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As we mentioned most of this Quran is a journey of Musa This is a story the main prayers inside the story off their own Kowloon and her man, these are the three this is our own. This attacted existed right at the beginning. What does he want to do? He wants to slay the children and kill the women put in context in today's world, they come outside houses and they announced them in a megaphone and people thinking Who are these names? Are they asking for their names of the children that they want to take out? A child who's five years old, is dragged, had locked, persecuted doesn't even see the small children. You see them the speaker the powerful men and women that we're not going to give in?

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We're not going to move an inch of our land. I'm about LUFA agnostic, I'll have DC Kitab Allah will tell you who the WHO THE Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa early he was alum was Sharon OMO. Remind us to her What color does a tin bead are called a bit Attenborough tinfoil hat in Wakanda Bala let him finner rubbish roughly salary or your silly Emery wash look determinedly Cerny of Oahu poli, of the praising Allah subhanaw taala and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa earlier Salam, continuing a series of supplications of calling and besieging and asking Allah subhanaw taala whereby we mentioned that the natural need of the

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human being is to be not left in a state of poverty, especially when it comes to the genealogy or the lineage or as family members around him. That we mentioned that supplication highlight insight tools and assorted for current speaking about the bad Rama and the servants of Allah subhanaw taala that amongst his supplication is bestowed upon us righteous progeny righteous children that become coda to our union to become the coolness of our eyes, that is the spiritual dimension that human beings searches for. Because we mentioned that amongst even non Muslims that they began to recognize that power is via the amount of children that you have and the wealth that you possess. And this is

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a natural phenomenon of the human being as Allah mentioned, the you know, nursery for Bucha where demand and you say well burnin, while Kanata Remo Contura team and the heavy will feed the well Halal MUSAWAH to Alana. Well an army will have the beginning of sort of algebra Allah mentioned so you know, the nasty horrible shout him in and he said the thing that man loves the COVID is greed to possess it to own these things. Is marriages women, Albanian, his children. Well, gold silver, branded horses, property land tilth, these are the Matera these are the provisions is dunya what the human being likes wants to possess wants to own because Allah mentioned Allah Ya Allah Moolman Haluk

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well, we'll have a full copy it does not Allah know what he's created. He knows what the human being what it wants inside this dunya that's what Allah mentioned. And mal will balloon Xena to higher to dunya wealth and property is the beautiful things of this dunya that people aspire to have. No one wants to be impoverished now wants to be in a state of poverty that wants to be in a state of of asking or relying upon other people. So you find many Arab proverbs are mentioned about poverty, that that you find, poverty and *er will go to cover that poverty leads a person towards disbelief at times. Obviously Allah has destined some people will be poor, but it can lead to go for

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that person wants to aspire to attain certain things inside their life, or the environment around him pushes them to begin to maybe steal or to rob or to harm people to take something thinking that I'm in a state of need to have every right to do this inside my life, and also the mental Locanda *er and Roger and Lakota to who somebody attribute is to the statement I live in every party woman or kebab. So he has a famous statement if *er was to be classified as a human being in front of you, Lakota Do you slay it, you'd kill it, because of the harm that poverty can cause upon the person. But people will be at times in poverty. People will be poor as we find the Misaki will

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unfold enter into paradise 500 years before the rich people. So it's a contradiction between these statements and his understanding. No, there isn't. Because those people have become content in their life. They have contentment they recognize that this is what Allah Fanta is destined for me. They don't go beyond the limits and the bounds to begin to do haram things or wrong things to try to claim their share, or so called share of this dunya begin to break the Hadoo the rights and regulations of Allah subhanho wa Taala and prior to all of this the Prophet himself mentioned llama India all the big Amel Kufri will *er he sought refuge from Cofer disbelief and Faqad poverty.

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You can see the relationship that you mentioned that poverty can lead towards Kufa towards disbelief towards

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being ungrateful, without which Allah Allah has bestowed upon every single one of us. And in the grand scheme of things

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that we are all in need wallow who will honey you were untouchable for Cara, the Allah's panda he is who they will reach. We are for Cara, we are all poor in front of Allah subhanaw taala that even whatever we we possess of this dunya what we own whatever we claim to have its own Marula. It's all a wealth of Allah Subhana Allah, you're just playing custodians on this dunya that's who we're playing, it's all belongs to Allah subhanaw taala that you find in this this iron is discussions going to speak about those people who believe that wealth, power control might, authority belongs to them. And it makes such audacious statements as we deserve it. It belongs to us that Allah's

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pantalla selected us to be those people in sovereign power and govern governing our people that is a month like a logic that Quran speaks about heavily and deeply. that many of us can't seem to strike those lessons inside the Quran. The Quran is a story that plays again and again and again. That's when people think that the Quran stops and Quran Yetta Quranic continues stories, it continues history, it continues life, because it doesn't stop at one prophet, or one generation one people. It continues for all time that we mentioned of Quran is timeless, is a timeless journey, that any moment you can read the Quran, see set of verses of the Quran, they come into play, they come into

