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I was given a sheath on the regime's ruler or human hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam, Ala Moana, Sydney and so you know, Muhammad, you know that he was like, Ah, man, I mean, the guy with brothers and sisters said Mr. Deacon, what lawyer would it go to?

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Al Hamdulillah we are reaching towards the end of the day of piano. And as we mentioned this today, after the judgment is done, and Allah subhanaw taala will group people into batches depending on what they worship. By now, we should be very, very clear that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada this entire religion comes down to La Ilaha illa Allah, what is it that you are worshiping? And some might say, Well, what about the atheist who doesn't believe in anything? Ultimately, everybody is a slave to something else. Either it is another deity either to Allah either at some idol to some other creation, to money or to yourself, the one that Allah says have you not seen the one who has taken

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his own self as his era, he decides what is halal and haram? He does whatever he wishes and this is the same kind of * like their own who said, hon Allah I am Allah. This is basically the same. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala will group everyone based on what it is they worship. And one by one the Bucha the kingdom Allah predict will be grabbed Allah was it who Hoover who grabbed them, seize them, shackle them, put chains on them, Phil Jehane was on Lou and chuck them into the fire. And we mentioned the IR Surah Tarara that every time a group is cost into Jana, it will erupt and it will explode and it will it will make a roaring sound and then we'll talk about Inshallah, after this

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evening Jan naman Allah protect us from Jana. Jana, what it is and its depths and is its nature. Jana is filled with flames, but it's pitch black, the fire of Jana is pitch black, and it's completely dark. Yes, it is boiling with fire. And so one by one, these groups will be thrown into jahannam. And these are through the eight gates of jahannam. you'd find in the Quran. Allah says odo Kulu, Ababa, Johanna Mahali. Deena, if you have that whoever goes through these gates will be as he felt they will never ever come out. And the only group that will remain will be the people who testified that they will Muslim. Some of them were sincere Muslims. Some of them were Muslims, who

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committed many, many sins the Muslim that My Allah protected major sins, drank alcohol committed Zina, and also the monastic that on the outside was a Muslim. So on his deeds, yes, he has all the good deeds on the outside, but only Allah knows what's on the inside. And then Allah subhanaw taala, as we mentioned, would say to this group, why are you still standing here, and they will say, we are waiting for Allah so that we can worship Him. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala would make himself reveal Himself to them, and they will fall down in sujood. Then, when that is done, the believers have one last hurdle before they can get to Jana, than me. So Salam says, then that they kind of the

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O will be in a darkness, all the light will disappear, it will become pitch black, on this plane of piano. And they will be given the believers will be given a lamp a lantern, some will be given a bright light, some will just have like a little torch on their fingertips. And they will be told to cross over a bridge that lays over Jannah and it's called the Surat and Allah says in the Quran,

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that every one euro, you need to have that every single person must pass by Jahannam not pass through Jahannam but must cross over it. And this is the spirit. And this is sort of the last hurdle. And then of course, is this bridge, the car, this barrier this this tunnel over Janam It is slippery, it is sharp, it is a thin like a is length and all around it. There are hooks and thorns trying to drag the person into jahannam. And so you can imagine a hammer. Can you imagine this pitch black, and all you can see down is his Jahannam the depths of jahannam. And so then we saw them as we said, and as Pamela is always the man on piano, but he will be the first person to take this car

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on and he will cross over like lightning. And then there'll be some of them would stand and that's why he said if you want to find me on piano I'll be at the Ciroc what's he doing the setup we can do our Allahu Selim, Selim encouraging come over come over calling of believers to come over. And so one by one, the believers will cross over and then at least one says that the first batch will cross over like the speed of light like lightning, not even for a moment of pause, and then some will go like a like a wind and some would go like the birds and some would go like Aruna, and eventually some people will jog and some people go and there'll be scratched and grab but they will make it

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over cut and bruised and some people's power they will tumble and they will be dragged over meaning some of the other believers would pull them over Wow, what a beautiful image and some Subhan Allah will be grabbed by these hooks and they will be dragged into into Janam and so Allah speak mentioned this way Allah says in the Quran, yeah, you will Alina Armand who it Allah He told me that Natsu ha Oh, you will believe

