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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Shafi mousseline Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi, my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam, Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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All Praise to Allah subhanho wa Taala we send our love our salutations our greetings to our beloved Nabina Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam to his family to his companions with 108 to enter all of those who follow me soon until the end of time, Allah subhana wa tada bliss as to be amongst the company of Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we ask Allah Subhana dialect, forgive us for the sins we've done this week, to aaltonen Luckily this Juma be accepted from us at every moment that we are here we are in the pleasure of Allah, that we accounted with Allah subhanho wa Taala as those who remember him on this holy hour, May Allah forgive us for our shortcomings and guide us in the

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week to come. I mean,

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Alhamdulillah, we import three of our discussion on Shiism? And we said we trying to understand she hasn't we all heard the term we have we look at the news. We're even the non Muslims know now is a Sunni and Shia, but very few of us truly understand. What is the difference between us? And how do we come to terms with this, some of us may feel that in the current, and I remind us every week I make this reminder, I make the point known, I want everyone to understand that this lecture series is not done to further divide us to make us move further apart to make things worse than it is because things are very bad. countries like Syria and Iraq and Iran and throughout the world. We see

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violence in the name of Sunni Muslims or Shia Islam, people fighting killing one of the children and being killed in the name of this. So we need to understand what the differences are. We can't hide away, it's on our TVs, our kids will one day come and ask us, what's the difference? And what am I Why am I Why am I suddenly whatever it might be? understand the differences. So the reason why we doing the CDs, not that we can increase hatred, not so that we can see what's happening in Syria happen in our streets here in Cape Town, we don't want that to happen. But so that we can educate ourselves once we are educated, we can do things logically correctly. And that is how insha Allah

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will be guided I mean, so this is basic education, basic knowledge, we can't hide away from it anymore. We need to confront the issue and be reasonable about it. And as we said before, and again that Alhamdulillah that lasuna Well, Gemma, it's the majority Gemma means the majority were the llama. Gemma the hand of Allah is with the Gemma and yen Cape Town in particular hamdulillah we have been Sunni Muslims for 300 years. Shiism is a new phenomenon on our horizon, something which we need to deal with something which we need to understand. So we should not feel shy about this issue. But something that we are shy about, we are trying to learn what are our beliefs? And this, by the way,

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is the way in addition to the Sahaba he didn't teach them what are the beliefs of the yahood? What is the belief of the Christian of the fire worship of this one that no is it learn what is the truth? Because there's only one truth and there are many Miss guidances or darknesses. So learn what is right, everything that agrees to it Alhamdulillah we accept everything that does not conform to that guidance, the Quran and the Sunnah, then we leave it to one side. And as I said, ultimately, we hope even after understanding the differences, we can move beyond hatred. We can move away from violence, we can disagree, but also coexists together, because this is how Islam operates. It

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doesn't operate. It's my way or no way. This is not how Islam operates. So we speaking about the dominant sect or the dominant group within Shia Islam that Mamiya is naturally Yeah, we said Shiism has a few was under the umbrella of Shiism, there are many six, there are many groups, but the biggest of them, 90% of them, if not more, are Mamiya Shia, it's the Shia, we are common. We know from Iran and Iraq, the ones that we see, even in Cape Town, it belong they belong to this group. So we'll discuss the beliefs and we will see what is compatible with our beliefs and where we differ, why we differ and inshallah, how do we move away move forward in taking those differences in mind?

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No, not too much summary. I've been told not to do that. So what we've discussed so far, we said, How did the mme actually how did the CIC emerge, they weren't there at the time of an abyssal Selim. It began at a time when there was a time of fitna time of friction between the Sahaba and the spinalis. This is a time old, I saved us from that time. We'll talk about that in a minute. But it is from this emergence of a group, a group that was politically against the government. So there was a political party, which was against the halifa that lost out, they were defeated. That's history. Whether we take one side or not, we can't change history.

