Suleiman Hani – In Love With The Quran #02 – A Deal You Cant Refuse

Suleiman Hani
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the value of reciting the Quran for a better life, as it provides insight into the natural state of the believers and helps them achieve their goals. They also mention the importance of investing in one's mental state and prioritizing one's life to achieve success. The speaker encourages people to commit to their dreams and create a commitment to achieve their goals.
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Why does Allah subhanho wa Taala compare the RE citation of the Quran to a business transaction? Allah subhanaw taala says in Medina yet Luna kita about law he went up almost slowly tawa felt

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Ron's opponent gonna serum wrong,

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Tony on June. Yet on June 18, John Walton taboo, those who recite the book of Allah, and they give in charity from what Allah gave them secretly and openly, they seek a reward that never ends endless reward. What does that mean? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam before Islam was known to have two occupations. He was a shepherd and he was a merchant. There are many wisdoms that the scholars have reflected on as to why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and every prophet before him was a shepherd. But what wisdoms Can you think of as to why he was a merchant, trade, makes the world go around, look around you the phone that you're using right now to watch this, or your TV, or

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everything in your house and the clothes that you are wearing, the necessities that you need, and the things that are beyond all made possible by trade. How's that facilitated by humanity's collective desire for profit, to make more this kind of conduct this practice of the believers, the resuscitation of the Quran is being compared to a trade bargain. Why? Because people invest a man or a woman invest their money, their labor, their capabilities, in the hopes that you're not just going to get back what you put in, but rather you're going to profits that there is more likewise, a believer invest his or her wealth, time, labor capabilities, energy in carrying out the commands of

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the Creator, then living for Allah subhanaw taala. And trying to promote what is revealed what is good for all of mankind as well. And you have a hope here that you're going to be rewarded. But Allah will bless you with so much more from His bounty. And there's a great difference between these two kinds of transactions or bargains. In the worldly trade, there is the risk of loss, along with some hope for profits. There's always that risk but in the bargain that a sincere servant has with Allah subhanaw taala there is no risk of loss whatsoever.

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Someone might ask, don't you lose time reading the Quran? Don't you lose time reading an hour or two every single day and doing acts of worship. Now, we all appreciate that there are certain actions that although they take time, they will add immense value to the remaining portion of our time. For example, exercise takes a lot of time, but it gives back in a way that helps you in every other area of your life, such as your mental state, your productivity, your energy, in fact, it contributes to your life in so many different ways it is a blessing to take care of one's body. Furthermore, there is an added Baraka a blessing added to one's life in the remaining portion of what you gave away.

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And so as you recite the Quran, the time that you gave Allah subhanaw taala will put blessings, not aka in the rest of the other time. And of course, this applies to many other habits, building relationships with people that are meaningful, meaningful relationships takes an incredible amount of time. But these relationships enrich our lives. The greatest relationship to enrich is with Allah subhanaw taala. And the Quran does all of these things and more. What does it bring to your life, healing stabilizes you, it guides you, it instructs you prioritizes your life it helps you to be resilient when you're going through hardships. And that extends your life beyond the days you spend

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on this earth meaning you're going to experience a great reward. Some people look at stocks and cryptocurrencies, degrees and real estate, hoping for some kind of future return some benefit or value. But this particular verse, we are talking about those who recite the book of Allah, this is the verse of the Quran reciters you're hoping here for something much greater than just the time that you put in. You're hoping for a return a profit here, a return that does not end it does not run out. It is endless. Now, it's hard for us to imagine the comparison between putting in an hour and getting back an eternity. But some people in this life hear about certain stocks or

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cryptocurrencies or anything else, they hear that it's going to skyrocket in value. So what do some people do? They rush and they spend hours researching and they invest a lot of things hoping for a massive return. If you want to see FOMO the fear of missing out look at those who were rushed to secure acts of worship, to remember a lot with every waking hour. And that's the one thing I shot all the Aloha shirt

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reported that the believers would regret on the Day of Judgment an hour that passed by, and you didn't remember Allah. So Let's all make this commitment together. Today is the perfect time to commit. Write this down if you can in sha Allah Allah. I will read the Quran every day in sha Allah. You can type it as a comment here or on your phone in your journal or anywhere else. But make sure to write it down. Set a sincere intention and may Allah subhanaw taala make you and us people of the Quran

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