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Make sincere Toba asada. Are you coffee rang come see it come that when you make Toba and this is a side note I mentioned this yesterday, whenever I was asked, Assam means perhaps. But when Allah speaks to believers and he says Assa, it actually means he will. This is the tough seed. We also ask you coffee Ron crusade so your article, perhaps I will help you perhaps I'll forgive you. It means I will. I would like to I'm going to forgive you. As you can see it come that Perhaps Allah will forgive your sins will you come Jannetty in touch with me tequila and her that he will enter you into Jana? Yo Mara Usila will that day Allah will not make the mbf when Medina Amanullah they will

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not make them sad. The Gambia and the believers will not be disgraced. nuloom Yes Avena ad him they will be given a light in front of him will be a man human on the right side while you're cool Luna Robina Atlanta new Rolla well fildena In the gala, coalition Kadena know people make dua Allah keep my life going. And then Subhan Allah, as we said, they will be amongst the BD amongst this group will be those who committed major sin, and those who committed Nipah and one affix. And as the monastic is crossing over the bridge, his light will become extinguished, and he will be stuck on the bridge, not knowing which way to go. And so he will call out your coolant monasticon And we'll

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fix we'll call out the lady in America who believes I'm gonna wait, wait for us next to us if we know that we can take some of your light, called Kill, the believer will say Go back, go back over the bridge and see if you can get a light on the other side when you return. But he will be stuck. And behind Allah Allah mentions and a barrier will be placed upon him so he cannot move. And then eventually they will tumble into Jannah. And so that is why the monastics for Han Allah, they have a special category because unlike the disbeliever, who was open about his disbelief, the monastic and when we you learn the history of Islam, the people who outwardly expressed Islam, but inwardly

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harmed Islam, that's why they are fully dedicated as Philemon and they will tumble now into the deepest depths of Jannah, they will go to a special place that is for them when AFIC. And also, as we see, the believer who did major sins, but he's a Muslim, and he gets dragged into Jahannam to see what's going to happen to him now. So they fall into jahannam. And so now the believers cross over the bridge, the Muslims with major sins, some of them have been dragged into Jahannam and then when affix have tumbled all the way into the the deepest depths of jahannam. As for those let's start with the believers, they've crossed over the spirit. Well hamdulillah and when you cross over the

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spirit, that's it. You're not going to go to Janome now ever, forever. You are saved completely from Jana, and this is the moment when the believer finally has some kind of relief. He knows now Alhamdulillah I am not going to join them, but they will be a little lost little bridge called the contract. The contract this is the last some have mentioned it is the end of it is the end of the spirit, or some have mentioned you know, in our class at least you have a castle and then you have this little bridge she must cross over to get into the castle. This little bridge this contra is the bridge to get into Jana. And before they can cross into Jana, they will be a little bit of a

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questioning what is this question? Even Jesus is when the believers have crossed F cross the Hellfire they've come past John number see from Jana, they will then be stopped at the contra a small bridge before entering Jana. And then they will be given a redistribution of injustice between them. So now amongst the believers, if there was any last little animosity, any feelings of dissatisfaction, but sin, but any kind of

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unhappiness with one another, they will be a settling of this kind of issue and the hearts will be purified. And that's why Allah mentions of the believers when they enter Jannah when as that inner Murphy should do to him that we removed from the hearts mineral integrity mean tactile and we remove from the chest, any hatred, any sense of jealousy, any sense of negativity and the Contra all of this gets removed so that the person will enter Jannah he comes in completely with a clean pure heart. Now one is not punished, we're having certain feelings towards one another. And that is why even though they didn't commit sin, there is a kind of cleansing that happens as they cross over the

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computer. And different people will get different levels of Jannah and then at least he says once you pass over the Contra and you are will be now shown your place in Jana, you would not say hello once you cross over you would know instinctively we My place is in Jana, we my homies it will be like this is where I was meant to be all of eternity and you will be You didn't even need to be shown and Subhan Allah will intergender and we'll talk about what as the intergender and as Allah says, we'll call you after this happens when they are now done with the control call they'll say Alhamdulillah hinder the Hydra and and you had all thanks to Allah who guided us to this. Well I