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But they were defeated. And then they took the political ideology and made it a theological argument, we gave an example. It's like the DA saying today, we can no longer win the elections. So we need to use religion as a tool to say, if you don't vote for us, you're going to help. Basically, that's what happened. They took a political party and made it a theological six. And they basically said, anybody who supports the halifa, is illegitimate, and is outside of Islam. And basically, what the claim that only the family have seen earlier of the Alon, he alone, him and his family alone have right to the caliphate. So we said this is the beginning, the sound started, and from the many,

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many different ideas, many different differences emerged to the point where we have today, what are the beliefs of the Shia? So we mentioned that we'll discuss inshallah, over the series, about nine points of Allah wills, we hope to do so before things become exciting in the book up towards the end of the year. So we, and many of you go and leave and with a totally different crowd, as I know, during the during the year, it's one Gemma when the actual people have woke up, come back in and it's a different drama. So we try to finish as much as we can all will delay the lecture series to the new year. But these are the nine points we'd like to discuss to understand Shiism, and we only

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discuss point number one over the last two weeks, the issue of the caliphate. How is it the Shia we say they view is what what is the view, they view that Nabeel Salam appointed Satan Allah, Allah as his successor. He said it openly In fact, they say the Quran even stay to this and the Sahaba knew they understood this was the command and before in Ibiza somos, even basically, you know, on the day he passed away, they the Sahaba conspired they had a meeting, and the vast majority, if not basically all of them, they all conspired to a plot to put Satan abacha in charge. They made a coup d'etat while say nalli was busy, you know preparing the resources body for the janazah they

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basically took over the face. This is the view of the Shia.

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We said no Jamal, different view we spoke about the matter. Now visa Salam did not appoint a successor. It was a matter he left open to his alma to decide and the Sahaba out of the HD head. They chose abubaker for a good reason, not just by thumb suck, there was no influence. There was no warfare there were no swords drawn. But it was a discussion that the Senior Companions had, and they chose the double bucket of the land is best for the job. And we gave evidences from the Quran from the Sunnah from history, why abubaker of the land was the best man for the job. And we say there's no animosity between Abu Bakr and Omar and of man alley. One, they will all work together. as

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brothers they stood together, they fought together, side by side. So this is the two views of history is a sea view is a Sunni view. And we said In summary, the Shia, on the other hand, believe that the caliphate was usurped through a well planned conspiracy in which systematically all the sayings of the NaVi salsa lamb, appointing say nalli, as its successor, were either raised completely or distorted and misinterpreted in order to exclude Satan alley from his rightful place as halifa. This is the view of the Shia, and we said we cannot accept this view, cannot accept that the Sahaba 90% of them 95% of them would conspire.

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But this leaves a bigger problem. So she might say, well, it's history who became the halifa, who didn't become the halifa 1400 years ago who case it's done and dusted. whether it's true or not, why should we argue Why should you have a problem with me? If I say a bucket stole from say, nalli? It's done? There's nothing we can do about it? No, there is a big problem. Because you have questioned the character of the Sahaba you have attacked the very link between us and Rasulo Salaam, that chain that brings us to the visa Salaam, you've attacked its integrity, and you've undermined its route. In fact, you don't only say it was a conspiracy, you say they actually went out and committed

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Cooper, because if what they say is true, it's good for even a visa some appointed, say Nally and the Sahaba knew, and then they went against that command, it is covered. So you've actually laid a serious charge against the Sahaba. So number two, how do the Shia view Sahaba? And how do we view the Sahaba? And why is this a big deal? So firstly, as I said, most important, know your view as a Sunni Muslim, know what we say about the Sahaba we understand just to understand that the Sahaba have degrees of all of them are the Allahu Allah is pleased with all of them. But some of them have preference over the others and just for interest sake, who are the best Sahaba was the number the

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top caliber so you have normal people then you have the Sahaba right on top, who is the the base of the base? As we see the base of them are the 10 Sahaba promise, Jenna and Angela, if you don't know the names of the tin Sahaba that will promise gender and you know all the names of the people on the Springbok team are all 11 names in the Proteus team but you don't know the 10 the names of those 10 people who never promised you're going to Jenna, you don't

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The life is much cooler. It's problem in to learn who they are, why they didn't get a cheap they were given that glad tidings for a reason. These are heroes. These are people that in their life they were so good that nobody sees you abubaker Ali Osman Omar, you are in general, alas, promise to genuine Hang on, we need to know who they were. So these are the top the best of the best the cream of the crop. Then, of course the algebraic the family of Navy SEALs alum of a very special place of a unique speciality, the wives of Navy SEALs alum, the children of Navy SEALs a lump he is cousins. He's those probably stripe, we'll talk about our view with regards to alibi versus the sheer review.

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The people have been there. So I guess for interest sake, the Sahaba who attended the Battle of bother, they have a degree of preference over the Sahaba that didn't. And it is understood that people have been there as Allah Subhana mentions in the Quran that the people have been there have a special caliber with Allah. So the people have been there. And again, you'd find the ones who the Shia hate the most of Sahaba are in these categories, the tin promise agenda, those of other debate.

