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shaytani rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala COVID mursaleen sarina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi My beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Islam Allah, Allah the library

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or policeman to Allah subhana wa tada Shangri La ilaha illa Allah be witnessed that man has the right to be worshipped except the last panel dialer and we send our love our greetings and salutations. So beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to the spice and pure family to his companions and all those who follow him soon until the end of time, we pray and we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to bless us in this world of Juma to guide us to grant us understanding and sensitivity to forgive us for shortcomings. Allah bless us in our wealth, you know, family, in all our face, malice, primer Graceffa, to those who are sick, and the ramen mouth filler for those who

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have passed away. May Allah grant us to be like this together in the genital fear dose, I mean, Leila

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and hamdulillah. This is part three of our series on the risk getting the Baraka and we last week spoke about the dangers of Riba and this is one of the reasons why our money does not go forward is because it's tainted with rebar, whether we're receiving or paying that this rebar, one of the consequences of it is removes the Baraka from our wealth. And for those of us who are in debt, you're paying more than you should, because just you painted the rebar. And we said it's a very serious, serious crime. One of the objectives of this series

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is, at least at the very least, is not to condemn anyone. We all myself included, we all sit behind a law, we have to keep track of our finances. And we all have to ask these questions because we live in a society where we are constantly surrounded by everybody, with our money coming from the job I'm doing, is it permissible? How am I spending that money? When I take data? Is it permissible? We need to ask these questions and and we've taken rebar but likely to likely start with one of those sins. When we look at how serious it is. Many people have responded and said I never knew it was a serious Why haven't the Imams told us it was the CDs. That's one of the things we're educating ourselves. We

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ask Allah to forgive us for what we didn't know. We didn't know any better Allah have mercy on us. So we said of the of and just to summarize some of the evils of Riba, we said it's one of the major sins in fact, it was one of the seven deadly sins of the prophets also Allah mentioned as the most severe of all sins. Number one on that list of seven is the Riba is the prophets of Allah in His Quran has declared war on the one who invites Riba and Allah has promised that they will be no Baraka, no growth really, in the dunya something else will be taken from him in the dunya and in the after, of course, the punishment is severe. Allah subhanho wa Taala as mentioned that the one who

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takes Riba he will stand on the day of chemo like he's like he is mad with spritz of epilepsy. And the prophets of Salaam had also mentioned that the one who takes Riba it says it's worse than even committing Zina with one's own mother's vinylon. We, some of us when we look at this, we say, but why is it so, so serious? It just shows us that we have not been conscious about the severity of it. And just think of it just one way of thinking of it. The person who committed a certain sin, He took some kind of drug, he committed some kind of Zina. He knows in his mind when I was young, I did that once or twice, and he regrets whereas the one who is involved in the Reebok transactions while he's

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sitting here in the masjid, that certainly is continuing, but his money is being invested or his interest is being accrued that 24 seven, you are accruing that same way as the other sons, it happens that it ends and you make a difference over whereas the Riba it continues your money right now might be in doing something haram right now. You might be in a job we for eight hours a day, five days a week, you're doing heroin. And that's why the civility of it compounds compounds, so May Allah protect us and Allah forgive us and guide us. Based on that discussion. There were a lot of questions that came in and Riba and it's, in fact, Islamic finances, finances and contracts, is a

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very technical and specialized area of Sharia. It's a very specialized area, you need to combine a knowledge of numbers and knowledge of business and a knowledge of halal and haram the Sharia, which makes it very complicated and also in the world we live in, which is we don't deal with with goats in the you know, dates and gold and these things, we deal with money, it becomes more complicated and complex. So I'm trying to answer some of the questions Today's a q&a session. And the quick questions that have come in some questions I find interesting and, and I take this very seriously because it's not an area that I am an expert in. Yes, I have a financial background. Yes, I studied

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Islamic sciences, more theology, but Islamic sciences itself is an area of specialization on its own. And me for the discussions I will refer back to the scholars that they have given to us.

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salary lay the answers that I have researched? I've asked a lot to give us the freakin answer in that. So let's start off first question is debt to begin with permissible Islam? Can I take a loan?

