Nouman Ali Khan – Ramadan 2022 – The Religion of Your Father #01

Nouman Ali Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of understanding the connection between the messenger's message and the reality of the world, as well as the use of "arep" in the title of the book. They also touch on the history of the Bible and the confusion surrounding its implications, including its origin and its cultural significance. The speakers emphasize the need to remember the concept of "immaterial fatherhood" and to think of it as a "immaterial fatherhood."
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rubbish actually sorry we're silly Emery Guadeloupe the Tamil discerning if Coco hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sadie and be evil Muslim while only he or Sufi or minister and every Sunday at Hilo Medina Allah Mohammed Amin home Amina letting me know Amina Solly had also been happy whatever subject me another Halloween, cinematic Morocco, diaton, Ricardo, and Ramadan Mubarak to all of you. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce what I plan on doing this Ramadan.

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I've after you know quite a few years of studying the Quran is to the best of my ability and I'm still very much a student of the Quran. I've come to certain conclusions that I think scholars much more qualified than myself have talked about in many places. But I see a disconnect between what is talked about in scholarly circles, and what is known among the average Muslims. And one of those things is the role of Ibrahim alayhis salam in understanding Islam itself. So there are stories of Prophets, Allah, He Masato salaam, that are really important, all of them play a significant role. But actually, you have to know the place the placement of something, and the actual role that it

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plays, the significance of it and the connection between other parts. So the stories of the prophets in the Quran are actually the vast majority of them are deeply connected to each other. They're part of a larger narrative. They're like pieces of a puzzle. And Ibrahim alayhis salam is a very fundamental piece of that puzzle. I would even argue that understanding the the CRO of our messenger and the mission of our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is next to impossible, the overall objective of the life of our messenger. So I sort of is nearly impossible to understand, without understanding the connection that mission has to Ibrahim alayhis salam. It's not just understanding

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that connection, though. When you when you and I understand that connection, our view of what what Ibrahim alayhis salam saw the world as his he had a worldview, right. And that worldview was lost for 1000s of years. And then Allah wanted that that Abrahamic worldview, the the worldview of Ibrahim alayhis salam should become the way that every believer sees the world. The way they see Allah Himself, the way they understand Allah Himself, the way they understand their life, the way they understand the afterlife, the way they understand other nations and other people, all of it actually in one way or the other ties back to the the the way that Ibrahim alayhis salam saw the

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world. This is a very special messenger of Allah, and he is special. You cannot even compare him to other messengers of Allah, up until the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi salam in that Allah tested him in ways that no other messenger was tested. Allah gave him ways of making Dawa, that no other messenger was given. So for just as a couple of examples, no messenger before Ibrahim, or after Ibrahim alayhi, Salam was given the instruction to slaughter their own child. That's never happened. That's not something that is found in the legacy of any prophet except Ibrahim alayhis salam, there are pretty pretty much every prophet in the Quran other than the prophets of the

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Israelites, Allah Himself was salam. They are making Dawa to people who do shirk and so many of them people used to worship idols. Right. And that's you find these kinds of false gods being talked about in the legacies of different prophets. However, no prophet ever went and broke the idols. They didn't do that. And they didn't do that as a demonstration to make the point about what the idols are. Similarly, even if they were false gods no prophets went around to demonstrate how silly those beliefs are to go around and say, Oh, this must be the real God, this is a bigger one. Oh, this must be my God. Oh, this must be my Oh, no, that doesn't make any sense. Meaning to demonstrate the

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falsehood the wrongness of shirk by playing along but Ibrahim alayhis salam does that r&b have that awkward, loud, horrible feeling? He says that in the Quran, right? So he's doing things that no prophet has done before him. And he's being tested in ways that no prophet is tested before him. He has to he has to engage and remarkably, you know, other nations, they are other prophets. They have nations, they have nations, but Ibrahim Ali Salam himself is called Midleton omoton. He's called an OMA by himself in a Rahima kind of omit and Ibrahim Allison by himself was a nation. So in many ways you can already tell when you study Quran, this messenger is in a different position than the other

