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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the difficulties of their job as a NBA player and the importance of identifying a character in a story to avoid losing a friend. They emphasize the need to be worshipped alone and not seek others, as well as learning to be a Muslim and rewarded for actions. The speakers also touch on the history of Islam and the importance of following the user's desire, including Moosa's actions and a woman named Tina Cooper's "hasha". The Darrow race is discussed as a success for the upcoming race, and a new course on water safety is offered.
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Out of alumina shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala COVID mursaleen Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala early he was so heavy Jemaine beloved brothers and sisters in Islam Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu

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or praise or thanks being to Allah subhana wa tada I will create our sustainer the Most Merciful, the most kind, Chateau La ilaha illa Allah I bear witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah subhana wa Tada, the Supreme, the ever loving, and we send our love our greetings and salutations to our beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his perfect his pure family, to his Blissett companions and all those who follow his suit and until the end of time, may Allah makes make us from amongst them, I mean, was the last panel data to bless us in this walk of Juma to grant us an explanation of forgiveness for all the sins we've done in the past week and

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guide us in the week to come. I mean Alhamdulillah we continue with our Deaf seed of the story of Nabi Musa alayhis salaam, salaam. And someone asked me just clarify that it's not the Messiah and not not the Messiah, okay. That is NaVi Moosa insha. Allah, we moved to LA Salatu was Salam. And we have mentioned his story up until now. And you must remember the things that we've discussed to us we know he must not be Moosa to him, Nabi Musa was just an ordinary guy in his own capacity. And it's very similar to the prophet SAW Selim, when he received new Buddha when he became an abbey, maybe salsa lamb, didn't see himself as someone special. He thought, I'm just a normal person. And

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this experience of becoming an abbey was very traumatic, very scary for the prophets of Salaam and wouldn't be Musa Musa alayhis salam we seen coming through growing up in the palace of your own, knowing that he was basically he obviously knew that he was his family of bunnies, right in killing someone, then running away to Medan. He spent eight years or 10 years in madeon. He has a family, he has kids. He's loving a very simple, what we would call a simple calm life now, after many years of being up and down in Egypt, and hamdulillah things must have been settled and peaceful, you know, besides Salaam? Well, I, one of the reasons why not be Moosa as mentioned so much, look at the

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parallel, now be so solemn, he didn't grow up with his parents. He was raised by his uncle, he went through a difficult childhood, when he gets married and he settles down with his family. And things seem to be okay. But there's a period of something's missing. Maybe Musa goes through the same thing. He's in madeon. He's got a family, he has a peace and comfort. Yet, he decides to pack up and go back to Egypt. Why? Why not be Muslim? You know that there's a death sentence on your head. You know, they're looking for you, you know, all these things are against you.

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Why is he doing this? And why is he taking his family with him? Because this is the character of the NBA. He's in the back of his mind. He's still thinking of money, sorry. He knows that he's safe. But my people are still struggling way. He didn't see himself as an IV. He didn't see I'm going to go there. I was going to give me signs, I'm going to change the world. He said, Look, I'm going up against your own man alone. I just want to see my parents, my mother, my brother, my sister. I want to go back and see what I can do for my family. And he had to explain perhaps to his wife, I'm going back the am is a death sentence on my head. Why? Same as Nabisco said lamb would go to the mountains

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and maca. But because of their character, because of the main they were the wives the family followed them that if this is something you need, we will follow you. If you feel that this is the right thing to do, will follow you.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala says furama called our Moodle agile, that once he has completed his term meaning his training all these years was a preparation. And once he completed his term, and his time with the people of madeon wasabia Lee, and he took his family outside of Medan towards Egypt. We said he takes his family through the desert, very strange, this journey back to Egypt. He gets lost. We said the journey outside of Egypt where he didn't have a map. He didn't have any preparations. He just walked and Allah took him directly to Madison, where he met his wife. Now he prepares himself. He takes his family, he's got a map and he gets lost in the middle of the desert. And it's a dark

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dark night. It's extremely cold, the wind is blowing. And this is really a life and death situation. And none of us I think has ever been lost in the middle of the desert. If you lost in the middle of the desert, it's a life and death situation very scary. is one of these cases where this family and it's cold. They don't know which way to go. But assuming

