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The speakers discuss the importance of caution when discussing false testimony and the use of words like "verity," "verity," and "verity." They stress the need for privacy and privacy-related concerns, as well as the importance of being a good believer to avoid wasting time and effort. The speakers provide advice on how to handle bad behavior and emphasize the importance of focusing on one's actions and words to avoid embarrassment.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa ala Keba Toulon moutain while out of aalameen sal Allahu Allah say you will our Lena will fit in and Ebina Mohamed Anwar early he will be a domain or bad your viewers everywhere. Welcome to a new episode in the series of tendering the heart. Today in sha Allah we're planning on by the help in the Grace of Allah to study a couple of very beautiful Hadith in the chapter of Africa, which was put together by Mr. Buhari May Allah admission him.

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Basically, a hadith tackle a couple of very important o'clock and manners. The first hadith is narrated by Salim Mossad or the allawah on kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam my yob Malema bein Allah here you're buying originally optimal level Jana, he said peace be upon him. In the Hadith which is narrated by Sir living Assad. May Allah be pleased with him,

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that whoever can guarantee what is between his jaw bones, and between his legs, I stand show it to you for him to enter Paradise, what is between the vows and what is between the legs? What are those two things two organs, which are the Prophet sallallahu Sallam made the matter of inter in heaven, contingent on God and then protecting them, and so on. What is between the shells is this muscle the most frequently move, muscle, the tongue.

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The tongue is a very sharp weapon.

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The tongue can cause disasters. The tongue can make a person be saved, or make a person be toppled on his face in the fire of hell.

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The tongue can reconcile between people who are having issues and it can sever the relations between intimate friends and between the couples husband and wife. It can destroy

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it is a tongue when word carries you into very high ranks. And one word can make the person slip in the heart of hell for 70 years or in a distance whether they're between the East and the West. To the extent yeah

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Muhaddith ninja may Allah be pleased with him once, say to the Prophet salallahu Salam Dulany Allah Hamelin either Amil to a colony Jana.

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And he said, If all prophet of Allah guide me to an act, which if I do, it will take me to Heaven. And it will destroy me from the fire of hell while you bury Dhoni mean or not. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam started a beautiful advisor hadith is lengthy.

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My my reference in this hadith is towards the end,

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam crown his advices by saying

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I do look Allah Maliki Delica Kula Shall I not guide you to the controller of all of that, which would really help you to enter paradise and to protect you again is the fire of hell. He said, Of course of Prophet of Allah.

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Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him grab the whole of his own tongue.

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And he said, Go phallic ahead. Of course, I can do one thing at a time either grab hold of my tongue, or say what the Prophet sallallahu selama said. So he grabbed hold of his tongue. He pointed to a say control this Maha diminisher has said, we will be held accountable for all what we say. You know, it's very common, whether in the west or in the east, the Arab and non Arab people say I was just joking.

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You know, I was not serious. How often we hear people make a lie.

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Then soon after they make the lies. I was just kidding. It's a joke, or good side of others in a way which is humiliating and disgusting to them. Or accuse them with false allegations? Oh my god. It happens all the time. Well, the prophets Allah Allah Allah sallam said to wise, when he was astonished with the, with the advice, he said, will we be held accountable for what we say? So of course, is there anything which topples people on their faces in the fire of hell more than the harvest of their tongues more than what they say?

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Do you know why

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because we often speak a lot, and will pay very little attention to what we say.

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If we have a meter, that counts, or what we say,

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we will be astonished with the outcome of our statements. You know,

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they say that you gotta be careful. your Facebook, your Twitter, and your emails and your phones are tapped. What does it mean? Now there is a big brother watching and listening, recording to everything you say, Oh, well, accordingly, you got to be very careful. So there are things which if you say you will be nailed, you don't say them. Why? Because you assume that somebody is watching, supervising or tapping your phone to have in your line. Because of that you're careful. What about this?

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In the Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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the person may say a word, one word.

