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Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The "has been in the cloud" phrase in the Quran is still present and not just a matter of whether or not a person is alive. The " shape on the regime" meaning that anyone committed sin will face consequences and affirms the statement that "there is nothing in the internet is not true". The "has been in the cloud" meaning that anyone committed sin will face consequences and affirms the statement that "there is nothing in the internet is not true". The "has been in the cloud" meaning that anyone committed sin will face consequences and affirms the statement that "there is nothing in the internet is not true".
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We live in a shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was salam, O Allah,

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Muhammad, Allah and even wasabia Jemaine our beloved brothers in Islam as salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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How y'all doing?

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Alhamdulillah the first day of the fourth hour Yo,

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but difficult swap.

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Final a tutorial is done already. And the days go so quickly. We continue in sha Allah with our tafsir series. We spoke to you last night about the introduction to the science of deceit. And before we begin Tafseer we said we're going to try and do a bit of juice ama, we begin tonight insha Allah with deep is the other and the bus mala

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regime and Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. As you know, before we recite, we always begin with these two phrases. Why do we say all the parts of the Quran What do they mean in sha Allah? That's our topic of discussion tonight and we will discuss inshallah tonight the most controversial idea in the Quran. The only AI in the Quran with this dispute as to is it possibly surah or not, we'll talk about that. Tonight. Insha Allah

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The is the other ministry on regime. It is unanimously agreed that no surah in the Quran has as part of it at the beginning. This is not part of the Quran is the other was not part of the revelation. So God realized that was Sam when he came in he gave the Quran to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam did not begin with our Binda, human the shape on the regime. So why do we decisis Why do we say I would have been there before we recite because Allah instructs us to do so. It's sort of natural. Verse 98 Allah subhanho wa Taala says, for either cartel and so when you want to recite the Quran, First there is Billa seek refuge seek protection with Allah Mena shape on your regime from the occurs to

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the rejected shape on so almost is whenever you recite the Quran seek protection with Allah from the shape on So when do we say that it's the either and we know this maybe you already know this.

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So if you start a surah

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you start reciting we bring you know the put you open the Quran you Oh Alhamdulillah we're already citing trying to do our hot items. When we begin reciting in the middle of a surah.

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Do we say Bismillah? Do we say? What What is the view? What do we do?

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When the prefers you will see in the far away when they recite the surah. And they don't start at the beginning to the center of the villa human psychology will say the bus Mala. So when you say the Basma when you say I would have been done. And the best way to explain this is you know all of us work in our PCs. And if we leave it idle for a period of time, what happens to a

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screensaver pops up and you maybe have to enter a password. So every time you begin a session of Quranic recitation, you start a session, you start without the biller, and then you can recite, even if you recite the entire process from the beginning to the end, you don't say how to build again. But the minute you stop reciting, you go and do something, and you come back again, you must start again without the builder in the shape on the regime. So you understand it's not at the beginning of every surah. It is when you begin a session of recitation, you start off by saying, I will be learning the shape on the regime. And what does this phrase really mean? So our altavilla I will do

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is I seek help I seek prediction, I seek safekeeping. Billa with Allah law, from the shape on a regime.

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This is number one, one of the functions of the SDR that is once again it affirms that the only one who can protect us is a law. You will not find any way or any Hadees except one exception that says I seek protection from anyone besides our law. Does anyone know the exception? To be someone other than Allah is one door in the process of suicide? I wouldn't be Kelly Mattila. I seek protection with the perfect words of Allah meaning the Quran, in a shape on Iran, GMO from all that is evil in sharone, Mahara from all the evil that has been created. So the other thing I see prediction is only for Allah or that which is an extension of Allah, and the Quran and the Arabs before Islam. When

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they would enter a certain Valley in the desert, they would scream loud, I seek protection with a master of this valley meaning the gym to protect us to almost all shake, but you only see protection was a law from a shape on a regime shape on the word shape. One means the one who is rebellious, the one who rebels against Allah who goes against the madding he's against Allah subhanho wa Taala and the regime what is the origin if you've been on Hajj they will say Rajamouli jamara you felt the generosity throw

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Shape one is thrown, meaning is thrown away from Allah, He is thrown out of the mercy and the kindness of a mouth. Now we know in Ramadan, the prophet Allah says this shell theme or change, but then why do we still see sin happening? Why do we still have influences of sin? Allah says what ehrlichia jan nikolina V, I do one CRP in C well gene that they are devils, both human devil and Gene devils. So the gene Shea have been are chained up, but the human should have been are still around, and all of us, we have ourselves and our shortcomings. We're not saying that anyone has a shape. But what we're saying is if you commit sin, even in in Ramadan, especially when that is from

