith, there's a fall into the parameters of the language, the Quran, the Lamb your Quran is unique, it's very unique, the language the Quran, you can listen to reciting the Quran, you can make a distinction between the Quran and Hadith the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, but it shows how much reverence the show to this Hadith, about an era until this surah was sent down, that it nullified this concept about piling up this dunya that is Surah Now became

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sufficient for them and have Kumu khairthal had to macabre, this mutual rivalry amongst his and her co mahieu, Marnie and her poem, that is mutual right rivalry amongst yourself at Tibet, he because rattled man, as a man of ibaka desire to see dimensions dimension, boasting, boasting about your wealth, in such society that we find boasting about what you possess. And likewise we find this and how cool is it makes you shall not come and destroy takes you away from an era, you begin to focus. And in fernea, minute valkia, you begin to focus upon that which is going to perish to that which will reside or remain for eternity. That is, and how come is and how come, as I'm sure Gary

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mentioned, is the seed and how come and PA and circum it makes you forget, focusing towards Allah Subhana Allah and takes you away from and it takes you away from obedience towards Allah Subhana, Dianna and as we mentioned many times anything of the dunya when can handle and anything which is even permissible, if it takes you away from the remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah is going to be a form of loss for that individual, there's going to be a loss for an individual inside this dunya and likewise more so inside an IRA. So this unhackme that we find this mutual boasting amongst ourselves that the person things are excessive play and amusement a share of a mean mentioned side he's seen.

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It goes back to what Allah who play a lot in play and amusement. That's how many people are worried about play and amusement in authentic hadith that we find a month 1000 people 999 would go to the Hellfire from 1999 go to the * farm because they busy with this dunya they only worried about this dunya The rivalry of this dunya the both of us dunya call it an extra Minka melon was una fara inside Soto calf, that this person boasts an ox roaming Minka Mellon. I have more wealth than you. I have more progeny than you. That's what you read sort of gap. They should 18 to 110 versus Arbor fit and therefore fitting down

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Inside this surah, maracas Allah, we don't focus upon it amongst this fitna to man, the fitna of wealth that it can derail a person away from the path of Allah subhanaw taala. So, this boasting about one's wealth, one's property and rivaling for this and how can we care for that Allah mentioned at the cathode and that is an highlight what is this mutual rivalry, even if mutual rivalry can be unnecessary, it can be a cabal, your tribes, your lineage, your wealth, your children, your people, a mutual boasting about this, and as some of the relevant FRC dimension that the tribes would boast amongst themselves, the Koreans will boast to other tribes that look what

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what we possess, what we own, what we have, just like today, people have the clans, they have the tribes, they have their their family ancestry that they have, and they boast upon that, and a strange thing that inside the to see the surah that some of the alumni that they mentioned, even had tears or tumor macpaw but when they go to visit the graves, they still boasting that's one interpretation that when they enter the grave, they still boasting another this is agitair dinner. This is a family this is our tribe is our forefathers This is so and so this is so and so individual. They have been still taken that a bra. They still haven't taken the lesson. That's when

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a person's heart becomes coffee from the Casa kulu whom the hearts become harsh. This is somebody recommended to see the sort of Bukhara dimension that the context the sphere of this area is speaking about what what is it speaking about is speaking about a mode that the deaf we showed her a look kind of bought back the heifer the cow in front of the back to life. But still, they didn't. They did not wake up they don't then they saw death in front of them. And death came alive in front of them, they still want it more. More of a reminder what more of a reminder do you want? When death is day in front of you? Tanaka said colo bukem then a horse became even more harsh, more stern more

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hard than even a rock. And here only my begin to discuss about the heart should be something that is soft entity, something that when it sees the reminder, when it sees is of Allah Subhana Allah, what do you let kulu boom, their hearts become soft. Begin to quiver begin to shake, begin to remember Allah Subhana Allah, but these individuals boasting amongst themselves boasting around him and her Kumu Taka then we find two more macabre and the real meaning here is denia is had the zoo to macabre when you go and visit the graves.

