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shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala COVID mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi igmi in my beloved brothers and sister in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh barakato

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All Praise to Allah subhana wa tada the Creator, the Sustainer of the universe, a shadow Allah, Allah Illallah is a witness that none has the right to be worshipped except Allah, the Supreme, the creator, the all knowing the wise, the Most Merciful, the most kind, we submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala. To him do we come unto Him as our ultimate destination? We send our greetings our love of salutations to our beloved Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his family, his companions to all the MBI that preceded him and to all those who follow the Sunnah will be amongst them until the end of time. I mean, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to bless us in this walk of Juma

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to forgive us the shortcomings of this week, and to go on to the Juma be a guiding light for the week to come. Meanwhile, hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah over the past few weeks, we didn't see this until heed which is the right of Allah subhanho wa Taala though he is our obligation to Allah subhana wa Tada. But you will find that Islam has two dynamics to it. It has the side we owe our right to Allah, and we owe our right to creation. Islam has two sides, the heck of a lot of the Creator and the Hulk of the bad and that of the creation. In a beautiful Hadith the Prophet Solomon says that if you want to save yourself from jahannam, and you want to intergender you need to do two

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things. Number one, don't come a chick. And number two, treat people the way you would like to be treated. If you live by this head, if your whole life insha Allah will be fine in this dunya and akhira you won't hurt anybody you won't take from the rights and you won't take from the rights of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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We know that in sha Allah, that on the Tuesday the 21st of March is a public holiday, Human Rights Day. If you didn't know then Mubarak to you, you have a free day on Tuesday night. So Alhamdulillah on the 21st of March, we're going to have Human Rights Day and Alhamdulillah our Deen our Sharia, our belief is in line with the rights that Allah has given to all of humanity, that just as Allah has the rights on us in his respect, as we said, the rights to creation. So what are the rights preserved in the Quran? And before I talk about the rights given to us by the Sharia, given to every person in the Sharia, what rights This is given to humanity, we need to understand we the Quran came

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down. The Quran came down 1400 years to a society that had no rights. There was no such thing as human rights. There were no governments, there were no laws, it was the strong rule, the weak it was the law of the jungle. And we say to such an extent that people would bury their own children alive. Now, even the worst of criminals, the most backward of societies do not harm their own children. Even animals do not harm their own children. But this is the joy helia the ignorance in which Arabia was in. And now Islam comes to bring a new way a dean, Dean is not a religion. Dean is a way of life how to live your life. There are things you do in the masjid for Allah. But when you go outside,

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it's part of your deen. So let us look at the rights given in the Sharia. And it's for us, you know, we live in the modern world, the 20, you know, the 21st century. And these are rights we take for granted. The freedom to move the freedom to coexist the freedom of religion, we take these things for granted. Maybe our elders who lived in apartheid, can appreciate what it's like to live without the rights. And if you were living 1400 years ago, these laws were, you know, light years ahead. Note society on Earth had these rights. No society on Earth had given people what the Sharia is giving to humanity. So what are the rights that Islam has given to humanity? Number one, Allah

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subhanho wa Taala on Bani Adam, Allah under the children of Adam all of humanity, Allah subhana wa Tada. honor them as Allah says, Allah kurama Bani Adam, that we have failed with the children of Adam, above all other creations, whatever the color or race or the nationality. All of us have been favored above every other creation, or hemella, who've been bereaved and we carry them on land and by sea waters up now who many

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He back and we feed them we give them a music of the pure things are done now whom and we preferred a lot saying we preferred humanity mankind, either Kathie Lee min

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min min Hakuna de la and we have preferred and chosen and honored and selected humanity humankind above most of that which we have created by a massive degree, the Leela a massive, chosen and pleasure that Allah has given us.