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Is there any form of financing which is permissible or does Islam say you only spend what you earn nothing more is something like this even permissible. Can I borrow money from my brother? You know what, leave me some money to buy a car. No Riba involved is this permissible STDs, in fact, the longest I have the Quran is called the ayah of date, the longest ayah Surah Baqarah, the longest Ayah the ire of Dane odit. And in that ayah, Allah explains that when you one person loan some money to another one, there is a procedure, you need to write this down, you need to have witnesses so that there's no conflict afterwards. And this Hadith of the Prophet SAW sentences will ever takes

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people's wealth you you loan money, with this insignia that you will pay it back, Allah will ensure a level will assist you in paying back that money. Allah will be with the borrower until he pays off his debt, so long as it is not for something which our dislikes, so long as you lend money for a good reason. Allah will be with you. Of course, if you lend money, and you put yourself in undue burden, this is not permissible. And insha Allah, I won't be next week. But we will continue with the series and the chef, Sheikh Abdullah k will talk more about data because while it's permissible, it's not desirable, we should try to move out of it. So they are asked to decide and the things to

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do to assist you removing from date.

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The next question, when we talk about rebar.

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The answer that people give all the time is necessity. I don't have a choice in the matter, dada dada, it is necessity. Now what is this concept of necessity? We have within the Sharia, a principle a law in the Sharia, that necessity permits the implementable the harem so we know man is stuck on an island is about to starve to death. The only food on the island is a pig you allowed to eat you rather eat from the pork then die or another eggs and Allah mentions in the Quran. Allah says forbidden to you is to eat and Mater did animals in one slaughtered correctly and the flesh of Kinsey it's haram for you to eat that and haram for you to eat animals were slaughtered not with

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Allah's name on it, and that which has been killed by strangling that was hit to death by you know, thumb to this or by an animal that fell and died when animal that was gored to death all these are haram you can eat that which has been own animal which is partly eaten by another animal so there's no Quran unless you're able to slow to hit and that which you sacrifice on altars for other than Allah, also the use of animals for luck and superstition is haram all this is Fiske but then Allah continues

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except for the one who is forced by severe hunger. So all those food substances that are haram can eat them. But if you are in a situation of necessity, then you allow the Haram becomes halau in fact it becomes compulsory, then you must die you need to eat. We have another example in the Quran with a the early Sahaba were being tortured. And in the end they were told just say some statement of Kufa say that I worship someone besides Allah and a martini acid or the Alon he was in such a severe torture that he said something of Kufa he said yes I don't you know i don't believe in a line I'm gonna watch I worship I accept and he was very scared about what he said. But then Allah revealed is

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to say that it's fine that it's okay with your heart is still at ease with him and and what you said you did it out of compulsion.

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Now people use this is this is insane for me to loan money from the bank is a necessity if I don't do it. I'm not going to survive.

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Now before you use the necessity card, remember this is something you and I will have to answer for by Allah. Allah is going to ask you, why did you eat from this? Why did you take this transaction? If your answer is necessity, you need to be ready to back that up. So, examples from the shadia it is permissible for the Muslim to eat haram flesh, if you will die of hunger very clear, it is permissible for you to utter a statement of Kufa if you are being tortured or being persecuted severely, it is permissible for example, to deposit your money. If your money You can't leave it under the mattress is going to be stolen. So to put it in a bank and avoid it, avoid it. We'll talk

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more on this

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insurance medical aid now, medical insurance. If you look at the the underlying transaction,

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many of the boxes are ticked that makes it haraam not so much of Riba but in terms of gambling, you pay insurance company 500 grand a month, you don't know what you're getting in return. You could end up paying 50 years that premiums and not get anything in return, or you could pay 5500 and tomorrow you will accident and they must replace your entire car. There's too much unknown initially. You cannot buy something that you have completely and you don't know what you're going to get. So I can't say there's a rule in this video.

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I can't tell you, I'm going to tell you what it was in my pocket. Now you don't know if it's a sweet India with a car Kenya, you don't know, I'll set it for free then this is speculation this kind of speculation is gambling. So if you look at medical aid and insurance, most scholars have said it does not meet the permissibility. But out of necessity. Without that, you can actually die without medical aid. without insurance. In fact, you might not even be able to get a car. So on this area, many scholars that I'm saying this is the global view that they've permitted it, but with extremely saying, you know what, it's not ideal. It's not where we should be, but how do you survive without

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So before you apply this rule of rural necessity, there has to be certain conditions in place, for example, you have to be in such a severe situation, that you need to go for an alternative. And this alternative needs to be better the lesser of the two evils that you need to weigh up the pros and the cons. And it has to be a severe hardship that you're in not just discomfort, it must put you in a severe problem, there should be no alternatives. So the guy who's on the island with the pig, there's nothing else to eat. It's only that alternative, the minute you have an alternative, then it's no longer a necessity. So the question usually comes in, if I don't take a bond, I will never

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have a house, I won't have a place to live. Now of course living on the street is severe, that will be a problem. But you do have an alternative you could rent.