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When we said the people who are pledged under the three we spoke about this a few months ago when the Sahaba played the beta 31 they gave the Pledge of Allegiance and then Allah revealed ayah Allah Subhan Allah is pleased with those that are the Alon those he's pleased with those who took the allegiance with you under the three. So Allah gave in the Quran, his stamp of approval, the Sahaba I saw into the hearts and I'm happy with him and I promised them Jenna, how can you say that this man is going to Johanna within the Quran. The Quran you read says that this man Allah is pleased with Panama

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then of course by we mentioned this the Maha Genie have a degree above the answer the people of of Mecca went through a lot more the people of Medina and if Allah gives them a higher degree, but all of them of course radi Allahu even the last of the Sahaba better than the best of the Alana and only of our time, as they say even a blue color Gilani, the great Valley does not come close to the lowest Sahabi because he had the right he had the ability to stand behind Mohamed Salah Salaam, he learned directly from Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, what greater honor Can you have? And then we sit when you look at history, and I don't know if we can see the map. But the orange of the yellow

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section that is what was conquered in the time of

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the pink is the extra part that say Nabokov conquered in his time, the gray is what say number of the unconquered in his time is halifa. And then the orange is what say North man conquered in a time. So from the days of Islam within 50 years, the same three men that are so hated by one group of Muslims brought Islam to these parts of the world till today from Algeria basically until Afghanistan, a Muslim countries from when they brought Islam to that land, Islamic never left that land. Allah put Baraka in the leadership.

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So we can say just on historical information, even a non Muslim will say, these guys did a great job of Islam, they converted what was just a movement to an empire. But till today, we as Muslims, owe them a debt that Allah subhanaw taala provided them so our view with regard to Sahaba This is what we say about Sahaba. If someone asks you, what do you say about Sahaba? We say that they are the basis of people after the Gambia, the base of people as nahi sola was the base nebby, the base of the disciples to any Nabhi will Sahaba of Nabhi, Mohammed salam, they are the most knowledgeable with regards to the Quran and about Islam, when they interpret something they know better than even

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if I'm sheffy in Abu hanifa. Why? Because as the ones who Hobbes's we were they when the Quran came down, we asked the question, whereas on Jonah Hill West Kelowna, Canada, hey, Allah revealed that they ask your Mohammed, this is the answer. I was the when it came down, you tell me I you know better than me. I'm telling you what happened that then obeso sanlam love them, he died in the arms of a shadow of the alarm. He loved them so much. And Allah says in the Quran, how much he loves them.

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So we love all of them. And we praise them without exaggerating them. We don't put them at the level that is not befitting we don't put them at the level of the Nabhi we love Allah like no other no one else and we love them to a lesser degree and then the Sahaba after that, but we don't exaggerate in the status and they stature but we give them the view and Huck and say they're the base of the base. And we should strive to follow the example and we do not discuss any faults remember Gemma to muslimeen something that we need to be aware of? So how about what people at the end of the day even MBA like maybe Adam like never use committed sin maybe big sin you know in the from Jenna ran away

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and was swallowed by the whale these are unbecoming of Allah made mistakes and Allah Subhana forgave them. The Sahaba Of course normal human beings they don't have infallibility. So if they made mistakes once a how the world will the next this one had an issue this one even some of them committed sin, and then they Toba and Allah subhanho gave them we don't talk about the sin and the mistakes and the faults. Why? Because Allah

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The rod is pleased with him with his idea when someone passes away we said we don't speak about bed of the day. Why? Because we don't know what's in his heart that's between him and Allah. These are people who Allah promised Jenna. And if they made mistakes a lot, they are the best to earn his mercy and His forgiveness.

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If they can't get forgiveness from Allah, and we are who we are we so we don't mention the mistakes and the faults and the differences between them. As mmm I've been humbled says when people asked me about the fitna, the Sahaba, for that, so Hobbes is wait. Allah saved us, from our swords being made dirty with a blood, we weren't alive when they were fighting. So don't let our tongues become dirty with insulting them. You went to stand on piano. And Abu Bakar is on the other side saying this man insulted me Allah want to have that position of Tiana and Allah. So we don't mention these things. And I said, What ever since mistakes they made, we don't know the good deeds. They did. Say North

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man on the Battle of the book, he brings all these wealth in every so seldom. Now, this also says today out man, Allah is not only forgiving all your sins, but he's forgiven your future sins as well. To Allah, you don't know what sacrifices they made the Battle of butter, they fought the fathers, the brothers, the sons, after they've given up everything overseas, that not only do I want your life, but I want you to fight against your own father and your son. You want to question the man, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.

