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Friday sermon delivered by Sheikh Muiz Bukhary on the 12th of  September 2014, at Masjidul Hasan, Lower Bagatalle road, Colomb0 Sri Lanka.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa Sallim wa ala

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he was happy

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with the sleep.

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who is a creator sustainer nareesha protector and we ask about the

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choices of blessings and salutations upon our beloved prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family members, his companions and all those who would read up on his path without more sincerity until the day of our children. First and foremost I admonish myself and then all of your present here, let us introspect ourselves, let us examine ourselves, let us instill in our hearts the Praiseworthy trade of taqwa and that is to fear

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Allah and to be conscious of

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you in every single second of our lives, if we wish to attain success in this world, as well as the hereafter. And we need to take extreme precaution that

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we do not give in or entertain any thoughts of self righteousness, because this is from the quality of Shabbat and it also results in arrogance, pride.

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minute we start becoming a little biased, a little righteous, we don't look down upon people in a condescending manner. He does not judge others that does not become judgmental.

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He is the best of judges. We have no right whatsoever to judge anybody. It does not judge anyone that does not harbor any ill feelings towards our brothers and sisters. Let us not have that hate and anger. Let us not spread rumors

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about people that does not feel jealous about others. Always think good about others.

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May Allah

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make us all

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respected elders and brothers in Islam. The topic for today is spiritual punctures and a few cures in regard to it. It is well known from time to time that our levels of faith begin to dwindle from time to time, our levels of faith began begin to drop. And this phenomenon of faith has become widespread amongst us Muslims, especially in this time and era. Many times we hear people say the scholars and saying

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I don't know why but I just got this feeling in my heart as I feel

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this vacuum in my heart, or my heart has become hard. I can no longer cry when I

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do not have any effect on me. even scarier statements.

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I have begun to question my faith. I don't understand. I find no joy in worshiping.

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In reciting

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Lindsey observe, worship and to Allah subhana wa Tada. These are all symptoms of a weak heart In other words, weak

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Mind spiritual functions are of two types, one, which is of a very serious nature. That is when the levels of Eman plummet to the level that we start questioning our faith in.

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That is a very serious drop.

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And if that were to happen to us, it is upon us to immediately make Toba and administer the man boosters that have been given to us in terms of the Quran and the advice from our beloved Master Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the other type of a spiritual functions when

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they suddenly are dropped.

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Because we feel a bit lazy, perhaps

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optional. But then again, it does not make us

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It does not make us leave the obligation

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in our hearts

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and brothers in Islam, it is upon us to administer the cures that have been taught to us by our beloved master Mohamed Salah Rama

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and I'll do my best to touch on a few years in regard to boosting week

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before moving on to something that I used to establish and that is, it is it is

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in regard to the slaves of

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the general public the levels of EMI, they rise and drop, there is a drop and then there is a rise This is normal, because there is it

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is reported to have said and this particular study is recorded in

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along the lines of

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an individual the fate of an individual

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out in an individual's heart just as how close

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how close

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that he reviews your faith and rejuvenates your faith.

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So from this Heidi we understand those things that can be derived from this beautiful statement of

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the EMA they draw and they write they draw their eyes in regard to the amount of the profits

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that the profits

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even though they may look like they're sleeping, their eyes maybe knows, but their hearts are awake remembering Allah subhanho

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wa sallam are constantly rising, rising, rising, they never they never on the other hand, the man of the angels

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they do not rise and that is why they are

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completely the commandments.

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But on the other hand, none of us slaves

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and the rise there is a very famous narration but once the narration goes along the lines of these words, we are once

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he meets

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and he asks

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has become

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has become

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such a statement Why are you saying that you have become

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that hunger

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Whenever we are

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describes us and describes to us.

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We are in front of it is as if we are in front of

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us. Hi

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ourselves in our day to day lives, when we occupy ourselves with our wives and our children, we begin to forget that.

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And that's why I see two states, I'm in one state.

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But then again, I'm in a different state when I go out,

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find myself with my wife and my children. So, I feel that

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the narration goes along the lines of these words.

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I also feel the same thing, let us go

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and inform him about this.

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and inform

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them about this and

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clarify, by the one in whose hands is my soul.