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Jamie tornar on he saw he alone could see a fire on the side of Mount tour in Sinai. He saw a fire which no one else could see. Ali Ali he said to his family on Khufu stay, you raised and you relax. And there was a bit of back and forth that he convinced his wife and family, you all stay here in the ici fire lolly, Attica, maybe perhaps I will come and bring you be harboring I hope to get you some information. Oh, just what a millionaire or a piece of burning wood Lakota saloon that maybe we can warm ourselves at the very least I can bring some of the fire back. He also said in sort of Baja, maybe I can find the guide guidance meaning direction at the fire. I was playing with words

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yehudah Buddha meanings he may not be Muslim, and I'm gonna go there to find direction to Egypt. Allah says I'm going to give you direction to in life. But we said this last week, that once he climbed up the mountain, and he approached this burning bush, this fire this strange fire that only he could see, and you know will lie. This is a beautiful symbolism of Nevada. This situation is our relationship with the NBA. We are all lost in the desert, on the verge of dying. And only one man alive shows him the way

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he sees the way he sees the fire. He sees the directions Allah guides him. And our hope is to follow him. He knows the path outside of this desert. If you don't follow Him, you're going to get lost, you're going to be stuck in the desert, you're going to pass away you're going to die. Only he gets the diet Allah teaches one man gives him the direction out of the wilderness. And our job is to follow his soon to follow his footsteps. This is also remember in these stories, these are not stories for entertainment, we said cost us is that you will trade the footsteps of the people before when you look at these stories. You need to identify with a character. Am I like the fact the wife

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of Pharaoh? Am I like the mother of Navy moves? Or am I the Messiah in the story? Am I the heroine in the story? Am I the fit our own in the story? We need to ask these questions. So we are like the family of Moosa lost in the desert. Elisa Salaam and our Navy, he's got the directions a lot taught him and showed him the way and our job is to follow. So we need to do follow him Don't ask questions and you will be saved. That's it. So now we Moosa gets to this valley or this valley where this burning bush and he is called by name or Moosa, he has this voice and it was the voice of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We said never before in the history of this, this planet has ever the voice of

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Allah been heard except by Abu Musa, and never after that again, did anyone hear other than Abu salah satu Salam on this dunya now visa salam, of course heard Allah subhanho wa Taala on the salon the Mirage and Allah says in nee Ana rabuka he introduces himself Allah introduces himself. Also very just a side note here. When two people meet and you're strangers to one another, it is good etiquette to introduce yourself. Allah is introducing himself to me Moosa saying, I am Europe, I am Europe, Arab. Means Lord, if you look at the translation, indeed I am your load.

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load is a poor translation of Rob. If you look at the ayah Allah Mohammed comma Rob banasura Allah have mercy on my parents as they made Rob Diane of mean, we don't tell parents our loads. What do you mean those who nurtured us and loved us and protect us? I'm not saying that's who I am. I'm the one who nurtures you, protects you loves you, keeps you safe. Also, around the opposite of Rob is a slave. So Allah if Allah is saying I am the ROB of the Al amin, it means you are the slaves of Allah. Allah says I am Europe and you are my slave Moosa ini Anna valey I am mirrabooka Europe, la na like so remove your shoes. First command that was given remove your shoes, a little thick, a

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little thick lawyer.

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This area

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maybe Moosa is talking to Allah and approaching Allah. Basically it is like Salah, like we perform salah and we know part of the conditions of Salah the clothing that you weigh and the area that you are making performing Salah on must be free of impurities. Now these musas shoes were impure Look, there was no Sharia before some Allah mentioned it was made from the skin of an animal which was not halal. And not Haram is not how long to wait. Let's say dog skin shoes, but you cannot perform sorta with those items on your body. If you've got maybe some digestive some blood on your clothing. You can wait ideally you shouldn't wait but it's not haram but you cannot perform Salah in that you need

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to remove your clothes, your your clothing that are nudges and again, amazing, amazing weather

