Muiz Bukhary – Letting Go of 2020

Muiz Bukhary
AI: Summary © The speaker leads a conversation on the challenges and opportunities that have transpired in 2020, emphasizing the importance of finding words that bring out one's " political programming." They give action items for the upcoming year, including recapping their year and asking for help in healing and boosting health. The speaker also asks for the audience to share their experiences and gives guidance on how to handle uncertainty in their lives.
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Today's the first of January 2021. And I greet you all on this beautiful Friday morning with greetings of peace positivity and goodness.

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What a year 2020 has been. There's so much that has transpired over these past 12 months with the challenges, setbacks and sufferings. 2020 did not go as any of us planned and it's turned our lives upside down and made us question everything. But having said that, we are incredibly grateful for the strength and resilience that the Almighty has blessed us with to carry ourselves forward. Despite these colossal challenges, I'm sure that we are all feeling a whole spectrum of emotions as we let 2020 go. And as we prepare ourselves for 2021. So this morning, I want to run you through a reflective process, because this year 2020 has been really reflective for me. So I want to run you

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through a reflective process that consists of a few steps. And this is in a move to help us reflect and honor the time that has passed. It's going to help us to reflect on the good on the bad and everything in between. and it will help us inshallah clear the slate for a new chapter to unfold. So step number one, I want you all to take an inventory of the positives.

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Just like with a camera lens, you can always focus on whatever you want to focus, if you choose to focus on the positives, the negatives fade out into this creamy blur, they're not going to go completely out of the composition, but they'll fade away. So I want you all to take an inventory of the positives, call to mind, everything and anything that went well for you. This year. Ask yourself these questions. What did I accomplish? Where did I grow personally? How were my relationships? In? In what ways did I take care of myself? In what ways that I take care of my boundaries? I want you to sit in quiet contemplation with yourself. And as you ask yourself these questions, I want you to

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begin to notice what comes up in your mind. Because it's easy to think that this year was filled with everything wrong. And that you know, it was chaos upon chaos. But when you take this moment of stillness, this moment of pause, this moment of reflection, you'll begin to notice the small things, the small moments of happiness, joy, and growth.

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And you will begin to realize that even though this year was incredibly difficult in many ways, when you dig deep, you dig just a little deeper, you can find these silver linings. And I want you to notice how you feel when you recall and honor these successes.

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You start to nurture gratitude.

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And you start to positively affirm the good things, your life, you'll begin to realize the value of these things, and you're going to train yourself not to take them for granted. Moving on to Step number two, I want you to remember the lessons learned. Now this year was filled with so many challenges. I'm expected challenges, complete utens and there was this collective trauma that we've all been put through. I want you I encourage you to honor yourself, for the patience for the resilience in this regard and ask yourself these questions. What did I learn from this unparalleled year? What what actually makes me stronger? What changes will I make in the year ahead? Now we all

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know that 2020 was not easy. But as I'll make essays in the novel called an enigma LLC, you saw indeed with the difficulty is is so in difficulty lies is in difficulty lies. strength in difficulty lies, fortitude. So I want you to take heart in knowing that you will leave this year behind wiser, stronger and with a deep will.

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A deep and strong intention to soldier on to be patient, regardless of what happens around you.

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Moving on to Step number three,

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what do you wish to cultivate? Now in this regard, allow yourself permit yourself to tap into your ambitions into your hopes, your dreams, your creativity, and ask yourself these questions. How

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How can I build from my successes of this past year? How can I use the lessons that I have gleaned that I have experienced that I've learned to propel me further towards my dreams? What changes even if they be tiny, small changes? What changes would I make as a result of all of that has transpired in 2020, so that I can make 2021 more aligned, more purposeful, and more joyful.

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I want you to start feeling into what you'd like this new year to look like. And I want you to allow yourself to experience that optimism that hope, in this very moment. And as I conclude these words, I'd like to mention one more action item. A few days ago, I was reading this article about choosing a word for the year. Now it was an interesting idea, because words are very powerful. They have this ability to inspire, to motivate to invigorate and help us move through the year navigate through the year with its storms, with grace with ease and joy. So think about words like love, kindness, compassion, happiness, positivity, unity, peace, focus, gratitude, acceptance, empathy, stillness.

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So I want you to take some time to sit and contemplate what word encapsulates how you want to feel, or how you strive to be. You can even choose more than one if you're having, you know, a hard time trying to restrict it to one word, you can you can choose a couple of words, this year. My Word, I'm sharing this with you my word is gratitude. You see, 2020 brought us to our knees in so many ways. But it also, in its own way showed us just how much we have to be grateful for. So let us be grateful for all the boons and blessings, we enjoy it. Just be grateful for the spaces where we feel loved, where we feel very loved, where we are seen, we are heard and appreciated. Think about this

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beautiful office. Think about your colleagues. Think about the environment, think about your job. Think about your loved ones, think about your friends, the roof over your head, the food on your table, think about your health. Think about all of this, think of all these blessings

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and trended gratitude, and our maker he says in the noble Koran, let in Shekar, Toma azita netcom if you are grateful, and I'll definitely give you many fold. So my dear brothers and sisters, what is your word? Or words for 2021? You can find me on most social media platforms. So if you are on Instagram, Facebook, wherever you can find me, so tag me, and let me know. I'd really like to know what your word slash words are for the year. So with that, we conclude this reminder. And I'd like to conclude it with a prayer. So let's pray unto him the almighty the generous Lord.