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So and anyone who curses them, and declares the that they occur when we say this, in itself is is tantamount to go for, and it's something we cannot accept. So this is our view, a hallucinogen. What is the Shia view of the Sahaba? When you ask the Shia and they open about it, and they play the chords openly? What do they said? Well, they say the Sahaba. By and large, they all participated in stealing the caliphate from the debate. Because we know that the majority of the Sahaba they were only two or three companions, everyone plays double bucket. No one had to issue only two or three companions said, we wish we were also included in the discussion, but we still preach to you. No one

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raised an issue.

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So they said all of the Sahaba that placed abubaker all of them were part and they're all cafe. This is the view of the Shia, that they curse the Sahaba and they believe cursing them is like an act of victory or you would by saying curse on this hobby, and that's a hobby. This is a two hour which we'll talk about where they say like we make dua Allah forgive us and guide us do our which they make us in the Sahaba. The most hated companions to them are those which are the best of the best like Abu Bakr and Omar, and the wives of Nabisco, sublimation hafsa, the daughters of ibaka, rhodiola and homogenizing. So let's take from the books. I can't just make a statement like that

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without showing what do they say in the books? So from the books, it's mentioned from the Imam. All the people above stated after the ABC became one that basically after the death of Nagisa Salaam except the companions, that are debated debate and three other components MC dad when asked what a Buddha fit and sentimental fallacy the rest of them became, this is the view within the books of the dilemma in Bihar Anwar. It says that the slave of Allah even for St. Alexander Aberdeen, the Imam, the son of Hussain, Robbie Alon, Alexander Urbino law, he's a labyrinthine Jaffa sodic they never said these things. The the Imams of Albania never ever mentioned any of this stuff. But it's

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reported that he said, I was so the slave is asking zainul Aberdeen, I was with Allison Aberdeen during his free time and I said to him, indeed I have a right to know about Abu Bakr and Omar Tell me about Abu Bakr and Omar and the son of Hussein said and Allah He never said this. They are Catholic and whoever loves them is also a Catholic. We are the builder. So this is what they say. They Imam says which they must obey and follow. They both in Iran till today It stands the achromat on Abu Ghraib who's Abu the fire worshiper who assassinated say

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the man killed Satan Alma. He wasn't a Muslim. It was a Persian fire worship is a comet in Iran still today, which they go and mix era to Panama. They say the worst place in Ghana is preserved. Let's have a look at this vinyl. This Hadeeth as they say, well yeah the villa and they lie on Allah subhanaw taala.

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So they say that her they follow the Allah and the Sahabi heard from Fatima, the daughter of Nabi saw Selim, who heard from abyssal Salaam, who said Allah says, Allah is saying this according to them, that

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he promised to curse and punish Amr. And indeed, this is a single lie, saying indeed I will burn him meaning Omar along with his companions in the deepest parts of jahannam to such a degree that he believes himself will be treated better than him and will curse armor or Yeah, the biller is in a box.

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Something like this. We cannot accept. I cannot say it's okay.

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to disagree. Omar is being punished worse than the police wearing the same armor that liberated Palestine brought massive assault to Islam. The same Omar which the non Muslims declared as the fifth greatest leader in the state of mankind, non Muslims, and they list the 100 greatest leaders number one is Mohammed Salah, then they sit Number Number 50 the most influential man number 50 is

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non Muslims.

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They say Imam Jaffa saw the Jaffa Ross article I never said the Simone Jaffa sodic one of the Imams of the Shia Imam, teacher of Imam Malik. Great, great scholar. Great. Well, we have a loss of a family of Nabisco Scylla They say he said and Allah He never said this. He says, Oh Allah condemn and lay curse upon abubaker and Omar Elfman and Maria and Ayesha hafsa.

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And will How come the sister of Maria that used to curse them like a DA regularly? Well, I never said that. In another book. It says this is the other you make Allah bestow your blessings upon the holy prophets of Salaam and and his family and curse the two idols meaning abubaker and Omar and the daughter Ayesha and the daughters, Ayesha and hafsa. We had we learn to have pictures like this. So Allah, we can't see Omar his name, Abu Bakar, his name, Earth man's name, episode's name I shows name on the feet.

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This is not something that we can say is malicious. Okay.

