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  • The weighing
  • Divine points system
  • Simplest investment strategy to get to jannah
  • Special Investments (almost) the heaviest
  • Salaah
  • Good character
  • Multipliers
  • Unlimited Returns
  • Perpetual Returns
  • The Destroyers
  • Seven most destructive destroyers
  • Compensators
  • Tawbah and Istighfar
  • Good deeds
  • Duaa ( Supplication)
  • Calamities and minor punishment
  • Conclusion of the weighing
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Hello militia tanaji Miss Wheeler manda Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he also my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen all praise and worship young to Allah subhanaw taala Masha Allah, Allah Allah Allah will be witness and testify that man has the right of worship besides Allah subhana wa tada and we send our love and greetings and salutations. So beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his pious and pure family to his companions, and all those who follow his soon until the end of time, may Allah subhanho wa Taala, bless us to be steadfast in the tsunami, Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in this dunya and in his companionship in the earth era. I mean, when hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Over the past few weeks, we discussed the power of knowledge. And

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we spoke about the came from the material results. And we spoke about starting a new year. Ultimately, we go through a lot of exams and tests. Some of you haven't written exam in a long time. But we're tested, we are assisted work we are, we always have to pass or fail. And but the biggest exam is the exam of life. And there's only two destinations success in Jenna or failure. Maria, Bella, Jana, there's no sub, there is no deferment. You can only write this exam once, and it's possible failed SubhanAllah. And this exam, Allah is the only one that can judge because all of us we do good and we do bad. We have elements that we are proud of elements which we we thank Allah for

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keeping secret. We ask Allah for forgiveness for those things. And so Allah will judge us. How do we pass this exam? Allah subhanaw taala says, while there was no yoma even that the weighing of us and our deeds is true, Alaska to show us we're going to put on a scale, the good that we do, and the bad that we do, when sokola Xena, hula, hula. So whoever has a scale that is heavy will have passed this exam. And whatever scale is light, meaning your good deeds or light or your bad deeds or heavy, those are the ones who lost the souls, they lost themselves because they this believed in our revelations, Allah Subhana Allah says, Now, as I said, there's a scoreboard. The lecture of today is

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the divine scoreboard. There is a point system, everything you do and say, everything you think and intend in the art is being recorded on the scoreboard. And it's important to know how the scoreboard works. If you play cricket, for example, you must know what is a six and what is a four. You must know how what counts a lot, what counts against you. So because we are in this, this process, and we've been judged.

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So today, inshallah we'll talk about how this divine scoreboard works and how Allah subhanaw taala keeps a record of us, ultimately, with the hope that we have a scale that is heavy.

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Let's talk about the point system. How does Allah grade us? In the Hadith the Prophet Solomon says the needs of a boss or the law and the prophets of Salaam says, Verily, Allah has recorded good and bad deeds, meaning it's a it's an a book, it's clear what is what you can do what you shouldn't do. And he made them clear. So ever intend to look at how Allah works, all the prophets, Allah says, Whoever has a near an intention to perform a good deed, but he doesn't do it. So you said in sha Allah, I'm going to, you know, the sponsor an orphan in sha Allah, I'm going to build a Masjid. But you never did that, you know, eventually you planned a holiday instead. But the Nia was in C at some

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point, then we will intend something to do good, but he doesn't do it, that Allah still gives you a complete good deed or hostility towards you just for that internal feeling.

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And if he intends to do some to do it, and he does, so if you do you plan, yeah, Allah, I'm going to start doing something good. And you actually do it, then Allah, a most exalted will record it as 10 good deeds, up to 700 Oh, as much more meaning there is no limit how much Allah can give, but the minimum is 10. So my intention is I'm going to donate one Rand, if I don't do like that one round, which I still get a reward for the near. If I put that one ran in the towel. At least Allah will give you his 10 grand reward, or 700 or a million or a billion no limit. Look out Allah keep score.