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You might not have you can't buy a house in Bishop school, but you can afford a house in Athlone, for example, that you can't say is necessity, you can maybe get money in another form that is not that is not Riba based. So it is not.

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necessity. This is the view of the scholars globally. And the the view that you can apply in the CCC to loan money for a house or your first house, this is a very weak view, you does not meet the criteria of necessity, because there are alternatives. Also, the duration of necessity is not forever. You only in this predicament for now,

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if you want to so for example, going through the questions, someone said, Look, I've been

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unlawfully imprisoned,

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but I'm now in jail, I need to take a bail, I need to get bailed. There's no one that's giving me money, can I loan money, I'm gonna end up in the jail and you know what happens in jail? So this situation we say no, that's necessity. Now, the Rebbe is the lesser of the two evils that is necessary or persons upon a lie, he needs an operation, no one can help him, I need this operation, I'm going to die or I'm going to be I'm going to lose a limb or something, my health is at risk, can I loan some money, bye bye. So that is necessity, but to finance your holiday or your car, or your home and these alternatives, it does not meet the definition or the criteria of the rural necessity

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and also

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the guy who eats pork out of necessity or the guy who add to the statement of Cooper, he does so with hatred in his heart. We as the person who goes to the bank is looking for an excuse. He wants that Riba you understand the difference here, Allah sees his heart, his movement in his heart is still with a man but he does something that he hates. Many times when we talk about necessity of Riba people are not using it for for an extent looking for a loophole and an excuse, you can already see the way it is different.

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So this question of necessity must be used very in a very limited context. So the question becomes, can I use the Euro in terms of a home loan or financing my vehicle? is only so we could ask the question, if you did not own a house, or a car with this put you in

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a such a degree of hardship that you cannot survive. Question you need. That's a personal decision, personal thing you need to ask, Do you have an alternative that can use without if you don't have a house, you need a place to live? You need a car to move around? But are there alternative forms of accommodation of transportation? If the answer is yes, on the CCT? Are there alternative forms of financing? So okay, I can't go to the bank, who's Riba base. But you've got a brother that you might ask, or you have an Islamic bank that you can ask, Is this possible?

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Many people say but if I didn't, I will be renting for 20 years, and I will never own that property. Whereas if I get into the city by mortgage, I will own this house after 20 years.

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That's not an easy that's not a valid excuse. But you won't die, you will survive, you'll continue. But you are substituting you're putting your house at risk for the dunia house, you're putting yourself in this severe hardship, the severe problem and you take all those at risk as we said war with Allah.

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punishment from Allah, the all those serious things that we said you need to make that again, this is a rura is a personal decision. You need to make that choice.

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But it's very clear, the overwhelming majority of scholars do not deem reverb as a loan for a house as Dora does not meet the criteria does not meet the criteria.

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So questions as well. Next question for someone else. Am I accountable for acting? assuredly, so my mom wants to buy a house on a diva base. That's once you've decided, I need to sign a surety. If she defaults. They're going to come up to me, I'm just signing a document. Hold on can't do that. Because you facilitated that thing. Someone have said, I'm a lawyer, or I work in the bank, or I work as a conveyancer, meaning, I set up the mortgage, a family selling to Fatima. Fatima doesn't have the money. So she needs a loan. I'm the one that gets the loan sorted out. Am I accountable? Of course you are, you have facilitated the transaction. And you see in that sense, even if you didn't

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buy or sell, you are part of initiating the transaction. And therefore us as accountants, we need to think very carefully. We fit in your next question. What if the haraam financing is the same or even cheaper than the hideout? So many people will tell me? I've looked at Islamic financing, and it's actually more expensive.