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couldn't tell in the theory and anatomy Allah and then Allah that all the praise and thanks to Allah who has guided us to this, never could we have found guidance we could not have gotten here without Allah. Why not for Allah Wakata Jaya Robina will hug and then MBR came with the truth. When we will do an Tilikum Tillich will Jannetty aura to Musa

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Welcome to download and it will be said now I'm here the messengers meaning the angels will say, welcome. You have inherited Jana in his 100 Beautiful inheritance. Nice something to think about inheritance is something which was meant for you, you know, you you got it almost like from your lineage. So we will always mean to intergender it belongs to Nevada Islam, that's where we belong. And so now you are getting what was your birthright to come into Jannah and also you have to work a little bit to get there. So this is the believers and hamdulillah we'll talk about them and they Masha Allah may we be amongst him in Jana. But now we go back to the believers in Jannah. The

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believers who fell down the surah as for the monastics they are in darkness Valley, and Allah predict that they will be the as Allah wishes, as with the believers, some of the Muslims, some of those who crossed over the spirit. And remember, we are all doing this in batches in groups, they will cross over and they will feel so much relief, but then they realize someone's missing, we were like in a running group. And now two or three of our members are missing. And that is when the believers would go back almost from or not go back over the syrup, but they will go back and they will call out to Allah saying to Allah, that the that the someone these people are missing. And all

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these people, they will say, Oh Allah, Oh brothers, they used to make Salah with us, we saw them in the machine. And they used to fast with us. We know that they washed it in Ramadan, and they did other good deeds, we are testifying to them. And as he says, there will be no person more argumentative with Allah in these group of people that cross over the Ciroc they know they're going to Jana, but now they're coming back to question Allah, why are you not giving our brothers and bring them out of Jahannam so then Allah subhanaw taala will say, go look into Jana. Now. If you insist, then look into Jahannam and anyone who you recognize anyone you see they in Jana, Jana is a

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believer, and he has faith equal to a gold queen, a DNR a queen of faith being take him out of Jannah. And Allah sponsors you will see them that these people who made Salah and they made hajj and they fasted, but they have major sins, I have not put them in the depths of Jahannam Allah will mention that only up until they fit will be the fire, for some would say only the heat they will not be in the fire, but they will be in the heat of jahannam. So even the bad sinful believer with tohave Allah something to drown him in the fire, but he will be in a place and of course he's so severely punished. So Allah will say go look at those people and bring them out. And so a large

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group of people will be extracted from Janna, and then we'll take it out. Then Allah will say to this to the believers again, go back and go back and look in jahannam. For anyone who has half a queen of good deeds, half of iman, a half a queen of human and another large group will be taken out, go and take out a loan. We'll say one more time, a third time. Go and take out anybody who has a missed call and with God is an atom's weight of good deeds. Go and take an atom's weight of a person with an atom's weight of the man, take them out, and so they will take out all those who they recognize now. Meaning if any Muslim who goes to Jana can vouch for anyone in Jahannam as being a

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believer, Subhan Allah, any person, that vouching insists that man, he was a Muslim. Allah will say take him off, take him off. So what did he means in jahannam? is are people that nobody could have seen? They have any goodness in them, there was no outward goodness in them. That is the only people that is left behind. And the Sahaba you will notice the Hadith he says, and look, Allah mentions the Quran Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah does not the priests or priests someone, even an atom's weight of good deeds, were integral Haseltine Yuga into our youth team in Laguna Halima, then whoever has a small deed of good or small, good deed, Allah will magnify it many times over and

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Allah will reward him. So then. Now as we said, the believers came back and took out anyone in Jannah that we could recognize him once he said he's a Muslim. Once he did some good deeds, someone that could vouch for them, and the people in Ghana they have no one left to vouch for them. Then Allah will announce the the prophets have interceded with me, and the angels have interceded with me and the believers have interceded with me. Now the only thing that remains is the mercy of the Most Merciful and he will take as a man in a manner which befits His Majesty, Allah will place a hand inside Janam and he will extract as many people as he wants from Jahannam and these peoples pan a

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lot do we understand this, but we put our faith in this a people that did not do a single good deed,

