Hatem al-Haj – Fiqh of Worship #56 – Chapter on Offerings, Sacrifice, and Aqeeqah

Hatem al-Haj
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I'm about to proceed.

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Last time we were talking about

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do you brothers remember ancestors? Do you remember what we were talking about last time? We were talking, we were talking about that how do you want to hire? How do you come from your ad from to give gift, which is and how do you give a gift and offering particularly, you know, in certain cases, it's just like a gift

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to acknowledge a loss Nana or a laws favor on you, allowing you to make Hudson hombre combined with our system tomato, or Iran, sometimes it's the makeup or logic that you missed, sometimes it's to make up for food or a prohibition that you committed. And sometimes it's the makeup for missing the heart for

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being prevented from proceeding or saw.

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That is heavy and had a lot higher is what we you know, we don't have to be in order to make what higher or higher as the sacrifice comes in from your body, which which means to sacrifice. And Hya is

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an animal that we sacrifice, starting from goat or sheep and going up from there, you know, cash cow, or camel, it's the animal sacrifice on the day of I eat after the prayer up until the end of the second or the third today, as we will come to say insha Allah, the third or the second or third days of geometry. So from the 10th, after Salah, all the way up to the end of the 12th, or end of the 13th they have the head is times to make the affair. And how do you know of higher we, like I said this is maybe sort of a practical application of what we have been covering before. So we're going to be talking about chilling, blah, blah, blah.

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So the idea here is some people have an issue with this, you know, not you, I'm not talking to you, because they don't need to keep screed now some people who have certainty. But I'm talking about some people who have reservations, some people will have sort of ethical contentions here about the idea of sacrificing animals for God, why would a god need animals to be sacrificed, you know, to be subjected to this pain and horror?

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To be to please them.

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I just want to say one thing, you know, for all the animal eaters the The question is really invalid or carnivores or omnivores, they should not be asking this question they should not have any contention they should not have any ethical sort of running difficulty with this, because they eat animals that are the difference between attire and the mass production which is which is unethical to some extent, this industry of mass production of meat.

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The difference between the attire and this is that attire is something that you do with care and compassion and excellence and perfection. And it is on a limited you know scale. And it is some meat that you will share with others. Instead of eating it all, you will share this with the poor and the needy and the poor, the people who did not have a chance to eat meat maybe for weeks or months. So carnivores and omnivores please, just your stay out of this discussion because of this doesn't make any any sense.

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herbivores in you know,

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vegetarian people are herbivores.

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They may say I haven't.

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I have an ethical, ethical reservation. I think it is not moral to kill animals for food. And for those people. We the issue here is,

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is this.

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Well, it's just like part of the problem of evil part of suffering a lot in God.

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Or even you can come down to say nature. You know, it is natural that there are creatures in this universe. Some of them are herbivores. Some of them are omnivores.

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And some of them are carnivores, and some of them are omnivores. They eat, you know, plants and meat.

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Isn't that true? like lions, you know, you can't really give lions but seem

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clover. Yeah. Yeah, they will not appreciate that. And certainly they, it is not enough for them, it's not going to be good. They're going to be MSE ated. They're gonna.

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is that part of the nature not prime minister, Benjamin Franklin opened the fish one day, it's in the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, he opened the fish one day, and he found in that fish, a smaller fish. And he said, If you eat one another, I don't see any more of them and eating you.

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So it is just part of the food cycle. That is a fact of life, God created a lot of people created his creations to be this way. And God put nutritional value in meat sources that is not present in plant sources. That is why certain carnivores will die if you don't give them proper nutrition.

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And for omnivores, there are there's diversity and variety of you know, there's ample research out there ample research, and many experts would call it confirm that there is value in nutritional value in meat that is superior to the counterparts in plans. So God created this when we make when we say Bismillah, Allahu Akbar, and when we do the proper sloth or proper testcases care of the animal, we are saying to God, this would have otherwise been

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been unethical, would have other Thank you, we recognized that upon your permission, by your permission, by your approval, by allowing us subduing these animals for us or allowing us to use these animals for food, we have recognized that it is your allowance that made this ethical, otherwise would have been ethical. So why the prophet SAW Selim said not to hire other curses, he who will take a living creature as a target. Up until recently in the Olympics, they used to use living visions and stuff as targets. So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam 1400 years ago, he said curses he who takes as a target or for a target and living create a creature. So even if you shoot a man,

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like a mouse, for you know, four, four play, that is not appropriate. I mean, you could certainly kill a mouse because they or a snake or, or, or a scorpion, or like, particularly in philosophy comes, but but you don't use a living creature, any living creature creature as a target for sport.

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And when you do this, you will have to do it with compassion and mercy. You have to do it with perfection, when a fastener peddler and if you can kill with a set. So you will have to figure out which way would you know what is the most humane way to kill a mouse you want to you that's effort that you need to put into the killing of mice or the killing of any creatures.

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So then we ask Allah subhanaw taala, to give us this permission, and unless, you know, allowed us to use certain animals for food, and we recognize this. Now, if you have certain ethical sort of conventions against the mass production and the industrialization of this meat production.