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motion and you begin to see the world around us. This is what the Quran even today is what he's speaking about. If all you understood the verses of Allah subhanaw taala, that we find that his worldly riches, and his spiritual riches, because when we mentioned it, the wife of Iran, she wanted a worldly rich that she wanted her own child. So she made the same statement of Cora to you and caught up to it, and they want a coolness of my eyes, he wanted a child. So whatever we want the riches of the dunya, the riches of the Accra. It's all in a supplication we make on a daily basis. Tina Fey dunya Hassan,

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Hassan are working on other burner, give us good in his world, and he was good in the hereafter, a good world a good life, good things in his dunya that we can use to get to Allah subhanaw taala give us good inside an earthly IRA and save us from the punishment of the Hellfire the greatest gold that we find. So in those supplication we spoke about from sorted for con, that you showed the human nature just like we spoke about Unison Zachary and all his previous prophets, somebody supplication there to show the human nature for us human beings in our lives, that look what these prophets what they went through, and look how they turned to Allah Subhana Allah, look at their wording. Look at

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their state home, their condition your deeds or love individuals by Allah's Bounty under normal Hulk, the best of the creation of Allah's Panther look at sometimes he takes him on such a such a hard journey. Exploit him to such a degree to bring out the best of them, the best of mankind best of humans, for what purpose? The a cost the EVA, why does Allah kind of bring the professor from so many hardships, so many difficulties, loves him abundantly, selected him and chose him, drove him through all these hardships, to refine himself doesn't be able to claim a God who speaks about their hardships come upon the people have come up on a person, it's only to clear the environment is to

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clear the environment at what comes next is going to be far greater, far greater blessings, far greater peace, far greater success. So at that moment in time, we just see these hardships. We see this bloodshed, turmoil, destruction, tribulation, fit and trials to be destruction. That's what we see all around us. But inside that all of that is something that we can't imagine. We can't understand what's going to take place beyond that. And amongst those prophets, that grand scheme of things, is Musa alayhis salam. As we mentioned most of this Quran speaks about is the journey of Musa Leadsom the grand scheme of things a man of difficulties that this prophet he went through,

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that Allah mentioned, once will come as somebody will ask me Muresan be patient like those grand prophets and ultimate diversity mentioned the grand prophets of five prophets. Nor Ibrahim Musa where isa wannabe you know, Muhammad was to be the grand prophets all Azmi men are often worried about their life this series Why does Allah select BS five out of the 25 mentioned inside the Quran and others that came

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after them or before them? Why these specific prophets read this series to see what they went through these individuals. That's why

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He's inside Buhari with Musa Ali Salam or the Prophet I mentioned he made the Israel Almira journey, only that alien Omen I saw the nations and he saw the Sawada. Now the Mossad is great blood, crowd of Gregory clustering of deserting of people, immense crowd of people, millions of people.

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And he thought that that was his nation. He thought that was his people. He said, No, that's not your people. That is a people of moods that sorry that your people Doctor professor, that is the people Musa that he said, Look to the opposite direction and see your nation that your nation will be far more greater nation to the nation of Musa alayhis salam. And then a hadith inside say Muslim that we find in speaking about the night journey as well, where the prophets are made this journey going up into the heavens meeting all different prophets, leading them in prayer and Baitul macness. The hook whereby he left the Baroque we tied the Baroque still remains in beta muck, this may Allah

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has had a liberated once again, it's a blessing region press blessing environment, where he tied the Baroque. And then he was taken up into the heavens, from beyond that. When he stepped into all the different stages of the heavens. He met different prophets and he greeted him they said, Who is this young prophet amongst us, beloved prophet, who came after us. When he goes past the sixth heaven he goes past Musa alayhis salam goes past Musa La Silla mo gives him salaam give the greetings, the Musa is and begins to weep, but then Yep, Ki Musa began to cry.

