Sacred Text Messages S01 E01 – Transcending Tribe: The Race to Humanity

Hamza Yusuf


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In this first episode, Hamza Yusuf discusses race, tribalism, and the universality of Islam.

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I was going to show up on the regimes menorah, Rahim, will slot was set on mojado See, what have you noticed when he left? He was happy he won Wada hamdulillah saramonic mirandola This is the first inshallah of a series of

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podcast that we're planning on doing inshallah, from sand Allah. And I'm going to be looking inshallah at some

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Hadeeth and also some verses in the Quran. One of the things that we note of late is that a lot of Muslims have seemed to have really removed themselves from using the Quran and the Hadith as a foundation for their actions. And it's very important for Muslims to always maintain not only a connection with the book of Allah and the Sunnah of is prophesized them but also

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constant reference referencing and substantiating their actions, based upon the deen of Islam, which is primarily from the book and the Sunnah, as it was understood by the great scholars of our tradition, and if you deviate from that path,

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the prophets Allah said him said, ma been Bowman, who then cannot lay in the auto Jagga that no people go astray after the guidance they were given, except that guidance is replaced with disputation and argumentation. And so one of the reasons why you see some Sunday problems in the Muslim community is because

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we have abandoned this guidance that we were given, and it's very important to to restore it. One of the things that broke my heart,

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I was actually speaking with one of the heads, in fact, a major news network, he was the head of the religious desk in that news network. And and I had

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a meeting with him, because he had done something on the Muslim community. And we, in conversation, he mentioned to me that of all the religious communities that he has studied over the years, as a journalist, he said that the one whose leadership was most vicious with one another was the Muslim community. And he asked me about that. And it actually, it really felt like a corkscrew to the heart because I

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I was just saddened that here's a non Muslim, who this is his experience of the Muslim community. So I wanted to test his hypotheses. So I called up an evangelical, that I know. And I asked him about another evangelical, that I knew that they had very different philosophies of their tradition. And so I just asked him, What do you think about Joel olsteen? And so this evangelical said,

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well, Joel, and I come from different schools. But I think Joel does, he provides, uh, you know, service to the community helps a lot of people navigate the world and, and so I think, I think he's, he's doing good work. That's what he said, instead of saying, oh, he's from prosperity gospel, and I totally disagree with that. And he's, he's astray. He didn't do that he, he tended to look at the good of the person. And we have a wonderful tradition of the use of and medium where the prophets a lot he was sending him said that he was with his companions, Jesus. And I'm moving from evangelicals, to our tradition of Jesus, which is a little different.

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But he's, he said, in the Hadith, that Jesus passed by a carcass with his disciples, and they said, My antenna who, you know, how foul is this carcass? And inside, they sent him said, one of your snana, you know, and how wide are its teeth. And in the commentaries, they say that he chose to look at the beauty that was within the foulness, like he chose to look at the good, as opposed to looking at the at the negative, and that's a hallmark of the quality of believers is that they, they tend to look

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at the good as opposed to just looking at the name because the negative is there. Always we all fall short of the glory of God. So the first study that I want to look at is very interesting Hadeeth.

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It's a hadith that's related by email Academy d, and e mom abou download. And these are two great scholars from the persianate area of the early Muslim

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And they both have very important books. Mr. McDowell within an email, I will go down in the six canonical collections of the Hades tradition.

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But the Hadeeth is from a boyhood era, or the lion who's one of the great Hades transmitters. He was from the tribe of dos. And one of the inside Bahati, there's a wonderful Hadith where the prophets Allah sent him sent

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his companions to call the tribe of dose to Islam. So when they when they came back, the companion said to the prophets, I said that those has refused Islam, so implicate against him, you're sort of like, make a prayer against them, because they rejected Islam. So the prophets I said turn towards Qibla and he raised his hands and they thought that he was going to make a prayer against the tribe and he said, a llama had the dose and what to be him Oh Allah guide dose and bring them to me. And from dose came up over out.

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So in the province, I Sam saw him.

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He said,

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he said he was surprised that he was from dos. And our became somebody who just constantly sought out the Hadees of the Prophet. So I said him, and some people have said, Oh, how did he get all of these Hadees when they calculated them, and said he would have had to hurt so many Heidi's every day and so there's people that attack him, but many of the Hadees that he relates are simply on and it'd be so nice and he didn't say I heard from the Prophet because he collected them from other Sahaba as well, so he doesn't have to mention the Sahaba that he collected them from. He can simply say on interview because in our tradition, the Sahaba are considered overdue or upright witnesses so in the

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Hadith, he says that lanta has been acquired when you have tough your own

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human Ludhiana motto

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people better stop boasting about their fathers that have died in number one famine in Johanna these are

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the truly charcoal in the in the Hellfire, so boasting about Gehenna exploits of their

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of their disbelieving parents. Although coonan Juana Allah, Allah He manager Li led you there, the whole here are a bit unfair, or they will become more insignificant with God than a dung beetle. The jaw is also called

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in the Arabic language, it's also called at home for

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a bead or a dung beetle. You hit the hole in other words, you daddy Joe, are you they roll the dung, you know, the feces with their nose. And when I lived in the Sahara, they're all over the place these dung beetles and you can watch them they were fascinating creatures to watch. So it's not surprising that the proper size and would use them as an analogy because they really are. And the Arabs they I don't know, I didn't ever try this with Arab say that if you put perfume

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near them, they die from the smell. So allow them but anyway, so this

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to be more insignificant with God than a dung beetle, if you're boasting about the jahad exploits the X the on Islamic exploits of your ancestors, in Allah but of her bancomer obeah turns your head Yeti. Allah has removed from you the pride of janelia the pride of God and God is a word that's mentioned four times in the Quran as janelia in one of the mentions, and they're very interesting, each one of them, but I'm not going to go into that maybe in another one. I will. But he talks about your idea to order which could could mean the jelly literally it means the first idea and in Arabic, it could mean the only janelia because some of the commentators do say that that the Arabs use that