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Allah, but there's more. Our messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is being told explicitly. You know for me letter, Ibrahima Hanifa. Follow the religion of Ibrahim alayhis salam follow the religion of Ibrahim Alayhi Salam. And you know the famous surah you recite at the end of the Quran, the short sutras, familia boo, Rob Baja del beit, right? When Quraysh were being told Allah has done them so many favors. And Allah reminded them well, because Allah has done them so many favors. They shouldn't be putting idols around the Kaaba, they should be worshiping the robe of this house, the rub of this house, instead of saying Felicia mudo la ha, he says Felicia boo, Rob Bahat elbaite,

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they should worship the master of this house. The reference to this house goes back to the one who built this house and for the purpose for the purpose for which he built it. And that's Ibrahim alayhis. Salam, again, in the at the end of the Quran, when Allah talked about the Favorites he has done to the Quraysh. There are two favorites that he's done two big favors that he did to the Quran, even though they worshipped idols. One favorite he did to them is he protected them from destruction.

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They were powerless people, they're in the desert, they don't have a super army. They're not like the Roman Empire or the Persian Empire, or even Abraham or anybody else. They don't have that kind of military capacity. And they are in a valley. So they're easy to attack actually from above. In fact, so they are in this disadvantages position. And yet, Allah azza wa jal says Alam Taraki, for forgot Buka be as humble field, many of you know, the Surah, Allah protected them, even though the odds against them were impossible. And then in the next surah, he says, so that's, that's the first favorite safety, he provided them safety. But the other is they were in the desert. And in the

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desert, you're not going to get a lot of crop, you're not going to get fruits, you're not going to get means of sustaining yourself. There are societies, the human civilization prefer to settle down where the soil was, you know, it's easy to irrigate, right? So many, many cultures in the world, they left their their harsh climates, to go to places where they could get better soil so they can make their own food. Like if you study even, for example, the Norwegian Norwegians and the Vikings or whatever, they traveled different parts of the world because they're part of the world is bitterly cold. And they can freeze to death. So they're ending up in England and in Russia all over

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the place. Why? Because they want farmland at the end of the day. But these people don't have any farmland. They don't have any agriculture, though, how are they going to sustain themselves, they only they they're going to have to survive majority by imported food, you see. And the countries even to this day, for example, if you go to countries like Qatar, or, you know, the Emirates, or these kinds of countries, huge amounts of their food is actually imported. You know, he just recently they imported several 1000 cows, just so they can have their own milk. And they can have their own dairy products. Right. So the idea is that region is not sustainable for food. What did

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Allah do? He said that letter schita he was safe. They could travel summer and winter, they can import goods and make money. Not only are they getting food, they're getting wealthy too. So the two things Allah did for the crash was he gave them safety, and he provided for them, and the safety was otherwise impossible for them. And the provision was also otherwise impossible for them. Those two things were impossible. But why am I mentioning these two things? What's the connection to that? And Ibrahim alayhis salam Ibrahim Allah some 1000s of years ago when he built this garba he said, rubbish alhaja Bella than Amazon was ALLAH who minister Murat, make this house a peaceful place,

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make this land a peaceful city protected, and provide its people from all kinds of fruit. So 1000s of years later in the spirit of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Quraysh live the kind of life that they live, because the DA Rahim Ali Salam is answered, actually. So they're living, they're living the echo of the god of Ibrahim alayhis salam. So the entire Sierra actually takes place. The mission of the Prophet selection takes place. And the in the background of it constantly, is actually the legacy of Ibrahim alayhis salam that applies to him. It also applies to the Quraysh. Now that's one side of it, but our messenger sallallahu alayhi wasalam. He had two different

