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in the hamdulillah

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Nath Meadow who want to start you know who in a steady

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one out to be, he mean surely unforeseen our means sejati Melina

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May Allah de la hufa who will mokdad Rama yo dll file and Teddy de la huella Yama*a watershed era in LA who after hula Sheree Kala well, Shadow anessa eden our mowlana Wahhabi banner was wattana Mohammedan Abu who was a solo

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and Lady Botha hula who, Mata lira alameen wa sallahu la who Billy who da de Mille how, but she don't want to deal with the ion Illa Allah He was here Arjun monniera sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was a high but he he women tabea who Liu Mateen Amma bad for call Allahu Allah filco Daniel Hakeem. Yeah, yo hell levena man oh Papa la her well done.

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bought them at Lee Hardy.

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law in law her hobby Bhima adamello wala attacco No. kalevi Nana Sula, hofa and sanghoon

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falsa. Home, hula eega Homo fasciae po. Praise be to Allah. He alone is worthy of all praise. We praise Him we seek His forgiveness, guidance, he says open his mercy.

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We seek refuge and protection of Allah from the evil of our bad deed. Deeds as we seek His refuge and protection from the bad that is insiders. Know then one who is guided by Allah they are truly guided, one who is left to go astray will not find a guide or a protector or a helper after that. And I bear witness that there is no god but the one true God the Creator of the heavens and the earth and all that is between them. He has no partners and I bear witness that Muhammad he said prayers of Allah be upon him is this live and messenger

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first firstly brother and sisters is supposed to be Dr. Basile today.

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So suddenly last night he's fallen ill nothing serious in Sharla just cold and flu shafa Hola Hola.

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either you pick the short straw or I got the short straw. I think probably you got the short straw because it's me again from last week. Maybe I hope and pray to Allah I got the long straw if Allah accept from me, from my efforts along the mean, with your dogs, of course. Carrying on from our theme from last week.

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about those who forget Allah subhanho wa Taala from these Ayat of Surah Surah Takahashi oh you who believe Be mindful of Allah, and let his soul know, look to what it has it has sent forward for the morrow for tomorrow, what we deliberated on last time and before,

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be mindful of Allah, Allah says again, surely Allah is completely aware of all that you do. And do not be like those who forgot Allah. And so Allah made them forget themselves when we contemplate on these is less time. Yeah, Allah iica whom will farcical Such are the ones who are the sinners, the wrongdoers, those who transgress boundaries? Yeah.

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We talked a little bit about the different connotations or meanings of forgetting, from a human side and from Allah subhanaw taala that he doesn't know doesn't have the same meaning because Allah never forgets. Yeah, these are things I mentioned last time. And the meaning of forgetting in these ayat is not just forgetting as human beings and as Adam forgot. Yeah, for nesea while I'm Majid Lim Ji doula who asthma as Allah, Martha says, So Adam forgot after we took a promise from and we didn't find any firm resolving Adam, and the various things I mentioned from a hadith last time about other Islam forgetting and that Allah tala has overlooked and forgive him for the oma Muhammad SAW some

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big things we do out of forgetfulness, but this forgetting is a hustla is is also in our whole workflow in on purpose.

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Ignoring Allah subhanho wa Taala out of delusion, out of delusion being deluded, it's not magical that we're deluded suddenly and and magic has overcome us and shakedowns. overcomers and I can't help it shaitaan doesn't have that power. That to think that is a delusion itself. Yeah, Allah smart Allah gave us the ability to counter shape on so forgetting as I mentioned many things about it last time and I ended with the eye last time my last motto says

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well below Leo Magnon sacrum Camoranesi only for young men have one that will work or move on now to

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mean now See, the thing I told me said to them this day we will forget you Allah saying as you forgot the meeting of this day with us Allah swapon saying Yeah,

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and your place your board is a fire Ramallah Ramallah luminosity and for you all there, there will be no help no helper, no help of any kind.

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And I finished with this idea which I didn't contemplate on

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the Polycom be como

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de la hoodoo.

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Right como hyah dunya

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folio, mala omala yo kraju nermeen hawala, whom you start bow. Now let's find explaining what kind of forgetting that they did.

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For what was the forgetting which shows you a purpose of forgetting? That is because you took the IRS and the signs of Allah as a jest. As a jest, you make mockery of it. That can be actually Of course we know that our disbelievers who made mockery or make mockery of Allah smart Allah and he signs whether the ayat of the Quran or a size in creation includes both. But also it can mean believers who belittle the Quran or they call themselves Muslims, but they have a laugh and a joke about the things to do with Allah modern religion. Very dangerous. And I've seen believers like that actually, in my life. Many times,

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even though they're called believers were included in the cya. You took it as a mockery. That was just a joke. Yeah, Muslim Yeah, I saw right.

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took everything as a joke. It's no joke.

