Muhammad West – Surah Mulk #2

Muhammad West
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I would be lying when she told me James Miller Monroe Hema from the law European army are salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Marine, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam as to them are alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Zack Allah. Hi, thank you so much for joining us tonight number 23 Panama and again one of the odd nights of these last few nights of Ramadan and it is one of the big nights so whatever we do, inshallah, we should do our best to exert ourselves in worship, because there is a strong possibility that this night could be the night in which that very special night of power, a night of color might fall tonight, and some Allah subhanho

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wa Taala grant us the ability to to seek out his bounty and his forgiveness this evening. I mean, we began yesterday with the Tafseer of circle milk, so to the barrack and we began with the first four ayat we Allah subhanho wa Taala introduced a number of concepts. Now Allah says, Who of you are based in deeds? And as you read through the Quran, I hope many of us have tried to reset the heart on the coming towards the end of our heart and so many places Allah speaks about how this life is insignificant how this is a matter of horror, it's a false enjoyment, there is nothing of value in this dunya and everything is about the hero and someone might even think incorrectly. Why do I even

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aspire for anything in this life? Why do I work hard in my job? Why do I go to school and study in a degree aspire for for success in this dunya? Should I not just take the bare minimum and make Salah as much as I can spend my life on the masala fasting, recite Quran until I die? And that alone once? No, that is not how we should live our life. And in fact, that is not how the abyssal Solomon Sahaba were the pinnacle of good deeds, how they live their life, you see good deeds. Yes, a person who lives a good life is one that worships Allah. But the worship of Allah is not just the ritual, it's not just this masala the one side of the coin is me and Allah subhana wa, tada, me and the Creator,

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how you worship Allah, how you make your Salah, how many amateurs Can you make? How much hosting you do? That is the one side of the coin, the other side is you and the creation? how beneficial are you to humanity? How many people have you supported with charity? How many people have you supported out of poverty. And so this is how the Sahaba of the Gambia they showed you that you have to be part of this dunya you have to be part of your society. And you need to be a productive member of that society. And you work hard and strive out, not for more enjoyment, but you strive hard to make your world a better place and that is worship. And so as you're in school, as you're in varsity as you're

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in your job, whatever you do, we work with this level of perfection, we try to be the best in everything because everything is an act of worship. And so Allah subhanaw taala will grade everything we do in terms of how we interact with the creation on the one side, and of course how we obey and how we worship Allah ritualistically. On the other side, dos panagia continues out below him in a shade on the regime. When a policy in dunya masabi How would you know how do you militia were added in Allah whom Allah say, Allah said, We must certainly beautified the enemies to beautify we might beautiful the summer adonia dunia means something which is close. So when we talk about

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this do near this earth, it is close because we live here it is no because it's not the lofty one. It is the inferior one. So and here's the small one. So Allah says the sky The summer so there are several of them. The sky of this near the sky of this world and it could be everything that we know everything we've observed of the universe, Allah says he has put inside it masabi lamps he has made the sky of the dunya beautiful with lamps and these lamps. What are they? These are the stars of course. So everything that we see in the universe, all these stars, and as I mentioned yesterday, there are more stars in the sky in the universe than they are grains of sand on the earth you know

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on the ground. This Colossus is the from the summer adonia the lowest summer. What Jana and Allah says and we have made it meaning the stars regime and lisha teen we've made it a form of muscles or we've made them a form something which is thrown at the Sheltie meaning the devils have the gene. So what is this ayah talking about? So Allah subhana wa tada tells us that the gym the shell team, they can travel outside of this earth and they can basically go into space. And when they cross a certain barrier, they are chased with a ball of fire. And in the retreat, some of them are destroyed in that and some of them they * away. So in sort of suffered a loss panatela makes this clear in

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another IRA. Allah says visually we have adorned the nearest we've made the nearest heaven very beautiful with stars, and to God against every rebellious devil. They cannot listen to the higher groups of angels for the pelted from every sight out cost and these is a constant torment, except as one which snatches away something by stealing and they are pursued by a flaming fire of piercing brightness. So our last panelist animations very interesting. Yeah. And also in Surah, Jin, the surah, one of the source of the sort of Kabbalah, the jinn say to them and tell them that we used to travel outside of the earth basically into