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audiences, the messenger Salaam in Makkah, predominantly he was dealing with Koresh, the Arabs who became pagans. But then in Medina, and sometime even before when he moved to Medina, salallahu Alaihe Salam, he was also dealing with the Jewish and the Christian people. And the Jewish and the Christian people are a very different civilization than the Arab. The Arabs of Makkah, have completely different history, completely different religious background, and even the Jews are very different from the Christians. They're even very different from each other. But they had something all three of these people have something in common. The Quraysh are putting idols around the house

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built by Ibrahim alayhis salam. The Jews call themselves children of their father Ibrahim

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rallies around. The Christians consider themselves the religion of Abraham. Every one of them takes credit for being loyal to Ibrahim Ali is every all three of the audiences of the messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam, and the Quran comes in this backdrop. Even nowadays, if you go to an interfaith event or you talk to Jewish and Christian friends, pastors rabbis, they'll call themselves the Abrahamic faiths because they have some tie to Ibrahim Ali Salaam. And this was true even then. So what did Allah do? Allah says in hola Nursey be Ibrahima, levena terbaru who are hardenable, you will live in Ramadan. He said the people that have the right to claim Ibrahim the most the people that have the

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closest connection to Ibrahim alayhis salam are the people who followed Him and who else and this Prophet and those who believe along with him. You see, so what did Allah do? Allah claimed Ibrahim alayhi salam for the Muslims. And this is going to be offensive to three groups. This is going to be offensive to the Quraysh because they feel that they are the children of Ibrahim Ali salaam through smile and they claimed even though they do check, even though they do check, they fall, they still follow those rituals. Why do you think Hajj was already there? How did you even come with Islam? Hajj was purified by Islam had was already there. They were doing it every year. They had four

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sacred months even before the Prophet came. So Allah, Allah, Allah, they were slaughtering the animal to they were doing all of this stuff to find miroir was already there. zamzam was already there. The wife was already happening, but it was happening with Chick. It was happening with corruption. So they claim these things and they attributed them to Ibrahim alayhis, salam to and the Jews and the Christians that so too. So Allah first thing Allah did, especially Medina, what he does, is he reclaims Ibrahim Ali salaam, and he challenges the Jewish and the Christian people of the time. He challenges them. Let's see who's more loyal to Ibrahim Elisa. So the conversation

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wasn't even. Let's see which one is the right religion. You see, because that's the way we think the real conversation was who's being true to the legacy of Ibrahim Allison, that was the conversation happening in the Quran. So we're Corlew Kulu houden owner sobre todo. They say I recited this in the beginning of today's as they said, What did they say? be Jewish? Be Christian, you'll have guidance you'll be committed. That means you're committed to guidance if you become Jewish or Christian. will tell them ballmill letter Ibrahima Hanifa. No instead, the religion of Ibrahim alayhis salam hanifin exclusively on Makana Middlewich Deakin and he wasn't from those who did check. Kulu Amma Nabila

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Rama Angela Elaina, or Mozilla Illa. Ibrahim,

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tell them we believe in Allah. We have come to believe in Allah and we believe in what was revealed to us what was sent down to us and what was sent down to Ibrahim and his mind and his heart and Yaku and their lineages. And what was given to Musa and Isa when the BU number and all the prophets before but which Prophet started that entire chain in the AYA? Ibrahim is the first claim you make is we believe in the revelation given to us, which ties directly to the legacy of Ibrahim Ali salaam, and all the other prophets that are mentioned in that Isaiah are from the lineage of Ibrahim Ali salaam, actually, the rest of it is all the chain reaction to him on a salaam from Iran.

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Similarly, um taco Luna in Ibrahima was Mariela was haka, where Akula when asked about KANUDA Nosara Are you people saying that Abraham Ibrahim or Lisa Ismail is hog Yahoo, and their meaning Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob and their lineages, kind of who then owner salah they were Jewish or Christian, and to Marla Mila, tell them Do you know better Allah Himself? Other places in the Quran Makana Ibrahim Yahudi and hola nos, Ronnie and what kind of Hanif and Muslim and omachron Amina mashallah key. Abraham was neither Jewish nor Christian. In fact, he was a an exclusively in surrender to Allah, Hanif and Muslim and he was a Muslim meaning and complete surrender to Allah.