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As for the sins, if he intends to do a sin, and you don't do it, you know, I'm going to do this harm. But eventually you say I'm not gonna do it, you back out, then Allah gives you a complete good deed for not doing the son. You don't get punished for the near you get rewarded for not doing the sin. But if he intended and he does the bad deed, Allah only puts one bad deeds against your name.

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So this system is rigged. It is an unfair system in our favor. Allah has given us 10 times the opportunity to enter Jannah and more than go to Jana Sahabi. He gave one camel and the promises allowances, you will get 700 camels fully laden on your scale of good deeds you just need donated one, one grand Allah is going to give you 700 or more than that. Now it must also be understood

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Not every deed counts the same.

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One good deed might be some some we know anybody, you know, one land donated is not equal might not be the same as going performing hajj. And suddenly not all sins are the same. Some are serious, or not serious at all are serious, but some are more serious than others. And it could be that one good deed is so loved by Allah that you enter Jannah one did you did that you might not even remember it might have been insignificant in your heart. But Allah loved it so much because it was done with so much sincerity. The Nia was so beautiful Allah interview degenerative that one deed you only need one deed to get you to Jen now and similarly one deed may be so ugly in the sight of Allah, that it

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could, you know, make your entire scale light or sinful. And the example of this is the lady of the prostitute a prostitute Pinilla light and he is committing Zina. A scale in our minds would be heavy with some major sins. And then she saw that dog dying of thirst nose a hot day and she was thirsty. And she saw chain This dog is suffering when I'm suffering and so she couldn't get even the bucket to pull the water out. So she used the shoe and she fed the dog but it was so much sincerity in that that the prophecies she enters Jenna through this by giving the dog some water so what about with an insane person?

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This Think about that. We see if you donate food overseas, someone first fit by you. Can you imagine if Allah loves that you give a dog water? What about a human being? The other side is also through the prophecies. A lady into janam Fie Hera through a cat, how she locked the cat in the house. And the cat was unable to leave. He couldn't eat outside and starve to death. He tortured tortured the cat basically to death. And because of that she entered Jana. That said that sandwich we might take as insignificant might be big in the eyes. Side note here. People have people ask often is this halal? is haram. No problem you can ask that is that really haram? Is not wearing the hijab

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permissible, impermissible? why that's fine. But never asked the question. How serious is it? Because it even if the sun is not that serious, that this respect we show to Allah punishment and Allah is serious. So you saying is it five minutes in jahannam or five hours in Jana Han Allah? You know, we couldn't be patient even for a moment in Jan them. So never ever ask that question. How bad is it? If I do it? It's like you're asking you that? That says you know, don't, don't don't take the call and say no, if I take it What are you going to do to me that this respect to Allah might be even worse than the sun? So never ever undermine your sins? And also don't think your good deeds are

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insignificant in the sight of Allah.

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So how do we pass this exam? And how do I make sure my portfolio or my scale is heavy on the FPM? A, you and me How do we get there?

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We should these a plan that you can go forward and the easiest strategy the simplest way to pass this exam, as it summarizes call it summarize it here is the profits are seldom tells about the Hadith of the Wadi. hidey hole you mentioned many times where Allah says, I declare war on anyone who harms any of my earlier and then Allah explains how do you become a Wali? How do you become a Wali? By doing Allah says that which is compulsory, that which Allah has made foreign to the five sollers your Ramadan fasting zeca your Hajj This is the most love deeds to Allah meaning the heaviest on the scale or the Fatah, the five pillars and whatever else is compulsory. The sooner

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comes next the optional is extra, it is the compulsory things and through that we will intergender Bismillah by the grace of Allah so focus on the compulsory we also mentioned last week also before the end of the video when we see the out of pseudo Allah what what must I do? And he said, I'll only do the five pillars. Not one extra day fasting, not Mondays, none of that I'm only going to foster Ramadan, I'm only going to make my $5 that's it Nothing more, nothing less. And the proposition says if this man is truthful, your indigena so do the compulsory