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space. And we used to sit in groups. And we would listen to what the angels would say. Now, Allah subhanho wa Taala sends down these commandments. So our seeing these decrees, they travel down the heavens all the way down until the earth and the jinn who would sit in these groups, they would try to steal a yearning from what the angels would say. And the angels would maybe say that they have a command that, you know, next Tuesday, they will be a hurricane in some way. And so the genie will try and * a piece of that, that that information and relate down to the magician's on the earth and the fortune tellers. And so Allah Subhana, Allah says, he has now 45, the summer, especially as

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the Quran was being revealed, that they cannot do this. And every time they try to, to get close to the angels, they are pursued by some kind of fire. And some of them are able to * a small piece of it, the little piece of information, and they're able to escape. And they are made, they mentioned it to the fortune tellers here on the earth. Now,

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this is the most,

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you know, this is the standard interpretation that the stars Allah subhanaw taala has created them for three functions. One is to beautify the sky. Number two, it's used for directions, you can use it to use actually star map. So if we don't do this anymore, but in the past, when you when we travel, you'd actually look at which constellation it was. And that would direct you to as a form of a map. And then number three from the stars. Now, the stars themselves are not being huddled at the shell team. But something is emitted from a room like you know, Roger is to throw something, something is thrown outside of the stars, that chases the gym, and forces them to retreat back to

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the to the to the earth and Allah says, rejuvenation were added nalla Hamada beside, and we promised for the gym, a punishment of side side is a burning hot fire, a raging flood fire that increases its heat and its intensity and really intense heat. Now, something that we we need to ask some people, and you see this on the websites, they said, you see, Islam is a backwards religion, it doesn't understand what the stars are. And so it looks at the stars, from someone who doesn't know science and you know, create some kind of astrological meaning behind it, some some supernatural belief in the stars float around, and they chase off the demons. Now we understand that spinal there is a

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parallel world along with ours, there's a physical world and a spiritual world, for example, our bodies, these a physical body, but inside of it some way attached to it is something called the soul. And you know, as our knowledge has increased,

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and so like, for example, the concept of the soul, every tradition, every culture in the world, believe that the something spiritual or supernatural, along with the physical, but as we have come to them, to modern times, we arrogantly say, you know, we have dissected this body, every single which way we've transplanted organs, we have x rayed the body, we've we've done everything to the body, I have not found anything called a soul. So I deny that this thing even exists. And the same way they will say, we've looked in the heavens, we've looked into the depths of space, we don't see any general any demons, we don't see any fireballs flying around. And so this is all made believe

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assata ohanian. These are fabrications of the of the old of old nations. Similarly, the Hadeeth had mentioned the sun bows before a lot of sun doesn't make sure we understand that there is a spiritual reality along with us and we cannot see it. And along with the physical side, there are things that we don't know. And so behind Allah, if you understand astronomy, for example, if we understand what what we do know, we know that of the university is only 10% of the universe do we fully see with our eyes? So you have something called like the electromagnetic spectrum for many people, you know, what's what's what is Coronavirus, people can talk about the 5g and the microwaves and all that, it

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with every beam of light that travels from a star, there are lots of parts of that energy wave that we cannot see. And there's a part that we can see. And then there's a more energetic part beyond that the continuum is out of our x rays, infrared light, all these things, these things all are emitted. energies that comes out of out of the stars, for example, the sun all the time, it is bombarding us with radial radioactive material, we can't see it, but it's harmful. And we are lucky a las pantallas predicted the earth with some kind of bubble that deflects these radiation. You can only see it when you go towards the north and south pole, you have what's called the aurora

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borealis. And you'll be able to see these, you know, these these these lights in the sky, that is basically the radiation of the Sun being emitted. And so when Allah subhanaw taala speaks about he emits things from the stars that the stars push out some kind of, of beam, some kind of energy that chases off to the gym. On the one hand, it might be a purely spiritual thing that we cannot It has nothing to do with science, but it's in the realm of the Spirit on the spiritual world with a genie exists, but it could also be a tangible physical, scientific medium, but one that which we cannot even yet

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quantify, we don't have the tools, the instruments to see these things. For example, there's something called the gamma ray burst, it is the most powerful source of energy in the whole of the universe, a beam of powerful destruction. And this thing comes from the stars. If you know I want you to Google gamma ray bursts, this thing, if one of these beams were to hit the Earth, it would kill whole life on Earth. So Allah subhanaw taala, saying that from the stars, something is emitted, or doesn't say the stars itself, chases the the, the gene, but something is thrown out of the stars, that harms the gene and forces them to come back down. It could be that's panela as they transcend