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the seeds of shaytaan still working, he's lived autopilot on you on us, that he doesn't even have to include us anymore. We are going in the motions already. So the shape one is anyone with the bells against Allah and causes mischief to others. Another meaning of shape one is also burning, the one who is burning and this obviously connotations to jahannam regime, the one whose costs out and far from the mercy of Allah. So why do we say it's wise to think before the Quran of all times we should say I was a big mistake on Rajiv, shouldn't we say all the villages on the regime before? Before we put the TV on? Before we click on the website, I will be learning the shake on the regime? Because

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that's where you might find a foreign right. Why is the Quran of all places because shavon is very busy with you when you're doing bad. He works hard to make you feel tired. And you can see an hour of thoroughly feels like you'll be standing to piano. But if we spend an hour doing something of no benefit shopping, whatever it might be time to so quickly, we can listen to that.

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That lecture seems like forever that Joomla lecture is like forever, like this lecture now. It's probably like 10 years you feeling but if it was on TV, watching our favorite program, hours go by why push a button makes it easy. So one of the reasons about the builder is we say Allah. So once we say it shaytan runs away. And this applies to when you're studying. When you want to do anything of benefit. Begin by saying I want to be law industry terminology. He runs away and once you start reciting, he doesn't come back. When you stop recycling, he comes back again. And then you say I was building once again. So this is the Tafseer of the SDR whenever we decide to the SDR The next thing

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that you would know that when we open the Quran, so we say altavilla rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, the bass mala

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let's translate this, this phrase, we're saying In the name of Allah. Ar Rahman and Rahim, the Most Gracious and the most compassionate, and there is no perfect English translation for the bus Mara. Firstly, first thing you would notice, if you were to put the sentence in Microsoft Word, In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, The Most Compassionate, what would Microsoft Word tell you?

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segments grammar error is not a sentence. In the name of Allah, what sort of sentence if you read it's not a sentence if you go this one slide back up one. If you go one slide back, it's not a complete series no verb is low in the name of Allah wa. And these are hidden verb or these a verb that's missing using I'm beginning my Sora I am beginning my Voodoo. I'm beginning my recitation, In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious R Rahman Al Rahim. So use service is hidden or this verb that is removed, it's understood. I'm beginning this action in the name of Allah.

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Allah, the term Allah, what does the word Allah mean? The one and only deity worthy of worship, and our Russian and our Rahim, these are two names of Allah, which give an indication of a loss quality. Who is he a lot of whom Allah Rahman R. Rahman and Rahim both come from mercy. But there are different or Rahman is the one whose Mercy is infinitely expanded always creation, that in his

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essence is, if you will, and allies beyond these things were in the DNA of Allah, in his essence, he is mercy, that he encompasses everything even he believes with his mercy. That is mercy. Care is as in obesity, which gives an example that every kindness and goodness on this earth comes from a segment of Allah's mercy, he divided his mercy up into 100 pieces 1% thing through his creation, and everything of good and kindness and love is from at 1% and the 99 e tips for yourself is R Rahman. R Rahim is the one who is actively merciful. Meaning when he acts, he acts with mercy. And this is the first way Allah introduces him.

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Self in the Quran that I alone am Allah The one and only worthy of worship, the one who is infinitely merciful. Always merciful, always kind, always compassionate. That is what Allah is. So the question is, is the bus mela and this is way misleading? Is it? Is it part of the sooner? It is agreed unanimously the winterberry Okay, he recited Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim Allah means Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim boo Allahu Ahad so we all agree it's part of the Quran. That's why it's a part of the Quran. But is it an ayah of the surah? Yes or no? Is this ayah number one of every surah so let's go and dig deeper.

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Every surah in the Quran begins with a bus mela except radova surah. Number nine doesn't have a Bismillah at the beginning. And if you open the Quran

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and only one place in the Quran does the bus smiler actually appear inside the ticks? Always the Bismillah where do we find it at the surah? Where do we find it? The top at the beginning? There's only one surah in the Quran we in the surah is Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, this was a novel. This is when navy suit a man wrote a letter to the Queen of Sheba. And it gives an indication why we use the bus mother. So he wrote a letter to the Queen of Sheba. And he said, in no means to the man when they read the letter they said this letter is from a man and it begins. This means

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that a man began his letter with Bismillah R Rahman Rahim.

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So why did Allah begin every surah with

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the majority of the scholars have agreed with the bus mela is not the first ayah of any chapter of the Quran is debate with one surah. But for the rest of the Quran, there is debate there is no debate that the best manner is not verse number one. And when you do your heart, tomorrow, open up the Quran and look every Bismillah there isn't a number one next to it. It's just a circle. The next is he will be number one opposite kololo. That's number one. So we agree this is not i a number one of the surah.