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And he never committed any kinds of shit. Over and over again, Allah is reclaiming and reclaiming and reclaiming as if one of the most fundamental conversations we're having with the Jewish and Christian people, by the way, the Christian people being the largest religion in the world, right? It's not a small thing that the Roman Empire had adopted the Christian religion, the Abyssinians had adopted the Christian religion. There were so many variations of Christianity, but all of them had similar creed, if not the same, and all of them had a tie to Ebrahim or they said um, and the way that conversation was supposed to happen was to tie everything back to Ibrahim Allison and claim and

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bring the truth back about Ibrahim Howdy, Sara. Yeah, hello Kitab Lima to her Juna fee Ibrahim wama on Zillow Tito rato NGO Illa member de Falla, Taki loon people of the book Why are you arguing about Abraham and the Torah and the Injeel were revealed much after him. How come you don't understand in other and you could say in response to Jewish or Christian argument could be while the Quran was revealed after him too

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You know the answer to that is we're saying yes, it was revealed after him. But the Quran is going back to his religion, it's not reengineering him to be someone else. It's not hijacking his legacy. It's not retelling his story to make it fit your narrative. In fact, the Quran his own narrative is the narrative of Ibrahim Al Hassan himself. You see, you know what some some theologians had to do in the Jewish and Christian religions. Well, St. Augustine comes along and says, you can only go to heaven. If you believe in Jesus as Lord and Savior. Right? You can only go to heaven by accepting Jesus's Son of God. And he's going to save you on Judgement Day. Well, that's a problem because

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Abraham came way before Jesus. So is he going to * now because he didn't accept Jesus because Jesus wasn't even there. So that became a theological problem. So they had to solve creative solutions that some theologians came up with, well, on Judgment Day, there's going to be an elevator stop. And before he goes to before judgment, he's going to have to accept Jesus and then he's going to go

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or secretly, he already accepted Jesus, he just didn't tell us. There's different creative solutions. That's the key, you have to do all this stuff to justify that position. You see, the other side the Jewish people, we're going to read more about them and what they did with the legacy of Ibrahim Ali salaam, but the point that the starting point for our conversations is going to be why is this messenger so important, and some of the reasons just a glimpse of the reasons that I wanted to start with this is the conversation that Allah has had Allah's Messenger is having gone through the Quran, with the machinery of Makkah, and the discourse that's taking place with the

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Jewish and the Christian people in Medina. All of its centers around at the heart of it all, is actually Ibrahim alayhis. Salam, that is the central position that he occupies. So understanding him and understanding everything Allah tells us about him becomes that extremely important. So my my, my dua to Allah azza wa jal in this series that we're going to continue, I'm going to keep the session short. So you have things to think about and things to remember and things to retain. You know, I could give long, long lectures, but that's not the point. Actually. What I want is, you know, things that you guys listen to less than 20 minutes, 15 1718 minutes, and you just when you're done, when

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you're leaving, you talk about it with your family. This think of this, I should think of this and you should think of this that we're getting to know our father better. Allah calls him our Father. We let that be coming to him. The name of this series is the religion of your father Ibrahim, Allah has declared him our father, just like he declared the wives of the prophets. I saw them our mothers, just like that. He declared Ibrahim alayhis salam, our father, our biological fathers, Adam Alayhis Salam. But our spiritual father is Ibrahim Elisa, our biological mothers are our actual moms. Our spiritual mothers are the Mothers of the Believers, you understand? So there is this

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concept of spiritual fatherhood in our deen and so it doesn't matter what continent you come from, what culture you come from. We all share a father spiritually and that is Ibrahim Ali salaam, and we're going to get to know our father better and better and shallow dad BarakAllahu li Walakum filco and Hakeem when a family er can be It was lucky

An Introduction to the Importance of Ibrahim (AS) in the mission of our messenger (SAW)

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