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then so that sorts out the right hand scale let these two pens here

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you can have a lot of good deeds, but if your bad deeds are more than that it's a mosquito. So just as much as you should make sure the good side is heavy and the heaviest things are the for it. How do I limit the sin because we cannot avoid sin sin we are sinful by nature. How do we make sure that sinful scale is not going to harmless they've kiama that beautiful I Allah gives us great hope in touch Sanibel Cuba, you know my tuna no naka Farah article, one of the film MacAllan Karima, that if you avoid the major sins, and there's a list of major sins, about 70 of them, avoid this list. When Allah says all the minuses I forgive. So if you come on the dev camella saying you do the compulsory

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things in sha Allah This will include to Jenna and then if we look at your sons your sinful side if there are no mate

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Just send on that scale, then everything else will be null and void. So this is sort of an easy strategy.

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I do the basics, which is not a lot. Avoid that 70 major sins and insha Allah, it's bs Neela. Stick to Jana. This is the simplest strategy to pass this exam. And how do we now hold on to this? As we said, not all good deeds are the same in terms of magnitude. We don't know that you would look like in the reward one more than the other, but we know they are bigger good deeds, and they are bigger sins. So what are these major sins and make a major good deeds? In summary?

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What is the thing that will count the heaviest on my scale that fdmr the heaviest thing on the scale is the kalama tauheed to avoid chic, because this thing Bismillah will enter every single person after he will enter Jannah we know that this is a promise from Allah subhanho wa Taala. Even the man who didn't know good deeds, but he believes in worship Allah alone, no hazards, no commits, no any of these things, worship Allah alone, no idols, no saints, you worship Allah No. Then Allah will Bismillah into you to Jana. That's the one thing Allah has asked for, as demanded from us La la la la.

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What is the most heaviest after that? After the for the believer now we are Muslims. What is the heaviest after that? We know that the heaviest thing as a properties is the solder. The first thing Allah sees the prophecies the people will be accounted for on the day of chemo is your solder and Allah will ask his angels look at my servants solder where they complete or not. You have any days missing any of the fuddled solder and if you're a male, if the from the day you became a Caliph until the day you die, every single Salah must be in account must have been done on time in its place. And if they will complete it will be written he's completed you get that mark, you pass that

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question? If it was not fully complete of Allah's mercy, he will see the look at the Noah field the optional ones, if he has them, then they will make up for the they will make up that shortfall.

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Then, if he if he's Sala question you parcel The question is going to be about solder if you get through that question, even the landed fkm when we all get through that we pass that the Allah when the rest of the deeds will be dealt with in the same manner, meaning whatever follows will be easy. Or if you failed in the solder and the rest will also be very difficult of sada is the big, big question on the exam paper. Then the prophets of Salaam says

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Swami says I heard an absolute saying there is nothing that will be placed on the scale. Heavier lives after the fire are bigger than good character, meaning better than tahajjud better than additional optional O'Meara and Hajj and fasting better than that. The heaviest thing after the fried is a good character being a good human being to people smiling at people being kind being nice being polite, how you take the email. Good day, how are you? Instead of ways this thing like these things count the heaviest, your neighbors love you instead of cursing you versus the heaviest thing on the scale after the compulsory stuff, the one who has good character promises who will attain the

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status of the one who fasts and prays continuously. Look at the one who has a good polite character it is written for him He is 24 hours in sada 24 hours in fasting behind Allah.

