Don’t Use Mawlid to Divide Muslims

Yasir Qadhi


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No matter how you feel about the motive, no matter how passionate you are for or against, please look at the broader picture now is not the time to spread hatred amongst other groups of practicing Muslims. Now is not the time to increase our disunity and to teach our children about the wrongdoings of another group of Muslims. There must be this 510 minutes away. They're coming and pray five times a day. We live in a land of Cofer. We live in a land of atheism. Already the Muslims are few the ones that are practicing or even fewer And subhanAllah. What are we doing Fulani is wrong Fernandez doll Fernandez Booneville Subhana Allah Whatever your opinion is, dear Muslims, look

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at the real world around you and don't allow these point 01 differences to allow you to break division in the OMA Wallah. He to create division over these issues is a bigger sin than whatever you think the center of the other group might be. follow whatever position you want. respectfully disagree. Don't make this an issue of division.