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We said this hadith before, that Allah subhanho wa Taala says there are four things which he created with his hands, when Allah creates. Allah says what be Allah says to the sun exists to the moon, be to the world be to the summer work be to gibreel Allah says couldn't be and gibril came into existence. But there are four creations Allah created with his own hands his own two hands in a manner which reflects his majesty, we said his throne the arch of Allah, Allah created the arch with his own two hands, not that he needs a chair to sit, but at any king. He deserves an arch located his throne, the greatest of his creation in terms of sizes the arch, then allocated the pin without

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the decrease of everything from the beginning of time until the end of time. And then Allah subhana wa tada created what else? A lot personally planted the trees in general field those we say Jenna has levels and each Jana each Jenna has, has been created indirectly by Allah, either through an angel or Allah said couldn't but the highest jen nephila dose This is the highest level of Jana, Allah Himself planted the trees, Allah personally interior decorated agenda. And then of course, Allah created nebby Adam with his own two hands and Allah confirms this in the Quran. When Allah says to Emily's, why do you not make sujood be mahalik collect to be at a that which I created with

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both my hands, not just one, but both of them both my hands. So this is the honor that Allah has given to all of humanity. And Allah subhana wa tada made the angels to prostrate before Adam. And when Allah makes gibreel, bow before Adam, Elisa to Salaam, when by extension, it includes the jinn and the sun and the moon and the stars, everything in the universe. Allah made it subservient to nabee Adam and to his progeny. Allah says in need of the halifa he tells the Allah tells the angels I'm going to place on Earth, my halifa, my representative, the Caliph, who's the Caliph, the Caliph is the one who follows the leader in his absence, he's the halifa. When the leader isn't here, there

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is the halifa Isn't this the substitute leader is the halifa. So Allah says, My whole life on earth is humanity, mankind, this is who we are.

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Allah says, Allah, locker Kanaka coffee, Sangeeta when we created you, in the very best of stature, of all creations, from the angels, to the earth, to the sun, to the moon, to every single creation, in Sun, you and me, Sangeeta, when the very best the perfection of creation through Morrow, that now as far as surfing, but then the we return them to the lowest of the low, when we as insan do not fulfill our potential, we not fulfill the high purpose of our creation, then we go to the lowest of the low.

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So this is who you are in the sight of Allah.

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To Allah, you are number one on his creation list. You are above jabril you are above the angels and the heavens and the earth, that everything makes you do to you and me. That's who we are in the sight of Allah. And therefore Allah wants us to recognize each other in that same light. So the Sharia is about the Sharia prescribes rights,

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and divinely given rights. These are not laws, man made laws. These are laws that Allah has given to each and every one of us. And whenever infringes these rights, you infringe against the law of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So number one, Allah has given us the right to live freely, to live peacefully to live without any harm and any fear of being harmed. A loss is to the money added to the bunnies are in agilely relic because of that because of what they did, because of what nabby Adam son did of murder. Catalina Island he saw he gave too many we commanded but he saw him and by extension all other carriers. And now who that really man khattala enough son believed enough seen oversized

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infill that who ever killed someone without a just cause for a NEMA total and NASA Jamia? Then it will be counted as if though he killed

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all of humanity he committed a genocide. in the sight of Allah killing one person is like killing every single human being on Earth.

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what occurred and women and women saves a life for kanima NASA Jamia and whoever saves a life helps a life brings a life out of the states. When he says even though you have saved all of humanity, this is what Allah says that one day, killing one person in the sight of Allah is killing the entire human race. How is it Benjamin muslimeen. We find people that take life so easily, but they shed blood so easily. There's a hadith that says, it is worse to harm a Muslim or kill a Muslim Oh kill a person than to destroy the Kaaba brick by brick. That the blood of a person is more sacred than the land of Makkah than the time that these things that the blood of humanity is so sacred in the sight

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of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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today, we know in this past century, more people have been killed in warfare than in any any century before bombs, dropping on people on children. indiscriminate killings Pinilla. 1400 years ago, when life was cheap when people killed their own children. A law says that if you kill one person, it's like killing all of humanity. The prophets of Salaam says oh people on his farewell sermon on the day of out of India in hajj. Now, you when you on Hajj, you are in the state of Vietnam, you cannot even scratch your own skin, or pluck your own

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ally saying even your own body is hard on for you. So in that state of Nabisco salami saying to the judge, oh people, just as you regard this month of Hajj, and this day of alpha, and the city of Makkah as sacred soul regard the life and property of every Muslim as sacred trust. And every person that is innocent, hurt no one no person who should hurt so that you may not be injured,

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that you are always in a state of Iran when it comes to the property and the wealth and the and the blood of someone else. You cannot harm anyone, not the person, physical harm, not the wealth, and not the even the emotional state, the honor, the dignity, the Sherry has preserved this for all of humanity.