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It's a sad sir. Hey, Muslim Kitab Iman, instead of Musa the strong tag is strong individual. The why why is Muslim? Why is he crying? He said that this young individual has got a far greater following a nation than me, I thought had such a great following. But look at his young prophet, the amount of people that came after him, following the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam. And as we find that this journey of Musa and a Salaam in a state of weakness of fatigue and tiredness is a long journey right from the beginning. sootel Bacara. It just begins with Musa alayhis salam. It begins with Bani Israel. The journey just continues throughout the Quran, of the journey of Musa and A salaam, but

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specific in such a way to cuss us in the 28th Chapter of the of the Quran, the 77 or 88 Odd verses that we find a McDonald except for one versus random I begin to discuss even as soon as conservator costs us the the sort of stories, even I should mention that what else is mentioned inside the Quran, previous inside Surah Yusuf, but through the use of he sat down afterwards. So that's what this surah is given the story being called so to us for la magia who will cost Sally Kasasa based upon his verse that occurs inside the surah that when he came to his one of us sure a Brene said I mean he came to the Father, two daughters and he narrated his story to them. So this is a story of

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Musa alayhis salam. That's the Imam so ut mentioned that Al Quran Kulu is Musa alayhis salam, the whole Quran is just Musa alayhis salam, hundreds of times Musa is mentioned inside the Quran. So as it is, so they will continue to Costas can be called Surah Musa. Because of these 88 verses, the first 50 verses only speak about Musa alayhis salam that is slight pause in a break, and from where 75 or 77 onwards all the way to the end of the Surah it returns back to the story of Musa Ali Salam. So as if the whole story, the whole surah the story mentioned inside the surah is nothing but Musa and A salaam, amongst the Torah seem that will seem is as soon as I begin with thought seed meme

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already free. So let's begin with our seed meme inside the Quran a running in accordance, sorta sorta sharara, the 26th chapter, then SUTA nama then so to us, it comes to conclusion, the the sort of that we find is a sin that somebody will begin to discuss about this attribute of the sword has been given his title to be given these names, so Mikaze to sort of what is the intent of the surah? Because obviously, we can't go through all 88 verses. But remember, I plucked out the main intent of the surah that's plausible inside this discussion, is to show Qudra to Allah subhanaw taala to show the power and the mind of Allah Subhana Allah. So that's what I mentioned, what about DeviceID that

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mobu are the surah is to show the strength and the power of Allah, how will destroy these individuals, and those who become full of pride and arrogance about themselves. Sacrifice recipe to me need to give affirmation to the believing individual is a verse in self image alcohol if you're going to be successful, another place not in the same sort of mental, okay, but too little mood in the end is going to be for the pious individuals. So this conviction inside the surah that even all these hardships, only difficulties, there is going to be victory for the believers, for the Muslims that's going to take place

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likewise, Imam Bukhari mentions a toa Allah subhanaw taala to be a humble person, to be humble individual with a blessing that Allah Subhana Allah has bestowed upon us and also inside is sorted we find some of the topics that this sort of begins to speak about is the Quran itself as it begins with a speaks about the code to be unfair own, speaks about the oppression of founder he carried out. What if sir do in a corruption he carried out upon this earth was the millet Musa anism the decree of the birth of Musa and A salaam, and a story of antipathy, the one Musa went and killed this, this individual is mentioned inside the surah Allah qualifying the strengthening of the Eman

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of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam and at the end of the story finds itself caught on and he's oppression I began to carry out upon his people in Surah begins to speak about and just to look at certain verses, before we come to the main verse, this main door of Musa Elijah, I'm gonna be in Neelima Anza della human hide in Fakir because we have to mention the prelude to this. How does Musa lism come to the state of making this dua to Allah that we can use today? Oh my Lord, I'm in a state of weakness, poverty, I'm in a bad state. Whatever you send up down upon me, I'm in need of it. So you have to read the prelude to understand the journey of the surah the journey of Musa is up to why

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does he eventually come to make this application to Allah Subhana Allah because this isn't one of those occasions that Allah just mentioned the verse Allah mentioned, the whole Prelude. Our whole journey of Musa isn't just the use of La Silla mentioned the whole journey, when it comes to this dire state and his dire need Tassie meme Tilka to Kitab in Mubin, by these who have no Katara indeed, this is a clear book that was sent down, not too early. I mean, nobody moves around a bit. We send down the story of Musa alayhis salam and his relationship with Iran with truth. They call me Menon for people to believe, to revitalize the EMA and so implicated he mentioned this verse is just

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like how Allah began Surah Yusuf, Allah began to the use of amazing natinal Nakusoo alayka Arsenal Casa CB Mao hyena alayka heard the Quran when condemning Kabila mineral coffee lead. That's why because he understands this verse. That is a true story. Just like the story of use of valets and pay attention to the story. What happened to Musa let's I'm inside this journey in of your own and fill out, throne became arrogant, Anna fill armed. There's another place in the end of the Quran, he mentions about himself when he speaks about himself. What did he say another book como Allah, I'm your almighty lord. Another place we'll call him he don't you see, I'm your mighty God, I'm your

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Lord, I'm your deity, you should worship Me. Don't you see these rivers flowing underneath my palace? That he says to his servants, as well says to the followers around him, Do you know another deity besides me look at his arrogance. Look at his kalimat look at his words. He professes himself how he displays himself and you could see the Ferrara and you could see in a museum leaving Egypt at the moment how they displayed their strength, their mind, their power, the arrogance to show to the people. That's why they had this, this false bottled belief that when we die, all our treasures that are buried with us will take us to the hereafter. That's where they built the supreme pyramids, they