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I'll end up paying more to the bank, then the Huron bank, or it's cheaper or it's the same? What's the difference? I'm paying the bank one and a half million Rand, this bank. I'm also going to end up paying one North million Rand for you know, eemaan Bank, whatever it might be. For me, the numbers are the same. Yes, the numbers might be the same, but the transaction is different. And that's what Allah says, Those who consume Riba will not stand in the way of karma except as the one who stands being beaten by shaitaan into insanity. That is because they say the excuse will be business trade is like Riba they the same thing. interest in trade is the same. You know, and

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they use a profit usually interest, just words. No, it's not just words, not just words. If I loan with Madonna, then so you can go by him against me. And he pays me back and we need and that's Riba. But if I buy that gets me from Bismillah. Fondren and I sell it to you find that in 2010, this is profit. But what's the difference with the hammer cylinder pay 120, you still end up with a 20 grand that is business. And that is interest Why? Just some things to think about. If I purchase that gets paired with my changes my I don't want it anymore. Now I have against me, there's nothing I can do. Right? I took the risk, the business could fail, I took the risk, the bank never loses. When he

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finances whether you bought that gets me and it was a rotten whatever you so pay me back my 120. Notice

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I'm providing funding in the one method, whereas the other way, I'm actually entering into a business transaction. And this is what the Sharia is saying there's a difference, the numbers might look the same. The numbers to you might look the same. But at the end of the day, there is a difference. The one bank is loan, it's got nothing to do with the buyer and the seller, it's only lending money and taking back money. The other bank is actually purchasing a house and selling to you that house in installments. The bank actually owns that house. So this is different these The difference here from an accounting perspective, even though the bottom line is the same. So overseas

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they excuse will be but Riba and trade is the same. And Allah says Allah has made trade harder and he's made the Riba Haram. So Eva has received a warning from his Lord, stop what he has done in the past, and whatever you did in the past, you stopped when he's faced with Allah, Allah will forgive or decide his situation with Allah, but we will return to that. Those are the ones who are the companions of the Fire. They will abide the forever now again, although use very stern language only use eternity in Jana. For a diva senior Holly Vina fear this is a situation of Riba very, very serious. Of course, our Peter is the one who does not go solo without initiative. Eventually he will

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exit Gangnam but I was saying telling you the length of the punishment is an eternity. This again, we need to understand when we play this necessity or gray, it's permissible or there's a difference of opinion or as a scholar over the remember the risks you're taking. Next question, or share what do I do if I'm stuck in a harm bond? I never knew this. No one ever told me I took the bond out five years ago, I didn't know any better what now So firstly, we make the mistake far and we ask Allah that out of an ignorance will be an excuse for some of us. We can plead ignorance left kiama but we genuinely have to now feel bad about it and we genuinely have to make this default until Wednesday

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Allah forgive me and now I can't I can't tell the bank I'm not gonna play back around for me to pay interest on what's gonna happen next. Now it's impossible. Now it's gonna be a necessity. If I don't pay the bank, the bank, pay back the bank, pay back the money. I might end up in jail. I might my house might be taken. Now my perhaps we can argue necessity. What do I do now in this situation?

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Unless you first tried to get out of the contract, if it's a way for you to exit the contract, then exit the contract. If you can write the letter, if you can do something, you can plead whatever it might be. And Subhanallah, I actually came across people who in America, they would complain to the IRS the size of America, and they will say, this is against my religion. That, you know, maybe they there was some timing issue, there was some interest accrued on the account, not default. They said, I can't pay this interest. And they actually waived it. They said, it's fine. If that's your religion, we waived a lot. I'm I don't think in our country saws will do that for you. Unlikely, I

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don't think the bank will do that for you. But I mean, you can ask at least that's you, excuse me, I asked. They said no. The next thing that you need to do pay this interest, pay off that debt as fast as you can. Because you will find obviously the longer you locked in in that date, the more it accrues every month is new interest. So instead of paying it over 20 months to 20 years, try to pay as soon as you can try to cut down costs. And that shows the NEA Allah, I'm genuinely sincere, I could have gone on holiday. I could have gone purchase something of enjoyment. I lift all of that and I've said we are going to pay you back with this money so that we don't have to have interest.