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And we say points to ponder if the Sahaba was so bad and so hated why would lead the alarm and they agree with the history name his son's abubaker he had a Sunday called aboubaker and a son he called Omer and a Sunday called Earth man. He named three of his sons so we know it has an unforeseen now the children wouldn't say nearly married on and they had other children. And he gave them names off to these people, his sons where he had to be now

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let's say Natalie gave his daughter a marriage to say number for a father to give you you can't give your daughter a marriage to a non Muslim.

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You can't and this is fact these three they accepted. We know this Shia and Sunni agree. But then say Norma, marry the daughter of Sonali not the daughter of Satan Ali, the daughter of Ali and Fatima full system has an imprecise

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the daughter of Fatima sin Allah gave her in marriage to say now I'm gonna have to learn how is this possible? How is it possible that has some system are aware that you are the halifa of the Muslim mean, if he's a Catholic, this is even worse than even worse. Because I don't try to make you the halifa of all the Muslims impossible. And I said this is history. But talking about Hadith, the Quranic I have these three ever agrees that these things are true that Satan Hussein fought in the army of Mao he took my army as a general and he fought under him as his leader.

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So let's leave what we say about the Sahaba and what does she says about Sahaba? What does Allah say about Sahaba? When you as Allah mentioned that if if ever you disagree with one another, but who do you know Lola soon go back to Allah and that also go back to the Quran? What does Allah say about the Sahaba? As I said, Allah Subhana, Allah sort of Toba and the first and foremost who became Muslim, and we know abubaker is at least the second or the third to become Muslim, if not the first to embrace Islam of the mohajir in all of them the mohajir in all those who made ijarah, Omar and Othman and Ayesha, all of them Mahajan, and Ansari, the people of Medina and also those who follow

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them. Exactly. Allah says if you follow the Sahaba then Allah is well pleased with them, as they are well pleased with a lot of the Alon whom what are the one who I see in the Quran is pleased with the why we start debating over this matter. And he says further, I have already prepared for them. Jenna Jenna's under which rivers flow to dwell, the info river that is the supreme success. Imagine a loss of land gives you this idea in your lifetime. Don't worry, you already have your agenda does our sees the future. He knows what sins they're going to do. If you already said I prepared for them agenda.

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You think Allah made a mistake, then you had to build up a law says and for Who is this if for me and for you overseas to the Navy so so many Sahaba who

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reject leanness You are the very best people ever that I raised up for mankind. You people are the very base which people is he talking about? Sahaba you enjoin good and forbid evil and you believe in Allah it's exactly what they did. So to further Allah says God, Allah was well pleased with the believers mentioned this when they when they gave the pledge to you under the tree and who was all under the tree Abu Bakar was the Omar was the was Earth manly three question of man wasn't the but he was first in line why quiz because of him that this occurred because he they thought the Sahaba thought that the Quran killed him. So then they became worked up and then went to NaVi so Salaam

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sitting under the tree, and they gave the pledge they said, They killed off man. We are ready to die for Islam today. If you tell us to fight, we don't have any weapons. We came in Iran. But if you tell us to fight today, and we're gonna die, we are ready. We took the pledge and what to do and he said, This is great.

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Man, I pledge on his behalf. So if man is number one in the queue, and Allah says, I am pleased with all the believers, when they swore the pledge of allegiance to you under the tree, and he knew, listen, oh she listened with Allah says he knew what was in their hearts. I know what's in the hearts. So we sit down peace and calm and tranquility upon all of them and rewarded them with a with a close to victory.

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Case closed. Now Allah continues, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and those who are with him, are severe against the disbelievers and merciful amongst themselves. You see them bowing and falling down in sujood seeking bounty from Allah and His good pleasure. The mark of them of Eman is on the faces from the traces of sudo Allah talks about the Sahaba directly more is about the Sahaba for the poor Mahajan were expelled from their homes and the properties seeking bounty from Allah and he's approval and supporting Allah and His messenger. They those are the truthful ones. Allah says the margerine they are the ones which are truly truthful. And in a line The next is is and also for

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those of people of Medina, we settled in Medina and adopted became Muslim after them. They love those who immigrated to them. And they find not in any in the chests, anything against what the Mahajan will given, but give preference over themselves, even though they are in need. So Allah is saying that the people of America are the best. And so to Nix off the name of the people of Medina when they accepted the Mahajan. And they gave the Mahajan from themselves, even though their own families needed it. They gave food and they gave homes and they gave their property even though their own families were hungry. This is the people of unsought of Medina. And whoever is protected

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from the stinginess of the soul. It is this it is those will be successful. Allah has basically signed off on the man and the character.