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Learning will kill her Belen, without paying attention to its danger. Its Verity. It can cause him to slip and fire. And he will keep sinking in fire the distance which is wider than between the East and West between the sunrise and sunset. Oh my God, in another narration, 70 years, seven years fallen in fire. Why? Because of one word. Let me give you an example of this word.

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How many people play with the word of divorce, they keep divorcing their wives over and over. Even if he wants to confirm a statement. He says to his friend to his colleague, oh, my wife would be divorced if I'm lying, and he knows that he's lying. Then your wife is divorced. And you only have the right to divorce your wife twice afterward. She's not your wife. If you ever divorce her the third time, you cannot have relationship with her. Not can you marry re marry her, even with a new contract? Of course, Elise, if she marries somebody else, it's a long, long cycle. very troubling. One day

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I was getting off the method. And a woman stopped me to ask me a question. And she said, I have a question for you.

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My husband has divorced me several times. Am I still allowed to live with him? In the typical question that I should ask is how many times I have to know how many times he divorced you?

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And she said 30. I say three? She said no. 33 Zero.

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She was divorced 30 times I said 30 times. Most definitely. You're not allowed to live with him. She said, I have seven kids and I don't have any other place to go. And he keeps divorcing me over and over and over. He thinks it's a joke.

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He thinks just a word. But it falls effective. And now the woman who's one day lawful to you to embrace in bed and have you know relationship with her. You're not allowed even to shake hands with her, let alone share in bed with her. Why? Because you divorced her and eternal divorce. So from Halal to adultery, all of that because of one word which is divorce, even if you're joking.

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The false testimony she had at the zoo. Once interview Salallahu Alaihe. Salam was sitting, reclining, and he said I'm gonna inform you about the destructive sins. And he spoke about

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disbelief or sitting partners to Allah in worship, being unfaithful to one's parents, Riba, et cetera. Then he came to one sin, and he was reclining. He sat up. And he looked very serious. I said, Allah will call us Zoo. And he kept repeating the statement and be very careful. Watch, don't you ever be indulged into the false testimony? She had at Zoo? It's one word the judge would say to you. Have you seen him doing this? Or that? Yes or no? What if you say yes, and you didn't see him?

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That will cause you to sink in hell.

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If you say know what it was, yes, it's just one word. Kalama la you will kill her Bella without paying attention to its danger. So in a real Salah Salem was still in why the Attorney General

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and the Hadith, this tongue, you control it? This muscle the most frequently move muscle in one's body, you control it, you will be saved. And this is what is mentioned in the Hadith as well.

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Miyagi Malema reynella Here he, whoever guarantees stand surety to control his tongue between his house to say only what is good

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And to zip off his mouth not to say anything which is forbidden of destructive or idle talk and vento. Then,

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in addition to garden what is in between your legs? I guarantee that you shall enter paradise. I guarantee you shall enter paradise. What about what is in between one's legs? The private part.

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The private part makes the person sometimes fulfills His desire in an unlawful fashion, which is called adultery. Any outside marriage relationship is fornication.

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And Allah subhanaw taala would be Xena. Not only in Islam is learn to show unity in Judaism. In every proper way of living adultery and outside marriage relationship is forbidden. And it is a major sin. Allah Almighty said while Atakora boo Xena

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don't you go near adultery. He didn't say do not commit Zina. You say don't go near it. So when the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said whoever also stands show it you are God, his private part Gods his chastity his or hers, I guarantee that they shall enter Paradise, it is not really an easy task. Because it will require you to utilize the means which will help you to guard your private part.

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It is not about wearing like steel in order to guard your shares the know the procedures as insalata Norina number 30 Allah Almighty says only meaning I will do mean ever sorry him wire follow for Roger home. We're talking about God in one's private part. And when just the it's mentioned in the area, but before this command, Allah Almighty said command the believing men to lower some of their gaze, then to guard their chastity.