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That's that's an that's an indication so panela I got people that sent me in Mallory would them and May Allah bless it shows the man they have said to me, she I never knew the seriousness of this. But I've decided to cash in my pension so I can pay my house off because I don't want to pay interest on that level of Eman. That label of a man that is only from taqwa. And that person genuinely didn't know the seriousness and we make dua that that person is not held accountable. Also Alhamdulillah we have Sharia compliant alternatives. They are banks

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that have Sharia financing for you call Sharia financing for your for your house, go and speak to them and say, Look, I've got a bond, I've got a car vehicle finance, what will it cost to shift over? Even if it's more expensive, even if it means you're spending extra year Alhamdulillah these no sinanju now, now you've shifted over the burden, this burden of the son is to be removed. And that insha Allah Allah I paid an extra year of funding to the Sharia compliant option. That is your that is your charity that is your cafaro Yeah, Allah I've done this. So please forgive me for my sins, put Baraka in something else. That is what it means to be a Muslim. That even though this

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thing harms me from a financial perspective, but because you said so I've obeyed the law. No, of course Allah will not leave it like that. Allah will give you something in return. Next question, while shifted, the entire banking system is solely bye bye Stella even put my money in the bank. Can I even have a checking account with whatever bank XYZ bank? The majority of the scholars are? Yes, you can. It's a permissible spirit you allow to transact with a company that has had on products. So for example, many companies they will have her own business, and hello business. Even the profits. Also lemons will come to learn. He took debt from Jewish lenders. He didn't pay them interest. But

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he loaned money from them. Even Rasulullah was in debt to Allah, the man who could raise his hands and Allah would sing the rain. Even he was in debt, not debt to do what when he was finally there was a time when the Prophet gave his armor, as date as mortgage so that he can get food from a Jewish lender. We'll come to that. So Rasulullah saw Salam. So it's permissible to take a halau product from a haram company, if we will, so long as you don't do a haram transaction. And yes, you need to be careful that your money goes into an account that doesn't earn interest. So you also if you earn interest worse, so you need to put your money in a savings account, which does not earn

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interest again. And again, I say this, they are Sharia compliant accounts of the so shift your accounts to Sharia compliant accounts.

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is a small technical caveat here.

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You cannot fake so you think I can open up I can open an account with a bank? Yes. And I deposit my money the check on the even taking my money and lending it out to someone else on Riba. Am I not facilitating haraam? We have to be careful if we directly if what do I mean? We directly influence harm? You cannot sell grapes to a brewery. What are they doing with the grapes? Are they making wine out of it? You know, they're making wine out of it. You cannot sell weapons to a country that is committing war of atrocity. What are they going to do with the weapons? Obviously, they're going to use heroin. So if you are sure your halau business will be used haraam. You know, you can't sell to

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a drug dealer, certain products that go into the drug manufacturing thing if you're a pharmacist. So in those situations, if your transaction assists directly in how long the needs you have to hold back, but in the bank, we can say it's indirect, you never intended for them to take your money and lend it out as Haram. so in this situation, again, the majority of

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policy's permissible to put your money in the bank. Better to use a Sharia compliant account and haraam to put it in an account that earns interest. Even if you don't use the interest. Just the fact that he earned the interest. And you knew it and you could stop it, then you're accountable for that.

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Right? credit cards? Can I have a credit card? So so usually the question is Mohamad, look, I have a credit card, I don't let it go into negative. So I don't pay interest, I do pay interest on my credit, you can do that if your credit card is always in positive, you won't pay interest. But I need the credit card for online purchases for certain things. I can't use my debit card. What is the ruling on this? Again, gray area, scholars have said it is permissible to use a credit card that is free of interest. The minute your credit card generates interest earns interest who pays interest Haram, it's Reba.

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Also, we must be a reason for the clinical record a valid reason. Right. So if I need a clear record for certain transactions, I run a business. And you have to then make sure that God never goes into negative. So maybe set the limit on UK record to zero, that I can never increase my limit speed limit, or link your credit card to a checking account. So whenever the credit card goes down, automatically funds into it. So you never in negative

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sum, the easiest group of scholars that have said, but the fact that you sign the contract, we use it if I'm in debt, they will charge me interest you agree to that, or you're not accountable for entering that transaction to begin with. that's a that's a valid point. And therefore again, as always, avoid if you can, if you can't avoid limited, use some form to ensure you never go integrated. It's never recommended. And also the brothers that told me

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I bought I got the clothing account card because they told me you get the card and you get 100 off your next purchase. My intention was never to go into debt. But with time I saw something that I needed. And so I went into debt before I knew it because of that court, because it was the because times will be tough. And then I have access to the 1000 Rand I overspent it and I have a massive clothing account, furniture account house account, and they bombard you we all know this in all of us weekly, you have been approved for 100,000 Rand along with winning the lotto and your anttila died in Nigeria. Those those things come through all the time, you've been approved, vacated, and