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As for the wives of an abyssal Solomon, this is a view, someone might ask a silly question, but someone might ask what's worse about in South Africa or in South Asia, when we said when the use of a worker is of a higher degree in the nature of the alarm, but it will incite and solve the issue of the law. There is a special kind of problem because this goes against a law specifically synergia about her character.

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Specifically and everyone agrees This is even though she I agree, this is a for Ayesha, there are some if we can divide these this Abubakar or not, but this everyone agrees is for Russia, and the wives have no basis of so less of ours is the profit is more worthy of the believers than themselves and his wives. He didn't say one or was it all of his wives, I should have saw are the mothers of the believers. You curse one of them. It's like you cursing your own mother. Allah puts us in liquid and you decide this is old today. This that this lady is my my mother.

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And when they insulted in the time of an abuse or Salama dominatrix spread a rumor about Ayesha they insulted they could tarnish the character. And they said something about whether she was promiscuous or not. accusing of Xena and ally accusing someone of Cooper is 10 times worse a million times worse than Xena. So those people who accuse Ayesha of Zina, Allah didn't let them intervene himself intervene in the Quran. Allah says if and why did you not believe is when you heard it say when you heard this rumor going about? It is a new set you should have said it is not right for us to speak like this. So behind Allah glow DB to Allah This is a great lie.

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Allah forbids you from it meaning Allah says, I forbid you from speaking like this about Russia, and warns you not to repeat the light of it forever if you are believers. And Allah makes clear he is playing to you. And Allah is all knowing, always imagined Allah reveals I had like this for you. Let me build this for I Shia and Sunni and Shia. I agree. You still want this vital law mentioned something on our character I looked at the forum, and I haven't put in my slides is a view within some groups. And I don't say all the shares believe this but from the dilemma that I should actually poison ivy so celebrate the builder, Allah, Allah reveals I'd say don't be speak bad about Ayesha.

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And you accuse of such things of conference panel, big problem.

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And the prophets also what did he say about Sahaba Do not insult my companions for by the one in whose hand my souls by By Allah, if one of you were to spin a mountain in gold in charity, you won't even come to the quality even a handful or even half of that the mood is like a handful. You won't even come close, like basically the dust on the feet. You can't get to them. Don't insult my companions. Now because this is the best generation of all time is my generation, my companions, then the generation after them and then the generation after them. Bukhari and Muslim. So what's the implication? So Shia might say So what? You know, why should we fight not fight? Why should we

00:29:49--> 00:29:59

disagree? How can we be the same? Why can we say that this is a small matter? I hate the Sahaba you love the Sahaba? You know, it's like you support the All Blacks I support this team. Same thing. Why why

00:30:00--> 00:30:38

What's the issue? What's the big deal? weigh? You know the kalama is La la la Muhammad Rasul Allah was Abu Bakr and I shun everyone thrown in the mix. Why? Why is that such a big deal about Sahaba? If I don't like them, I hate them I say they coffee, why should you be upset with me? Why? Because if you because number one you go against clear Ayat of the Quran. We mentioned clear Ayat of the Quran, where Allah praises them and promises them Jenna, you can't reconcile this. It's not something second opinion here, clear cut in the Quran. Number two, it means that the people in the business will love the most that he married, that he took his companions that he lived with, that he

00:30:38--> 00:30:42

loves the most with the worst of people. And this is a lie and insult and abuse or

00:30:43--> 00:30:45

insult to be so solid

00:30:46--> 00:31:24

that you cannot rely on the Quran. When was the Quran compiled in the title say no Baccarat to learn if the villa is a cafe and those who supported him, Okafor? And how can you trust the Quran which was compiled in a time when you have already attacked Islam from its foundation? How can you even take any Hadith and that's why why don't they accept Buhari and TD media Muslim because who narrated and abeba Quran and Abu Dhabi hurayrah and Abdullah Omar all the Sahaba they said we don't know we don't listen to what the Buddha said. And even Omar says and he says no that that had if we don't take this we can't trust him. So automatically The sooner that's why why we put Hello sooner. Well,

00:31:24--> 00:32:01

Gemma sooner means you following the example of NaVi so some dementia was that we also follow an abyssal Salah. How can you win the link between obese awesome and us? You've broken that link? So they don't report what aboubaker said and say North man sit and say no medicine and Aisha said they said know what my Imam three 400 years often what he said. So you're not following the sooner we say what Abu Bakar heard from Hamas or Salaam, with Abu huraira Samir rasulillah salam, I heard maybe some say this. So this is what I'm teaching you we don't follow the Sahaba we finding the son of Mohammed Salim. When you take the Sahaba out of the equation, if the street The sooner completely,

