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Munir Ahmed
AI: Summary © The importance of fasting during Easter season is discussed, including the return of Jesus and the significance of Ashura's fasting practices. The history of Musalla's fasting practices, including the 10th of achievements in Salallahu running and the importance of fasting in shaping one's behavior, is also discussed. The use of shabbatism and elevens as an addition to deeds is emphasized, and the importance of regular fasting for good deeds is emphasized. There is debate about whether or not to fast on the day of thanksgiving, but ultimately it is recommended.
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it'll handle in law hamdulillah

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no matter who will start, you know who in this 31 hours will be Himanshu reinforcing our Minion sejati Melina Mei de la HuFa who will motored? Well mejor de Lille Fallon tagit Allahu wa Lesia Murshida wash Hardwell ilaha illallah Hua who luxury color? We're a shadow and Mohammed and Abu water Sulu from Allahu alayhi wa ala early he was Sahaba de menthe. Who who? Eli Yomi Dean Amma bad for Carlota Allah, Phil Quran Majeed

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levena Manu cootie ballet como se mu gamma Gu diva Allah levena Mill Bobby Lee Gunilla I'll go on that go

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do that. And then gamea Murray one our Sephora inside that mean a mean Oh ha wha Lavina up who now who feared the atom bomb or miss ski when a man Tata wha Hi Iran Sahadeva Hi.

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Sue Hi Raul come in. Tom dollar Mo and Praise be to Allah and all gratitude to him. We praise Him. We seek his forgiveness, guidance, His mercy and His help.

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We seek refuge and protection of Allah from the bad insiders as we seek His protection or refuge from our bad deeds. No, then one who is guided by Allah, they are the ones who are truly guided, the one who is left to go astray will not find a guide or a protector or a helper after that. And I bear witness that there is no God, but Allah Glory be to Him.

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The Creator of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them. He has no partners. And I bear witness that Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon him is his slave and messenger.

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You probably think the Imam is a bit confused today. He thinks it's Ramadan. So he's reciting the verses of fasting. The Imams not confused I am sometimes that's just old age.

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In fact, when Allah smart Allah says Oh you who believe fasting has been prescribed for you as it was for those before you that perhaps you may become mindful and conscious of Allah

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and then carries on

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a Yama do that fasting for a few days and whoever however whoever is on a journey or ill to make up those few days from later or Allah Allah via yo te guna who fill the Atlanta amo miskeen and for those who are able to fast and don't then around some of feeding a poor person in compensation for the fastest missed

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woman Tata wha Hi Danfa Hi Rolla and whoever does voluntary more good more than the ransom is needed. Then it is better for them.

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Is it better for that person when the Zulu highroller come in control Tala moon that if you fast that is best for you only if you know and realize

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I'm blind now bus.

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And Omote me I shattered yellow and Huma and others from the sahaba. They said these ayat.

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Were not to do with the obligation of fasting in Ramadan is the verse that comes after which says shut Ramadan Alavi these two are actually according to some companions and others scholars followed them as well. That fasting first was made obligatory for the fast of Ashura

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and a few other days which we're not clear about what they were initially.

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And fasting at that stage was highly recommended from this ayat, but a choice was given also to believers if, even though they were able to fast to feed a poor person as compensation.

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Yeah, well

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Whereas Ramadan was obligatory, and unless you were ill or on a journey, then you could make up later.

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So these days why I mentioned these is because they link with the season wherein today, depending on which moon you cited.

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That's the top topic of controversy, isn't it? But anyway, today is Yomi Ashura, the 10th of Muharram.

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So these ayat can be linked with that, because it was in the second year of hijra, that fasting of Ramadan, and this is after you're talking about 14 years or so after Prophet of Nobunaga. The Prophet SAW Salem fasting Ramadan became obligatory

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before that, it seems on the Prophet SAS arrived in Medina, then the fast of Assura, and perhaps a few other days, was made obligatory.

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When we mentioned Ashura, or Muharram.

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Most people Sunni, and we know the Shia do anyway.

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Think of the martyrdom of Hussein, the grandson, Radi Allahu Allah and the Prophet salallahu Salam and the self flagellation and regret and punishing by lashing their own back. That's the picture that comes to mind of Ashura. Muharram with most people,

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actually, this has nothing to do with religion

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has nothing to do with the Sharia. This just a historical thing is historically what has happened after revelation is sees. So the relevance of our Shura is not linked with that is something happened in history. Yes.

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But certainly self flagellation. Yeah, hitting yourself with either leather straps or one with metal hooks on it and making a back bleed is nothing from our religion.