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remained today was classified as the seven wonders of the world. They don't wonders of the world, their signs are yet little motor was see mean to see that these people built these great big pyramids and believed that they could protect themselves from death. And they believe that in the Hereafter, we're going to take our treasures, all his gold is trying to be buried inside the depths of these pyramids, were going to be resurrected with inside an era. That's the belief that was the conviction. Even today, so people out they think they think they can buy life and death. They think that when we die, we're going to return back once again, because of Quran mentioned that on the day

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of judgment that the believing individuals and an arrow aka young rune, they will be standing there, there'll be reclining neck coaches on the couches. There'll be laughing at them because they used to love us inside this dunya. Every time they go pasta believing individuals, they scoff at them, they look down upon them. They belittle them. Look at some of these people that the moment is not hidden. Look at the hatred, that Muslims are scams, we to wipe out all the Palestinians, we do wipe out our whole of Gaza. They don't deserve to live their creatures. Despite this, the ants, the evil people, they're the animals. They don't deserve a life. They need to be wiped out. These are open words they

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profess. That is saying to the whole world. And then he's saying to the whole world, do whatever you want to do. Do whatever you want to do. This is what our vision is, this is what we want to do. dare anyone come and stand in front of us?

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And what is the state of us? What is the state of our weakness? If I just start Musa alayhis salam when he said to me

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After seeing all these armies, all his journey, they said to Musa in Jnana mudra Khun waiting to be overpowered, there is fear on behind with all of his troops.

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Musa somebody's journey, what does he say to these people? What did you remind them? We're not living for 5060 years. We've been here for 14 145 years.

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That's how long we've been here for. Even prior to that as Muslims of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, that's how long we've been here for. Where's that conviction? Where's our iman? What is Musa say to us people call a cannula. He said no, we're not going to be overtaken in Namara mera bisa. Dean, my Lord is with me, he's going to guide me, he's going to give us victory. Don't give up hope that for the Palestinian people, they said that a greatest thing you can give up on them. The greatest thing you can give up on them is hope.

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When you give up hope we've lost

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whatever you have hope we didn't you, you climb mountains. You achieve so many things inside your life, because hope is a burning desire. Hope is a conviction that is not extinguished.

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The hope have an Amen That's what we need to instill within ourselves. That's the God of Musa days and he continues throughout his life continues on every single avenue in his journey to Allah Subhana Allah Allah, this individual around what you had to share and he split the groups of people he divided fractions.

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study history study today, fractions of the Palestinian people divided in fractions for what purpose? To make them fight amongst themselves. But look what a man does. What is a man do you can spend all the money on the earth? Man, I left a Boehner Columbia Him. You cannot unite hearts of believers. You can't unite Muslims. You spend all the money you come by a Muslim. You can't buy him to be a Muslim. You can't buy him to serve Allah Subhana Allah.

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Only Allah subhana unites the hearts. This attacted existed right at the beginning of the journey of Iran that we find you're stuck. At a minimum, you will not be who I am now. And when you're stuck in his home, what does he want to do in knockdown and minimal sin, he wants to slay the children,

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slayed the children

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and killed the women.

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Put her in context in today's world, kill the children and slayed the women. This is their own. This is throughout the traits, characteristics of her own, kill the children get the children out the way because they fear just like Pharaoh knew that when he saw that dream and he asked his advisers who's going to destroy me.

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He saw it in a dream. Someone's going to destroy me. It's moonshine. They said and that's why he got executed him because he writes the whole story about these verses are total curses. He writes own story. They want you to get Musa they want you to catch him.

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But they said you know what if we start saying all the children, we're gonna have no slaves to tilled the land to take care of the land. So that was Ross said you know what, leave them one year, then slayed them the following year. So how rune was born in the year that boys were not to be slayed is the older brother Musa alayhis salam. Then when Moses turn came in, because he'd mentioned that even his mother didn't have the signs of pregnancy upon her, but they had spies. They had Intel intelligence. There are people going around looking at people's homes, just like today read the history of Palestine. They have names of people.

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They have names of people names of whom show names of whom names of children,

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names of children, of children we need to take.

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They come outside houses and they announced them in a megaphone. And people thinking Who are these names? Are they asking for their names of the children that they want to take out? A child who's five years old, is charged five years old, is dragged as if it's some form of vicious individual had locked, persecuted, for what purpose? It doesn't harm them. They retaliate with gas, they retaliate with rubber bullets. And then when it serves the interests, they retaliate with live bullets.