00:32:02--> 00:32:04

the sooner can come to us. That's the link

00:32:05--> 00:32:41

that Islam itself then has become changed. Islam itself has become corrupted. So and this is a question and I'm sure many of you are asking, though it's not a relevant question. As I said, this is not for you. And for me to pass judgment on someone who has this belief who has a different belief to us. What do you believe? I was going to ask you about your belief. What do you say about the Sahaba? And why do you say about the Sahaba? And what do you know about the Sahaba? The best way to protect yourself from this from a certain belief from Shiism is to know the Sahaba know the life story. If you know who they were, you can say Impossible Impossible that Bilal became coffee the day

00:32:41--> 00:32:56

that maybe some pasta the man who gave the damn five times a day, the man who was beaten to death in Makkah, for no reason he would become multaq for what what did he get out of it? And by the way, who bought Bilaal when I was going through the torture who saved him, Abubakar booty.

00:32:57--> 00:33:24

caribou Bella is freedom. beautiful story, Abu Bakar bought it when his master was beating him so much about going to sit how much with a slave. So omiya he gave a ridiculous amount 1010 times the amount the price of work, he didn't negotiate. He said I buy him a deal to me. And often he says, Well, I if you asked me for 10 times less than the price, I'd have sold them to you because it's worth nothing to me. And obviously will lie if you charge me 100 times more out of both in because that's how much is worth to me.

00:33:26--> 00:33:34

And every would be loud did abubaker gets a share because he bought him. And what if nobody's will say but Bella, Bella liters, even though you're getting to Jenna before me.

00:33:36--> 00:34:04

So we all know Bilaal, who cannot love blah, blah, blah? How can this man you believe that he became the builder? So what is the ruling on someone who curses Sahaba? What if someone he comes to and says, You know what? I'm a Muslim, but I hate Abu Bakar. And I hate Omar and I say that they killed the profits or sell them and they stole that item. And I share and all of the, you know, they're currently the lowest place in Ghana and open about it. I'm not even gonna deny it. What are you what do you

00:34:05--> 00:34:41

say? So we say this is the ruling of scholars to curse or doubt the Islam and character to curse the Sahaba to call into question Islam to call them Kufa basically, to even insult the character that they were cowards so they were this anything like that, then this is an act, which is tantamount before again Why? Why is it preferred? Because Allah says that the alar don't want to do on Allah says I'm pleased with him, that they are the best of people. So either you are right and wrong, or you are wrong and Allah in the Quran is correct. You choose. I'm not saying it. Allah is putting a stamp of approval. It is an act of Kufa to declare them coffee

00:34:42--> 00:35:00

because it denies clear cut ayah in the Quran and, and the pseudonym and it is not something which we can accept lightly. We can't say we ever accepted. We can't say we agree to disagree. It's not like when the Hanafi say we say I mean softly and shabby. So we say I'm in Lhasa. hamdulillah no problem. We can all live together, you know, no problem.

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

We have we can accommodate all the views. No, we can't accommodate it's either this or that it's either black or white you either you love them or you hate them. And there's no in between with that. And we can't be silent on it as well. We cannot say that okay, for the sake of unity, we keep quiet at the same time. And this is very important. So don't misquote me on this. We do not you and I, we do not pronounce goofer on a person. So even if the man says, I bow to an idol, even if a man says I am Laila hell, I'm a Muslim, but I hate aboubaker I have my own good and we say, well, this belief of yours here is poofer it can lead you to Jana. But Allah will judge you. If you say la

00:35:40--> 00:36:14

ilaha illa Allah, maybe there's something in your heart that Allah will judge you with. Maybe you are a bit confused and many of the people are confused. If you only heard if the only time you would open the book, you heard that Omar, you know, beat up Fatima and she miscarried. That's all you know, but of course you'd hate it. We never knew the truth. So the so many of the scholars we say why don't the scholars openly say all of them are prefer no we don't do this because we judge on individual basis. What is your belief rather? You say Allah Allah Allah we take you as a Muslim. What is your belief? Okay, that's wrong. Why is it wrong? We explain we explain we explain we

00:36:14--> 00:36:54

explain. Maybe he comes right. If not, then to the the judge will make the decision the car the the hacking will say, this man now is a disbeliever. But for you and for me to say that this person is confident, no, we don't make that fear. And this is the mistake that we have today in the world. So we don't deny the facts. We don't say that what the shears are saying is okay, and fine. No. At the same time, we don't say it's okay to call them far. Because that's not our job. It's not your job to label people as far as Allah will not. He's nobody was you can to get to the number of people's a yellow, these were Muslims. But I made sure that we prefer this panel. It's not your job. Give our