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It doesn't mean visit the graves. It means

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that when you actually die that's when you're going to awakened all of this. us playing with this play and amuse him shove it inside etc. He brings numerous ayat speaking inside the Quran about Allah, Allah who the word level goes back to aloha calm mo animal hyah to Daniela a boon voila, when was he not what the first forum bainer come? What are Catherine family will have learned in social headed What is this word? these four things mutual boasting amongst yourselves about your world if your property play an amusement?

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And if we study a labor law, what is what is this dunya at the moment? I'm not here to downplay sports and activities. But look at this dunya look at this world around us that so many of us Muslims are sucked into this. We have the football then the Wimbledon then we have the Olympics then we have McLaren then we have this then we have that life continues then the World Cup then this then cricket and this I'm not going to delve into what's halal and haram just understand the concept yourself. Life was as as become play amusement, one game to another game that we find Muslim, my Maya a foreigner applied that they don't know they believe

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sport is just a sport. There is no one Walla Walla Bora, there is no loyalty in disloyalty. There is no increase of Islam or decrease of Islam, that people feel so passionate passionate about it, there is going to be some form of success for us. There are there are parameters of Allah subhanho dude of Allah, that a person exists in there certain things a person does to strengthen Islam to make Islam become more vocal, more powerful, that those symbols of Islam are those of practicing Islam. That's what makes Islam powerful. These are things of the dunya that they derail us and so many Muslims are emotional about this. And just as a side point, come, come in a nurse. How many people prayed prayed

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McGregor and Aisha on that day? I don't care It was 55 years. Incoming. I don't care 55 years, cuz that could have been your final moment of your life. Are you going to say dilla? I was waiting 55 years so I didn't go to the machine. Is that your excuse in front of Allah? What what I base

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Excuse what a base excuse that person could feel even so comfortable to think that I have this 55 years old now there's no harm in going to the masjid for men, where kung fu sent either to school curry remastered and if you live close to the masjid, you gave preference to this.

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Rather than coming in front of Allah, and it shows our feet and we cry about the world

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we reap about the world. We weep about our suffering. We can't pick ourselves up for five minutes to go to the machine and come back. Modern technology allows you to record to watch replays to see it later on. That's what it allows you to do you have that facility that I'm giving a tacit approval to it by this day if you want to do it, but it shows that for Eamonn Duff and Haman does a liquor license have a weakness of meeting a law that now your your Eman is so weak, that you give preference to this. They should be great to obstacles in our life to make us to stop coming to the masjid. Greater obstacles that have come there that stopped us from coming to the machine we can

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genuinely say to Allah is a genuine excuse, a sickness, a calamity, some hardship, traffic, some kind of hindrance that the person can use excuse what excuses this. Likewise, we find the opposite that we've noticed that many times outside of society when certain sports take place, whether it be MMA fights, or boxing take place in Las Vegas to take place at different time zones. People come for fajita hamdulillah it's a good thing they come for fudger but where are they? If the rest of the days?

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Why don't make it a point in case to be there for identical? What's the sport? Or what's this game? Where's your demand for the rest of the days? Why don't you have that same passionate feeling inside your heart? Why am I not there every single day for further Why don't have that feeling to get up exert myself. you exert yourself to stay up to watch this. You exert yourself with that but you won't exert yourself to come to the house of Allah. Allah. What are you doing the Salah in the pacella they only come when they come to Salah they're dragging their feet as call to salah and aluna 15 the most difficult prayer for the hypocrites is schelotto further and slightly Russia we

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can all check ourselves make a checklist of ourselves how many times have a Miss fudger in the masjid, and other missed Russia. I'm watching this for watching this can eating this meeting this person doing it every day is becoming ritually a practice in our lives. It should be it should be abnormal. It should be once in a while a person delayed through the server a person has to meet someone do something once in a month maybe once in a while. But every other day that we find this become habitual, it shows that our link with the last part is a weak link. This is also things that derail us from a loss from Diana and her Kumu Taka hatter's or to makabe until you visit the grave.