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One thing leads to another

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phone call with a woman whom you do not know at chat on Skype or on any website, exchanging photos, talking softly and you know gentle with a woman in a way that is very seductive, very tempting, whether from the woman's side from the man side, and you guys are not lawful to each other one thing will lead to another. It All Begins with the look. Right? So the look the sound look, a lot of mighty said fell out. Bonneville Kohli fell so malady feel called be moderate. Do not speak in soft tone. He's addressing the Mother of the Believers who are the leaders of the Muslim women do not speak in a soft tone because that would pose some sort of temptation to people with weak hearts. So

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the Hadith orders us to God to things in order to get to heaven. God in your tongue, what is in between the vows and guarding the private part what is between the legs, we'll take a short break then inshallah soon after that, we'll swing by another very beautiful Hadith stay tuned.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back with another beautiful Hadith as promised this hadith many Muslims know by heart, even with Egypt to our children at a young age, hadith is Narrated by Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him he said in the Hadith, Kala Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when can you mean will be later he will yo mill area failure called Chiron. Earliest most

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women can you know Billahi OLIO mill Ayrshire Fela you the Jarrah women can I mean OB la he will yo mill after value cream BIFA This is a narration of Elena will Buhari and soon inshallah we'll learn about other narrations as well. I will read Rami Alavi pleased with him, quoted the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam as saying, let whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day let him say what is good

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or be quiet?

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Say what is good? Oh zip of your mouth. Don't say anything. That is his first advice. The second advice and let whoever believes in Allah and in the last day

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not to harm his neighbors. In another narration other than the narration of no hurry, when can I mean, he will yo mill FFL you cream Jarrah, not only not to harm his neighbors, rather to honor and to treat kindly and with gentleness, his neighbors.

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And the third advice is woman can I mean of Allah he will Young will airfare, value cream BIFA. Late whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day, honor his guest, three beautiful advices.

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But before we talk about advices did you guys pay attention to one thing which was repeated twice in the Hadith?

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I did. Man Ghana, you may know when he was young male error

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led to whoever believes in Allah and in the last day, because who would benefit of these advices other than the believers,

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other than those who believe in Allah as the only Lord who is worthy of worship.

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And they believe that he has informed us about life after death, about resurrection, about Reckoning and about compensation with reward or punishment in perspective with our good or bad deeds.

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If this is the case, if you're a true believer, then you're going to benefit from those advices. If you truly believe that your actions are being seen and recorded for or against you, then you gotta be very careful. And who do that only the believers this style of motivating, encouraging the believers to do or to abstain from doing bad things, to do good things or to abstain from doing bad things have been used several times by the Prophet sallallahu. Listen, okay, for instance, another Hadith as I remember,

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in which the Prophet peace be upon him said, let whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day not to sit on the same table where wine is served, where harm is served.

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Many a hadith like that. So what would really encourage you to do

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to be good to say what is good or not to do to sip of your mouth, to do to honor your guests to do to honor your neighbors to look after them, even if they were awful, even if they were non Muslims, not related to you, but you still have to honor them, to be good to them. As the Quran says, as the prophet instructed in the Hadith, what is the motive? The motive you know that there will be the judgment, there will be your word and punishment, you will be questioned by Allah. Everything you make everything you say everything you look at everything you hear, is recorded. What is the first advice? If you truly believe in Allah and the Last Day, then say what is good? Or be quiet? What is

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good? Or what is good is plenty. You can occupy your entire time with what is good, saying what is good in joining what is bad, forbidden, what is evil, making the citation of the Koran, right. These are all good things. In one Hadith, the Prophet salallahu selama said any people who sat in a meeting

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and they were dismissed without remembering Allah or celebrating his praise, they shall regret that on the Day of Judgment, even if they enter paradise.

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Why? Because you could have been promoted to a higher rank, but you missed it. Because this meeting was void and empty form the remembrance of Allah, the Almighty, again, what does it mean? It means utilize and seize the opportunity of every moment that you can do something productive using this muscle.