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He says that, if you were to remain the same level of man that you are in when you are in my gatherings and if your levels of Eman do not draw it always, it is always going to be high on that level, the angels would come down and start greeting you they

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would come home and greet you.

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If you're

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going to be in that stage the melodica would come down.

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But then on the other hand,

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there is a time for that and there is a time for this. In other words,

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back to the dounia. When you preoccupy yourself, in regard to your business in regard to your family, your wife and your children, then naturally the levels are going to deplete and are going to drop but then again you need to boost your Eman by coming back to

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begin to rise again.

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Rise and drop or drop and rise This is the norm in regard to

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now swiftly moving on to a few cures for those of us whose

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has been punctured and repeating that vacuum, feeling deflated, feeling lazy or optional

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feeling the weakness of the man then we are supposed to administer these particular cures.

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Again, number one is to create a template on the reality of this life to contemplate on the reality of this life and to remember that and that is why there are many narrations

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encourage us to go to the graveyards to accompany the dead the Legion be the greatest benefit that we get by going to the graveyard is that we remember that it is the greatest reminder of all for us. We remember we remember that and the minute we remember we realize how fake

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life is

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in terms of

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occupying yourselves with your family and your children.

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As I always say we need to get our priorities straight. We need to get up

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and running behind them. Yeah, as long as we do not forget

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as long as

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we need to

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remember that. It would make us

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it would make us

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remember that we are supposed to meet.

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the second

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is to ponder on the words.

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Not to resign.

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You're not supposed to decide.

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Rather you're supposed to resign

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in such a way

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You will try to understand, if you do not know Arabic

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translation, you attend the discourses of the sea where you try to understand from the lips of the scholars

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upon the authentic narrations

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by understanding and giving a spirit when reciting, rather than just wild and empty.

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It was all to make the Double of the Quran. There's many instances, many respected elders and brothers in Islam. If you look at the life of

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Allah, there was one time

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he kept on repeating one verse, just one verse

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And if you forgive them for

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Hakeem, then you are all mighty, all wise, he is

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repeating these words the whole night, until daybreak.

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Look at the amount of pondering.

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He used to be an

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This is

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the look at the life of man.

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Towards the latter stages, he was besieged in his house, the rebels had surrounded his house, and they were all going to barge in and assassinate him, he was assassinated with the most heart in his hand, he was martyred

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in his hand and blood.

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And then he also mentioned that when he was

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the drops of blood, on the exact words,

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he was

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pondering on the words of our powerful maker. Therefore,

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it does ponder on the words of a boss behind him.

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Charging, recharging and rejuvenating levels of fame swiftly moving on to

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the next one is seeking knowledge

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is based upon knowledge. And it is incumbent upon each and every one of us to seek knowledge. And we live in a time where everything has been made easy for us, it has all been fascinated by us, we do not have to set out on long journeys on horseback or Canada or sea journeys to seek knowledge. Things have become so easy so fascinated for us today. We live in an

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online Islamic universities, online courses where you can even seek knowledge from the comfort of your homes and your rooms. And if you use these opportunities, we will indeed

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that will seek knowledge because the more you seek knowledge, naturally, knowledge mandates action, the minute you seek knowledge, you're prompted and encouraged to worship

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in the most perfect of manners, resulting in the levels of demand raising. And the next, respected elders and brothers in Islam used to frequent the gatherings

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where dialect is mentioned the words behind and what I mentioned.

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I mentioned these are the gatherings of scholars.

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And likewise, we should stay away from environments of safety, we should stay away from environments.

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environments of business, we should keep the company of righteous people. The more we stick with righteous people, our

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sinful people, they are going to naturally put us into the pit that they are in.

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Save us all. And let us also play and prepare ourselves for the day.

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headed towards us at a very rapid pace that

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you and I are going to stand up in front of us.

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Every single is going to be put up there on display every single, every single state.

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This is another one of the cures

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and finally, respected elders and brothers.

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Before it's too late, before it's too late, the minute you feel your email dropping.

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I've said this before.

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He is waiting for us He will forgive

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and revive your

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data Forgive

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The opportunity man he got all of us the opportunity to talk to him before it's too late.

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This afternoon, many of us in the gardens of gender with our beloved master