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I was eating a piece of lamb when he received dour when he received the revelation right at the beginning. What Rebecca Kabir was the backer of the first commands Allah gave nobody saw solemn stand up and make salah and purify your clothing. It's amazing how the system of allies the same Navy to Navy is the same. So now we move the shoes was there was Naja either on it or made of nudges, some say it was made of donkey skin which is haram. And so now we Moosa had to take his shoes off. Also we sit in the Eastern cultures, Allah is also telling me Moosa, relax, take your shoes off, meaning relax and also to stop loving Moosa from running away, which is going to get very

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scared, so your shoes are off, you've got the runaway, take your shoes off, maybe Moosa takes his shoes off, and now he can run away in a cabin while you are in a sacred a holy Valley misplaces one of the sacred places on earth, Mount Sinai, and will come up again in the story of Nabil Moosa. Well,

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first me Lima You and I have chosen you are Musa so listen very carefully, to what I'm going to say I'm Allah. Listen very carefully to what I'm going to say.

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So what is Allah subhana wa tada sing to be Muslim. Allah subhanho wa Taala says this, and this is the most important lesson to me and to you. This is the lesson every Nabil came to every nation. If you look at Surah Hood, every prophet The first thing they said to the people with us, Allah sees in nanny verily me, Anna, I am Allah. I am Allah, La Ilaha Illa Anna, Nan has the right to be worshipped except me. falguni. So worship me. Now this if you look at it from an Arabic perspective, Allah subhanho wa Taala could not emphasize this more. Allah, the word Allah we said this before, every name of Allah has a root, alcoholic, the creator or logic The one who gives the word Allah the

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name Allah. Where does this come from? It comes from Allah, an object of worship. He is an ILA, the one and only object of worship. That's the meaning of the word of law. So look at what Allah saying, Allah saying, surely, certainly me. I am the one and only object of worship. They are no objects of worship besides me, so worship me. How much more? How much more can Allah emphasize this issue? Don't make dua to anyone besides Allah. Don't ask besides Allah. Don't seek protection from anyone besides Allah. Don't look for Baraka from anyone besides Allah. Don't go to any saint while he hoburne only. And sister idol. Don't do any of that. Allah is saying this over and over and over.

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How much more can Allah make this clear, I mean, alone deserves to be worshipped. So worship me alone.

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For a Buddha and he will actually be Salah, Lee Vickery and Moosa. Begin to perform Salah so that you can remember me the purpose of Salah is to engage and remember in a lot, this is really the first command I want you to keep track of the commandments of a liar. This is the first genuine command the first command was an introduction. Take your shoes off, relax, listen carefully. This command is MC Sala and remember me the MBR MBR. They were the first in terms of the servitude and slavery to Allah. They were the ones that performed the most salah and Vicar and they job the primary job, the number one job of the Gambia was to teach us how to worship Allah subhanaw taala so

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the first thing that we moved as instructed, make salah and make lots of liquor remember me inessa Tia I can do fi Harley tujuh cologne fcmb matassa indosat Attia la si, the tsunami Moosa, maybe 5000 years ago, that the hour is coming. It's very, very close on Moosa, the end of times is near occurred.

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I have almost kept it totally hidden. I have kept it almost completely hidden, lead to disaster so I can reward Kowloon I've seen every person be matassa to that which he is rushing towards. Allah has explained to me most of this entire life is a test and the end of this test is very, very close. The clock is almost up.

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Allah says I keep it almost hidden. Why almost hidden?

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Does anyone know the date of tm no one knows that even gibreel not even Mohammed Salah Salaam knows the date of chemo yet Allah says I kept it almost completely hidden. Why? Because he gave signs of chemo. Allah gave hints as to when kiama is coming. And most of those small inspired

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A lot to be honest, my brothers and sisters, almost all the minus signs have come.

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We're only waiting for the major signs, it would not be a surprise. If very soon, even in our lifetime, something last summer, we do not hope for that to happen. But those major signs occur. But Allah say that these The tiama is coming and it's very close. The signs are the why what is the purpose of this? I want to give Allah I want to be reward repaid every person to that which he is rushing towards. Now you need to look I need to look at my life. How am I spending my time? My money? My thoughts? What is my direction I'm moving on.

