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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the upcoming conflict between the Persians and the British, which will lead to war and death. The loss of writers and the theory that they are salary only. The speakers also discuss the fall of the city of Afghanistan and the involvement of the LED (the Greatest God of the Middle East) in the war. The history of theishing of the LED and the upcoming conflict between different powers are also discussed. The goal is to unite against the caliphate, and the group plans to fight against a European army.
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all the * on the regime's Willa man Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shokin was sending CD now Muhammad Ali, he also changed mine so don't worry Kamara from the library. Go to

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Inshallah, this evening we're going to talk about the metal hammer mill hammer is in English, the Armageddon. And so, both in the

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Christian perspective, there is a in the, the eschatology or the signs of the AMA, there is a belief that there will be a major conflict towards the end of time a major war was like a world war three or something. And we also similarly have a similar genre and we call this in the hadith is called the MAL Hannah. And since one law both narrations tie up and both also mentioned that this will happen over a period of almost seven years. So an interesting both the Armageddon from the biblical perspective and the Malhotra from the Sunni perspective, speak about seven years. So it's interesting Hadith, even muster with early Allah, even Mossad, Abdullah bin Saud one day that great

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sahabi, who was one of the best of the Quranic recitals, and later on, he left when the proxim passed away, he settled in Iraq, and maybe the Hanafi madhhab, you know, can trace its lineage back to even miss Rodial. So you're sitting in Kufa, okay. And it so happened that there was a a sandstorm, and it was red, the sky turned red, and someone ran in and said, the last hour would, the last hour is coming to Kiama. It's Kiama. And so it stood up for the Alon Sahabi. He said, the last hour will not come until the people are people divided inheritance, and rejoice over booty. And then said pointing towards he's saying until people will be unable to distribute the inheritance and they

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will not be happy over the distribution of the war booty. And then he started pointing towards Syria with his gesture. And he says the enemy shall gather its strings against the Muslims, and the Muslims will gather its strings against them in Syria. And so they said, Do you mean the Romans, and as I said, when we talk about the Romans, it's a generic term for Europeans. And it's not to say that anything wrong with Europeans, but Subhanallah, it just so happened that the NABI Salam, when he spoke about the End of Times the conflict, and the leaders of the world will be Europeans. And this did not happen if you're following our series in about Andalus. It's only been the last three,

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four or 500 years, that Europeans or Western Europe has been in the ascendancy. Before that there wasn't much was the Persians, and the Byzantines, which was not really Western Europe. So then a visa,

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who says Yes, there'll be a war between us and the Romans. And he said, Yes, and they would be a terrible fight. And the Muslims, would we pray a detachment for to fight against the enemy, which would not return, but victorious. And they will fight until the whole day until the whole until the night will intervene. But both sides will return without any victory, and both and both will be wiped out, both sides will kill each other so much that both basically both would be wiped out, the Muslims that day, then the Muslims will again prepare and fight and this goes on for a third fourth, until a fourth day, and the Muslims win until then, we seems would defeat the enemy. And look at

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what he sees. He says, and and they would fight such a fierce fighting of which would not be seen, so much so that if a bird flew over this fighting, it would die. Now what kind of weapons causes the earth, the sky to basically be contaminated or to be a burning Subhanallah these are not weapons, even Mossad. So but it's weapons that we have today. And again, we shouldn't read too much into the science could be talking about a million years from now. But it goes we'll be talking about today. So he says the weapon that we use, that even the birds that fly over will die, and it will fall dead before reaching the end. He said that when counting would be done at the end of the battle, one out

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of 100 men would have died will be alive. So it's the attrition rate is 99%. And there's been no battle in the history of mankind, where 99% or both sides are basically eliminated. Then that's why he says so what joy can they be with an inheritance? What joy can they be of winning the spoils of all, they would be in this very state that they would year from a calamity. But then while they have now won, they won the battle. But it was such a brutal battle that no one is happy about it, everyone is dead. And so when they are in this state, they will hear of a more terrible calamity than that. And a cry would reach them that the journal has emerged. The journal has appeared. And so

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they would leave the battlefield and they would run towards where the gel comes in. And so even Massoud says the results obviously told us this is not even Massoud salary. And so he says, The Best of writers will go 10 base writers will go towards the gel, and then I know who they are and I know their names. And then I know the names and I know the names of the forefathers and the color of the horses. And again he said horses or whatever machinery they're traveling on the island, and they will be the best

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A people on the face of the earth and that day amongst the best horses on the face of the earth on that day, right. So that's interesting that and it's important to understand that the mill hammer, this great war between Muslims and Europeans will eventually bring about the emergence of the jungle. In other Hadith animism says, the last hour will not come until the Romans would land at a hammock, or in a Dabiq. Who knows what Dabiq, who's heard the word Dabiq, before.