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Subhan. Allah is one the prophets themselves this will come in a time the Sahaba existence however, the time will come with for someone to maintain the man will be like holding a hot coal or it will take the Eman of 50 of us Sahaba to live in a time. Why? Because you are in a hardship. You know, you might have been in a car accident, you might have medical bills, and then you get an SMS. You've been approved only uses click Yes. It's on just a hand, a touch of a finger to access all the haraam. It takes that level of demand to say no. So the brother says, Chef, I never intended to enter this, I started just to get the voucher. I never mean to go into negative and before I knew

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years went by me negative I just want to pay it back. And I'll cut up all my credit cards to save myself if you know you're someone like that, that cannot control yourself, then don't put yourself in potential harm avoided. Okay?

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Only if you need it and avoid it. And you put and remember you put yourself at risk in this. What do I do with the interest I earned unwillingly associate Okay, so you're on the other side of it. I've earned interest in my account, I didn't need to what do I do with this money again, and this might be maybe think carefully of this. You might if you put money in certain accounts in the bank, it might earn interest, you might have some kind of investment that you don't even know about. It's earning haram interest or haram profits, your pension all of us here if you will accompany what happens is the company deduct some money and they put it away towards a pension. That pension so

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they give so you know my company company ABC, you work for ABC we take 10% of your salary, we give it to another bank, you invest without much money in hand in 30 years time when he retires. You give him the returns. Now we don't know what the investment company is doing. They could be putting that money in ECB they could be putting that money okay. They can be putting in the bank and earning interest. You need to ask the question, where's my pension going? You don't want to be in situation 60 when you're 6065 you cash out your pension. Now you realize yeah Allah I don't know where this money is coming from. What is haram? What is halal? What can I use? What can I use? So if you have

00:29:39--> 00:29:59

any form of haram prophets in your account interest to haram income that you willingly put yourself in the new obviously accountable of Riba and you need to get rid of it, you need to give it away in terms of charity, certain charities except this kind of money. I know IDP for example, they have a cleansing mechanism. So that's those are places you give the check. Give it to you

00:30:00--> 00:30:03

clarity, and they will clean that thing. But the sun is still on you.

00:30:04--> 00:30:35

But certainly still meaning you need to make ecfr. Many times we don't know, like I said, What do we do, and therefore you've got, if you have money to invest, what Hamdulillah, the fact that you have money to invest, you have access, you're very special in these this day and age, you need to be very careful, you put your funds in, pay off whatever debts first. And I think just from a accountant perspective, at the moment, the economy is not great. pay off your debts, pay off whatever debt you have any excess that you have in terms of savings when inheritance had our pension.

00:30:37--> 00:31:12

Look for permissible forms of funding of permissible forms of investment, you need to ask professional advice. Don't just click on anything and accept anything, you won't do that when it comes to health. You won't do that when it comes to eating, you will ask advice. Look at who says this is Sharia compliant. And remember, if someone says this product is Sharia compliant, and you put your money with them, and it's not, then they accountable, it's like the emergency certificate. If you see the certificate V, and you want to eat and there was some contamination? Well, at the end of the day, on the left, you were the one that put that certificate, they use it it was compliant.

00:31:12--> 00:31:16

And so that is your excuse on the day of gamma, and educate yourself.

00:31:17--> 00:31:31

So someone will then I have this question. Okay, so I cashed out my pension. What what of this must I give all of it away? Now? I've worked 60 years, I've got, you know, a million, whatever it might be out of my pension. What must I do now? I don't know.

00:31:33--> 00:31:37

Your funds. Therefore type. Now you have like, three sorry, three types of funding

00:31:38--> 00:32:17

these funds that you put in the capital. So every month you put 10,000 ran away, you are allowed to take all of that back. That's your that's your money, so that you can take back any halau returns so that money maybe it was used to buy a property that property and rental, that's Hello, no problem. You can keep that halaal returns, the haraam returns, interest, anything like that you must donate, you must get rid of it. When you're going to have and this is the most of the time the case, you're going to have a gray area, they will tell you we don't know where this money came from. It's been invested for 20 years, I don't know there's a gray area of money. Now, this comes down to the taco