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We are all traveling we all should be moving in a certain direction. Even if we standing still be doing absolutely nothing is that's my that's that way my destination is we need to ask ourselves, what is the destination I'm walking, walking towards in reality. We all say we go into Woods gentlemen towards Allah, we hope so. But do our actions. Our speech does that really is that really the direction we go into Salva says, I'm going to give you what you want. If you want to get to gender and you work for it, you're gonna get it, you're not going to a gender you're going to get also that we're here to build further is Danica manleigh, you know, be her whatever.

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do not let anyone who does not believe in it, a virtue from it, and who follows his desire for the new parish. The second warning Allah saying Allah saying qiyamah is coming on Musa be way of being close and friendly, and being deceived by a person who doesn't believe in karma, and he follows his house. And then you will be destroyed. I swear to full con. Allah speaks about the people of Ghana. Allah mentions one of the regrets of the coup for Allah will say on the day, when he when people will bite down on the hands, they will chew their hands, they will to their hands, literally. And they say, Oh, woe to me how I wish How I wish I walked with the prophets of Salaam, how I wish I was

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with the Nabhi. Woe to me, why did I take this person, this fool as my friend, he must lead me. And he's averted me from remembering a lot of they came to me, of the biggest regrets of people on camera is when you stand and you look at the company you're in. And you realize Mohan Allah, I don't want to be with this group of people. Why did I take these people as my friends in the dunya now I'm with them in piano. This is one of the major regrets of the people on piano. Because before you even know, you can get you will get people will get an indication where they will be gentle janam by looking at the company they are in. If you spend most of your time with the people of Vicar and

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salah and fasting, you will be with the monkey ama. And if you're not with those people, then what people are you with? So that's one of the major regrets and always seem to not be Musa and Abbey of Allah be way of following someone who does not have concern about pm. The only thing that really keeps us focused in the dunya is the knowledge that I'm going to die. And I will be resurrected. And I'll have to answer for my actions. If you don't have that in your mind, if you don't really believe in it, how will we live our life? If we didn't think of the consequences? How would we live our life. And there are many people who live their life like that, even though they say verbally I

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believe in kiama. But the actions and our actions don't truly, truly represent that. And the wording in this is beautiful. And we'll take our time with a surah Allah says, do not follow someone who does not believe Do not let someone who does not believe in kiama whatever. And he follows his however. So think about this, you following a friend who does not believe in him.

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He doesn't think about kiama and he's following Hawa, Hawa means desire, but its literal meaning means how is the sky meaning emptiness is following nothing is really basing his life on absolutely nothing. He's just following emptiness. So you following a man who is blind, that is following just this desire, whatever he feels like doing, you following him for that and then you will be destroyed. That is there. Again, literally, this word comes up and over speaks about what things not to eat. A type of animal or mood. aradia is an animal that fell down a hill and died from falling. You can't eat an animal like that. So Allah says if you follow a person who just loves his life as

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he wants to, you're going to fall to this. Literally you're going to follow him off a cliff.

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You will be destroyed.

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And Allah speaks about this and so to Korea, for EU how we are the person who has emptiness on a scale his scale will be like Why? Because his actions were hella empty his actions we just desire, no daily lesson of Quran and Sunnah he will be weighed his actions, his scale will be light. So Allah says so Ooh, how his mother will be a place called how we are madaraka here and what will make you understand what is how we are now. Here it is a fire that will surround and burn. I put that you will fall in that is filled with fire so Allah saying don't follow a person who only lives his life based on his feelings and his desire, because you will follow him off that cliff into the fire.

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Unless, unless warning in a be of Allah subhanho wa Taala a man who speaks to Allah directly. Don't let the people around you mislead us panel What about us? We don't have a lot to speak to us and correct us.

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So now if you want to be Moosa, you came to look for some directions, and you get this voice speaking your name, really giving you some heavy information that I am God, worship Me, mix Allah, the end of the world is coming and you better watch out because you could follow someone into Jana. And you know be Moosa you stand in the with a mouthful of teeth. Right? He was speechless. Is this real? Am I going mad? Now we move so Allah braixen smarter it's a very nervous mix was slightly amusing.