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They retaliate with live bullets on the children. This is all the way the fear own understanding of life of the world,

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which the Quran has depicted 1000s of years ago. Give you a description of these individuals in nominal moves CD that is individual corrupt individual. Does we find stay away from such statements as Anna Lee and nd the I have this why on this or this follow?

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Seems to me. These are all parts of arrogance. That's why we're only mentioned or before the shaper mentioned Anna Jairo Minh who shaytaan believed he's better than Adam and A salaam. Just like today. Some humans feel they're better than other humans. were better than these people. I like what you find Lee when ferons et la Saleemul comecer Don't you see our own the palace the kingdom of missa belongs to me. And nd will come to the story of karoun when he says I've been given his word ot to Allah ailment Hindi I've been given his knowledge and his wealth because of my own skin.

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That's why karoun is mentioned inside this surah like what's her man and for our own? Just we mentioned to us linguistic This is a play. This is a story. The main prayers inside the story author own are called rood and her man these are the three pieces of disbelief that we find are mentioned inside the surah how to begin to carry out the atrocities doesn't fit out and said to her man build for me from clay build to me a ladder

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that I may have been you were Illa Illa he moves I may climb this ladder

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and see the God of Musa just said these people say when they shoot and they kill us show us show God show us where your God is today.

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All the way around that we find so he's trying to mock Musa they still have a mock his people and like dolphin cartoon in a cartoon countering COVID Musa Bukhara I named him Colusa from the family of Musa he began to carry these oppressions Are you going to like to again to mention but continued his journey in the beginning Allah mentioned Oh hyena Illa Musa, Musa and arbury Returning back to the story of Musa his mother. When it began intelligence began to discover that this Musa there is a baby is a baby inside his house. So every time he mentions you build a tabooed a small barstool, we call him today's language, the moon moses basket and you place Musa inside that basket because the

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house was on the edge of the river Nile and she had released a basket to go out so when the soldiers and intelligence came in, they couldn't find anybody except for her rune and maybe some of the other siblings, they would return. And one day in their rush in their haste the soldiers came and she put Musa inside the basket and she forgot to tie up the basket. She forgot to tie the basket and Musa is left as the soldiers enter and they look around and they run out again. She returns to grab the rope.

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But moose has gotten Musa has drifted away. Look at the plan of Allah Subhana Allah he drifts away all the way into where does he reach he comes to the edge of the palace of fear around

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a lovable childhood because he'd mentioned such beauty and love was there. Whoever looked glanced upon Musa would fall in love with Musa and A salaam. So when it comes to the edge of the palace of farrowed and some of the servant female servants maids of asiyah day and his see this basket Agrostis boschetto would it bring it back to to the leader to the woman in charge of them. I'm going to open up his baskets, you see this beautiful child? I remember she's barrenness, she doesn't have a child. She immediately falls in love with Musa and wants to keep Musa remember this is the same Musa who is going to destroy their own returns back in the house of their own trying to escape Musa

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away but he's come deep down into the house, and he's brought up inside the house of her own this Allah mentioned by the 50 on a file P fin yum.

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And when you become fearful him put him inside the basket put him inside the river.

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Under the momentum one at the coffee wallet has any inner rod to Iniki lumenal mousseline that's what really matters as he mentioned, these are places on the Quran.

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To informations to prohibitions to Glad Tidings all put together for this mother of Musa alayhis salam were in narodu in a key we're going to bring Musa back to you Musa Hain How can move Saudi some come back to his own mother? How's that going to pan out? How's that going to take place? So every person continues to narration continues the story that moves are they some desert drink milk from the breast of any woman

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doesn't drink it. So the sister of Musa is falling in find out what's happened to the boat Musa to the marketplace, that is the a woman whose child has a child who can feed Musa because he's not drinking the milk.

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So when the Musa sister sees that, she says to them should guide you towards a family whereby there is a mother whereby will drink the milk.

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So they bring Musa to his own mother and she feeds him

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He goes back again as your sends many gifts a maid and servants and everything. She should I don't want any of this.

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They want her to come to the palace and feed Musa every day. They want her to come his mother, his biological, biological mother to come to the palace and feed him every single day. She says no,

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I've got responsibilities. I've got other children bring Musa to me

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in a rod Louis Leakey. We're going to bring him back to you. Yeah. Oh me Musa. So he would come daily back to his mother. He'll be fed, he will be changed he loved and affection given to him his biological mother.

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This is the plan of Allah.

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We don't seem to understand that plan. What your Illumina mousseline and we're going to make him to become amongst the prophets. When a Marbella should there was no hookman were Elma because Alec and Nigel Masini we became strong and powerful. We gave him wisdom foresightedness inside we made him a prophet. We gave him wisdom This is Musa Ali salaam, wa salam ala Hina Allah flood him in Alia, he entered into the city. It because he mentioned at the time of pallulah after the people resting or later state people are unaware when he entered into the city What did he find two people fighting amongst themselves.