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Alhamdulillah here are benign me in Allahumma sunyata has a Idina Mohammed

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Ali Mohammed,

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Rob Bana pub Elmina in the semi olallie team, but to buy Elena in NACA.

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por la for you is all plays You are the light of the heavens and the earth and all that is in them and for you is all praise. Allah, you are the guardian of the heavens and the earth and all that is in them and for you is all praise, while you are the Lord of the heavens and the earth and all that is in them and you are as you have praised yourself. Allah, as this year dawns upon us, we thank you for every blessing for every boon that you have bestowed upon us. We thank you for family, we thank you for our loved ones. We thank you for our friends, we thank you for our jobs. We thank you for our colleagues, we thank you for our workplace. We thank you for our health for the wealth and

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security that you bestowed upon us or law. We are in the dark and we do not know what is in store for us this upcoming year and we beg and plead for help. We need your help your law or generous Lord, we ask you for healing. We we know that everything and we acknowledge that everything is in your control in your salary in control. We ask you that you help us we asked you that you keep this new Coronavirus from mutating and spreading further. Your Allah give our government office

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fischels the ability to safely handle people as they come in from other countries. Allah help our people to decide to stay home instead of traveling and going out needlessly. Allah help us to heal. Help us to heal and bless us with good health and strength. Yeah Allah. We need your help Allah guide us and lead us every step of the way. While we beg and plead for stability, we beg and plead for security. Allah bless us with happiness bless us with prosperity in our wealth in our economies, and our finances or generous Lord, as people feel the financial strain during the uncertainty, bring them comfort and peace. Remind them that you are there for them that you are there for them and

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provide for them in their times of need are generous Lord, Allah fill our hearts with love and help us to release our our grudges help us to release this toxic anger within us help us to release our pains. For these are nothing but binding shackles and toxic chains weighing us down. Help us to live each day in the most loving of ways. Allah help us to live each day in the most God conscious of ways, and help us serve all those who are in need regardless of race, color or background. Bless us with generous hearts. Bless us to give as much charity as possible. While we pray for your love and compassion to engulf us. As as we navigate as we walk through this challenging season. We ask for

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wisdom for those who bear the load of making decisions with widespread consequences. Allah we pray for all those who are suffering with sickness. We pray for all who are caring for those who are suffering with sickness. We ask for protection for the elderly and vulnerable. We beg for healing we ask for healing we ask for good health. We pray that misinformation and fake news be curbed. So that unwarranted fear may and may or may not take hold in our hearts and minds. Wallah help us to verify the information that comes to us all the help us to approach each day in faith and in peace, trusting in the truth of your goodness towards us. Allah help us to enter this year with positivity

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with confidence with light hearts with strength and help us to achieve great things. While we seek refuge in You we seek your protection We seek refuge in You from negligence We seek refuge in You from humiliation. We seek refuge in You from poverty from destitution, we seek refuge in You from faithlessness from wickedness from vanity and show from pride and arrogance. And we seek refuge in You from all bad sicknesses and diseases. While we ask you for your love.

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Ya Allah, oh loving Lord, are the Most Merciful One we ask you for your love. And we ask you for the love of those who love you. And we ask you for the love of every action which will bring us closer to your love. Allah bless us in our sight. Bless us in our hearing in other souls in our bodies, in our conduct. Bless us in our lives, in our families in our work, accept our good deeds and we ask you high ranks in the garden. Allah grant us the best of outcomes in all of our affairs, and save us from disgrace in this world and from punishment in the hereafter. Allah bless our nation bless our beautiful country. Bless us to move forward as a United Nation. Help us Almighty Lord to look past

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petty differences and help us to treat one another with love and care. As we are all part of one family, the family of mankind. Help us to see that Allah, Allah forgive us. Allah forgive us a big you for forgiveness yet ALLAH forgive all of our sins, guide us onto the straight path and keep us steadfast upon light upon guidance Allah protect us, bless us with good health and long lives. Bless us, bless our parents, bless our loved ones, bless our family members. And just as how you united all of us through these platforms through these videos, unite us in your beautiful and lofty garden robina Tina dunya has an atom morphine ferati has in its own joaquina either button

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or a burner or beer hammock Mr. Obey Han

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Solo while

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he was talking to me, he was lm Mira Matic famara he me you know what I'm doing in line here? Oh Bella elemi en

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de como la hora para I thank you for the valuable gift of your attention as well as your time was set out more aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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