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The Hobbit, this is a city in Syria, tiny city, this was the capital of ISIS, ISIS, this was the capital. And there was a reason why because this because this city, this little town, this village in northern Syria, is mentioned in the hadith is going to be a huge fight. In this place, Dabiq they purposefully made that their base because they believe that they are enacting the signs of the AMA, that is why and I think they even the magazine, the ISIS magazine was called a Dabiq. So many of us in this town of Dabiq. That's where the Romans would be deployed. And an army consisting of the best soldiers of the people on earth at that time will come from Medina, when they will arrange

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themselves in their own in ranks, and they would fight against the Romans. And the Romans would say to them, Do not stand between us and those who are on your side that come from Assam. What does this mean, there will be a large detachment of European Muslims. And they would say first, you know, the And subhanAllah, this, ISIS also mentioned this, because most of the ranks were not citizens, it was actually Europeans and Americans. And so from this hadith, and that's why like we spoke with Joe Haman yesterday, how easily the signs you can try and put into place and you can almost imagine Kiama is unfolding before your eyes. So they would say, Let us deal with our fellow people before we

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deal with you and the Muslim say, let rather No, we will not ever allow you to come between US and abroad, these are our brothers, and that we will you you will not allow will not allow you to fight with them, then the two sides will fight and a third of the army would run away and abuses these these people would run away from the battlefield when they will be forgiven. And a third of them will be martyred. And these are the best of Shuhada ever on the face of the earth. And a third would be victorious. And then this army now this is all happening in northern Syria. Now, you know, a few weeks ago, there was an earthquake, which two countries got impacted. Syria and Turkey. They they

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have a border. And so there was this army that beats the Romans, the malema, they will then march into Turkey, and they will conquer Constantinople. Now remember we said one of the signs of glioma is the conquest of Constantinople, we talk about the conquest that happened does not tie into the conquest of the Hadith. And we're gonna talk about that now this evening. So this army is then going to leave after a week beating the Malema beating the group, they will move towards Constantinople. And as they will be busy, you know, conquering the city and sharing the spoils of war. And they would like hang the swords, and they have now Alhamdulillah hanging the source, meaning they've won

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and they are relaxing, then the Chi will be given that the jail has come and the jail has emerged for your friend. So prepare your families, and then they will come out but it will be of no avail. And then and then the Hadith continues, then they will rush back to Syria, where the bases in Syria, they will join up with him on Monday, and they will fight that agile, but they will not be able to be victorious until Nerissa comes out. This is again like a number of years being jumped and we'll talk each stage we'll break it down when Abby Issa will descend and he will defeat the Jag. So we'll talk about that those days. But we're going back to the male hammer,

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the Mallanna the resources, the time between the beginning of the Great War, the melodrama, and the conquest of the city, Constantinople will be six years. So this battle will be six years long, from the beginning of Imam mahadi until the conquest of Constantinople, and then the dojo will come forth in the seventh year. So these things are one after the other. The emergence of Imam Mahdi, the unifying of the Ummah, the fighting in the Middle East, the fighting with European powers, the defeat of the victory in the Malema moving to conquer Constantinople. And when that happens, the gel will emerge. So as we see, do we have no, we don't know when this would be. And again, we shouldn't

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jump to conclusion that this is unfolding. Now it could be in many, many centuries. But one might say, how is it that Constantinople will be conquered when it's already conquered? This has been more than 500 years ago. So there'll be so Salah mentions that when this group conquer is concerned, how would they conquer more details given he says that this army will conquer consenting without any fighting, they will concrete with Tasbeeh and tag B. And then they will acquire basically the city as its name have seen they will acquire tissue has never been seen before. So the city will automatically surrender. Now, let's talk a little bit about the conquest. We're going to talk about