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beyond the barrier, the radiation of the stars, harms them and they return back and Allah Allah Allah knows best. But we believe firmly that as you know, they say that everything is in the decree in the realm of Allah subhana wa Taala. And the power of Allah. Another way of looking at this, you know, Spangler Allah says to us, all mankind, eat that which is highlighted on TV, but eat that food, which is harder and is good for you. And don't follow the footsteps of shaytaan. Meaning if you don't eat that, which is good for you, shaytan is going to harm you in some way. And someone might arrogantly say, you know what, oh, so if I don't eat this, hello, food. Shaytan is going to

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urinate on me or shaytan is going to do something to me, he's going to eat with me my food. We know the Hadith that says if you don't say Bismillah then shame on each with you. And you say, you know, this is these are just backwards stories that you know, the devil is going to eat food with me now. So behind Allah, we don't have to think of very dramatic things that's going to happen. Someone ate food that wasn't halal. And from that a disease of infected this person and the whole world has become shut down because someone hasn't eaten as alive in selected. And so we don't have to imagine a very dramatic supernatural ways in which Allah subhanho wa Taala can cause harm to befall us. This

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is he uses even you know, the scientific the science behind it is in itself. One of the ways in which Allah subhanho wa Taala explains his power and his might some Alexander's understanding. So let's find out I mentioned that he created the what I call the Xeon. Dunia masabi is placed inside the lowest summer lamps which I never do militia teen and from the stars something is thrown at the shelter in the pelted so that they do not go too far into the summer or acted nalla human I was and I promised the these devils the Shelton who who go beyond where they supposed to go adab inside a blazing hot, extremely violent punishment a fire that is extremely intense. Now one might also also

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I've got this from people also very commonly, if the gene are made a fire and the gene is indeed made of a smokeless fire as Allah said, Allah mentioned in the Quran that the gene are made of a fire that has no smoke. If the genome made a fire, and Johanna misfire, how can that be why we can punish the police with fire? That doesn't make sense. And you know, this is a very old question because one man student asked me she she How is it possible that Jana will burn the police when he's made a fire? And the chef slept? This young man? And this young man said yeah, last year, how can you hit me? So the chicks, he didn't hurt you? So of course it hurt me. What do you mean didn't hurt

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me to say but my hand is made of flesh and your skin Your face is also made of flesh, because it's made of the same thing I assume is not going to hurt you. Cherish teaching you that Subhana Allah. Just because something is the same, doesn't mean that one cannot be punished with the others panel or a glass of water. If you're dying of thirst, that glass of water brings you life. But if you increase the temperature a little bit, that same glass of water can boil you and burn your tongue. If you freeze it a little bit and you drink it even before it becomes frozen. You know drinking that cold water can harm you. So Subhan Allah just by that same fire, if Allah changes the temperature,

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Allah subhana wa Taala is Able to do all things so don't do the same Jana that will harm people will also be burning the gene that almost is one of the nikephoros as for those who disbelief, the beam of the Lord they denied the load either boo jahannam for them is the

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punishment of Jana sangma seed and what a terrible wouldn't awful destination that is. So this ayah continues on from the previous ayah Allah says so the one group of of evildoers, the jinn, they are being punished with a sight and being punished with us, fireballs in the sky. As for the other category, those who disbelieve meaning the human child thing. We know that the devils from the humans as well as the genes Allah says as for the human devils, they will follow the the gene in how they are they have this belief in reload and they will leave will go to Jana, that is the destination and also says here, the Lord meaning even though you reject Allah, even though you turn

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away from him, you deny him. Don't think that you are escaping Allah but you are denying Allah does not mean that you you are away from him. You are denying the reality and the word Cooper Now many of us we know when we say he's a coffee and spine alone we never even label anyone with a word of Cooper ascribes themselves to demand right so this is a very serious

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label. I always say that in South Africa there are two key words he was never use. The one of course pertaining to racist, horrible idea when you should is haram it is haram to ever use that word in any context. This even worse haram word is the word of God for to label anyone as a coffee

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La ilaha illAllah no matter what they do, or they don't do that is between them and a lot. So what where does it come from? Where does this word Cooper come from?