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There are special needs that are multipliers. Now I'm giving you like an investment kind of thing. Certain investments, certain deeds you do they have exponential growth. Right, you donate one land, it's one that will come the land Allah can give you whatever limit he wants, but there are certain deeds if it's done in a certain manner or place and time, then it has a multiplier effect. For example, the prophets of Salaam says one Salah in the harmonica is equal to $100,000 in any other magic message horahan or wherever it might be. Now if Salah is the heaviest thing on the scale 100 emotional harm 100,000 solders sounds 1000 days of solid Subhanallah so it has certain places have a

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multiplier effect. certain times Ramadan one good deed done in the month of Ramadan it's a week narration but we hope insha Allah that every deed done in Ramadan, it is already topped up 70 times. So originally already you give one rain, Allah can multiply it by at least in when he says Ramadan times another 70 Look at the way Allah is trying to give us later to quarter one night better then at three years. One night.

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The Salah in congregation is better 25 times in the Salah than at home and the prophets of Salaam encouraged the Sahaba to think smart and to be be savvy when it comes to good deeds of the light. binominal os narrated that the prophet SAW him performing a lot of fasting

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Fast every second day, this is the most difficult fast. And the fourth thing I've never dealt with one day you fast one day you eat this is the most difficult. And the prophet SAW him doing this. And then the results, encouraged him to stop doing this. And he said, I don't overburden yourself. It's enough if you want to get the full lifetime of fasting, you want to understand on the deaf kiama and you record says this man has fostered his whole life shortcut, just for three days in the month, the middle three days, it's Allah is gonna multiplied by 10. So you have 30 days, just do that. Don't over exert yourself. Subhana Allah, Allah and the prophets of Salaam looks for ways to make it easy

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on his oma and Allah is looking for ways excuses upon excuses to make our scales heavy.

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They are certain good deeds that Subhana Allah, the is that they are outside of the point system, there are no points attached to them. That reward is unknown, unlimited, there is no limit to them. And the few of these deeds, for example, when Allah will say, he said no limit to it. One of his patients is the one who is patient through calamity, Allah will reward the patient person through calamity without any limit, meaning the point system doesn't you hit it's not even six runs, there is no collapse, you won the game. Right? Another one is fasting, and particularly the fasting of Ramadan, where Allah Swan says, every deed the son of Adam is multiplied by 10 to 700 omo that they

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are that those deeds conformed to the normal points. Except for fasting, the one who fasts for if it is done for my sake, I will reward it in a special way meaning there is no limit to what you get for that. So you really found the shortcut to get a lifetime of fasting May Allah grant myself you to do the Spangler who of us does this three days so sounds so easy to find Allah so simple for a lifetime of fasting with nobody would, but it's so difficult sometimes for us, but Allah grant us that we year and we implement this, there are certain good deeds. So the deeds that are multiplied there, these are heavy, they are deeds that have perpetual returns. Now, no matter how great you are as a

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Wali, Masha, Allah you might dodge it every single day you faucet every gadget every night and faucet every day. The sad reality is you die it comes to an end, as the scholars say even the most pious of people wish to come back to the dunya. So they could do more good deeds when they see what Allah has given them. If only I had more time to do more good deeds, because once I die, that's it, your school account is over. You can't increase your record anymore, except that special deeds that continue of the day. So these are the perpetual returners, those deeds that will continue to accumulate long after you're gone, it still accrues to count and that is, of course, the southern

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jariya. And simply three types three types of select progeria properties when a man dies, his actions come to an end, but three reoccurring types of charity are is number one a type of charity, you left behind something of benefit to society to humanity to even animals, you planted a tree and sometimes the trees last how long for 500 years, someone played in a tree some child said the someone took the shade an animal build the nest, while the tree stands, you are long time did but the tree is giving you returns in your power, any charity this motion Subhanallah 150 years, the Buddhists that paid for it, they're still getting our rewards every Juma Ramadan. So a charity that

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will continue after you pass away or knowledge when you share knowledge, the type of charity and then you implement that and someone else learns from that and it continues Subhan Allah, those holofernes Elif, but we take them very trivially. But those children will make Surah Surah Fatiha, it will continue on the scales long after they die. Those children grow up to teach the kids not like sick from them. I mean all of us. And of course for all of us something we can do so you might not have the money for the charity. You might not have the knowledge to share, but a pious child that after you die, they may go off for you. They remember you and how beautiful is it as a gift as