00:36:54--> 00:37:33

say that this belief of us here. It's a coup for belief. Why? Because the Quran says this. So call him back to Islam. Call them back to Islam. So is there a chance for coexistence? This is the I think the important question, how do we survive this year? That's my neighbor. How as Muslim countries how do we deal with him is the apart for us to coexist. We also look at what we do unite upon the United on the Kalima. They call themselves Muslim. They accept the Quran they have the same Quran as we have. We'll discuss that later on in Sharla. And after that none should be worshipped besides Allah, and this is not my saying or the Shafi mother. This is the example of Mohammed Salah

00:37:33--> 00:38:10

Salem, in Medina the woman affix, Allah says in the Quran feeder kill us Valley the worst of people were in Medina, yet nobody so seldom allow them to come in the masjid. And they prayed and he knew they were Why, why are you so solemn? Because he said, We don't judge people what's in the hearts. We judge people on the outside. If you say la ilaha illa Allah, we accept you. In one battle. Osama the beloved son of the beloved adopted son of Nabeel Salim Osama is a son. He killed them and he was fighting and when he beat the man, the man dropped the sword and he said La ilaha illAllah and Osama still killed him. He says we'll see Did you kill him off? He said La ilaha illAllah. So sama Cydia

00:38:10--> 00:38:45

But anyway, that wasn't true. He just did it out of fear of the sword. But nobody's gonna say to some Did you open his heart Osama? Did you see what was inside? What are you going to tell a long kiama when he brings la isla de la? Are you did you make that call? You made that Jay, you're going to put yourself in that position. So brothers never ever use we talked about the K word there's a much bigger play with far Cooper is a much bigger k word. Because there's implication as the Hades is, when one person calls another one coffee, one of them becomes coffee. Don't put yourself in that book. As the only thing we can say is this belief of us here. The alumni have said it's Cofer

00:38:45--> 00:39:01

because of XYZ, if you believe it can lead to confer because it goes against Islam. At the same time, even if we come to a point where that's the view and our view and none of us are going to change and we won't change and they won't change. Islam still teaches that you can coexist with even worse than that.

00:39:02--> 00:39:39

People who say that Allah has a son. Worse than that, where you have a bill that says Muhammad Hassan was a liar, the non Muslims yet all Islam has allowed us to coexist with them to a certain degree. And we can even marry them and live side by side without taking on the beliefs. So Islam allows us in the room for coexistence, we can assist one another in what they have if your neighbor is a Jew, he has rights over you. So obviously this enables a Shia is a atheist, he has rights over you, you still have to be a good neighbor to that person. If your boss is a non Muslim you have rights you have to owe your bosses Huck, if your employee your domestic worker is a non Muslim don't

00:39:39--> 00:40:00

say officer Catholic I can do as I please know that person has rights on you. So we give everyone they do rights with whatever they believe these we don't look at that. He has a Huck over me right. Oh man, I give it at the same time. So we do not compromise for the sake of unity. We don't say my allegiance. Okay. We won't talk about Sahaba know until you do.

00:40:00--> 00:40:35

Give up your hatred for abubaker we will never ever be the same. We won't get married to you. We won't let you lead the Sala, we will have our massage and your massage. We can work together in certain things when we work together for common goals, but there is a line which we will draw. We reject your your disbelief. We reject these beliefs of yours. But we also will not do so through violence. We'll talk and we'll discuss and we'll give our and if you don't want to do it at the very extreme. We will live side by side but we're not going to violence is nobody's awesome, didn't do this. He lived with those who didn't believe in him and cursed him and hated him. He didn't kill all

00:40:35--> 00:41:08

of them. So this room This world is big enough for all of us. But we continue giving the Dow The best thing we can do Jamal muslimeen know your own beliefs and practice your own beliefs. That's what we are asked by Allah subhanho wa Taala and that's what is expected of us. So inshallah we'll continue next week on this discussion. We believe with regards to commandments which is integral that's why they called the Mamiya right why they called me She asked is because they believe in something called a mammoth must talk about it and interfere and inshallah we continue after the circular head for a little while I said no mohammadu it was obvious main salaam aleikum Africa to me

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so inshallah just a small announcement my email address and then the Sierra Club. Remember it's happening off the seven o'clock before my husband shall