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A farmer is actually called a cafe, a farmer, how is the link? Because he puts a seed in the ground and he covers it up and so he makara means he covered up that seed. So what, what what Eman is to have belief in your heart. Cofer is to have that belief but you deny it you rejected you cover it up. It's not the absence of email. It is the rejection, the denial of it, I refuse to acknowledge it. That is what Kufa is. And it also could mean another word of Kufa is is to Allah speaks about a calf is one who is denying of the blessings of Allah meaning someone who is ungrateful. One of the strangers is in the Quran. Fear I won't speak to that be Moosa and since I've done this for you, I

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did that for you. I took you in you are a big coffee fan on Cosmo salesianum euro coffee, and of course we only have the UK for the greatest of far, but it was looser, meaning you are very, very,

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you are extremely ungrateful to the blessings that I've given you. So Allah says the disbelievers those who deny Allah that they are denying something which is the they are denying the reality just because you don't accept the reality doesn't mean it's not great. And also you are disbelieving in his blessings and he signs

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and so for them and what is the destination is is Jana mercy it is your final destination the final when you're when the plane like comes to its final halt. This is where you finally your abode your ending position destination is that is your place your handle is your boss here are bits and Messier and bits mean what a terrible what an awful Richard place for you to end up in. Allah subhanho wa Taala will now go speak more about Jana we spoke about gentlemen in a lot of detail during a scene and the last panel I will just mention one aspect of Johanna and this is the moment in which the people of disbelief are thrown into gender Moses either Ufa when they are hurtled and thrown the

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angels literally pick the people up who are distant and throw them over the cliff into jahannam. I imagined someone falling you know, you know if anyone's been in a tall building and you look down imagine being pushed over the edge either all goofy ha when they are thrown into a deep inside janome samiullah hace con we're here to fool they will hear from it this this awful sound this inner healing Jana is as we said it's alive and it is swallowing swallowing them up while water food and it boils it erupts. So every time one group of people intercede Jana explodes with anger and eruption. The character mejoramiento Heath Alice's janam explodes with a rage of extreme anger.

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janome is angry, it's alive. And it is upset is upset with these people who doesn't believe in Allah who disrespected Allah who are elegant to Allah, Jana wants to hurt and to punish them. And so when they enter him, he jahannam almost screams at them and he emphasizes the sound of anger comes out calama Uchiha Allah says every time a group A foliage a group of them so so

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the imagery is that a whole like a herd of non believers will be thrown over the edge into jahannam alysus. Every time a group of them is cost into it. Sarah home has an ad to her. The Guardians of Jana, the angels meaning inside jahannam they of course, angels, angels of punishment, they will say these angels will offer this group of people that arrive and particularly need a one or not come to you Well, you're not warned about this, we are told that there's a police like this, how did you end up here? What caused you to end up here and Subhanallah I wanna is not just a you know, the Gambia is not just a law, I want to be our parents telling us don't do this perform your Salah could be

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your wife, it could be asmin, you know, do could be avoiding Haram, it could be your teachers, your community, your society. So we receive warnings all the time, there's not a single person, except that they received some kind of advice not to end up in Jannah. So the question is the angel saying, How come you're here you were told that if you persist on this path, it's going to lead to this position, you're going to end up here in front of us in this jam. So why would you have not taken an alternative route? You looked at the GPS, the GPS told you that this is going to heat you into jahannam but you persisted on this. So how you know explain to us how you got there, the angels

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cannot understand why you are here. And so the non believers when the intergender or the wrongdoers and not just the non believers we should also those who committed major sins will end up all rubella they will say yes meaning the angels question was a rhetorical question. Do you not think it was the no one at a time that will say yes, we did receive warning, but a cornucopia and another one has came to us for cabina we denied them acuna man isn't alone in shaping and to elaborate on a movie. Aladdin COVID we said Allah hasn't seen anything, there is no purpose to this. When shaken enter elaphiti Aladdin Kabira you are in clear error. You are a You are the problem lies with you. So the

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people have janam they will say to the angels that he has received a warning and Subhanallah in that moment of regret. They will think about

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All the advice that I received the advice that you see from the payments from the Imams from the teachers, or the son that they knew, and they will say how we basically brushed it off, we became arrogant. We became angry with him. You know, we said to our patrons, for example, we told us lixada be a better person. We said, This is nonsense, man, the stories of Allah, it's all it's all fairy tales, fables. There is no such thing as a revelation and advice. You're all in Muscat. You are the one that is invalid in misguidance. In fact, when they are in clear and in plain error, and of course, the way of treating advice, the warnings is of course, that they are the one that is in

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And then they will say we'll call you or call you lacuna smell ohnaka lahmacun Orpheus harbourside and others Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the deep regret that they would have, they would now have been found guilty, they are now thrown in Jerusalem, they will see terrorists and they will not speak to the angels before the punishment begins on them, they will say if only local now if only if only load your life only nice smile If only we listened, oh Nakheel or we you know, reason and reflect makwana fee as hobby site, we will not have been inside the site, that same side of the gene, we're in the same side we are in it now. And finally, it's amazing.