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a parent when your cover and you find that situation in your cupboard is elevated ways this fragrance coming from where's this light coming from? It's coming from your son is remembering you and is making to offer you Allah have mercy on all our parents have passed away and grandparents. Right now these things are perpetual types of rewards. So think about that. Think about how you're going to prepare once I die that will keep building off the ego like we did it means you need to be part of the school, the medicine, donate to something something that will last outlive you think about that. Learn to teach knowledge, shape, beneficial knowledge or be a good parent and teach your

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kids the basics that will take it take it forward. Just as they are special deeds that are heavy, that give you special returns that are excellent to be on the scale. They are things that can destroy your portfolio. They are things

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There are so heavy, if on that negative scale, they will undo all the good deeds. These are the destroyers, the destroyers of your portfolio. Allah Subhana Allah says, cool, hell no not be okume Bill sadena Amala CE, O Muhammad Shall I not inform you of the biggest losers on the day of piano, they are those whose effort is lost in the life in the worldly life, while they think they're doing good deeds, meaning they're working so hard and sincerely to build a portfolio the good deeds, but because they have some kind of sin, the nature of it, it renders all the investment or the good deeds null and void is panela. That is the biggest loser because at least the guy who would live the

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life of pleasure, and he knows where he's going, he at least enjoyed the dunya on one one way of looking at it was this guy is working so hard to get close to Allah, but he's got a son, that is so bad, it destroys his entire investment. SubhanAllah like what kind of sins as Allah says, it was already revealed to you and those before you meaning Allah says, I've told you in this Quran, and the nations before meaning this is a tsunami, Allah from the beginning of time,

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like in musharaka, Latin America, that if you were to come and check with me, when all your deeds will become worthless, a personal standard kiama very charitable, good people, they feed people fell poor people, good neighbors, they do all such beautiful human beings, but they will stand before Allah and Allah will say this was not done for me. So I cannot reward you for that you committed Sheikh you worship others besides me, so let them repay you. So all those deeds count to zero on the scale Subhana Allah and you will surely be Allah says we ever come achieved will surely be among the losers. Don't take shortcuts don't take risks with shake. People say it's a second opinion gray area

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may be some scholar Subhan Allah not with you. This is your eternal salvation that Tao when someone says some scholars it's okay for protection to leave it's better for you leave it Do not put your hero at risk because of some small things like this. The promise of services avoid the seven most destructive since so these sins destroy a person and everything he does. That's so big. The magnitude of it is destruction. What are these? So these are the the the worst seven, the big seven. What are those seven. Number one, as we said to associate anyone with ALLAH in worship is the worst thing to practice sorcery go to do combs these kind of things work with Jean Michel while none of

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you do those things, killing someone shedding blood the most hated thing after Shin can so city is to shed some to kill somebody to take the life of any person and say mostly but any person without a reason. Now cheapest life become people killed for five ran into the household. Number four, devouring the property of an orphan right stealing from orphans number five is very scary because on this list is Reba that bond that credit card number five on this list and when we sit down and we look at hamdulillah we don't we don't expect the Gemma is involved in murder serial no serial killers Do you know no when you're practicing magic black magic, no one's stealing the orphans but

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the Rebbe we don't know. My pension, my investments Am I in for my quality payment. Remember paying and receiving is also sinful. So number five is involving in Riba number six fleeing the battlefield on the day of jihad. Number seven, accusing a chaste woman in shouting means also any person of Xena. So watch what you accuse people of accusing someone of Xena. Now what is not on the list Xena is on the list. accusing someone of Xena is worse than committing Zina.

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So these seven will destroy a look at the profit causing movie caught they destroy you and they destroy it. They're so big on the scale so avoid them.