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as an idiom. But bass was asked about and he said, Is there an EU law without a Fannia? Can you have a first without a

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second? And so he indicated that towards the end of time people would go back to janelia behavior. And so the province of Assam said that Allah has removed this pride of Jehovah will fahara Harbin Abadi and the boasting about one's the exploits of one's parents in NEMA, who Amina and Tachyon have fed your own shop

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There are only a pious believer

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and a profligate wretch. So the prophesize has this is the binary of creation, there are only Allah created everything in pairs. So there are righteous believers. And then there are

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probably get wretches, and then the prophets, Allah, Sam said, a natural kulambu, add humanity, all of humanity are from the tribe of Adam. So this literally erases this whole idea that we have these distinct races out there, we're all of the same tribe, we're just from different branches of the same tribe. And just like you have in a family you can have, you can have a light skin member and a dark skin based on their genetics. So you see, in some families, like if you have a mixed family, you'll see one child comes out very light skinned, and another shot comes out dark skin. And so Adam and Howard, which are the original, two people that we all come from, and this is our material

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sciences, have also indicated this, Adam and however, the word Adam, is

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most likely, I mean, the Hebrew derivation is different from ours, but most likely is from Edmonton. org, which is the topsoil of the earth. And the province like Sam said that Adam was created from all the topsoil of the earth, the white soil, the black soil, the brown soil, the yellow soil, the red soil. So you see all of these soils come out in the children of Adam, and according to sorta Rome, this is a sign that, that Allah subhanaw taala has made in your complexions and your, in your tongues and in your complexions. These are Signs for people who know, so Allah has diversified creation, as signs of his power. And, and so we celebrate these differences, but we recognize that

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all you have to do is cut the skin and you get red blood, that we all bleed red. And so we're essentially the same people, we're from the same tribe. And this is the universality of Islam. What at the moment to rob and then he said, Adam is from Toronto. In other words, the materiality of Adam is from taarab. So his his, his physical body, the physical makeup that we all share is earth. And that should make us humble, but the spiritual nature is what distinguishes us. So it we're not distinguished by our materiality, we're distinguished by our spirituality. And that's why Allah subhana wa Santa says, In the economical Mandalay at Capcom, that the most honored and noble of you

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in God's eyes, not in people's eyes, in God's eyes are the most pious, the most beautiful, the most conscientious, the people that strive to perfect their souls. Those are the people and that's called momentum Tachyon. That's the believer. So the province is M is saying that in terms of your materiality, you're all just going to add them you're from the same tribe. There's no differences and Islam and this is why Arnold Toynbee recognized that Islam was the religion that could prevent a race war in the world, that Ana Toynbee mentioned that in his in his, in his Islam in the West, he said that Islam can prevent a race war. Because one of the things that

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one of the things that Aristotle says in book five in the politics, which is the book on revelations on revolutions, Aristotle says that there he gives 11 causes for revolutions. And the primary cause is one, the 99% are fed up with the 1%. So he wrote that 2500 years ago, so not much has changed. But but but he says one of the reasons for civil wars is heterogeneity when you have multiple races in a society, and that's only when you perceive them as multiple races, but what Islam does is it says no, you are all Bennu Adam, you're the same race. It's called the human race. And one of the things that he believes is trying to do now is make everybody think that they're different races,

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because that will create this animosity. And that's why Islam of all the religions it is unique, in that the Prophet slicin him in his final speech, on on, on the day of out of he summed up the human problems, which are essentially three problems. race, gender, and class. That's what that's what everything is about. It's all these human conflicts are about the the battle of the sexes,

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the rich versus the poor, the poor versus the rich, and then about

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black versus white or

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This drive versus that tribe and the prophesize. Sam, he completely clarified these three things that the whole foundation of, of wealth disparity is usury. And so he had he went to the root problem, usury. The whole problem with the male problem is not treating the women well, because women will will love and be good partners to men, if they treat them well. If they don't, then you're going to have Martians and Venetians, you know, just two different types of of warlike, you know, that was going on. And finally, he identified the race problem because he said, Love for the rally, rb and Alhaji mean, well, rally attributes are being well as early as what? Well, early As

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for the other absorbe. In w topra. He said, there's no difference. And it's really important to look at this hadith because he said in the Hadith, there's no difference between an air of man or woman out of the he took it to the singular. He didn't say that level, but a

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little out of other Agim. He didn't say it can you didn't collectivise he took it to where the problem resides, it resides in the individual. And he and so he said there's, there's no preference of an individual Arab over an individual non Arab, or an individual black over an individual white or an individual white over an individual black. He took them both ways. So he showed that it can go both ways. So this idea, this modern idea that you can't have, that racism is essentially, power and privilege directed towards the powerless and the underprivileged, that you can't have somebody who's powerless, feeling racialist feelings towards somebody that's in power that's completely anti

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any sense of superiority, or belittlement of another human being, is from arrogance. And that's the essence of racism. And that's why this Hadeeth is such an extraordinary Hadeeth because it reminds us of the universal nature of our of our species, that we are all human beings. And this is what Dr. King when he said that he wanted people to judge by the content of their character. In other words, their spirituality, not the color of their skin, in other words, their materiality. And this is exactly what the prophesies and we're saying. So that message is completely in concordance with the teaching of Islam, that people should be judged by the content of their character, in other words,

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by their top law, by their conscientiousness, by their goodness, by their virtue by their ethics, and not by anything that is of material nature. kulu Coleman, Adam admin tore up all of you from Adam and Adams on top of that,