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Number one, so the right to life, allies in shining the sun, every human being should live without harm or fear. And only through a because a person committed a sin or a person that did something wrong like a tyrant, this person will remove them. But as for all of humanity, they have a free right to live freely. Number two, the Sharia has given to all of humanity not just to Muslims to all of humanity, the right to practice their religion freely. Law across the deen that there is no compulsion in the deen You and I have been placed here to make our choice to worship Allah or to not worship Allah to follow His guidance or not. That's your choice. No one can force another person

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into the deen and one is Austin is also lamb. Should we not force these people to believe we said no law

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that there is no compulsion in this religion. Allah guides whoever selects and chooses the guidance, it's for him and whatever turns away, it's at its own detriment. The Sharia has been further gone on to bring equality in terms of the Sharia in terms of the law to all people. Allah says yeah, you and ness in a Lacuna Coil means occurring.

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That Listen, oh insan I have made all of you from one soul. And from that soul, one male and one female, all of you are brothers in humanity, which I now come and then we divided you and made you into short, Urban wakaba into tribes and nations when we change your colors and your language Why? Later our food that you may get to know one another, that you may interact with one another. Not that you may be superior to one another in a Croma commune de la ikkaku that the very best of all of you is the one with the most taqwa The one who has the most consciousness of Allah, that Allah does not look at your color, or your nationality, or your bank account, or where you are in society. If

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you are the CEO, or you're the janitor, none of this matters to Allah. He looks at what's inside how much dakwah you have. No nation is superior to another nation. No color is superior to another color. This is a right, which we as South Africans took what only 1994 was given to us in 1994 20 odd years ago spawn Allah. This was given 1400 years ago where Allah said that all tribes, all colors all nations are equal and the only basis of superiority is

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taqwa is conscious of Allah. In Allahu Allah Mojave and Allah is very aware and knowledgeable of who the people of taqwa are. We know again, on that farewell sermon, the visa Salaam explicitly said that the Arabs have no superiority over the non Arabs. Even though we might see a difference today. This is haraam that we will add there should be no superiority of a black person over a white person or a white person or a black person or an Indian person, a woman, a person normally a person over a Chinese person. All of this allotment is Jay Z, is paganism is backward thinking to be proud Nabisco Salam says, one of the things of Gen Z that will stay in my alma, our people will be proud of the

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forefathers and ancestors, nothing wrong to admire that in my lineage. I had a grandfather who was a professor when a moment happened, and that's good. But to make someone else feel inferior, because of a person who you were like, you had nothing to do with him being a professor, you have nothing to feel good about. You didn't inherit his knowledge, all you inherited was his last name.

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So to make one person feel bad, based on his color, or his position in society, who along with the, it's really an insult to Allah. If you look down on somebody, based on the physical features you make, you're looking down on the maker of that man, or that woman who made him Allah made him. That's what you are doing, why you have to be loved. And so the prophets of Salaam, on his farewell sermon in front of 1950 1000 people and that Hajj, he affirmed that this Dean is not a white Dean, or a black Dean or an Arab Dean. It is a universal Dean, it is for all people. And in fact, let me refer to that. I mean, for all of humanity today, we don't say that Saudi Arabia has more right to

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Islam, or they have a monopoly on Islam know, that at times the amount of India with the most advanced at times the amount of Bukhara like imahara Muslim, they were the center of learning. We went to them for knowledge, the Arab Spring to them to learn. And as time progresses, one group excels over the other. And it's only in turquoise, Allah says is what really counts. Only in taqwa. Will someone have a degree above someone else.

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In terms of the law, if we lived in a Islamic Society, again, put yourself back 1400 years, and you don't have to even look that far back. Look at South Africa. 20 odd years ago, there were two different lows, lows depending on the completion of your skin, the brighter your complexion, you had a better set of lows, the darker your complexion you are, the worse it glows just 20 odd years ago, and how many societies on earth still give favoritism to a certain group or Class A color? So today, you have six and groups that are forced that are that are mistreated, minorities that are mistreated 1400 years ago before we had the United Nations and before we had Geneva Conventions before we had

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any of these wonderful things. The prophets of Salaam affirmed that the Sharia applies equally to every single person, rich or poor. We know that beautiful hadith of Osama Osama bin Hussein Oussama in Burnaby Oussama the Beloved of the province of saga, Osama bin Laden, Osama the son of Zaid Oussama the adopted son, the son of Zaid, the adopted son of the Prophet seldom, Osama, I just decided not to because sometimes we don't know who sama is. Osama was this man who in abyssal Salaam gave a nickname as hibou nabee, the Beloved of the Navy, that on the day he died. Nobody saw Saddam was too weak to speak him. He saw Osama and he showed him a sign like I love you. I love you. I'm

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making this up for you. On the day he died. This is who sama is to when Hassan would be on this leg and Osama will be in deadly These are my two sons. So Osama had the part of going to be salsa them.

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So a lady stole a wealthy lady, a prominent well to do lady, the masumi lady she saw and they said how can you cut the end of the the politician?

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Jacob Zuma his wife steal you're going to punish her like the normal criminal? No, they must be a different law to her. So they said but who's going to tell Nabisco Salaam to relax the law? None of us are going to speak to him sin Osama why Kusama is in within Absalom, we have that. That link that shortcut. You know that corruption we nepotism? We ask Osama he asked the visa alum and this lady's off scot free. So sama went to the prophets of Salaam? And he said yeah Rasulullah this lady she's a well to do lady she's a rich lady. We got cut her hand off like the normal criminal in the street. Pardon her promises and I became so angry and that vein that would appear on his forehead when he

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was asked

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appeared, and he said oh sama, it is for this thing that you asking me that previous nations were destroyed. When the rich people did wrong. The law didn't apply to them. They didn't get punished. But when this guy on the street, the poor man when he stole the poor lady when she made a mistake, then we punish them severely. That's why previous nations were destroyed. And I swear by Allah an absolute saying, I swear by Allah, that even if Fatima my daughter stole, I will apply the law on her equally. Everyone, even the family of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is equal under the law. And in fact initially, whenever a law came down, he began with his family when interest was made haraam

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What did he say? The first interest that we abolish is the interest ultimate Uncle anibus. First Him He will lose his interest. when things were made her arm first, my family will be the first people to take this this law.

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Everyone is equal under the law. One area which Islam gets criticized quite a lot is with regards to treatment of women. Today, oddly, people believe Islam takes the rights of women and Islam abuses women and Islam. Do most women understand where women were before Islam before Islam, if your wife gave birth to a daughter, and if you were a real man in your society, you an honorable man, you would bury that daughter life. That's what the Arabs did. That was the policy that daughters and wives were commodities you bought and sold. I like your daughter you like my daughter. So we swap daughters for you to have that when I die or a person dies, as his brother inherits his house and

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his dates and his camels inherits his wife's if your brother died, you inherited his wife's they become your property to use and dispose as you want. You either sell them or you buy them. This was Makkah society This was normal. And the other societies of the world were not that much better. In the Sierra you found the the the Coptic hate the Coptic priest of Egypt, the head of the Church of Egypt, he gave to the prophets of Salaam as a gift to slave girls here for you. Let me sow some seeds in free and married one as his wife. This was the norm for the society. She She didn't have rights over herself, let alone property, let alone the ability to speak and have a right to choose

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her decision, or even matters of states of Allah. Can you imagine if a woman a woman couldn't even say how she should be treated? She should have any say in government. That's even in our I mean women only got the right to vote in the Western world 150 years ago. Look at Islam. Islam number one says yeah, you Alina Amendola. Hello Kim and Teresa Quran. Oh, you who believe it is forbidden to inherit women against the world alike to tell these people it's haram to inherit a woman against the world? To teach them that it's hard for you to inhale it against a wall? No, should you treat them with any harshness? Don't treat them harshly that you may take away any part of the dowry, that if

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you gave her a dowry, we know in Islam, the woman has the right of dowry, and the man doesn't have that a woman can stipulate any amount of dowry, and you can never take it back. No matter what she does.