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So the purse calls to Musa Musa as he's grown up, he's got the traits Pharaoh knows who he is. Throne is availing the opportunity, the opportunity to grasp to get hold of Musa but he can't because as he is protecting him so this is a moment now that throne can catch him. Because when you find that the Skippy the Coptic, Egyptian is fighting, and Musa is trying to stop this fighting that's taking place, he was trying to stop the fighting and Musa What did he begin to do? He accidentally he hit him for cover or lay, he hit this individual, whether he pushed him or he touched him,

00:32:01--> 00:32:12

for Kabbalah, this person he died he said this is this is this is the actual shape on for workers for workers are Musa Fukada Allah he you know Musa is that we really see that was a powerful individual

00:32:13--> 00:32:30

with a strong individual, strong personality, strong and his body structure and even if you look at it that hadith, inside a chapter that we find in such a Muslim, any manner have a different fill out did mocha dosa when we heard strange how old am I play certain ahaadeeth

00:32:31--> 00:32:38

Who wants to be buried inside the area of Baytril macness or around this area that's the chapter heading given by a Muslim

00:32:39--> 00:32:45

and what hadith is in the right place inside there. He places the hadith of Musa and A salaam

00:32:46--> 00:32:50

when the angel of death comes to Musa and A salaam to take his life.

00:32:51--> 00:32:56

Musa Islam doesn't recognize him just sees as just another individual and he smacks him he shows the strength

00:32:57--> 00:33:01

of Musa let's take a literally smacks him in the eye of the angel pops out.

00:33:02--> 00:33:11

The angel goes back to Allah and says that you told me to take this servant of yours. He doesn't want to die. He doesn't want to go dies, go return back to him.

00:33:12--> 00:33:16

He comes back to Musa alayhis salam Musa Islam says what is it? What do you want from me?

00:33:18--> 00:33:19

He said that we want to take your death.

00:33:20--> 00:33:29

So he said if I graphed the number of hair on this on an ox or on a bone, whatever he remained, it has how much more life will I have will be granted to me.

00:33:30--> 00:33:37

He said what will happen after that? So death. He said if death is today or tomorrow, then you may as well take me now.

00:33:38--> 00:34:09

That's why my most impressive chapter to die in Baitul macness Because he's buried somewhere there. Musa is buried somewhere in that location. A brain aneurysm is buried somewhere in that location. Many prophets are buried inside that location because it is Abdul Macaca sir it's a blessing environment that when some Muslims say Uh, why are we making Palestine the first cause of Muslims are not the Uighur Muslims important are not the Kashmiri Muslims important of the Iraqis. The Sunnis important yes, they're all important. They're all important.

00:34:10--> 00:34:50

But this becomes more important because of why's Abdul mukha dasa because of the environment. Allah's Father speaks in Sandakan, uncertain mawatha in certain location, certain places, certain times that become more rewarding and more blessed because of certain location certain places that we find for her demeanor Ha, Tara Cobb, Musa Raisa after killing this individual, then send out an entourage of soldiers go and get Musa. This is our excuse. He's carried out this action of killing one of our soldiers. So for your own delegate, go out and find this Musa bring him now. Now we have an excuse to execute him, but advise it because Roma he has advices around the Musa and Islam as

00:34:50--> 00:35:00

well does, living in a house of your own people grew to love and affection towards him. So they came and said to Musa you better Scarpa, you better leave the planet

00:35:00--> 00:35:06

Need to kill you so he left the city ha if a Yatta rock club he scared and looking around

00:35:07--> 00:35:47

you know showing the human nature to any minute the army for only going to come upon me caught up in a journeyman of Coleman volley mean Oh my Lord give me success from these oppressive people will still come agenda gonna. Then when it came to headed towards the land of Meridian call us RB D and Isa Sabine and perhaps Allah Allah may guide me inside his journey inside my path he returned back to the city because he in southcentral castles that we find aerating the story what took place with Musa alayhis salam. He hailed as a kind of half Ian Musa Islam was walking barefooted that he said that even till eventually the skin and the bottom of his foot began to drop off rumbas, we began

00:35:47--> 00:36:27

with this as a precious individual of Allah subhanaw taala but he has to go through this tedious task. This harsh job am I'm so used to when a mistake is added subsidy begins to speak about that his lips become green, become dry, just eating a bare minimum of some plants, some seeds seedlings, some leaves are eaten is long journey for Mr. Albright to Majan is the state of Musa Islam that we find. And as we find out when he enters into the city, and he sees the flock of shepherds, and he sees these two girls that we find that they are that they are now standing outside the arena as an environment of these men.

00:36:28--> 00:36:29

And he finds it very strange.