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And here we find this idea as many toggery inserted to see begin to speak about the eye zoom to merkabah makabe visiting the grave about death is even speaks about our double cover.

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And you find some duration sort of empty remedy that we find that mm early earlier and consider that this is we were looking for an iron ore surah inside the Quran that will speak about punishment the grave and this is the iron ore This is the surah that a surah is speaking about almost speaking about the punishment inside the grave. Hector's or Tamil McCubbin Wakanda, the Arab, the Arab said one like

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the one who's visiting is not is not going to be residing in a place because Allah didn't say Hector moochie mean Hector, you stay in the graves, Beamer, another this is also a temporary location. As I'm sad inside is the CD mentioned, you're going to pass the grave to go to an era. So meaning that

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you're going to be resurrected, the after the station of the great there's going to be another ending. There's going to be the real success. People that as we've said players in this dunya winners and losers, that the dunya is a replica of an archive it's going to be winners and losers inside an era winners are going to whom as horrible jannetty whom will fare is oon people of gender going to be fair, his own and those people focus on is dunya news this dunya Hasina dunya will of Hera Allah, Danica will host Ron will be the losers who lose this world and lose an era that is the most manifest loss. So be praised of the of dunya for an era Don't be praised the dunya for the test

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for the sake of the dunya There are many ways that we enticed into this, that we this becomes a pattern inside Allah, this becomes a benchmark, it becomes a role model. The role model is a Sahaba. His companions is ambia where Russell was solid, he was Shahada was the DP there, those are the role models that we should be aspiring to look up to 8090 years old that we've

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One conquering have a hint that we find Istanbul during Constantinople.

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Victory given an age of a young individual, Muhammad Fatah what age 1819 years old.

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The progress of zedi been serving 18 years old send him on the final expedition selected him at a professor passed away. And then they began to say that no, maybe we shouldn't send these to inexperienced. Let us select another senior colleague or senior person to lead his army know if the professor selected this individual while he was living. So it's well enough good is that now he's pastoring that we should still send data to be established to lead the army. When our Shabaab at the age of 80, whether the age of 90 with an age of 20. Where are they? What is their life? What is the aspiration? How many youth just pass away in a few tiled manner, in a baseless manner? What may

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Allah forbid? What is going to be the ending of such individuals that we find what's known as a double digit person who failed the punishment of the grave? Does he find that the visiting the graves that ultimately begin to discuss based upon this idea so many a hadith the Prophet is I'm encouraging people to go and visit the grave. I lacantina hate to command Z or kill Cabo for su ha, I prohibited you from visitor grades because that time to dismantle sherek image dismantle the coming of grave and asking from the grave. But now, the story has been established. So now go and visit the graves. because it reminds you about Akira. There it is known as what is known as the

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thing that kills the desires the passion. I had the moolah, that middle of Blizzard has the moon lizard, that which destroys desires, passions, in his halali destroy what destroys them. It's the grave that you find that in some sub was

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mentioned that what is the matter with this human being that what is your end, the cover, the end of your life is going to be the restriction of the grave. That's it That's the end of your life. So all these challenges all these lines that you live, all these whatever you tried to do in your life, that that is the end result that small location that said, let's find a hardy uncovered ama hole from and hopefully Jenna is going to be Riyadh myriad in general going to be either a garden, this this cavity this hole has been dug is going to be either going to be a garden amongst the gardens of Paradise, or is going to be amongst a pitch of the hellfire. That's what the grave is going to be