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No matter how awesome it like, Who's over that is forgetting Allah. Allah is explaining what is your forgetting? The criminals of Allah subhanaw taala

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como Hayato dunya and the life of the dunya deluded you,

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folly omala you Krajina mean Ha. So this day you will not be taken out of the fire, they will not be taken out of fire these kind of people. That is Allah for getting them. Right. As I said last time, I love doesn't forget. So it's used in a rhetorical sense. quid pro quo, using the same word but Allah forgetting the meaning Allah doesn't give him his mercy.

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Allah is giving them the fire if Allah is forgetting them on that day, that's the meaning of that, so that they are not taken out of hellfire.

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yoky la, Johan amin hawala, whom you start that own and they will not be given another opportunity to make amends without whom you start debone. So dunya dunya is plays a big role in this delusion as well. You can have this purposeful complete rejection of God, but you can also be deluded by dunya and by shaitan as well even though you may be believers.

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Yeah, even though you may be believers so Allah smart Allah says, Yeah,

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so in our Allah He

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was while at war run akumal Hayato donia Wallah Yahoo run,

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de la he lavado in shape on Allah kumawu

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taffy Zoo ad,

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all all human beings.

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Surely the promise of Allah is true.

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It will come to happen everything Allah said. Surely that promise is true. So do not do not let the life of this world delude you.

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And do not let Do not let the deluded delude you in

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The gods to Allah

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who's the de Luda the IR carries on in the shade on surely shade on Satan

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is for you an enemy, so take him on as your enemy in other words don't befriend him You fools Don't be deluded by his trickery and donia and shaitan. What to me? I mean, we're living in an era Subhan Allah. Yeah, it means it means running and chasing after dunya doesn't know brothers and sisters.

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That's the delusion. And actually the illusion is much more likely with lots of affluence and lots of wealth, less likely with the folks who have nothing. Yeah, the fokin they spend their times in famine, they're always looking just for a few more foods just to fill their bellies living in tents or in refugee camps or spend their lives like that. Yeah.

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Compare that to those who have lots of they're the ones who are still thanking Allah and hoping for the gardens of Paradise in the life to come. They are very little here. So they're not going to very much get attached with this will Donnie on Well, this is quite simple, isn't it, Robbins is not going to get attached to a dounia where they're suffering and having difficulty, we are more likely to be those. because things are affluent, we have lots of things, we have wealth, and we have cars and we have riches and things that are pulling us in this direction is not the riches and the unwell, which is the problem. The problem is the attitude of mind and heart brothers and sisters,

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but we are more likely to fall for that delusion. Because when you love those things, and it's fine to enjoy them. But love them can be you can be deluded in wanting to be there forever, and deluded into thinking that you're going to be there forever and you suddenly lose them.

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That's the danger of dunya and itself hence, of course the obvious is from saying the for cara, the poor people going into paradise 500 years before the rich people what's the meaning of that 500 years we don't have to go with the timing in this world this is talking about the hereafter

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meaning of that, well the poor person is gonna come that they had nothing. Yeah. I was just looking for morsels of food to feed my family and myself just to keep my back straight. spent most of my time doing that. And I thank you and I pray to you still and remembered you didn't forget you. So and then then we'll come people like us, we got this and Allah gave us that and Allah gave us this and all his net map.

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And Allah is gonna ask us on everything that he gave us.

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Yeah, so it'd be a long list of things that the rich people are going to answer for of course, it's going to take longer for them to get to paradise. However, don't be looted deluded brothers and sisters are not saying just that poor people are going to paradise or rich people a good chance are going to help you can have a poor person who has nothing they don't remember a lot how

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can it be so? Just Yeah, just being poor doesn't mean to say the anger dammed up in paradise. There forget Allah, they still have they're chasing after dunya with an every cent greed even though they're so poor. Yeah, that nothing else matters. Yeah, Allah give me dunia. Yala. Give me Give me children Yala. Give me wealth is no poor people like that. There is and then you can have a rich person who hasn't fallen in love with all the riches despite all around them.

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Yeah, yep. They remember our last one. They remember to do shocker. And they remember to thank Allah subhanaw taala and Allah increases them. So it's not simple, as I said state of the mind and heart It is it is forgetting or remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala. But donia wa Malahide to dunya in lamotta. Willow wireless Mata says the same delusion that came from shaitan here a lot of pizza again, and the life of this dunya

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mal hyah to dounia the life of this world is nothing but God's an enjoyment of deception, deception, because Don't be deceived. In other words, believers, deception that thinking or I saw nice, you know, Everyday I'm enjoying this and carry on and it's not going to carry on. Don't be deceived. Give sort of forgetting Allah is to give ethos to this dunya and it's good preference over the preference of the hereafter. Whereas the believer is the other way around when they have little or whether they have much. And that is why the Hadees

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Allah these aka Dr. Basile

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The Dr. Basu actually mentioned a few weeks ago part of this, these, this, these links with that, the halys award which is reported

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in Bukhari Muslim, when Aveda ignore giraph came with riches and jizya from Bahrain. And the prophet SAW some finished praying subtle fudger with the believers and they all came to him and the prophet SAW some started smiling. It doesn't matter so less Allah solemn Bach all

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across the land tomb or another VEDA. Yeah.