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the conquest of Constantinople the time for the muddy and the original Constantinople conquest and what's happened in between again, Abu Huraira mentioned so then it says the last hour will not come at least 70,000 persons from bunnies hawk and this bunny is Hawk you've never heard this before. And in no other Hadith you have a bit bunny Surah eel but he is Huck. No one the default. What is this bunnies Hawk is this Europeans is this. It's a group that is not from us, meaning they are Muslim, but they are almost like converts. So many of these

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Scholars have said that this could be from that army. Remember, a group of Europeans defected and joined the Muslim ranks and fought with the Muslims and became Muslim. And so there'll be some since this group, they would march upon Constantinople. And when they would land, they they will neither fight with weapons, nor would they have any arrows, they will only say La ilaha illAllah. And they'll make that clear. And one by one and through that, basically, the city would fall through taghreed, and then we'll leave that the jail will come. So this is how Constantinople is going to be conquered at the end of times. So surely, the conquest that happened in 1453 is not the conquest

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that was described by the enemies of Salem. Now, let's just I want to talk a little bit Constantinople because the city appears Constantinople, as we said, was the center of Christianity. It was the heartland, the biggest church in the world, the Hagia Sophia from before then Allison was born, the church was built, it was really the center of, of European civilization and the center of Christianity. Rome had fallen many, many centuries before. And there'll be Salam mentioned that one day will conquer the city and so many of the generations of the generation attempted to concrete in fact, the Sahaba in the time of saving the Mao era, the Alon attempt to conquer concert you know,

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but failed That's why if anyone has been to Istanbul you will know these the grave the most famous grave in Istanbul is the grave of

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a Buddha you but I'm sorry, the man who's gonna be some lived with when he came to Medina. So the Sahaba buried in Istanbul, how did they get there? They tried to conquer it, but they failed, and many other Khalifa strike but no one succeeded. 1000 years later, of course, we know that the Turks managed to conquer Constantinople, Mohammed Al Fatah, and mashallah, what a great victory it was for him and his people. Then, interestingly, now, this all plays into once the Ottomans conquered Constantinople,

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and the rest of the Muslim ummah was still recovering from the Mongolian invasion. The Caliphate shifted from Egypt to to Istanbul. So the last Khalifa we know was in Istanbul. 100 years ago, the Khalifa was a symbol it shifted from Medina to basically Damascus, then to Baghdad in Baghdad got destroyed by the Mongolians. It was in Egypt for a little while. And then when the Ottomans expanded, they conquered Egypt and then the Khalifa. The Sultan of the Ottomans became the Khalifa and he was the Khalifa for many many Andrea Salim the first Saddam The first was the first Khalifa and what 500 years he was the Khalifa. Now, how did the Khalifa disappear? What happened? What

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happened in this recent concert in opposite Muslim country is Turkey How did the caliphate disappear to the point that we have now very interesting. Now the East is and we must take conspiracy theory with a group with a pinch of salt. But as we believe that the gel will come, we also know that there are forces at work preparing for him. And one of these will talk about the Messiah and the false Messiahs and those things around us inshallah tomorrow the day after. They will many many false Messiahs and perhaps the most, the most interesting false messiah. Amongst the Jews, the Jews are waiting for Messiah. The Christians Of course, believe in a visa is the Messiah, but he's coming

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back and we also believe that visa is the Messiah and he's going to come back, the Jews are still waiting for the Messiah, they rejected the true Messiah, right? They rejected the visa. So they still waiting for the Messiah and the Messiah that there was a Messiah that got the most following was a man in Istanbul 300 years ago, he was Rabbi sharp, sharp Type V, sharp Type V. So there was a rabbi in Istanbul, Ottoman Istanbul, the Khalifa is the you know, and he was a descendant from the Jews that had been expelled from Spain and he grew up in Istanbul, many, many Jews living in Istanbul. And so this man sharpside wheat was a rabbi and he was into many mystical, you know,