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The conversation breaks now from very serious losses. While Mattila can be anemic am Lucia and what is in your right hand or Musa? And I want you to I've mentioned this video I want you to notice the way the name Moosa is in the sentence Allah says and what is in your right hand, or Moosa. If you put the name at the beginning, it's usually Harsha Moosa. What's in your right hand. Ahmed, what are you doing? Right? When you reprimand your kids, the first thing you say is the name right. Fatima why and I but a lot put it at the end for softness and what is in your right hand. Oh Musa Musa is like Shakti standing the penalised and he came with a stick and IV Musa had a staff, a cane a stick

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which he would walk like this, like the member stick something like that. So Allah says to him, what's in your right hand Oh Musa and I'll be Moosa is so shocked Look at his response, that we must look at how he responds color. He said, he saw

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me when he when he Effie Hama arriba Ofra. He said the Mimosa said, This is my stick. I lean upon it and I bring my leaves down to my sheep and I do other things with it. Why? Have you ever asked the child what's that that you have in your hand? See this my pin so what do you do with it? I write with it and I color with it and I do other things with it. Maybe Moosa is so shocked. He doesn't know how to respond. It's just babble. He's basically just babbling it's my stick I do stuff with it. Yeah, I do things was it I don't know what to say. Or Alka yamasa. So Allah commands to be Moosa. Throw it down, throw down your stick,

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so that we move through it down for alpha and he immediately obeyed the command. He threw the stick down for either Hi, Tessa. And they upon it was a snake moving swiftly. Allah subhanaw taala doesn't say it became a snake is Bahia Contessa but either here or here. Before it landed, it was a snake. When the minute he left, it left his hand. It was a snake No, it became a snake. It was a snake as if though it was always a snake. So he dropped the stick, it became a snake higher than tassa meaning moving fast in another ayah it was the abandoned Nadeem a huge snake so picture this few in the dark and this this fire you hear this voice and you quite scared now you're not wearing shoes

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and you drop the stick and automatically it becomes this massive price into this huge lake and it's not standing still. It's moving around you it's that'd be Musa got an he ran away in one ayah in the Quran. Nabi Musa basically said I don't know what's happening Yeah, he freaked out and he ran away and I want to come back come back.

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So now the Moosa comes back and is the snake moving around in this valley? This is fire this is voice that the moose has no idea what's happening. Now Allah subhanaw taala says cool Who the hell what are the half take it pick it up and do not be scared is the stick was the sort of snake still a snake or sink pick the snake up. Don't pick a stick up Alice's pick up that snake and don't be scared. Trust me. I was teaching a bee Moosa I'm going to give you challenges which seem crazy

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To tell you to go up against the most powerful man in the world. I'm going to tell you to walk into him into the sea. You do you just follow my commands. Don't be scared, it's going to work out fine for you. Send Merida Sierra hell, we will change it back to its original state. Trust me. This is where I was building the trust between him and me Musa.

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And in Abu Musab obviously he obeyed the command and he grabbed the snake and found that it was a stick once again. And this is the training for NaVi Moosa and it's a training for us as well. Sometimes Allah subhana wa Taala commands us to do something, which doesn't make sense. Yeah, Allah, I'd like somebody, I'd like an increase in my risk. Okay, give charity How does that make sense? Yeah, Allah, that's gonna make me Porter. No, you do that and you'll find out the results will be in your favor. I want this job. I want an increase in wealth. Choose the job that is good for your deal. But there are other jobs and investments waiting for me. Now this will be better for you in

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the dunya and akhira. Every decision that we make, if we follow the guidance of Allah, even if our minds tell us it doesn't make sense, ultimately it will work out in our favor. So unless teaching that'd be Musa that, then Allah says what moumita Kayla Jenna HCA the huge VEDA I mean, really soon I attend RA, and place your hand into your side or into your pocket on your side, the huge VEDA it will come out white, shiny, meaning really soon without any defect is a second is a second sign. We said Allah does not call these things miracles. The snake the stick turning to the snake, the hand that shines like like light. These are not miracles, Allah says there is there are signs. They're

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not there to entertain or amaze, they are there to guide and that's why every verse of the karate school and if

