3 Important Guidelines to Celebrate Eid During Lockdown

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu many brothers and sisters in Islam, this beautiful and noble month that we are in the month of Ramadan has passed, we are on the last leg of this month and read is just around the corner. So you might be thinking, how are we going to celebrate the this time. So this video is in the form of a few guidelines to help us celebrate or eat responsibly in Shark Tank. So before I begin this video is in regards to the situation in my country specifically, but what is being said is applicable for Muslims around the world, in sha Allah,

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when full lock downs are still being imposed in many parts of the world, and are only being eased gradually, in certain parts like our own country, it is important that we behave responsibly taking our safety and the safety of others into consideration at all times. Because it's very easy to get carried away in the spirit of celebrations and happiness. And that's why we strongly request our government and our authorities to be strict with the laws of curfew and with trespasses of the law during this period to ensure that we all behave responsibly. And we as the Muslim religious leadership, firmly stand by this Sharma Tada. So, guideline number one, and this is in regards to

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preparing for beat. We generally shop for new clothes, gifts and prepare a variety of dishes and delicacies to celebrate days before it. But this time, it's very important that we do not take things lightly and that we adhere to the safety guidelines put forth by our local governments. Most stores have begun efficient delivery systems where purchases can be made from the safety of our homes and the products are delivered right to us. And along with that, it's important that we remind ourselves of the true spirit of this month the true spirit of Ramadan, which is one of self discipline, introspection, self discovery and self development. Unfortunately, this month, has

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become synonymous with forces that have nothing to do with the month or its celebration. consumerism increases as brands and stores try to capitalize on Muslims desire to wear new clothes for family gatherings and outings etc. We almost do this purchasing of new clothes ritualistically as if it's a part of the teachings of the prophets Allah Mali where he was a producer. Whilst his simple teachings tell us that we merely have to wear the best of the clothes that we already own. And that in no way means revamping our entire wardrobes. And along with that food waste, this two spikes about 25% as more food is cooked than can possibly be made. And this is as per statistics put forth

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by sustainability organizations. So in all honesty, many brothers and sisters this month during the global pandemic may seem disheartening at the superficial level. However, it has arrived at an ideal time to serve as a wake up call. So instead of splurging on ourselves, let's think of others. Let's think of the needy of the hungry of the less fortunate. We've been impacted very badly by the pandemic and the lockdown and let us intend to celebrate read by helping them and feeding them in Sharma moving on guideline number two now this is in regards to read prayers masajid in most parts of the world have closed and we should not attempt to congregate together and have our usual need

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prayers. We need to understand the during normal times Friday prayers the Friday Juma is an obligation upon each and every one of us. And despite it being such a strict obligation, it falls off our shoulders in a situation like this when we're dealing with a pandemic and when our authorities have asked us not together and not to congregate for prayers. On the other hand, when you look at read prayers, they aren't obligatory like Friday prayers, they are considered and emphasized sooner as per the teachings of Imam Shafi rahula so it makes all the more sense than during a pandemic and when our authorities have asked us not together not to congregate that we do

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not attempt to congregate for eight plants.

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Having said that, this prayer, as per the view of your mama chef or your mama it can be offered within the comfort of our homes.

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This prayer can be offered individually. This prayer can also be offered collectively. And when I say collectively, I don't mean all of the neighbors getting together and offering the prayer collectively, no, you need to stay at home. Stay safe. When we say collectively, we mean family members within one family unit, let's say

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the mother and father and the children, husband and the wife, they can pray together if they wish to, or it can be offered individually in terms of how this prayer needs to be offered. It's two units of prayer, you won't have a hotbar you won't have a sermon like you do at the massage it is just two units of prayer. In the first unit after you tie your first beer, you will go on to tie an additional seventh beer on seventh beers and then you will read so to Fatiha and so on you will go down for ruku sujood and you will come up for your second unit the usual I mean report and then obviously to seduce to sex there's and then you will come up for the second unit. As you come up for

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the second unit you will say Allahu Akbar and Stan and after that the Kabir you will tie another additional five that Birotte five the beads and then you will read certain Fatiha and other surah then go on for a tour. Go on for the two soldiers and your childhood and then you will give your destiny Solomonic ceremony.

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And with that you fulfilled the Sunnah of their prayer in the comfort of your home. Lastly, we have guideline number three now this is in regards to visiting friends and family. During normal read celebrations outside of a pandemic, we will visit our friends we will visit our family members. But during a pandemic when lockdowns are in place and when our governments have advised us to stay at home. And I keep repeating this and reminding ourselves of this we must stay safe must abide by the law. And we must stay at home. And at this juncture we can turn to technology to revive this aspect of being connected to friends and family in the form of calls in the form of video calls, group

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video calls, emails and WhatsApp messages etc. Now, it's understood that the ambience and the community field will definitely be missing. However, let us look at this as an opportunity to turn to the almighty to turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala in reverse and to ask for healing and to ask for the removal of this blindness. So as we conclude we pray that Allah subhana wa Taala brings about ease that he brings about healing that it brings about relief that he helps those who have been affected directly by this virus, that he fills our hearts with patients to go through this chaos and turbulence and we pray unto him for normalcy as soon as possible. Like conclude this video by

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wishing you a blessing in a way early because it depends on when you watch this video if you're watching it and also needs published and I guess we've got about a week for it or if you want to close the door in then you know it's not too early to wish you nonetheless I wish you a blessing eat and I look forward to talking to you all in another video soon inshallah Allah, Muslim alikum or cancel