00:36:30--> 00:36:50

And you look at his signal. You know sometimes when people say, oh, there's this guy on why are we speaking about what a Muslim should wear hijab properly? Why should we speak about what a Muslim should pray properly? We should be worried about all these things. We should be worried about all these things a unit and try our best to encourage one another. Musa it's amazing that diabolical state.

00:36:51--> 00:36:56

What does he do? He sees these two girls all Mahatma Kumar why you two girls hair?

00:36:57--> 00:37:18

Why are you here surrounded by all these men around you? What are you doing here is not befitting for you to be here. So they have to give the excuse. You have to say that the only reason why here because our father is an elderly man. There is no other male individual inside the home we have to come out and bring our buckets and pick up the water and take it back home.

00:37:19--> 00:37:27

So Musa alayhis salam doesn't really matter because he did mention it somebody's the shepherds what they did that he used to place the rock, push the rock

00:37:28--> 00:37:32

over the well and just leave some remnants of water for other people.

00:37:33--> 00:37:46

Rama Musa isn't happy and tired fatigue, downtrodden, weak, feeble Musala some comes to the rock and he pushes it. He moves it away for them.

00:37:47--> 00:37:57

And lets the girls come and to take their water. And then he goes underneath the tree God lives down and drifted underneath the tree for Sacco Allahumma for matawa 11

00:37:58--> 00:38:06

He turned gold under the shade underneath the tree for cholera be in Neelima and Santa Ana you've been hiding for fear. And that's the DA

00:38:07--> 00:38:12

after all these verses then he comes to that state aid lies underneath the tree. It just sits there

00:38:13--> 00:38:23

and says Oh my Lord, whatever you send down upon me, I'm in a state of dire need some element of as he mentioned, he just said give Allah give me some more sort of bread, some crumbs of bread.

00:38:24--> 00:38:50

Give me half a date. He isn't even saying Allah give me a feast. I'm your prophet. I'm your messenger. I'm the one that you spoke to a Kalam Allah Musa tech Lima now I'm speaking to you yet Allah give me this Rabin knee and in Neelima and Santella. I mean hi in Fakir, whatever you give me. I'm in dire need of it. And when he says that die, he doesn't raise his voice.

00:38:52--> 00:39:03

He doesn't say in a voice that we may say, oh, you know what? I'm starving. I'm hungry. I'm in need help me. He just says it quietly underneath the tree. One of the girls here's the DUA

00:39:04--> 00:39:23

one of the girls here's the DUA and so when he returns back to a father and a father amongst the majority of us the Father should at least have one replica theory rejects them Are you hell? Let's accept it is should I buy a salon or righteous man from his Lindy to his family, but focus on the story he said Why have you come back so early?

00:39:24--> 00:39:36

Because normally you come back a certain time Why have you come so early and then a rate to the Father This we saw this individual who carried out his actions. So he says bring this individual to me. So you find that

00:39:37--> 00:39:59

term she has to hear in one of them returned back to him. Term she Allah stay here in look at the lessons every day means that He does it so the cost of mentioned come out with Adam immaculate etiquettes it Kathy had mentioned for her piano watching what she her She covered her face. She covered her face and coming up on this strange man

00:40:00--> 00:40:05

Musa Allah Islam was a prophet of Allah walks in a state of bashfulness

00:40:06--> 00:40:27

says to him that indeed my father my father is calling you. That is something that random at the VC dimension look at a kalimat look at the Adam, not to give any element of excuse or thought wrong concept. It's my father who's calling you to speak to you to ask you what took place and what the story is.

00:40:28--> 00:40:35

This is why you find that really must speak about the amount of added that you find him I'm sad to see you mentioned that moves I'm seeking no reward.

00:40:37--> 00:41:11

For fatawa Allah Allah Villy went underneath the shadow inside the tree, some element of as he began to mention some idea of what type of tree whatever it may be, doesn't concern us. Just lies, they just sits there. That's what Allah mentioned was ALLAH Hemmingford me ask ALLAH from His bounty. That's what Musa Leadsom is doing? Well call it a beaucoup de Rooney esta diblock, whom Allah says, call upon me and I'll respond to you. And I'm called to he mentioned tolerable time. He just requested some food from Allah subhanho wa taala. So we find that these gills that they returned back. So when he erased his story

00:41:12--> 00:41:38

to their father, he said that you've done the best thing, what you've done, and one of them says, The higher this individual in the hierarchy can we will I mean, the best person you can hire is a strong and a trustworthy individual. If Nicosia begins to mention, how do we know that Musa Islam is a well I mean, how do you know He's strong? He's shown that he's strong.