00:32:17--> 00:32:54

that you have, the man with taco will say you know what, I'm not going to take the risk, I will donate all of that. Then other men might say, you know, it's a gray area, I will take 50 or donate 50. Some will say just say Bismillah and 12. And that's your, your your decision to make. You need to ask your company, where are you investing my money? Which company? Is it worth? Which fund is it in? I want to ask them, where are they putting my money and ask your company the company I'm at the brothers before I joined they were not happy with where the funds were they asked and the shifted the inverse of the pension over to Sharia compliant investments, they get the reward for all the

00:32:54--> 00:33:22

people that were involved now coming off to them halau money they get the reward for that, even though the returns are not great in the dunya. But of course the returns are great after all SEO companies shifted over maybe the brothers in your company get together and say we want our funds to be in a halau Sharia compliant pension. And they can do it easily no problems. So move it over. Now people ask what do I do with this haraam or gray profits? So let's say for example, with a family bought a house, he's got debt.

00:33:23--> 00:33:46

And now he cashed out his pension he's got he's got dates at her arm, and he's got income that's Haram, what do I do with it? Do I have to give away all my income? Or do I have to what what must I do? So the son of entering those two transactions are with you? The sin remains this just wake up for a second here. This is perhaps the most controversial question I'm going to do today.

00:33:48--> 00:34:12

Look at this. man says Can I use interest I earned to pay interest I must pay understand the situation here. I've got a bond, which is haram. But I also have pension money which is haram. What must I do? Must I pay all that money in charity and then still pay the bond? I'm not getting double weapons? Can I use my hard earned money to pay my bond very, very great, because you know what you're benefiting now.

00:34:14--> 00:35:00

scholars are split on this. If this can only be the situation if you enter the transaction already. So how it happened now you can't undo it. Now for the poor brother to pay all these haraam you know he has a million Rand of that office. How long is all that money when I my pension is gone? Plus, I have to pay this bond off now immediately. What do I do now? Can I not use it her own money to pay this debt? gray, my view my law protect me. Yes, you can be so long as you don't benefit meaning if you have half a million Rand of her own pension and you have an interest debt of 300,000. Pay the 300,000 and the rest is giveaway because if you don't if you give all that money out of

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

had our money away. Your interest used to pay the interest of immediately now your interest will continue, because you can't pay all of it immediately. You've just spent all your money in charity. So it's the lesser of the two evils.

00:35:13--> 00:35:33

I said, and I make this point very clear. This is only if you currently you've read down the statute, you can't get out of it now, but you can't now say, you know what, I've got a bond. I've got some money to save. I'm going to put that money in a haram investment was that investment will make more profits and use that profits now to pay my bond? No, because the entering of the transaction is haram.

00:35:35--> 00:36:02

You understand that? It's very clear what I meant when I mean to say yeah, of course, the higher level of taqwa is the man that says, You know what, I will pay away all my money in charity, and I'll pay off my bond, I will. Some have had a lot of success. But if I sell my house, and I pay off my bond and I moved to a smaller place, that is taqwa that is your level of taqwa, that's the base. So be very careful in this. You cannot enter haraam transaction to benefit into play of haraam money

00:36:03--> 00:36:09

or the usage Some have said, Can I go and O'Meara with this money now my pension money I want to go and hedge This was my hedge.

00:36:11--> 00:36:50

Whatever capital you put in, you put in capital money, whatever it comes out this pool Hello 100% Hello, that's your money. You put it with a foreign bank, they use whatever but what you put in is us so that is pure Hello. You can go on Hajj and Umrah was it no problem measured with a family law. When we see the Haram money, you can't benefit from it. You must pay you must give it away. The gray money. The level of taqwa you have I won't advise you to go on Hajj without getting money, that money which look I don't know how much of it is haram, that gray area. Don't use that maybe for the better for your heart. Especially. You want the purest money for your hedge the purest money for

00:36:50--> 00:36:51

your hedge.