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for every single individual. That's why Rosemary been our friend on the Atlantic Canada Yankee used to weep and his beard would tend to come down his grave and people ask why why are you weeping? there's far more dimensions to Cobra happen and their judgment. He said in the old man's evil manners in our era. This is the first station of the station's era. Were we successful now inside the grave will be successful forever. Read about other will cover as at least it all will take place inside the grave. All of us we know the basic questions, man Rob book, Maddie, no, woman Nabhi you, all of us we know we know these questions. We're all programmed to know them. Who is your Lord your

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Lord is Allah. Who is your prophet? I said to the Prophet Muhammad, Allah salatu salam, what is your religion, Medina, venial Islam or Deen my way of life is an Islam all of us know. We all are to this now whilst we're living. We will know the answers. So why the questions they were the answers there. Why are they therefore because come in a nurse. How many people will not be able to utter the answer? You submit to Lola Dina Manu will call it sir beautiful hayati dunya, Kira, Allah will give that give the ability for people to utter these words inside his dunya and inside an IRA and I'm certainly sorry to see dimensions I'll call 232 cola either in the law, Allah will give the ability

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in the Latino called Ramune Allah for Mr. camuy. tetanus, Allah, Allah Hafiz

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them to I don't know Alia confit hierarchy dunya or fill

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in the Medina call una buena LA. Those who say Our Lord is Allah full muster camu they remain steadfast upon that. What happens to these individuals that are not going to Allah? Allah, aka angels, they descend upon them, they greet them and let the half what are the No, don't say don't grieve? Well, I'm sure we'll have glad tidings of paradise of that which was promised. Well, what I don't like

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the promise of Allah Allah is true. Don't ever question a promise or a question ourselves. Question ourselves, what am I done in my life, to have the promise of Allah

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Canada Ireland. So you find the journey of the soul as we mentioned, we've had people borrow I've been asked them, that journey of the soul will take place with every single one of us. Hector's or two makabe can the sofa and the moon and a similar mother mentioned canastota Moon fill cover. inside the grave, you'll get to know Phil McCullough. So then again, you'll get to know inside of Earth, Hera, what can you tell him to southern

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Canada, this this letter or this word is as early Mark discussed, it isn't just the word Canada, of the only seeing all this context is enough to awaken the individual. Just one word or enema discuss that if you studied linguistically, if a person in authority is somebody defames them or says something about them at a moment in time, they're not able to get hold of them, then say you will get to know. So for example, while in a muscle Allah, I person is a king of this world, a governor of this world, that somebody says something about this individual any person or authority or even a father speaking to the children, because at a moment, they may be restricted, they say Calla sofa

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and then you will get to know that person will have sleepless nights. Why will have sleepless nights because they know another word, or this this effect, that this person has the ability to carry out what they're promising upon me that the ruler that when he does get hold of me, He will punish me he will torture me he will bring me to the gallows. That's human psyche. That's what the CFO This is this context is speaking about an earther I speak about the grave. So Allah says

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that you should know that after all, it is this preparation, you should know for a fact there is no escaping from Allah. There is no escaping from Allah, Canada so fatahna Moon foot McCullough sofa, Tana moon, then again you will get to know Canada Lota Allah Muna in Malaya keen. Then the last takeaway any shubha you're getting to know a certain knowledge. As I'm sure TT speaks about the three levels of knowledge of IU Yaki and hackle Yaki that a person is hears about the car but they believe in the Kaaba, when a person looks at a photo of the car by becomes a new again is becomes more stronger knowledge. But when a person is actually physically there, because again, it becomes a

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reality. These are the stages of psyche of the human being that the Quran discusses inside the surah that Allah speaks from it at a distance. They're more closer than the reality that when you are brought forth in front of Allah subhanaw taala and then a lot of the reminds us that you're going to see Sumatra again and again, you're going to see with certainty, you're going to see jehane you're going to see jahannam