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You have given them except where they have been guilty of open lewdness, on the contrary, love with him on a footing of kindness and equality, a lot of spaces this and equal as you know, wouldn't have been my roof and live with him on equal footing. And this applies still today, in our households in our marriages live with him on an equal good footing. The province of Salaam says it is true that you have certain rights with regards to women. Yes, the wife has to obey the husband, but they also have rights over you. Remember that you have taken them as your wives under a lost trust and by his permission, when you made that nikka

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it's before Allah will use it to use the Allah except that I will look after this woman her rights. That's what you said. You know, I say this Why is her Olivia father the because it's the Sharia has both this extra this concept of a valley that a woman always her rights are. She's at the she is a like the orphan like the week where rights are sometimes taken by people or you know, wrongly even today in the working environment you might find the woman is discriminated against. So the Sharia has said we're going to place a man, a member of her family whose job it is to see that her rights are always intact. And that's usually her father. Now the day you make nica, you're saying to this

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father, Uncle Buddha, I'm going to take this man on me and I will do it better. I will make sure her rights are defended and actually promoted I will do that. That's why you think appealed to you not accepting just her. You accepting that I

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manner. So in addition to saying you're taking her with the Amana of Allah Subhana, WA tada and if they abide by your rights, and they do their part, when they begin to them belongs the right that they may be freed and close and treated kindly. Do not treat you women do three to women well and be kind to them, for they are your partners and committed helpers. And if and it is your right that they do not make friends with anyone who you don't approve of, as well as to be unchaste it so long as they are chaste. And they don't be afraid to speak to people you don't approve of Hello, this is a good woman, you need to fulfill your rights to her. She has the equal rights of education

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survival. I don't know how we live in a society where women can't come to certain massages to learn or madrasas or in certain countries, there are no schools for girls, we're not supposed to learn swannanoa acquisition of knowledge resources is compulsory on every man Muslim and every female Muslim, the position of eyeshadow, the law on her Sahaba her father aboubaker would sit at her feet in certain things to ask her opinion, because she was more learned than him in certain areas or Morocco was great Amara to learn the things he didn't know you would also have saw his daughter, I didn't know XYZ, can you please tell me we don't look at the gender of the person knowledge. Whoever

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it comes to a man or woman. That person is elevated and we learn from them. So you know the order might have seen if you look at the laws in the Sharia, once a quarter, or even one third of the laws of the Sharia go back to I shall do that in certain fields in areas. She's the expert. No one disputes with her eye shadow the law of any religion on Earth. There is no religion on Earth. We a female has such a profound position of basis of the deen than Islam. And this was true for many of the lives of the prophets of Salaam. We know that the first university on Earth was built in Morocco by a lady Fatima a theory that our culture of learning was that we don't look at the gender

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in terms of her marriage, Allah has given women the rights and if you fear that you will not deal justly with the orphan girls, then marry those so this usually this is the brothers quote, or Allah says funky homophobic marry whomever you want milanesa of the women to three or four marry, they marry as much as you want to ever you choose, but read the beginning of the ayah Allah is protecting the rights of the orphan girl. Allah says if you have an orphan girl in your house, don't marry that orphan girl, or the many any other woman than her Why? Because you might take the rights of her. And then Allah goes further. And as you have mercy that says no book, no religious book on earth says

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this, that if you cannot be fee, in in terms of women, they just marry one. If you cannot be fee, meaning you need to treat your wife's family. And if you can't do that, with more than with one, you can be free between two or three then just marry one, then just marry one.

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In terms of her marriage, she has full right to say who she wants to get married to and who she doesn't want to marry so so this is a woman without a husband must not be married until she's consulted. A woman should not be married off without her permission. There is no such thing as forced marriages in Islam. Yet people still believe that this is the Islamic way. haraam visa is haram haram haram that a woman is married without the permission that a virgin woman must be asked her choice. And a previously married woman she has even more say than Hawaii. If she says I want to marry that guy and she was previously married a father current object you should just approve of it.