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We also the Prophet explains about the bankrupt person, the person who will have a massive investment huge good deeds and the scale a lot of damage a lot of fasting. But he is the roofless the Prophet asks Also, do you know who the Morpheus is? And also how about Masha Allah gave a very accounting answer said you know you know his net assets are zero meaning he has more liabilities than assets of the not this kind of accountants in the crowd of fingers this video counting on so from the Sahaba they said No, not this kind of bankrupt the bankrupt person. You've heard this hadith before. The man will come with a lot of good deeds. But he took the Huck and the honor of

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people in the dunya he said something bad about this brother. He insulted that brother he physically harmed that brother He stole you know we took it as you know I took something I never returned it whatever. We took it a small now there's a queue of creditors and even our mothers will claim from us panela even our mothers say no now these notions of Mother Father will claim from each other to get me into Gemini with me

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You must go to Jehovah that's your own thing. That's how it is on kiama. So everyone will take his Huck from everyone else on kiama. And the bankrupt guy is you were so focused only on his, on his relationship with Allah, that he neglected his son, the people. And so they will claim from him to the point where all his good deeds are gone. And it is still a group of people what now it takes the son, he takes these. He takes the Hummer, he spent his whole life being chased. And now he's got the son of Xenon scale, Subhan Allah. So these things are the destroyers. Now, people when we speak about this, our faces sink and we think Allah, how many people have armed in my life? on social

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media, you can even know millions of people with one message. How many mistakes Have I made? How many of these major sins have I got in? I didn't know what do I do now? There's always the hope. They are compensators things that if you have those things on the scale, we can still while we're alive can get us out of it can save us and of course, Tobin is default is the most beautiful thing. You know your good deeds, of the beauty of Allah, that if you committed if you did good deeds, even as a non Muslim, and then you embrace Islam, all your good deeds will remain. If you did a lot of good deeds and towards the end of your life, you stopped doing it, we did some bad deeds, it will

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not diminish your good deeds, Allah will keep us accountable for you. But for the sin, Allah offers the opportunity to wipe them out.

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Because this system is rigged in our favor, you can wipe out your losses. Overnight he or immediately how he said Tobin is still far from Allah swans, oh, son of Adam, as long as you call upon me, and put your hope in me, I have forgiven for you all your sins you have done and I don't mind Oh, son of Adam, your sins were to reach the sky. And that was the full the world and you come to me with forgiveness. I will give you forgiveness equal to fooling the world. No sin, even *. If you stop it and you turn to Allah in Kobani stiffer, you will be forgiven. That man that killed 100 people 99 people and then he made the Wali of the Oliva line he says I've killed 99 people yes

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chef what hope is there for me. So he said for you know hope you judge Jana Jana 99 people see okay, so he killed us 100 people and Allah forgave this man because anyway to chef and the Imam told they still hope for you and you try. So don't think anyone here has 100 people on your scale of of sin if that man has hope in the evening that all of us have has hope. So if you have if we have and we all have sinned on that scale, Tobin is still far every day every day a little bit of stuff fiddle off the side Ah, yeah Allah forgive us. It will wipe it away.

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Another beautiful thing about good deeds. Good deeds are so beautiful Allah He when you look at this, Allah does not only so you do that one and you put in the towel. It counts at least in to 700 to unlimited a billion could be a whole month you put the one rent one brick on km Allah gives you a mercy that you put in this one Allah. What good deeds also do is they wipe away 10 sins at least.

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Every good deed gives you 10 good deeds and wipes away sins. So Allah Vance's Verily, the good deeds removes the sinful deeds.