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weiming Camila Rida Turner Allah Rebecca hotma Mk Leah, there's no one of you except when you have to cross the bridge. You have to cross the path to enter into Jenna Arabica. This is something is a promise upon the last one is going to establish is going to be a fact there's no escaping from Allah subhana wa Tada. So this is the warning for individual reality of seeing him on that day then the person may begin to begin to reflect and begin to read the Quran is a social movement when people begin to blame their friends. blame their friend suited for con person will say exactly the same thing. Yeah, why later it to her to Fullerton, kalila local attorney and his decree but the journey

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whoa upon me, whoa upon me that I took this person as a friend took him as a colleague, an intimate friend, lock on attorney and a decree by the journey took me away from guidance. When I knew I was on guidance come in Shabaab, how many of our youth they read Quran read a Salah have good intentions, good life, but they begin to mix with the wrong crowd and what happens? It derails them. It takes them away from Allah Subhana Allah. That's the masses of our youth, at the moment, come in a full URL, how many questions we face on a daily basis of people who are away from the path of Allah, that it indoctrinate themselves with vices and sins and lost the path. They don't know where

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they are, just in his, in his week on speed, speak to a person who's inside prison, sentenced to 22 years, claiming that he's innocent of this crime, what is heinous crime, but I asked him a simple question that 20 years prior to this, what was your life?

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What was your life in the 20 years build up towards this? It was nothing but disobedience of Allah. So reflect upon your life. This could be a form of

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bahara a form of purity that Allah is purifying you 20 years you disobeyed him, you live life like a character called

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a hammer or tesni. What does make you shall lie steal Rob fornication, commit adultery, take drugs, drink and call do every single neuron under the sun

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and inside out What? Why am I being punished for

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one hour of Luca be the lemon in Abuja law doesn't oppress anyone. But it could be confounded. I love to love this individual wants his individual to awaken. That's the way we should see this. Because he was asking me, those people who set me up into prison, should I go and take hits on them? I said, what kind of alcohol is this? That's what most people want to hear, give me a photo of those people place me let me go and retaliate. There's no retaliation, because if they didn't retaliate against you, your mindset was to retaliate against them. So your mindset is exactly the same. They've done it you they didn't get you, you would have got them. So you both deserve equal

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punishment. usually come take yourself out of the psyche and think that what will Allah say to me? No one is street safety. What people will say to me, oh, my street credentials or what happened to me, this one is a big ego, would it be Islamic concepts? Or St. Paul's is the biggest sickness inside our society is enough is the ego. Most of our debates with fellow Muslims is about the ego that he said this about me. He spoke this about me, he made this comment about me. He said this about me is nothing but the ego will come Tolleson Maharaja use and say you overlook these things. They don't mean many things don't mean much for individual on a path of Allah Subhana Allah. But

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because of the ego this person said this about me because it's still j helia. You still don't ponder reflecting of the grave that what will I be that when you leave this dunya after a short while, what will happen? People are going to proclaim Your name. They're no longer when you could proclaim Your name, that you're so and so people are going to say where is the dead corpse of so and so I in a juicer with the copes with the berean bring the burial. Bring the dead one. Bring him here. That's it. That's how you think you remembered as a few minutes. So your legacy collapses, your life collapses, your entourage collapses, your ego collapses, your life collapses. The only thing that

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remains day in that darkness is the ego within yourself of preparation.

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That's the only thing that in your soul. Now, the only thing that you're thinking about is now when Allah asked me when monka and Nikita asked me when they asked me I am now ready to respond. No, I'm ready to respond to the people around me and waste all my life. waste my time worrying about what other people do. Other people say. I'll have to move to Castle hotels or tomorrow makabe has derailed many of us away from the path of Allah Subhana Allah thermolysis aluna Yama is in rd nearing the end of the surah concludes that you're going to be asked about a Noreen about neerim the blessings of Allah and Allah has been bestowed upon all of us. Mm. So you decided to begin to list

00:33:17 --> 00:33:37

all the different blessings that Allah and Allah has bestowed upon us. And some traditions or Hadees, that we find that the Prophet actually came out feet deep enough in a good state in a good soul, in a state of happiness, Felicity and he said that this is this is not aim. This is success. This is a bounty of a lot of even a person being content.

