Unforgettable Moment – A Volunteer’s Dream

Mufti Menk


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The speaker describes a night where they helped organize the volunteers to attend a night event. They mention that the event is known as failure to cut up and that they are excited to see the event happen. The speaker also talks about a person they met in person and describes their excitement to see the event happen.

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Yesterday we helped with the thought backing because they're going to be around 15,000 people. So we affect the thought package and then we have to organize the teams into divisions that what they want to do on the main events and everything

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on the head of the volunteers, mashallah the volunteers that we do have, there are, there are long standing volunteers. So it's really good because they know what they're doing. They've done it year in year out, and it shows that they enjoy themselves and we're doing something right, you will know that it is this particular night known as failure to cut up where in which the details of your destiny for the rest of the year to come is actually determined by Allah subhanho wa Taala Oh, I love him. He's actually the reason that you know, I have been coming back to my religion, my faith and coming to the straight path, but basically I'm from background Pakistan, so I've like seen him

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and but there was no way but as soon as I came in London, and I saw this opportunity that you know, I could actually just add this volunteer and an event there. So I said yes, and that was the first thing I did was tell her doesn't know is that he will be meeting with the bank, we've arranged everything for him, and inshallah we'll be making his dream of meeting with the bank come true meaning if you have witnessed one or both of them in their old age.

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Remember not to say a single booth to them very much different from YouTube. Like for example, the president vowed to the way I can actually feel and that he's talking to me directly. I'm a bit far from the stage. I can see him from afar but still it feels amazing.

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I tried

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calling him

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I follow you everywhere and I am not lying. I've been the following morning to do that. I'm volunteering and

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my heart is pounding still. I just cannot believe that I met the man right face to face in front of him. He was just as you know, it was is more beautiful in person I have to say that we met me like I was some really important he came out you know he was sitting down he came up to me made me listen to me you will listen to everything that I had to say

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while it was more emotional than who are

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the who

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anybody to sell, I

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mean only more happy to

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be sober.