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With the greatest of respect to our seal brothers, not all of them do it, but those who do it, this is nothing from our religion. So what is the significance of Ashura and Muharram? Well,

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prophets are Salam. Many a hadith mentioned,

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the Prophet SAW Salem actually used to fast Ashura, even in Mecca,

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and the JAALI Arabs used to fast what kind of fast they did we have no details. Remember, we have our fast like, as we're taught by the Quran and Sunnah from the prophesy Islam, but they had a kind of fast, even the jolly Mushrikeen in Makkah, and yet the province has some use to also fast Ashura when he arrived in Medina.

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He was also informed that the Jews of Medina are fasting, and they have this as a great day either as either a fast day. And when they were asked why they responded and said, Oh, this is a great day for us. Musalla Islam was given victory over Pharaoh on Ashura and Pharaoh was meant to drown on this day. So the Prophet saw some responded SallAllahu he said national natinal hola be more Sam income. We have more right to Musala Islam than you do

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than you do. And the Prophet saw some continued fasting that day. And now he ordered the believers to fast Assura which fits with these eight This is before Ramadan started with the obligation of Ramadan. Okay, so there's many reports like that in regards to the fasting on the day of Ashura, which was the 10th of Muharram, the 10th of Muharram that's what the province is used to fast.

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it is reported in authentic hadith in Sahih, Muslim and other places

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that the Prophet SAW Selim

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when he was asked about a you salad after Luba salatu, for Eva or Sato not too bad. Call us sallallahu alayhi salam

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a Salah to fijo filet

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which prayer Salah is best after the five obligatory prayers he said, or feet away attend slot to lay the salah of a person in the middle of the night

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slot to lay tahajjud you can say a slot to lay. That's the best. It's not obligatory, but it's the best after then he was asked. I use car more often bhaga Shafi Ramadan all of a sudden my salah Salem

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so yeah,

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afternoon Lucia Botha Shahid, Ramadan

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Fie, Shahab fie sha Allah de tarde the owner hula Muharram. The best of fasting after the first of the month of Ramadan, which is obligatory is in the month that you call Muharram.

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Now he mentioned the whole of the month as being the most virtuous month for fasting in for fasting in Salallahu Salam, however, we link that with his practice is practice for Muharram we don't have any evidence besides the fact that prophesied and fasting the tense so when he says my Heartland indicates that the 10th of Muharram fast is the most virtuous fast after the obligatory fast of Ramadan. That's the best way to understand it. Yeah, we don't have any evidence that he fasted. What we have actually again in authentic hadith in Sahih Muslim and others is that Omar Medina, Ayesha Guardiola, Anna and others reported as well that the Prophet SAW Salem never fasted a complete month

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in his life except the month of Ramadan, which was obligatory Of course he was going to, however, he fasted most aside from that in the month of

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not Muharram SHA God, as I mentioned, SHA burn

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Can I assume oh, who?

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Kula Illa Colleen

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Murphy to Wyatt and he used to force nearly all of it except a little that shot burn. So from his practice, you see shot Bong he gives priority to So when he says the most virtuous of the fast after Ramadan, he didn't say Shabbat, it means Ashura, because that was obligatory but after Ramadan, as a Prophet SAW, some said, when the faster Ramadan became obligatory about the fast of Ashura, he said,

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Man SHA sama who? Women SHA Taraka. Whoever wants to they can foster Shura still after obligatory foster Allah, and whoever wants to they can leave it. They can leave it, prophesy, Salam. There's some dispute in the Hadith, but if you bring them all together, the prophesy Psalm actually carried on fasting I showed up as a voluntary fast, even after Ramadan, as some companions did as well. Other companies said subrogated is abrogated. What they meant is the abrogation of it being obligatory

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is no longer obligatory, very sill, so not too fast. The day of Shura, the 10th of Muharram.

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There are,

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I went fasting of course, when we talk about fasting, there are various Hadith about what kind of behavior are expected from a fasting person. Well, we, whether we do Monday, Thursday, whether we do a YAML beads, the 13th 14th and 15th of any lunar calendar month, all of those requires a certain etiquette, doesn't it? Or fasting,

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about striving to do more good deeds, about being more in control, because of the fast about not even getting to arguments and things like that? All that applies, even with voluntary fasting, not just with the fasting Ramadan? Yeah, the spirit of fasting is to bring the best out of us, isn't that right? Same applies for the first of our shoulder.

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There are various things that are in circulation,

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or the youth and this is Social Media, but at least it gives us a chance to say something from the member.

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One Hadith in circulation,

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is that on the day of Ashura, not only Musa Lai Islam was given victory, new highlight Islam was given victory, Adam and how was Toba was accepted.

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US civilized Isla was released from prison URIs was forgiven, etc etc whole list.

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This hadith is fabricated, Take no notice of it.

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Fabricated not an authentic Republic Sasa. Then we have another Hadith which mentions men Watsa Allah and let's see

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what Ali he fie Yomi Assura was allah sallallahu alayhi FISA, the Sunnah, whoever is generous, generous to himself and his family on the day of Assura that means donate giving, giving, giving, then

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Allah will be generous to that person for the rest of the year. For the whole of the year, this hadith is weak, not authentic

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reality, but it's interesting aside from that the idea as I've mentioned before, there are authentic hadith about the best of sadaqa being that which you spend on your family. And I mentioned that in various photons before so we don't need this at least it is week.

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A few other things I want to say. After we break a call Nicola was offered Hulu

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handily like Robin Alameen Salatu was Salam ala Astra fill MBI almost Sallim ala early he was suck big man in Ubud, your left foot look around.

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So when do we fast so it all sorts in circulation regards to that as well. The prophesy Salam said

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towards it seems the last year of his life Salallahu Alaihe Salam

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he said is that Kana can allow kandalama Look Bill

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some nah yo matassa

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fi shuttle Maha Damiani.

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He said

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he said inshallah you that Karna Armel mcbeal in sha Allah sunnah yo matassa

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as reported by Abdullah Abbas Radi Allahu Anhu main authentic hadith, that when the following year comes in sha Allah, we will fast the ninth. He didn't say we will fast the ninth as well. He just said we will fast the ninth. And as Oberlin Abbas said, the following year came on the path to fear Rasulullah Salallahu Salam, and the Prophet slicin passed away.

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So from his statement, he wanted to fast the ninth the following year to differ with the Jews.

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That's how it's interpreted to differ with the Jews.

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But the the time never came. So we leave from his practice, we still have the 10th day of Muharram. That's why he fasted all his life Salallahu Alaihe Salam,

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from what we know.

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So some scholars said, from his, from his doing, we do the tense. And from his statement of what he wants to do, even though it wasn't fulfilled, we, we fast the ninth as well. So you can either fast the ninth or faster tense. I'm looking at our boss, for example, is reported to us the ninth

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saying this is a sunnah because it took it from this statement, right? Oh, you can VAs most of them.

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That's fine as well. Some people said, or fasting both of them, perhaps because you haven't got the moon sighting, right? I don't follow any of that nonsense. Fasting on a day of doubt is never encouraged in Islam. So you can do that. elevens is an addition

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which is based on a hadith which is really weak.

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However, if you want to fast the 11 there's not nothing stopping you. All of them are totowa. They are voluntary, fast.

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They're all voluntary, fast.

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There is no sin in not fasting any of them. There is reward in fasting all of them.

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Indeed, can I first the 1213 1415 Yes. Don't have to have a hadith because I've got the general the general permission to fast isn't right. So we don't need to get hung up on these things.

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so fasting 910 11. And then the idea now we have of course, the idea generally to single out Joma is discouraged in Islam journalize the day of aid isn't it? As we have from other authentic don't fast on the day of June don't single out Juma as the day of fasting. Yeah, but can we in this situation? Yes. Because now we have other text to say our shoulder has so much virtue in fasting.

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Finally, the reward there's no doubt this reward two things I want to say. There's no doubt this reward in doing well man totowa Hidin for hua hai Rola. Whoever does any good voluntarily of giving to others or fasting any bad that then that is good for them? It is good. Of course.

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A Hadith mentioned a particular one had the same Muslim about it. Forgive being forgiveness for the

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Since of the previous year, there is debate on this hadith. That's all I'm going to say.

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There is debate on this there is not unanimity amongst the scholars, the likes of the allow Kylie and Imam Bukhari don't accept this hadith. Still there is reward for it. So I'm not gonna get into that there is great reward for this virtuous class so encourage you to fasted. Finally, of course, there's exemption in obligatory fasting for the ill person or the person on a journey. So of course, there's going to be exemption for voluntary passes and knowing though that the prophets Allah Islam said the authentic hadith is our Murrayville Abdo, Sapphira katiba Allah Who Machinae out Mailloux

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multiman Sahan beautiful Hadith. If the slave is ill on a journey

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and they are unable to do what they normally do, from good deeds and bad that it is written down for them

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written down for them still as though they had done it

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Allah smart Allah accept our good deeds are fast and do ours. May Allah Swatara keepers are sought almost again forgive us our sins keep us guided always a right Aloma Amin in Aloha Malika you saloon Allah and the BI EULA Deena Amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam with us Lima Allah masala robotic Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed camasta. Later Bharata libre Hema wala Libra Hema indica Hamid Majeed

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