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but they did not come achieve Inshallah, they did not have a single good deed, but they will be taken out of Johannes Barnala and they will be entered into before they get to Jana, these people, they would have been in the depths of the fire. The hadith mentions that they will be burned black like pieces of charcoal. So because and that's why no one could recognize them even. And so Allah will take these people out of Janam and they will be thrown out of the prophecies. They will be thrown into a river outside of Jannah which is called the river of life. Now remember, there is the Anisha of Allah is on water

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An ocean of water and All of life comes from this ocean of water. So, they will be placed back into this water that brought about all of life and upon which all people will be resurrected will be placed in this river of life. And they will grow from hundreds as trees germinate and they flourish, these people will grow and they will be re materialized. And they will find a chain of gold around the neck. And this will be these people are gonna call by now and you say, Oh Allah save our necks from jahannam. These people we showed they will save from Johanna without doing any good deeds, this is purely as a gift from Allah subhanaw taala. And then when they enter Jannah, they will be the

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people of Ghana. And this is the beauty they will not say, Oh, look at these guys, they are the worst of the worst. They'll say, behind Allah, how lucky were these people that Allah chose them not for anything they did purely out of his love for him that he entered them into Jana out of not doing a single good deed and Allah will say to the people, they will come enough, go look in Jannah go look, and whatever you want and see is for you. And you will have 10 times that if not more, whatever your heart desires. These are people who didn't do a single salah, a single good deed, a single thing that a person could recognize, and Allah subhanaw taala but they were in Jannah for a

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long period of time. And then Allah had forgiven them and taking them out of Jana Jana, that is why the resources and the beautiful Hadith when he came upon a city and the lady thought her child had died and she was frantic, running around screaming ways a child, she told me that died. And then when she found the child alive, she grabbed the child and hug the child and squeezed him. And so there'll be some looked at the lady and citizen Sahaba Can you imagine this lady thinking their child and then throwing the child in a fire? So how does it definitely isn't possible or what mother would do that. And he said it is Allah is more reluctant to cast anyone in Jannah in this mother

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ease of putting her own child in Jannah. That is who Allah subhanaw taala is he doesn't want to see anybody in Jannah. And so in sha Allah with this, the day of karma will now come to an end, the believers will be in Jannah the disbelievers will be in Jannah and only the people of Shinnick will be the eternally and then we said this very special group of people unique group of people, they will be stuck because they need to have balanced neither good nor bad. And so they don't go to Jana. Oh Jahannam they are on what is called the are off to the cloud off is a chapter in the Quran. And they will stand between Jana and Jana, we'll talk about them tomorrow and then we'll talk about Jana

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and what's inside Johanna mela critic and what's in charge Jana Allah make us to be amongst them. I mean, I mean, she was just announced with a good reminder that Salt Lake young lady at 10 o'clock this evening. I mean yesterday the question that was asked, so Allah mentions that when the person feels the exam, use deeds or light, Allah will say who do who for who sees him and put a chain a shackle over him. And this chain from his neck around his body. Allah says How long would it be 70 arms length 70 There are 70 arms length is the length of of the

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Okay, so I must first give a random I mean when you choose a number

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number 18. Okay, let's name this name is number 18. So martial law, okay.

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And then as for

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Aisha Vista,

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Aisha Vista

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none martial law announce our winner this evening. And

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I shall make

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Oh as to Baker sorry. I must have assisted okay at yet. Michelle Are you in? Exactly I've had them in this event. He's question What is the name of the small bridge where the believers will stop be stopped before entering Jana? What's the name? Is it Ankara? Contura Surat obasa is one inshallah.

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For the doubt you have a question. Okay, question.

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Yeah, so that's where he said this hadith gives a lot of hope, what we do and all was very explicit that whoever can achieve Allah says Hara UniFi Jana, they will be the eternally and Allah Allah, if He would have ever mercy upon them. But what is understood, is a person who did no good deed but did not commit she could Allah in His heart of hearts truly believe that this one Allah and he believed that he worshipped that one Allah, and we shall what that is, like the lowest level, don't don't get to that level. But alhamdulillah one might then think, think about your CRM and your Pm and that resuscitation of Quran. If such people will get to Jannah then it gives us a lot of hope that in sha

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Allah as bad as we are, we also have a place in Jannah Ameen Salaam Alaikum.