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So not only does it make your scale heavy, it wipes out the sun for example, one that we all know hedge, the hedge that is accepted by Allah, what you get What is the return for Jana, you get a direct access to Jenna and it wipes everything off that still. You start from New 50 years of sin 60 years of some that until infancy student had now she got it accepted. Now let's say for all the projects that have done it that will do it. That whole scale is null and void now of some good deeds. This is one simple thing so many of it. But look at this Hadith, the Prophet says is there are two actions or practices that will admit you in a Muslim into Jannah. If he does them, he

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persevered by doing them. They are easy, or those but those who practice it's few other pieces It is a very easy thing to do, but very few do it. It is to say Subhan Allah will hamdulillah well Allahu Akbar 10 times of the Salah. Right? So 10 times 10 times of hamdulillah 10 times Allahu Akbar. And that is, so if you do 10 times that's 30 of the Salah, of the each of the five Solas a day 150 so the Prophet is you say 151 50 of car, but Allah writes for you 1500 times 10 and before you go to sleep, you say the same thing that the three times Subhanallah 3030 times on hamdulillah that the four times Allahu Akbar, and that counts for 100. But Allah writes 1000 So he says, You only said

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250 words, but Allah gave you 2500 good deeds, and they wipe not only you get the reward, but they

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Wipe out 2507. So then it says, Who have you come it's 2500 since the day what you can do that simple thing that will make the scale heavy and make the sin disappear. of the beautiful things. And that's why we continue to make do after the deceased people. Because one of the good things of having good character you leave the dunya you might have not done too much on your own scale, but people love you and they remember you when they do us and they do us got you to Jannah Hadith that says if 40 believing good people, upright people, standard yo janessa This will count as you admittance into Jenna

00:30:38--> 00:31:13

calamities and punishments and minor punishments. Some people they go through very difficult situation, and that calamities would even make dua for it. But whoever is afflicted for difficulty in your money, in your health, in your family, whatever it might be, that might be the thing that Allah is giving you that admits you into Jenna, that is the thing. As we said, No tiredness, the prophecies, no, nothing that even if you feeling tired, so I used to be in the Juma even if you don't listen to me, but you're certainly trying to stay awake at home anyway. So getting a word for that, and I know tiredness or exhaustion. No worry, you're worried about what's gonna happen to me

00:31:13--> 00:31:51

grief, feeling sad, the stress, any harm that befalls you, the believer in this world, not even so much as bumper, stamping on the phone or bumping your toe whatever it might be. That Allah removes the sun's day by that low cheating Subhan Allah, Allah grant the slow cheating to stop, but you have two hours of inconvenience in your life. Alhamdulillah you're getting a reward for that. Because your life is inconvenient. Your life is being made difficult by that. So Allah looks for every opportunity, but he does not add to your sin when we having happiness. panela ever ever you feel down or bad Allah is giving you rewards and removing sins, when you're feeling good and happy. Allah

00:31:51--> 00:31:55

doesn't take away any of your good deeds rigged in our favor Subhan Allah.

00:31:56--> 00:32:17

So the conclusion now, these are of the avenues to make that scale Xavi, so on kiama, as Allah said, in the Quran, the waiting is real, it's going to happen, we will have to stand and it will be put on that scale, the sum total of your life will come down to that moment, then we'll only then will we get to see what was my worth on the dounia.

00:32:18--> 00:32:28

And so, if the good deeds what happens if the scale on the right hand now you will have been we will have good deeds on the right scale, we will

00:32:29--> 00:33:10

and we will have Mullah predict that Samson on the left side, and it will be weighed. If the good deeds outweigh the bad, even if there's a lot of bad deeds, this is another gift from Allah. If the good deeds are more than the bad deeds, then Allah subhanho wa Taala will admit those people to Jenna directly, meaning they will not have to account for those sins, they will not have to account for those sins. This is after this after all the hack of other people have been taken care of. So a man for example, comes into dev karma. He's got his fasting, he's got his good deeds and the TV on his on his credit side, he's got some sun, maybe he looked at her on pizza or drank haram pizza,

00:33:10--> 00:33:33

whatever it might be, we don't go into the sun, any harm some people, so now he has to pay out those people. Now all the people that he have, he has wrong, they're paid out from his good deeds. Now the only sins on the scale of those which were done against Allah, there was a sense between him and Allah. Now if he's good deeds of stole more than Allah will make mark of all those sins against him. And he goes straight to Jenna without any further punishment.