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Make the SDL far You know what, let me share with you just a simple advice in which the Prophet sallallahu SlMs said that whoever says of Han Allah he'll have email be handy. Look in your stopwatch Subhan Allah Allah Allah you are handed five seconds this make them 10 seconds 20 seconds 30 seconds Subhan Allah hill all the more handy allowed planned for you for that day palm tree in heaven. Okay, let me make let me plant 100 palm trees 1000 In an hour in two hours. You see how much voracious of using this muscle in what is good that you will obtain?

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On the other hand,

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saying any thing of backbiting, slander, or joking while lying. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam has said woe to him instead room

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They said He who lies in order to make people laugh.

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On the other hand, he says, I stand surety for a house in the middle of paradise, for he who gives up lying even while joking. A prophet Sallallahu Sallam

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sometimes would be funny and say jokes, but he would only say the truth, he will not lie to make people laugh. So that is the meaning of if you truly believe in Allah, if you believe that you will be resurrected and asked then say God is good or zip of your mouth.

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And SWAT cough.

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Allah Almighty says, mail filled William Golding, Elana de hilker, you will not eat

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a loaf is any word, your author. By the way, it doesn't have to be a word. It could be a few letters or a letter, but it signifies something bad.

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It means something you know, nowadays with the slang you hear people's in law will do or whatever these are, even though it is not a word, but it signifies something. Okay? Your intention behind saying or acting or doing anything, will determine whether that was good or bad. Once one of the Mothers of the Believers out of jealousy was saying about another wife of the prophet that she pointed with her hand, she didn't say a word.

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She said she's like that, like that is kind of short. Of course, a woman would like to be labeled as short. Even if she shows she likes people to compliment her. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, You know what? You've just say the word. If this word was in and mix with the water of the sea, it would have changed its color. polluted.

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She didn't say a word.

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What she meant to deliver this message. Once interview Salalah Salam was visiting a family in and Medina. And the woman had a little baby who just started walking. She wanted to call him onto her. So she made her first she folded her hand, and she said, The Hala cow will give you something and she tended her. She's tempted him with her hand folded the Prophet salaallah Allah cinema said,

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also unsold. Do you have something in your hand? So she unfolded her hand? And she said, Yes, I do have a date. He said, You know what, if you did not have anything in your hand, and you're only painting him to come, pointing to him with your hand as if you're hiding something for him, and he did not have it, it would have been recorded against you as a lie.

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So sometimes you don't really have to utter the word, your actions can show whether you're truthful or not. And male field woman Colin Illa de Hiraki Bonati. Rocky Bonacci is a description of the two angels who record in every little thing that you say or you do yourself once you open your mouth and you move those lips and you shake your tongue. Is it something it's other deck, good deeds, advice, good deeds, compliment good deeds, waiting good deeds. When you say salam ala content, good deeds. Well, I met Allah said Imani Kumar Matala, 20 a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. 30. Oh my god. So this tongue I can build up a huge asset of good deeds. And with this tongue, the person can

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slip in the fire of hell. Omaha says, Are you a loser? Don't you know that there is nothing that troubles people, on their faces in the fire of hell, more than the harvest of what they say.

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So because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam loved us, they say what is good? Or be quiet? If you can control your tongue, sip of your mouth? Oh my god. I was astonished when I knew that and will work with us today. The first in the list of the 10 Heaven bound companions used to put a stone in his mouth, a stone in his mouth, and used to keep it for so long. Why is it I'm afraid to say anything. So he wanted to control his statement by putting a stone in his mouth and others used to say nothing needs to be imprisoned more than once done. So this is very important. I know that we ran out of time and remains with us to important advices fellow the genre or then candidate may not rely

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heavily on me after failure cream BIFA I'm not on hurry. I'm not rushing hamdulillah Shukla what really matters is to benefit from whatever we say and try to implement it and act upon it. That's why I prefer that we postpone the last two advices

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In sha Allah to the next episode until then brothers and sisters, I live in the care of Allah wa Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh