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AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the legal system for bad deeds and the need for a good deed. The importance of knowing one's own values and avoiding sinful behavior is emphasized. The use of images to describe people's behavior and the potential consequences of smoking and drugs are also discussed. The segment concludes with a brief advertisement for a book on smoking and drugs.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi wa Kapha wa salam ala i read the lady Mustafa. Let's see Mr. Mustafa SallAllahu Allahu Allah early he also he was a limiter Sleeman Kathira brothers and sisters will come to a new episode in the series of Tindering the heart.

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May Allah Almighty make us comprehend his book and understand his deen and follow the guidance of the Quran and the Sunnah of His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In this series we explain some of the Hadith, which are collected by Imam Al Bukhari, in his sound collection particularly in the chapter of caulk, which is known as softening and tendering the hearts in sha Allah today will resume what was started in the previous episode, the hadith of Abdullah him their best may Allah be pleased with him and his father, in which he narrated that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam reported from Allah Almighty, it's a sacred Hadith that Allah has ordained and written down the good deeds

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and their bad deeds and explain all of that. Then he showed us and he informed us in this hadith, that whoever intends to do a good deed, then he fails to do it, it will be still recorded as a full good deed. And if he does it, it will be recorded as 10 Good deeds up to 700 times, up to more up to a limited number of times. Then

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the remaining part is what will you start with insha Allah in today's episode, women have Marisa yet in Fela Mia Imelda. Cote bathla, who has an ATO Kameelah. And if a person intends to do a bad deed,

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and did not do it, cut up a hula hula who were in the who has an earthen Kameelah, Allah will record it with him. So he will treat it the same as a good deed he will record it with him as a full good deed.

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he was about to do a bad deed.

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So why would it be written down and recorded for him in the balance in the record of his good deeds as a hustler as a good deed?

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Because he realized that this is a sin, and out of fear of Allah Almighty abstain from doing that sin, because of that is eligible

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to have a good deed for abstaining from what Allah has prohibited. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was teaching his companions about the different variety of righteous deeds and acts of charity amongst what he said, he said, You know, I look metal tobacco, heavy, fumarole, Article sadaqa.

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When you have in a romantic dinner with your spouse, and you feed her,

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with your spoon with your fork, with your hand abide, this is a charity. And it's not only this charity in a romantic setting, rather, in whatever you provide your family with, as a result of earning lawful earning, these are all charities for you.

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Then he furthermore said are ineffable. They hadn't come sadhaka

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for having sexual relation with your spouse in a lawful fashion. This is an act of charity. It's a good deed. It's a charity for you. The Companions were surprised because we're talking about fulfilling your desire, having sexual relation is a fulfilling your desire. They said, Yeah, rasool Allah would want fulfill his sexual desire and will be rewarded for that. He said, Yes. Why not? Let me ask you this. If any person happened to have an illicit relationship with a woman committed adultery, wouldn't he be punished for that? If they said yes, of course. So it's a sin said yes, it's a major sin later crumbles Xena, don't go near adultery. So the Prophet sallallahu SlMs said,

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well, this person avoided avoided fornication, and he resorted to the lawful relationship. So for avoiding what Allah has prohibited resorting to what is lawful. This is a charity. This is how we comprehend the meaning of if a person intended to do a bad deed, and he was pretty much capable to do it.

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Then willingly

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If he decided to change his mind, he decided not to do it. He raised up because he was having a date. He combed his hair, he put all the creams and the wore the perfume. And there's the nice outfit. And he called his girl saying, Yeah, I'm waiting for you at this cafe then on the way he heard on the radio, that the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah is LM assayed. It is not permissible for a man and a woman to be alone without a man from her. It is not permissible for a man to touch the flesh or a woman who was not lawful for him. It is not permissible. So he decided not to go for that date. He changed his mind halfway. Why did he change his mind? He changed his mind because he

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received that admonition. He was reminded he benefited from the advice that is a good deed. But he was going singing along with the radio and mp3 player, then all of a sudden he had a flat tire.

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So he got stuck to change it. And he found a spare tire as well. It was flat. So he wasted the date. And he couldn't reach the goal that will be still recorded as a full bad deed. Why? Because he wanted to do it. He was dying to do it. He regretted that he had a flat tire, and he couldn't make it. Because of that. The Prophet sallallahu Mahalia cinema said it delta Yveltal muesli many BeSafe a Hema fell cotton Wellmark tool of inna if two Muslims raise weapons against each other, and one of them ended up killing the other, then boss will enter the hell of fire. The companion said of Prophet of Allah, it is understood why the murderer should go to hell. But what about the murdered

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one, he said he was very keen to kill his brother. What happened is one of them was able to overcome the other. But the other two the murdered, one was very keen to kill his brother. Why? Because he raised the weapon in his face. He fought against him with a weapon that kills because of that both of them will end up in fire.