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What in terms of property rights i said before he said um, women were property of the Islam, women owned property. Whatever Allah says in the Quran, whatever men earn, they may have a sheet of that it belongs to them. And whatever women earn, then they have a sheet of that and we know in terms of the Sharia, the way of maintenance, that if you give the dowry to the wife, and she inherits from her father, and she earns a certain money, it's hers completely. But as for the husband, we know the woman can even close you Is this the women can even take without the husband's permission. This was permissible in Islam, the wife of Abu sufian him the same hymn that killed Hamza's panela imagine

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she comes to the Navy sofa questions she says my husband Abu Sofia is a stingy man he doesn't give Can I take without his permission? professor says yes you can but really right within limits within limits, but we can't do that. We can't put the end in the purse without asking. Right so hon Allah okay the swan you know in fact we should say is sometimes it feels like we may not be discriminated against at times. A woman has a prescribed right with regards to inheritance from a position where she was part of the inheritance the pool of inheritance. Now the Sharia said she will have an inheritance and this is unique to the dean Islam. Look at the lows 1400 years ago Savonarola, look

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at the lows

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and if she married

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She has the right to maintenance for my husband. We as he may not use anything of her wealth without her consent, even if she's the millionaire, and he only owns 50 then she can take from that wealth as she pleases and chooses faily equity Islam speaks about fairly other rights, orphans, Nevis, also lamb. You know, in a time before we had orphanages, and we had such a thing as welfare and looking after the poor and looking after a visa Salaam insisted that whoever looks after orphan, he's like this with me in Ghana, that a man comes and says, My heart is hard. Yeah. Rasulullah I don't cry when I hear about Jana, what can I do, that'd be substances, rub your hand over an orphan. Don't

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just give money to them. Go and spend time with him. It will soften your hearts analise is unique stuff, the rights of non Muslims within Islamic State, non Muslims living within the Islamic State, they have a right to practice their religion freely on a law. They have churches and synagogues. They can eat the food that they want to eat. They even have caught rooms that they want to practice the religion.

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And if you married a non Muslim woman, she can continue practicing her religion in your house. But we don't know these things. Part of the Islamic State, you know, they have to pay a tech school the jizya and say normal of the alarm found a Christian man begging and he said swallow how unfair we've been. When you were young and strong. We text you. And now when you're old and you can't work anymore, we've neglected you. So he actually institutionalized a pension for non Muslims. So in honor of the lawn,

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the prisoners of war when prisoners of war were taken, Allah says in the Quran that they are good to the Sierra, part of taqwa is the good to the attainment of a Sierra the good to orphans, and the good to the prisoners of war, that man came to kill you. He's now your prisoner. If you are good to him as part of your taqwa that the prisoners of war said, we've never seen people like this, that if there was one camel, the prisoner of war rides the camel and the man who captured him walks, that if there was food, dates and bread, the bread goes to the prisoner and the Sahaba ate the data why now resources treat the prisoner well, like the guest. This is not found in other till today. Our modern

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advanced human rights must catch up with us. haram to mutilate, and torture, these things are Haram in Islam. Now these are found Sahaba torturing some people in butter is haram. You can't do these things. You can't mutilate the date of the coup for the workers. The slaves had rights for the slave, a man comes in, he finds out the live and must owed the rest. Finally, in an smart clothing, any slave is dressed also like that. So the man said, Why is your slave the rich like you? He says the prophets have commanded us feed them with the food you eat, and rich them with the clothing you did. So whatever I buy from my slave, if this was a slave, what about a worker, a worker has even

00:32:54--> 00:33:33

more rights than before he swept his dry, you need to pay him his wage, you don't give him a job that he can't do. Even the animals now this was on so two people riding and they were talking to one another and they were sitting on the camels or the donkey. And he said, These animals are not cheese. You don't sit on him for no reason. It burdens them if you want to talk and get off and sit on the floor, but if you want to use them for a reason, then use them properly. And there was even you know, that's something that's in the Sharia, there are laws as to how much weight you can put on a camel on a law. It's amazing. It is law that over this overburden you can't is haram to do this

00:33:33--> 00:34:18

and the environment. Even if you are in a river taking we do and that which you take out of it is wastes too much even for Voodoo that will ever plant a tree you know what even benefits from the shade or the fruit, animal or human? It is it is Algeria, Swan Allah these are the rights that's within Islam. We can talk about some of the criticism with regards to jihad is our time is up but I want to skip towards issue that was discussed last week in terms of the water in terms of Voodoo as a totally different topic. Now altogether. I said last week that our water is low and therefore some people have said we make we do only using the student acts of we do now in we do they are compulsory

00:34:18--> 00:34:56

side compulsory things. If you don't do those, those actions then you will do is not accepted and the asuna things that if you do them Alhamdulillah it It promotes it increases your reward. If you don't do them you will do is fine. Like saying Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim before that we do washing their hands before we do these things or sooner. So an area of debate is the mouth and nose is this compulsory, or is it sooner? And I said last week that it's compulsory, and I might was a bit too dismissive. Let's discuss this, but it's the answer is not important. But the methodology and thinking of the AMA is wonderful. So there are two views. And I had the slides. I don't know the

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

slides are not here. There are two views on this point.