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Last minute dialysis, if only we listened meaning Allah, sins that warnings to everyone, all you need to do is listen and obey. And if you don't listen, then at least appeal the word. Your uncle meaning your intellect your reason, the word Apple comes from the root is a rope that is used to tie around a camel to prevent it an animal from from doing something so that it means something which restrains you restrain your animalistic instincts, Allah says I've placed in you an apple, human humanity, we have a device inside of our minds, our own heads that will prevent us from doing that which is wrong, something which should restrain us which should bring us back something which will

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make us ponder. And so Allah says, The people of janam they will think, why did I even use my brains? Why did I ever? Why did I not use my consciousness? and think, is there a purpose to life? I'm just going from A to Z, I'm loving basically, like an animal is the no other meaning to my life? Where am I going to end up? So they will think why did I even Why did I not even ponder the creation? Why did I never, you know, open up and ask myself these questions. And if I only listened for a little bit, and I only considered any reason we would not be here we will not be of the US hub as hobby income. So hobby, what is a hobby as hobbies, a companion one that is worth all the time,

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we will not be they don't say with the Sahaba site, we are in a site we are inside of a site a site as we said, is an intense fire so they them and the gene and the side or one to give inside of inside jahannam Allah protect us. And there are many beautiful is scary is already great that Allah speaks about in the Quran. For the people of Ghana, Allah will say how we wish we had obeyed Allah and obeyed the messenger in another verse, Allah upon dialysis. And if only he's telling us If only you could see when the majority mean the criminals shall hang the heads before they load. Now, you know, lowering the tendency Yeah, I will load we have now seen and we have now we see now we are

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willing to listen. So send us back to the world. We will do righteous good deeds, please. Yeah, Allah, we now acknowledge when we were wrong, give us another chance. But of course, there's no chances. And perhaps one of the most powerful statements of any candidate, they will say on the day on that day, many on the day of kiama that wrongdoers will bite on the hands, they will physically bite the hands in fear and regret. And they will say yeah, later Oh how I wish I had taken with the messenger a pathway How I wish I worked with the messenger. Oh, woe to me. Yeah, lately, I wish I had not taken such a person as a holiday as my friend, he led me away from the remembrance of the it

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had come to me so Subhanallah they will regret the people that they spend the time with. And so unless it's fat, I thought of will be them be him, they will admit to the sins they sins will be made clear to them, they have will have no case against Allah. They basically are saying every person in Ghana, he will not ask and say why am I here? He will not be won't be a single person. And I'm thinking, you know, I was a good person I was wrongly accused, every single sinner, he will ask the angel asked him, Why are you here, he will say I deserve to be here. Now I realize I what the reason I'm in Jannah I'm only myself to be blamed for so called as homicide. So Allah Subhana Allah

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says, A further factor will be them being they will admit, and they will confess to themselves they wouldn't acknowledge fully they dump them. Interesting word we know that means sin, it actually means a tale of an animal. So it's the thing that follows you. You're the noob or the consequences of your actions. And so Allah says they will admit to the consequences of the actions. And the only way of course, as we know to to undo a bad job, undo bad consequences is through tobacco. And if you don't, those actions, those consequences will follow you into the next life. And so Allah says, For so called means to get rid of you know, it's sort of like a like a statement of disgust.

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away from me I don't want to be near Don't be near me for so called the US hobby side so so far away from me or as hobby side Get up, get lost throw them away and so all this is like one of the most terrible things of Jana is to be distance from it was mercy to be completely cut off from the mercy of Allah. Allah Subhana Allah protect us in these early nights especially now think of janam and earn melograno all of us earn our exemption from it and our Savior from it man we never go near it. We have Neelam Allah forgive us, all of us. I mean, just like I said, I want a lawyer barakato

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