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Khadija Aveda Apolo VEDA is saying, I think that abou VEDA has come back, be shy with things with goods, because the believers were happy. So the prophet SAW some after turning to the believers, he said, Abby Shirou I'm milou now Yes, so lucam received glad tidings and all of you hope for that which will give you happiness for one lie melfa Kuru or sha Allah. By Allah. It is not poorness it is not being poured that I fear for you. That's not going to cause you problems. What a kidney actually come and talk to donea

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Come on.

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Man can a cappella calm. But an alpha suha cannot an alpha Shu ha

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well, toliko calm comma Allah cat home Subhan Allah deep words, a warning from the poverty about wealth. So he said, what I fear for you is that donia the world meaning opens its riches for you.

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Dunya is riches are open for you, as it was opened for those who came before you, and that you chase after these riches and donia like they chased after it.

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Yeah, and it destroys you like it destroyed those before you. This is a warning of chasing after dunya of recent greed and just never having enough and that your objective becomes this. That is a recipe for forgetting Allah subhanho wa Taala as was being explained the ayat of the Quran. So the opposite. Apolo kolyada was suffering lagoon Enola.

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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shuffle mbogo mursalin wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa in a MOBA, your list was

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the opposite of forgetting our life to remember allies and brothers and sisters. It is remember Allah, that guru oni as guru calm wash guru Li, tech follow Allah says so all of you remember me and I will remember you a lot of the need to remember you and me. So just like Allah forgetting means Hellfire, Allah remember you means His mercy and forgiveness. There's a novena sisters, as Guney as Coco was cruelly will attack for own. So remembering Allah leads to shocker leads to gratitude and gratitude leads to a man Well, I'd like for own and do not be ungrateful and the same word for me gratitude is used for Cofer bus cars this belief is the height of in gratitude, is it not?

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That's why I will attack for all. So forgetting Allah leads to cover

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on purpose, remembering Allah leads to shocker. Because we realize who we are. We realize who we are and how humbled we are and how dependent we are Allah subhanaw taala so forgetful people, Allah set the reminder in an afternoon as zelner vicara in in national nerve zelner vicara in Lola haffi Lu, surely we are the ones who set down the reminder the Quran and we are the ones who are its protectors.

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Allah sent in who Isla de croo

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movie, surely it is only a reminder and a Koran which is clear meaning to make things clear for you. Yeah, Allah says, For our Redman for our for our race,

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the cleaner, you read the ill hyah dounia so turn away Allah Samantha second the Quran to the prophesied. So for the one who

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meant to Allah and the cleaner who's turned away from our remembrance and you know what it's linked with who alum you read a little higher to dunya and he or she, they don't want anything. They don't desire anything except the life of dunya of

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This world, see how he's linked again, forgetting a lot turning away from Allah remembers dunya pulling him in the direction the opposite direction which leads to shut down and to jahannam. So Allah Samantha sent the reminder, Allah sent the Quran as reminder Allah says in the I mentioned before, about those who forgot the meeting of the day, in other words, remember that they have leppa leiomyoma have

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Allah sent the prophet SAW a solemn or the

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Salah law who Isla de comida de gras Rasulullah

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alaikum alikoum till he mobile

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indeed he has sent down to you a reminder, this reminder is Rasulullah rasulillah, yet flew the mess a messenger who's recites to you the signs of Allah, Allah He will be in the clear signs of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is the reminder running out of time, but we inshallah we will carry on with this idea of liquor and I have a few more things to say about what Vicar is in contrast, remember forgetfulness, brothers sisters, is is is reflected in our behavior in our life, is it not brothers and sisters? forgetfulness, our muffler, is how we behave. If I'm lying and cheating, despite being a believer, I have not remembered the law.

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That true

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if I'm chasing after just greed and avarice and donia donia I have no concern for remembering Allah that is forgetting Allah subhanaw taala how much I may go blue in the face Oh, yes, yes, God, God, God, but God hasn't really gone anywhere. If my behavior doesn't reflect that, so behavior and what we make its priorities in our life is a sign for us ourselves, not to point to other people. The reminder came for you and me to look in the mirror at myself and say, am I really one who remembers Allah? What am I doing during my 24 hours every day but the last month has given me opportunity each one of us need to do the hisab do we not brothers and sisters? That will show you and me where we

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are we late now.

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This Dean is the Dean of thinking and reflection and making sense is sent by Allah the Creator who knows in us inside out

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so we need to understand what he's forgetting a lot smarter we will carry on with what he's remembering a lot smarter in the future hook but

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may Allah so I thought guidance keepers on Serato Misaki mela Sagar fill our hearts and mind with his remembrance. May Allah forgive us keep us away from the whispers and delusions of shaitan and this dunya Aloma amin in the lahoma Agatha who you sell lunarlon Debbie Yeah, are you alladhina amanu sallu la he was suddenly moved to sliema Allah masala body color Mohammed Ali Mohammed can isolate all about our labor Rahim Allah Allah Allah Ibrahima innaka hamidou Majeed in Allah Yamato Bill adly Willa, son what you thought you