00:36:53--> 00:37:35

Is it permissible to buy things on installment? Yes, it is. So laybuy without any interest is permissible? No problem. In fact, is it the prophets of Salaam I should say is the prophets of Salaam. He bought some food from a Jew and he paid him later. And he used the shield as mortgage Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he left the shield. And the province of Solomon says visit to our Sahabi came and he says era Sula. I want to be a man says I'm a slave. I want to purchase my freedom. I want to purchase my freedom. I can't afford it. So he said Shall I tell you some words which taught me if you have debts, like the date that you like debts equal to the mountain of 100

00:37:35--> 00:38:11

then and you want to pay it off and say this to our Allahumma Allah suffice me with what you have given me. So that I have no need of that which you have been forbidden and make me independent of my means by your boundary so that I have no need of anyone besides you. So this is the affidavit if you'd like to take a piece you can take your camera out you can take a picture of this if you want to one time I was allowed to take your cameras out this is to offload it if you're in debt and you'd like to remove yourself from it decide this to put your trust in Allah every salary site this our law suffice me with what you've given me make it last. And don't make me go to what is haram and us

00:38:11--> 00:38:13

make me independent? Yeah, Allah.

00:38:16--> 00:39:01

So you're allowed to purchase on installments, you allowed to delay payment, you're allowed to buy a car and pay back you're allowed to pay in, you know, instead of 100 you pay 100 right now or pay 10 grand over 10 months. Can you pay more? This is more for the guys who actually want to invest money most of us here to real on the debt side repaying the date, but some might say look, I have money. And this is something finance works. Can I sell this phone cash and then all on installment 10 ran over 12 months and then 2010 is that 29 Reba, what is the question? Yeah, all formada hips agree you can do that. And this allows some flexibility in financial structures. This is why the Sharia

00:39:01--> 00:39:42

compliant structures. So all former diversity Hanafi Maliki Shafi all of them have put the the opinions here you may sell you might have a cash price, and you might also have a a price that is delayed. That's not interest. And the argument is well it's like a rental if I sell you the house now that's yours you use it but if you paying me off in installment you using my house though, right, you didn't purchase the house, you only bought 10% of hours and then 20% of hours. So you still need to pay me a rental. And obviously was very clear that this is a rental even though again the numbers look the same. Be clear in the contract that this is installments and you're paying me a

00:39:42--> 00:40:00

usage. You're paying me for usage. And again, some have said this is just playing around with words and the shadier companies are playing around with words. That might be true. I'm not inside the industry. But remember some Mufti molana scholar, Imam, stem to the Sharia commission.

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

client, if it comes out is not compliant. He takes the hiding on piano, not you, not me. So that's you. That's the lowest excuse we have Yeah, Allah respected Allah have signed this off. I didn't know any better. I shifted my financing to Hello financing. It wasn't the case, well then they accountable and that's you excuse that you excuse on the day of pm. So with these short words I hope insha Allah, we understand the seriousness of Riba. Also the questions of your pension, look at your mortgages that you have your bonds that you have, go and phone the bank today, the Islamic bank, how can I shift over my financing to a Sharia compliant form of financing, if you must, if you can

00:40:40--> 00:41:16

borrow money from someone, you get into a situation now with indivior maybe you need to cancel that holiday to pay off your house. Well hamdulillah do that for the sake of Allah. We will continue and look at ways in which we can now put Baraka money how that little can go for because remember, as I said at the beginning, when you look at the risk, don't forget Arosa. All of this that we're talking about belongs to Allah. He's the one that gives and he's the one that takes your doors might appear to be closed. The situation might look very bad. But Allah will open the door tomorrow, if we are sincere, and open away from where you did not know because you sincere. Whatever sins we did, we

00:41:16--> 00:41:53

asked for ecfr overseas. We're living in a de facto fashion those who when they've committed fashion, they committed the wrong and they harm themselves with evil. They remember Allah and ask for his forgiveness for the sins and none can forgive the sins but Allah and they did not persist in what they had done. While they know for those people who come when they committed sins. remember Allah feel bad and make Toba. Allah says for them, that he would His forgiveness all again and to forgive you from the Lord. And because of that ecfr that sin and that forgiveness a little promises will give them jetnet under which rivers flow within they will live forever and are excellent is the

00:41:53--> 00:42:31

reward for those do as those who do good some Allah forgive us. I mean, quickly. Next week I'm not yet we will continue with the series Shekar Abdullah k will talk about the dangers of debt, not to be in debt will also any questions concerns with gmail.com we continue or even around the message even I won't be here we'll be sending out the audio. So next week is next week, Sunday will be the MPC This is a cultural thing for our sisters is only ladies only ladies get together. And the following day is the 12th of October, you know when we'll have a guest speaker in sha Allah, those who would like to support to their own peace program and they can make a donation as well. They're

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