00:33:38 --> 00:34:07

It doesn't mean a content means to have wealth, and arena, enough in the header one richness is richness of the soul. So when your person comes out in the morning and in a state of peace and rest, and content with their life, this is a Noreen, this is the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala upon that upon the individual, a lack of the numerous relevant ahaadeeth or tifosi dimension, this famous narration whereby the Prophet alayhi salatu salam he came out one day, in a state of state of hunger.

00:34:08 --> 00:34:45

And he met Abubakar Rama, Rama, Anna both of them had also come out in the state of hunger walking around, there may be someone may call them for some food to eat and to drink. So he asked them what brought you out what is brought you to a newer hunger. So they asked the progress of what has brought you out. At this time of the day. He said the same thing has bought me out. So he said, Come let us go to one of our companions, that maybe we can get something to eat and to drink. Sarah come to the house of one of the companions. The companion isn't home. And a wife is at the door sure that he's arriving very soon. As soon as he sees the Prophet Raisa, and his companions, he becomes over

00:34:45 --> 00:34:59

Joyce. He becomes so happy to the guests inside my house is a prophet Mohammed Salah Salem. So he takes down some router takes down some fresh dates and it gives him to the prophet and he takes a a knife or a utensil

00:35:00 --> 00:35:40

And appropriate some system that don't slow to one, which is giving milk because it will benefit you. So he goes out and he sacrifices the animal. They cook it and they eat, they enjoy themselves they speak, then they leave. But look at the psyche of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam Look at his deep teaching of his companions. As we began, we're not here to stop people for play an amusement, but there's a balance. He said, um, look how we came out in a state of hunger, no food and no drink. Indeed. So mulatos aluna, Yama is in an in name, that he recited these verses you're going to be asked about this simple meal. For us we think nothing like we everyday we eat when we drink well.

00:35:41 --> 00:36:21

You know the professor, most of his life to the animal I hardly ever did he eat meat inside his life. They lived in a sedan, the to black thing, just water and date. And even that some really matter fussy dimension, that in itself is a blessing. Whoever has some trinkets of water and a few dates, that is aneri. That's richness. That's richness that your anything beyond that, you're going to be asked about that. Compare that to our lives, of what we what we possess, what we own what we have, and we think we won't be asked about it. Some of us we have the we have the mentality, this is my Jew right? There is nothing which is a Jew right? It is a Jew right that belongs to Allah Subhana

00:36:21 --> 00:37:00

Allah if you do enjoy the blessings of Allah, rather than make mention of them, one Nabina Madeira beaker Fahad, this, speak about them, share them, encourage them, you use your wealth, in the right direction, in the right direction, helping the Muslim society helping Muslims around us. That's the after the intellectual individual who is leaving behind his legacy. He leaves behind a wealth for the benefit of society around makes a walk, make something that will benefit people around. That's why some people may say that, you know, somebody, these Arabs that the lifestyle that they live, but some of them, they are very, very intelligent individuals. They have used their wealth to benefit

00:37:00 --> 00:37:38

Muslim society, they leave behind a legacy that lately ran out of the Libyan trust that benefit Muslims after them. That's what we should, we should take the hey the goodness, they've always blessed me with wealth, blessed me with something that I should be the intellectual individual, use this wealth, use this property, make things that will help the wider society to help them to come away from misguidance to come away from play and amusement. My loss panda give us all a topic and ability to stay away from that which will derail us from the remembrance of a lost count. I take us away from his remembrance and make us live a balanced lives. Yes, we live in this modern world

00:37:38 --> 00:37:51

around us. We don't deny that fact. But live a balanced life and instilling ourselves that don't become so overcome with rivalry and boasting and is dunya and lose and lose your vision towards an era.


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