Ruling on Absentee Funeral Prayer Salat ul Ghaib

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a scene where a river is moving and a sacred man passed away. The river is supposed to cover the river but the sacred man is hiding his Islam in the jealousy. The river is a source of pride for the family but the sacred man is concerned about the safety of his companions.
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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Medina in Medina and he calls upon his companions. Okay today there was a righteous man who died in at a senior

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let's pray Jenna's on him.

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What is at a senior novena, if you'll be an hour and Medina,

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Medina, Makkah, Saudi Arabia, big distance, a lot told him that, you know, she's dead bridge and as a solid. That's why we breed apps in general. Only when the person that the selected janazah is not absorbed in him or her in their locality, but you don't pray absent janessa just for the fun of it. Also Salim said that a righteous man passed away. Of course, he was hiding his Islam in the jealousy so no agenda will be conducted upon him. As a result of this you may conduct apps in general but you don't initiate apps in general on somebody people observed janaza on his because a lot of the brothers they come in and they feel bad that I told him no. There is no ground for this. The ground

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for this if the person but this is beside the point.