00:41:39--> 00:42:21

In a dire need he moves a whole rock a whole boulder from a well he moves it shows the strength of moose Ali salaam, and can we how do we know he's I mean, he's trustworthy. We know he's trustworthy because the girls narrated. He never glanced at them. He never looked at them. Does he find so many different descriptions of the nature of moose on a sitcom? As we mentioned many times that he won't he walked in front of them, they walk behind him, they Freestone to show him the direction he's shown. He's a trustworthy individual. He's a strong personality. He's a trustworthy man. That's why you find that their father gives him this option that you can marry one of my daughters stay here,

00:42:22--> 00:43:01

live with us for either eight or 10 years. Whichever one of them that you you carry out I will not complain about that. That's your Odra that's what you need to do. And he completed and then he makes that return that back to Allah subhanaw taala that the story begins to continue or meeting and speaking to Allah returning to fill out if you mentioned up to 50 verses, or is eight eight verses speaking about their own, speak about moves and then they return again after the 77 Verse 76 Verse returns to this final character character that we find is a character of our own. In the Korean Academy called me Mustafa Ali him karoun was from the family

00:43:02--> 00:43:14

of Musa and he began to become oppressive towards them because of the wealth he had read the end of certain classes. When he speaks about the wealth he had, that the keys were held by Roozbeh by strong men,

00:43:15--> 00:43:20

was by an Arabic man cave, the meaning of 10 men 10 strong men are holding the keys.

00:43:21--> 00:43:32

The keys am I'm saluting the rights inside it's as a deep seated doorman thought that they will serve in behind 70 Donkeys mules that had the treasures,

00:43:33--> 00:43:38

the treasures that belong to Qarun. So he began to boast upon himself.

00:43:39--> 00:43:51

And he said to this individual is called Kamala dhafra in Allah you should vote for him and don't boast don't become an arrogant individual because he began to say to his people that this has been given because of my own skin.

00:43:52--> 00:44:05

I'm an intelligent person, or the ability to turn money over or create this treasure have this treasure. So something I love giving this to me is I have the right to carry out these actions. Look for yourself now be will be daring.

00:44:06--> 00:44:47

Allah mentioned look what we've done to caught on how we destroyed caught on him and his wealth and his home are sinking in the ground. And what do we do to fit on look at read Surah Yunus read Surah Yunus what happened to fit around when he said Alon look at our site a couple of continental moves CDN. Now you want to believe and use well among some have studied that's a key idea inside the surah in Allah lay your head will move CDN. Allah doesn't like crop individuals in nomina yeah till column of barley mean, Allah doesn't guide oppressive people in Nola, you flee her volley moon, Allah doesn't give success to oppressive individuals. Key I had inside the surah that should be less than

00:44:47--> 00:44:59

swasta for wide. Now I call it Musa Mencia, Ferland, hakuna de Hira, Lil moody Mead, when he killed the individual. He said, Never in my life, am I going to aid criminals? I made this mistake, but I'm never going to stand again.

00:45:00--> 00:45:12

criminals again inside my life. And likewise inside is sorted I find in Natalia demon, King Allah demon Yasha. You can't guide whom you love. Musa is in the home of her own more a prophet in his house, he's still not guided.

00:45:14--> 00:45:54

Allah mentioned this inside the surah and Nicola demon, you can't died whom you love is not for you to guide people. But Allah is the one that guides and likewise another key idea inside his pseudo US income as a nightly show goodness to people, like Allah is punishing goodness to you. So whatever blessings that we have, we shall goodness, that the time, the wealth, the property, the mind, the skill, ability that we have today. And the free world that we live in, we should use that to support the other causes the other people around us to alleviate their sufferings and their hardship. And as the end of the surah mentions Calusa in Harlequin Illa wotja lol Hookway, to Jeroen. And so that

00:45:54--> 00:46:29

concludes that was the end going to be just a moose on A salaam, when he said to the angel, if I'm going to die now or tomorrow, I may as well die today. And that's what the Palestinian people say as well. If we're going to die today or tomorrow, we may as well die today. Because we know we're going to die tomorrow. It makes no difference to us. We know what's going to happen to us. We're going to be bombarded. We're going to be bombed, we're going to be harmed. We know that deaf is always inside our eyes. Deaf is right in front of us. It's all there. That's why even see the small children you see them the visual if they see it clearly this the speaker the powerful men and women, they're

00:46:29--> 00:47:06

speaking with a mind that we can't comprehend, that we're not going to give in, we're not going to move an inch of our land. We're not going to move an inch this is our land, we know what you're going to do to us. The atrocities in the heart you're going to place upon us and you're going to bombard us we're going to make vigilant. What should I give to us as we began with that hope and the aspirational strength that we in a comfortable lives? What are we doing about this cause and if we don't do anything as the end of the sword I mentioned, everything will perish. Everything will die and all of us will return back to Allah Subhana Allah