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So the intention here was to kill his opponent. And because of that, even though he was murdered, he did not do it. But the sin is still confirm

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if the person

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compared himself

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to one who's more fortunate than him, but he's wicked.

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And he said, I wish I was as rich as him. I will do everything that he used to do, and even more. What does he do? He goes to the nightclubs, he hangs up with girls. He drinks the finest wine and he Gamble's he have fun and he travels all over there is no haram and halal for him. So the full person looks at him and say, I wish I was as rich as him. He was asked why I wanted to do like him, I wanted to have all those girls. I wanted to drink. I wanted to try drugs, I wanted to gamble. You know, this poor person, this unfortunate person, even though he doesn't have money,

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and he was unable to do any of those things. But he will be like the sinner in the intention as a Prophet sallallahu Sallam assayed for Hua when he yet I will be the Yeti, Phil losery sour, he would have the same sin of the bad intention of the person who actually did the sin.

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He said it. He said, I wish I have the ability to do this and if I have it, I will.

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So because of intending and being very eager and anxiously waiting for the opportunity to commit the sin, you got it. This is what you asked for. This is mentioned in the Hadith, in which the Prophet sallallahu ala cinema said in Emma dunya they are bad enough for people in the life of this world are four categories

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are the rich or poor. These are two categories. And with regards to the rich and the poor, rich person who was also a believer

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and religiously committed and knowledgeable about the deal. So he utilizes his wealth to fulfill what Allah has ordered him to do. Uphold the ties of his kinship, give to the poor, assist the needy, give any charity. So this is the best case scenario for whoever we have Berlin Menez as the Prophet sallallahu sallam said he's the best of the best.

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Then a poor believer when religious knowledge

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religious commitment, he looks at the person who is rich, and righteous. And he says, subhanAllah, I envy him in a good sense that if I have as much wealth as he has, I would have done the same or even more, I will be more generous than him, I would give to the poor uphold the ties of my kinship, I would assess the needy and so on the Prophet sallallahu SlMs say for who have been iati for whom I will address our you will receive a similar word, even though without giving any charity because he doesn't have but his strong well, and he's sincere intention to do so if he was to possess that enabled him to maintain a similar word of the intention of the best of the best.

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In the third scenario, is a rich person without any religious commitment or religious knowledge, and he's wasting his money right and left in what is prohibited.

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He is terrible, right? Worse than him, is a poor person, and without religious commitment nor knowledge, and he says, I wish I was as rich as him so that I will do as evil as him for whom FL was very sour.

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You see the difference? When and let me say yet in fella Mia Mala if he intended and he has a strong goal to do the bad deed, then he was capable to do it and he abstained.

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He will be rewarded for abstaining willingly from committing the sin. What if he does it now? One of the most beautiful eloquence you will see presented in this hadith when the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam assayed as he narrates from Allah Almighty Sayed Khattab Oh hello. So yet in Wahida, Allah will write it down as a single bad deed.

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Okay, I wish you all know Arabic so that you can enjoy the meaning and the eloquence in this segment. With regards to the hasna the good deed always the Prophet sallallahu sallam said Ketubah hello and who Allah will write it down with him. It is deposited with Allah acknowledged by him has an earthen Camila, a perfect and a complete good deed. And with regards to the sin with regards to the bad deed, he said cateva Hello without saying with him. Say you're at an Wahida just a single bad deed. It would not be doubled the punished for it would not be multiplied as Allah subhanaw taala says the area which we're talking about it in Surah Al Anon manager will have sanity fellow

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who our show early

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we say at Fela, you will use in Miss Lucha whosoever brings or does a good deed he will be rewarded for 10 times thereof at least. And whosoever does brings a bad deed or a sin

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as yours that was a yeti Mr. The punishment will be only for a single sin. May Allah Almighty guide us to what is best and help us to be right. Yes, Allah Ameen. We're going to take a short break and we'll be back in Sharla in a few minutes stay tuned.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And welcome back.

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We'll begin in sha Allah in this segment and your Hadith which is dealing with how people belittle their bad deeds and perceive them as insignificant, very low, very minor. And very common people ask you whether this deed is haram or is it me or macro haram means absolutely prohibited or macro dislike, why because if it is dislike, that means it is okay to do it. So enter Sydney Malik Robley Allahu Han, the servant of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam who have served him for 10 years, and he had learned from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam a great deal and had narrated for us. Many many beneficial Hadith and lessons say,

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color in Nakhon lotta MeLuna melon here at a coffee a unicorn Mina SHA

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Kona narrow Doha in Kona, Allah Allah, the Navi your Salah Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and then mobile caught a and when you get

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an S, not the Allah and see your people do bad deeds and commit sins, which seem in your eyes.

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as tiny minut then here, while we used to consider them, like bad deeds, very bad deeds, during the lifetime of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we used to perceive them as if they were destructive sense.

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In order to understand where nsmt Malik is coming from and why did he say that? We need to keep in mind that nsmt Malik is a companion, who was the last one of the companions to die. He died on the year 93, after the migration of the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam.

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And this is simply because of the blessings of an invocation that Anna's mother took and as to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe salam to serve Him. And He served him for 10 years. And she said, Oh prophet of Allah, make dua for him with the baraka the blessing. So the Prophet peace you're on him, pray for him for his blessings in wealth in your children, and in his lifetime.

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And Allah answered the prophets invocation. And as if Malik lived, for so many years, he was the last one of the companions who died at the age, the year 93, after the migration,

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after the migration, and he was really like 10 years old, when the Prophet Salah Salem arrived in Medina, so he went over 100 103 years, almost, may Allah be pleased with him. He had of his offspring, those who are living 120 plus 24 or so. And he buried over 100 of his own children and grandchildren. So from the next generation, his children and his grandchildren, he had over 100 already living and he used to have a garden which would produce the fruits twice in the season.

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All of that because of the blessings of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. So that will take us to the second fact which is that means NSF the Malik actually witnessed a couple generations, the generation of the companions. And with regards to the generation the Prophet salallahu Alaihe, Salam admired, and Allah mighty praise in the Quran, and in the Hadith Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him say hi, yo Nasir, for me.

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The best of people we're talking about the believers are my generation, my people, their companions, who lived around the Prophet sallallahu Sallam who saw him who heard from him who followed him, then the next generation, then the next generation, the next generation is called the followers or a TV. And the third generation is the heavy attacker in the followers of the followers after word, defeat and will erupt.

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The crisis will start. So Anna Sydney Malik lived until he witnessed some changes in the Muslim Oma. He was living in Iraq at this time, and he so many changes. Because of that, he said, You people commit sins, which you treat them as very insignificant as little tiny hair.

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Who would pay attention to a hair, if it is seen here or there?

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It's nothing.

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It's like somebody, a fly came across his face, and he has it like this. He wouldn't really pause to think about the fly and what did the fly do or any of that why because it comes and goes.

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So he treats the sin, as if it is as a little tiny hair or as a fly.

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It came by and it departed. He would commit the sin and will be willing to commit it again and again over and over and similar sins without paying any attention to how terrible is what he did.

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He said Rob the Allahu Allah had the same sin which you treat and perceive as very insignificant and very little and tiny like hair. We used to consider it at the time of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. One of and will be cut. The destructive since the word movie occurred has been used in Hadith before. When watch the Prophet sallallahu sallam said is Daniel sub I'll move your cod, avoid the seven destructive sense amongst which was of course committing, Shirkey killing, being unfaithful to parents dealing with labor,

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and so on.

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Later on, as time goes by and people become distant from the Quran, from the Sunnah from the time of the companions and our predecessors, the change as Allah the Almighty blesses us with wealth and the dunya changes and will become so much sudden in the only gains we tend to discern ourself from Allah subhanaw taala and become less appreciative of his blessings and accordingly

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Less religiously committed, and accordingly, also getting sucked in into medicines and treating them as the norms.

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You talk to somebody about smoking, you know, smoking harms, smoking kills, every pack of cigarettes has this

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statement and phrase Smoking kills smoking causes cancer, smoking is awful. And it shows tongue cancer, teeth, cancer, lips, cancer, and all alone cancer. They have images, scary images of all of that. And when you speak to somebody I was smoking, it says I'm better than others. At least I don't do drugs.

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At least I don't drink

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somebody who has a girlfriend. I don't sleep with her. We only hang around slightly you know I'm better than others. So, they compare themselves to the worst.

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And if you remember I said the worst two diseases ever to a told about one in the previous episode. And now the second is in full Marcia, getting used to sinning. So that the same will be very light to do.