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and when we read the stories we will see NaVi NaVi Moosa came to fit around with nine, yet we have an entire book of six over 6000 feet around we look at him and we saw how silly he was. Nine clear eyed came to him, he denied them so he got destroyed. We have over 6000 is seen to us, we taking note, may Allah grant us to look at the Ayat of Allah and follow Him. So Allah says, Now we must take your hand out from your side, it began to shine by evolved whites without any defect. Now, you know, if you some people may Allah grant them cure, the skin turns white, but it's a disease. Allah is saying that this is not that kind of whitening that your skin turning white is usually not

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something which is good. But here in a Moses case, this was a miracle. And his hand was shining. And some of them have a ceiling, a lot of them. They mentioned that it was so bright that it would light up even in the day, it will be brighter than the sun, you couldn't look at it. And it also shows you that maybe mooses skin color was not white. He was dark skinned, his hand was dark, and it became white. So Allah says these are two ideas I'm giving to you Lemuria coming is Tina Cooper, I would like to I'm going to show you my greater signs. Why Why is all this there? Is he left Iran in No.

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Go to Pharaoh, he has become a transgressor. Well he was behind what IRA had seen to fit around personally to ambia. Allah didn't say go to bunnies or eel save money. So this was to fit around. This was of the mercy of Allah imagine, you kill children, your place people and Allah says I will appoint two navies to go to you and give you the message directly. You're not getting the email. So I'm going to send you two of my best people to go and give you the message directly so that you will listen. And I'm going to give you the chance and chance and chance. This shows you the message of Dawa Allah subhanho wa Taala wants nobody to be misled Allah subhanho wa Taala if Allah is sending

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fear around a newbie with signs to guide him, each and every one of us, Allah is sending us knocking on our door all the time. Come back, come back. Listen, each and every one of us is getting the guidance from Allah subhanho wa Taala. But like the round, it's easy to ignore them. We just have to open our eyes. So in sha Allah now we'll continue next week there'll be Musa now understands the man that raised him the man was like his father, the man who knows is the most powerful man on earth. He has to go up against him. And when we look at the Dow that we face today, this is a beautiful example of dow within How am I going to change the world am I going to fix it that the you know the

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forces are so strong that we move size one man alone on Earth, going to somebody that has not only military and financial power, but emotionally controls in this man gave me everything he raised me and on top of that I'm a wanted criminal, I killed somebody I have a death sentence. I'm supposed to go up against that person. Allah says yes.

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You go and you give the power. So this is the beginning of the new world of Navy Moosa will continue in shower next week to see how to be merciful for this command in sha Allah. Just a few announcements, we remind you that in sha Allah on our website, when I know the website today, you'd find a link Ramadan 2017 the deaf seed of half of Jews are not very good inshallah please, if you'd like you can download it or you can go to Muslim Central, there's an app as well in your audio play in your Play Store. If you search by my name is an app the inshallah you'd find the lectures and inshallah we keep updating those lectures with new things so you can download it takes

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very little space on your phone inshallah. So please, you know, listen to it and forwarded on Alhamdulillah then tomorrow

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we see that this is a wonderful international course journey a box it's a one day high schools a two set of Hajj very limited seating lift might not even be available if check online for Hajaj it's free. If you if you're going on Hajj, you can attend the course for free I think the only requirement is that you make dua for all the all the those who organized the course and if you'd like to attend then you're not rG 59 insha Allah and will be notes and audio I think the notes are even worth more than the 15 and so please attend that course if you can. It's a wonderful course on HUDs journey of the hearts reminder about our water restrictions and using the taps sparingly

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inshallah and then we mentioned the Hajj greetings if we missed anyone else, please speak to me. Ask a lot of data to grant the judge that are planning on naijaloaded except they need a lawyer to write for them in the skills of goodness a complete and perfect hedge my law make the journey safe May Allah make the travel safe melograno that every act of Nevada they do to be done correctly and Allah subhanaw taala accepts it when they return home three of Olson's already turn home pure and once again is starting a new life. A lot grounded they keep us in the doors. If you'd like to message me or comment to me privately with [email protected] to talk about hate or sudden loss and I'm

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hamadryad Ali Osama serene hamler bellemain Assalamualaikum