00:33:35--> 00:33:47

So we just have to get the good scale heavier than the bad. And remember, every one day you do times 10 at least wipes out 10. So you have 10 times the opportunity 10 times the points we have that Subhanallah

00:33:48--> 00:34:24

what happens if my deeds by negative side is more even in this this hope? So if the sinful sideways more, and this can only happen for two types of people, one is the person who come with the chick. Now why will it be more because he will have nothing in the good side, we see the one who comes to Allah with *, he died on that, then his good side is empty, completely empty. Nothing to account zero. Completely zero. Like the guy who wrote the exam as the example and put his name on the exam. Completely zero, nothing gets nothing. So that person now goes to janam for eternity. A lot protectors

00:34:25--> 00:35:00

don't this is one thing we don't negotiate on. Then. As for the believer, he's a good he's a US media scholar. He didn't come a check. He did as much as he could afford it. He might even have neglected some of it. He wasn't a very good person on the dunya is harm people committed sin, whatever, very bad life and now he scale is he on the left side? Yeah, Allah, what's gonna happen. He has some major sins in the Rebbe Xena, whatever it might be what now of the history paid out all the people that that he owed, and now the sins against Allah. Now our belief is he started mushiya he's now

00:35:00--> 00:35:23

his only hope now is at the mercy of our cameraman. Now he's cases with Allah. Either Allah can forgive and say, go to Jenna, I forgive all of them, or Allah can now assign a punishment. You know, in a court case, after the defendant is found guilty, he must not come again. A week or two later wife was sentencing. And now the judge will look at, yes, you found guilty

00:35:24--> 00:36:03

punishment as well. Now we look at mitigating things. And now our only hope that is a greater instead of Allah and like we said, that ultimately will be will be the thing that will admit everyone into Jenna, that even Allah will at some point, even the worst of the worst of the worst, will Allah will look into janam and see who is the and Allah will say, Is there anyone in this Jana that has no good deeds, but he did not come to check with me when take them also out and put them into Jan? But how long are they going to be there? We don't know. How long is that sentence? We don't know. So for the believer, if the scale is heavy stick to Jenna. For the believer. His scale

00:36:03--> 00:36:42

is light, then he could either go to Jana for a specified time and then be admitted into Jana. Or he can be forgiven completely. And of course in a very unique scenario with a believer who's good and bad deeds are equal. Then he will stand on the off that's that that place between Jana and Jana for a time that will be his, he's waiting he'll wait there and then be entered into Jana, even Illa Allah grant all of us who have skills that are heavy, may Allah grant us to meet him with these that we are proud to present before him. But our meeting with Allah be the happiest moment of our life. May we find Allah is pleased with us. When we die we die when he is pleased with us. Allah forgive

00:36:42--> 00:37:19

our sins for Allah knows our sins. And it is only out of his mercy that he forgives us mela, keep it quiet, you know between not even be exposed on piano. Allah forgive all of it for Allah loves to forgive Bismillah I mean, there's just a few announcements yet one that comes in how we were here on Tuesday. So our series on the rightly guided caliphs, the fitna that happened between the Sahaba and some, you know, we'll discuss that this will be shallow that is from 6pm on a Tuesday evening, and then from seven o'clock as well. We're doing back to basics we're discussing atheism. does Allah even exists? We live in a time when people question that so if any questions of that nature, you can

00:37:19--> 00:37:47

attend the masjid and does go out on WhatsApp as well if you decline it in then just short announcement I actually announced very softly we're having a very small camera class on Sunday in the masjid. If you want to attend O'Meara class, please put your name down. It's not really public, but whoever wants to do inshallah, keep it small. If anyone wants to attend, there's one or two places left. So first, come first serve, inshallah, any questions, concerns or comments with Pamela There's Oklahoma salonica Library capital.