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understanding of the Torah and into mystical practices. And eventually he claimed to be the Messiah. And he actually got a lot a lot of following. The majority of the Jews followed Him and believe that He was the Messiah. And as his, his reputation grew and his following grew, eventually the Khalifa called him and the Khalifa arrested him and said that he is going to be executed. And the only way to save himself from being executed is he must convert to Islam. And so sharpside Me who claim to be the Messiah had 1000s and 1000s of followers amongst the Jews from all over the world that came to follow this man, the Messiah, publicly gave the Kalama took of the skullcap the yarmulke and he put

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on the turban and he was a Muslim. But then something strange happened after he was released. He formed a type of belief that was outwardly Islam, but inwardly still Jewish. And they formed a group known as the dawn May, Dawn May is a Turkish word to almost say traitors turned cults. And this group the gunmen very secretive group don't know what exactly the practices are. They don't speak about their beliefs. On the outside they counted as Muslims on the inside. They still practice many Jewish rituals and they still

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Deep into eschatology occultism the Kabbalah mysticism and joined deep supremacism, as well. And this done may group continued. Now what's interesting is the stone may group after many, many centuries became more powerful, got more power, and they formed a group known as the Young Turks, the Young Turks, one of the leaders was Kemal Ataturk, the man who eventually took over Turkey, and abolish the caliphate. He was the man that kicked the Khalifa out, he banned the Adan to be recited in Arabic, he closed down masajid, before Paris, and all these European countries banned women from wearing hijab, the capital of Islam, Istanbul, banned women from hijab in universities and all that.

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And so

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is Istanbul really controlled? Allah Agha. And so these these interesting pieces, and as we said, as we move towards closer to Kiama, there are definitely forces at work. And so this group, and there's been a lot of conspiracy theories, we don't know what is true and what is fiction and make believe, without a doubt this group worked, and they succeeded in abolishing the caliphate. And so trying to piece together all the factors if we were to look at in the context of today, so we say that there will be a major civil war in the Middle East, which we see happening between different powers in the Middle East, all vying for control of the Muslim world. And eventually the Muslims will unite under

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a unknown, unknown but a person that didn't have any military background or any political background, the Muslims will out of our own, we will select someone from the family that'll be solemn will recognize you and say, We appoint you as the Khalifa in Makkah. And when that happens, an army one of these factions would send an army against him. And when that army is completely destroyed on its own, on the way to Makkah, this will be assigned for the Ummah, this is the Maddy. And so armies from all over the ummah will join up, and he will move his base to Syria, where a lot of the fighting is happening. And they there'll be a major conflict between the armies of the

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Muslims and a European army. In fact, some of the Hadith mentions initially, the Muslims and the Europeans will be on one side against a third enemy, or, and this is West Palm, if you look at those who talk about eschatology, there is a major war, potentially between two European powers, NATO and Russia. And if you're following the news, nuclear weapons have just been shifted from Russia to Belarus. And so in this hadith, perhaps the most famous people that talk about the size of piano mentioned that Muslims will ally with the true Christians, and they will fight against another European power, and this will be like a world war and then eventually, the Muslims will will be

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victorious Allah Allah. But then once the Malama after so much bloodshed and massacre is happening, weapons that cause birds to die, eventually when this is over, the Muslims would march on Constantinople. And it makes sense that look, if the city is predominantly Muslim, but controlled by a an entity that is non Muslim in the background, they will automatically just be chased out without having to fight in the streets, and the city will be retaken under Islam. And when Constantinople is then you know liberated that's when the gel would emerge. And that of course will begin the 10 major signs of piano and so tomorrow inshallah we'll talk about the false messiah and the true Messiah,

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nila, we mentioned that we're releasing our crossword puzzle today. So inshallah so anyone wants to join up it will be shared with you. Last night's question, what is the name of Imam Mahdi mama His name is Muhammad Mamoon

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Okay, so let's go for the sisters Latvia.

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With fear Quran Quran Okay, yeah, okay. Sorry. What's the surname? Let's look here. Quran. Okay.

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Quran, masha Allah was Samuel Adams. Masha Allah, Allah Chychrun. And in today's today's question,

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what is the name of the Great War in Islamic tradition is the streetwalker the mahadi Istanbul the jell O Muhammad? What is the name inshallah easy? Shakira and so much of Salam Alaikum