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

Have the slides here. There are two views of this issue. The majority of the scholars, the hanafis and chef is 100 on the same page this time and the myleik is all say that it is sooner if you leave it out. No problem humble is and some other scholars have said it's compulsory. So that's the minority view. majority said it sooner. Minority said compulsory, why do you defer Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, another side note, Allah doesn't teach you how to make Salah, but he teaches you how to take what do we do is given in detail not Salah Allah sees in the Quran when you stand for Salah. See Lu Hakuna, wash your face, your faces. Now the question is, is the mouth and

00:35:42--> 00:36:25

nose part of the face? minority majority says no, it's not the inside of it is not part of it. And they give some evidence like what that number one if you if the inside of the mouth and nose spots of the face, then suddenly the inside of the eyes part of the face should watch the eye. Make sense? Number two, they say look at the hadith of Genova in terms of Genova the Prophet also sees that Genova exists and the every he an inch surface of skin, not the inside of your hand, it's the surface the outside of it. Therefore the outside of the mouse nose and mouth is we do compulsively inside is not required. And if you look at his Ninja, and archroma qumola, if you look at you need

00:36:25--> 00:37:08

to watch him make a stranger, the outside is fine, no one has to watch on the inside. Right? This is if you if the inside was required to the mouth and nose they mean bad odor, the inside of the backside should be washed, you understand. So this is a powerful evidence of the majority, powerful evidence, the minority also have very strong evidences, they say that if you look there is a hadith in Bukhari, where the Prophet Allah says, When evil you take with you put water in your nose, and another hand it says exactly pull the water deep into your nose and mouth except when you fasting. Number two, the prophets of Salaam, always not once in his life, all the widows he did over his

00:37:08--> 00:37:51

entire life not once did he ever leave mouth and nose. Even when he was fasting, he put water in his mouth and nose 21 Sahaba 21 different Sahaba were asked show us how to take with you and every single one put water in the mouth, mouth and nose. And I said even though he fostered he put water in his mouth and nose. Right? If it was sooner, would he really risk a follow the fasting for the sooner of you understand that methodology, although the counter to that is used miswak as well which is sweetener. The counter to that. So we understand the point is both sides are very strong, very strong evidences and the majority inshallah it makes sense, but the minority is safer. And whichever

00:37:51--> 00:38:30

view and hungry now we know why we have two views. And some of you might still not know I don't know, what's the answer, I don't have the answer. And I Some say you know we came to the Islamic University of Medina we knew how to take we do then once we learn that we do we don't know what to take with you anymore. Messiah put water in my nose are not forced to follow the Sunnah insha Allah and Alhamdulillah we not at that level yet we have to make a choice between drinking water or rinsing our mouth or nose. So Alhamdulillah we are not yet at that level and whether it is compulsory, you have to do it don't put your Salah at risk. And if it is sooner, remember as soon as

00:38:30--> 00:39:06

sooner which is never missed out in Hanafi madhhab it's part of compulsory logic for them. And in the Shafi method, it is something which you shouldn't lose out. So even on travel while fasting when waterscapes sallallahu alayhi wa sallam always put it in his mouth and nose. So hamdulillah we should not miss out or sallallahu Sallam just the last announcement as we said we have our our sera classes will start from now and inshallah half past six on Tuesday evening software six on Tuesday evening, Sierra, the biography of the prophets of Salaam. We're going to discuss the Battle of water the first battle between the Muslims and the Romans harden when it comes into play, very exciting

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and then inshallah off the Muslim is our marriage clause closer than a government. We had two weeks already. If you've missed them and you want to join no problem we have the audios please join insha Allah, Allah said no Mohammed Ali wasapi salam ala rasulillah salam alaikum