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We also agree

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very that it was given part of the surah and one of the functions is to show the prophet or send them a new chapter is beginning. So when you hear the insert always is a good example. The car is reciting. And when you hear Bismillah R Rahman Rahim now you know he's beginning a new surah. So the last ayah you heard and the next ayah are not part of the same chapter. So one of the reasons of the bus mela is that it is it serves as a separation between two chapters. The other reason for the bus mela and this is why should October doesn't have the Bismillah. Bismillah is a way the Arabs when they used to write a letter like nobody Sulaiman wrote a letter. When they would have an agreement,

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they would start with the words this will iraq man Rahim. This is the agreement between Mohammed and so and so I'd like to buy your camels. This is the agreement between me and us. I will get married to a daughter any agreement of goodness began with bus Mara. Saratoga doesn't have a bus tomorrow, because it's a declaration of war. So you don't say to your enemies in the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the most kind, I declare war on you, and you don't start off with mercy. And that's what a lot he moves the bus mela from Surah Toba. Another function of the bus mela is that it affirms unia so you want to do something you say? In the name of Allah I'm doing it for you. Yeah, Allah, I'm

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thinking we do for you. I'm standing in Salah for you. And it confirms your Nia and it's to offer Baraka Allah bless this thing. And Allah say if you want to know if something is permissible or impermissible, ask yourself when you say the best manner before you don't say this will I'm gonna drink this cost and lager, right? You don't say that? It's we laminate all the slot machine, you know, that doesn't work. So it's an indication of something good if you can add the best mother.

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So I said that the most controversial I in the Quran. And the only AI in the Quran where there's a debate whether this is possibly suited or not, is the best model of Surah Fatiha. And if we go to the last two slides, they will look the same. And even when I sent the slides, the brother said they the same you gave me the same look. So look at the two what is the difference between the two go back and forth they see.

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This is the Hanafi Quran and that's the non Hanafi Quran.

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Why do some people recite the voicemail aloud? You go to Makkah for example, the Imam is Allahu Akbar Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen come to Cape Town Allahu Akbar Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen when I spoke about this before I was in Johannesburg, so I said we are the chef is single them out and punish them. Where's the handoff is now we singled them out and punish them now. Why do we dislike somebody cited loud and why does somebody fight itself? So we said scholars agreed that the best manner

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is not an ayah

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of the surah. It comes in it's an introduction a do are something external to the surah. It's part of the Quran, but it's not Ayah number one, as was sort of at the heart is a complication, because Allah sees what occurred as a NACA Sabha and meanwhile masani will put an ad in, that we gave you seven often repeated is meaning Surah Fatiha, and the Quran, the Quran,

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as if the Surah Fatiha is outside of the Quran meaning I reveal two things. It shows you the greatness of Surah Fatiha it's the greatest surah and that's why we'll talk about in step seeds tomorrow insha Allah but Allah sees that the seven is repeated all the time, and the Quran. So how many is the pseudo fatty have seven by consensus by quote unquote answered so.

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So scholars looked at Surah Fatiha and they try to please wait as the is begin and stop. Remember the resource alum did not have a mishap. So how about recycling? And only later when they try to put number one number two number three which number the if they found a problem? Where do we put the seven

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so it's the view of him I'm sure if you're anyone even humble that the bus mela is actually number one of Surah Fatiha and that's what the chef is reciting aloud. They say if you were to number the ayah you cannot have Sivan Ayah except if you put Bismillah as Ayah number one as for the HANA fees, and the mighty keys, they've said no the last idea it splits into two Serato leadin and M tala him, I am number six

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balling number seven and possibly Sevilla is nothing if not is number one. So, they have this is the essence of the debate. This is the reason why hanafy is recited softly the Hanafi so many sizes and they should recite it

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this is possibly and the humble is and Malik is very excited softly chef is indecisive loud. The humble is are interesting. The humble method is interesting, even though they take the bus mela as is number one of the Quran of of Surah Fatiha, they still say it should be deciphered softly because the practice of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam tomorrow we'll look at who which of the two sides have the strong opinion is Bismillah part of Surah Fatiha we'll get into that debate and discussion in detail tomorrow when we knew the Tafseer of Surah Fatiha insha Allah is Allah hate or sort of Lala Satan and Mohammed whether it was obvious Ramu Salim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen salaam alaikum

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warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Tafseer of Juz Amma – The Most Controversial Verse of the Quran
Ramadhan (2017/1438) Lecture Series by Sheikh Muhammad West, Imam of Al-Awwal Masjid, Cape Town, South Africa

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