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It would be insignificant the person would even not bother to remember to make tell back from the sin. Why? Because they have become very frequent, or because people have become used to it. So people would say, why not me?

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Allah Almighty say says in toto Xsara men feel ugly look, if you obey most of those who exists on earth, they will deviate you from the Path of Allah De Luca Sevilla. The Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam assayed ly according Hadoken a man, one of you should not be like a tail. How would a person be a tail he says, Well, if people do good, he will do good. But if they do bad, you say I'm one of the people I go with the flow. Know the person the believer should be a leader. So if people do good, he will join them in doing what is good. But if people adopt the sense and it becomes widespread in the community, he should be different. We're in ESA, or ACEN. If they do, if they do

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evil, he will continue to do what is good. Why because he is different. He is a believer, one little Motoki in a manner in salted toffee, a lot of mighty says, kettle bell on Allah Kulu be him Can we accesible Allah is describing the case of people who commit sins frequently, obviously without repentance, and the sins would accumulate over their hearts until it would cause a very thick layer like a rust.

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layer. This rusty layer, Allah call it our Ron

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wood would you block the heart from function properly?

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The prophets Allah Allahu Allah Selim explain what it means. He said, the person will commit a sin

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and this sin would leave a black.on His heart.

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If he comes back to his senses, if he recognizes how evil is what he did, so he rushes to see forgiveness and repent, that sin will be raised and the black dot will be cleaned up from the heart, good for you.

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If he doesn't, the black.is still there, then he does another sin and it will be treated likewise is still there, and a third and a fourth and 10th and 20 and 100. The sins will accumulate until the heart will be completely darkened. So the prophets Allah Allah Allah cinema said by the end, by the end, the hearts of the human beings will be divided into two types.

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One heart which will be exceedingly white, whiter than the milk, very smooth, like a marble. No sin can stay against it. And the second type of art as well the Mehrabad then can pose imager here, it will be a darkened exceedingly dark cover with a heavy layer of rust which is Iran as a result of our community since any odd like a glass that is turned upside down.

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What is the similarity between the heart of the sinner in the glass turned upside down? Layer Reforma roof and voila you can cure mancora Elana will surely be aware he would not recognize what is righteous from what is evil. He would only do what he feels he likes it what he feels good, regardless even if it is haram. Nowadays, brothers and sisters, look at how wide

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Spring is dealing with interest. How often receive questions from people that are believing in a rental property. Now I want to move to a house like everybody else. I want to fulfill the American dream. Okay? Okay, move to a new house, buy a house, I don't have the cash, don't buy a house number there is an alternative mortgage and interest based loan, I take a loan with interest, and I will buy my house and I would pay interest you pay interest. And you know that Allah the Almighty threaten those who would deal with usury that he would fight against them, he will curse them. The Prophet peace be upon him said May Allah curse those who deal with interest. Those who pay interest

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those who charge interest, those who write down the contract of interest, and the witnesses.

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Wow. But still you want to buy a house with mortgage? Why? Because everybody does it. Why not me? I'm the only person in the community who is still living in a flat, rented flat or rental property. I want to own my own house and fulfill the American dream, not in harm, even if everybody else does it. That is the meaning of those things which people do and belittle.

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They treat them as little tiny hair and insignificant at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the US to consider those things destructive because they are destructive since how they felt nearly a man may Allah be pleased with him once came to the masjid. And he found that people already finished the prayer. He was there for a reason or another. Guess what, he did not enter the machine. He's led the way. And he heard from people why he said, I couldn't face them.

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I couldn't show my face to them that how could I come late to the prayer. So coming late to the prayer was a shameful thing. A man will be exceedingly sick and the Companions would carry him and support him between to form to come to attend the prayer in the machine. And now many people don't even pray and they hope to enter paradise. Many people drank and they say Allah is Allah for Rahim and hope to enter paradise. Many people do the major sins and say Allah will forgive us our sins and they are very optimistic. On what basis this is what NSF numeric may Allah be pleased with him was telling us that we should really realize it is not how big how little tiny is the sin it is whom do

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we disobey? Do not look at the size of the cell itself. Look at whom do you disobey it is Allah the Almighty, in addition to in fact, the sins which are falling in right now are in fact measure sense. We need to pay attention to what we do. And if we ever we need to rush to see forgiveness because Allah indeed is the one who accepts the repentance at the web. They have given the Most Merciful, Allah for Rahim Akula we had our staff will lie they will come and until next episode, I leave you in the care of Allah. wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa

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