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Certainly, you're you're welcome to have you're encouraged to have those thoughts, you know, the the abuse of animals, the mistreatment of animals and the industry

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of mass production. I welcome you to have those thoughts and these indicates that you have a fear consensus, but that is that does not that does not mean that it is unethical in principle to eat meat or to eat.

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Choose animals for food.

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I hope that's clear. And that's basically the agreements of the majority of human beings.

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So last time, we were talking about how to retire and we said that and how to play our son and we said, you know, that there are certain cases where How do you enhance, you know, sacrifice on how to become obligatory? We mentioned that, but the sooner becomes obligatory by another and we talked about the the valid and

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invalid avahi the conditions to make an animal valid, those of you who are present to you remember conditions to make that you can to sacrifice a sick animal, you can sacrifice a limb animal you can sacrifice, like, you know, an animal that has,

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you know, those horns horn hasn't been cut off, you know, intentionally not boring like this but but broken.

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And you can sacrifice

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like a one eyed animal. And so and then we said, there are certain animals that are preferred, and we say that a camera would be worse than than a cow. But if you will do it by if you will do one seventh of a cow or a goat, then a goat is better

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than his best, which is sheep, because the sheep second is goat, if you will do

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one seventh of acomodar account but if you will give the whole cow or the whole camel, then that's better because it's more, but if you will do one seventh versus a goat or sheep, then one sheep is best, then one goat and then one seventh of a camel and then one seven of a cow.

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Then we talked about how you slaughter them in terms of the camels and the cows,

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sheep and what you say and we said the last thing that we addressed last time was that it is preferred that a Muslim will do the slaughtering because it's an act of worship and you want to the person who does this on your behalf to have the sort of

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harmony of intense here between the A Joaquin and the moonwalk in between the agent and the authorizer and if you have harmony of intent then that is about best but it is not required so you can give power of attorney authorize a non Muslim to slaughter on your behalf given that these are Christians or Jews.

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And we said what ends up hahaha have done if the if the person who is making the sacrifice did it by himself then it is best. Then Today we will finish and we

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said work to stop Hail Mary Barra selected a dealer to maintain a Yama tree.

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Now discussing when to slaughter he said the time of slaughtering is from the day of I eat after the prayer until the end of the second day of the tree from the day of aid from the time of the prayer until the end of the second day after Sharif.

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Keep in mind the beginning of the time the Prophet salallahu Salam settlements Abrahamic Canada a couple of Salafi a

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couple of Salafi as

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Bismillah. So

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whoever slaughter the before the prayer that

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smaller Muslim give another sacrifice or offering in its place in its base, whoever did it before the prayer so that the prophets use the prayer here as the like the time limit of the beginning here or the cutoff for the beginning of the time of slaughtering, so

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and that is basically close to the agreement of the scholars. Some of them add that hook by and some of them add enough time for the Imam for slaughter. But it does it seems from the statement of the prophet SAW Selim that whoever slaughtered after the Salah there is not is acceptable. There is a lot there is not there is acceptable and it is the first Salah in the neighborhood in the neighborhood. First Salah in the neighborhood, there is more than once a lot in the first line in the neighborhood after the Salah finishes, people could go and make their attire or make their sacrifice.

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Then the end of this the end of this the end of this is controversial The shafa is and one report. So the family is here said the end of this like the Imam Abu hanifa amen medic. So mmf met agreed with the demands of honey funny magmatic that the end of this is the second day of the ship. second day of the ship is that wealth. And another report in the company method which is the less popular report agrees with an enormous survey and it's the choice of Tamia allowed at the end is the 13th which is the last day of the trip. They cite reports from the companions they cite reports from the companions they add this position here has in addition to reports of the companions, a amateurs

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that all of the amateurs leap are called to amateur stupid, all the amateur strip all of the days of the strip club.

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are good for sacrifice for slaughtering further.

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But this report is controversial. It is certainly controversial. So, these are these are the two positions, if you want to stay on the safe side and that's what we try to always do is we want to stay on the safe side you want to slaughter before the twelves before the end of this

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so, you could slaughter anytime in the day or night or night from the time slot that I eat until the negative of the 12th or the 13th. If you take the Shafi position

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next is remember parama said What is the problem?

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And how do you be a coward he has a hottie Oh sorry, he was actually the E Ma and

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the particular animal becomes a sacrificial animal from the time one says this is an attire sacrificial animal and for the howdy by saying this is hard. And by marking it as heavy and garland garlanding it to put like something you know, like, little shoes or little necklace or something on the animal to indicate the market as

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a sacrificial animal, school tech lead.

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developer is garlands garlanding is totally, garlin garlanding it with that intention that it will be sacrificial animal meat what why is it a big deal? Why is it designated its designated now it is designated now, the fact that is, now we can sell it now, you will have to sacrifice it. But you could replace it by one that is better to sacrifice. But you can just set up and forget about it. And but if something happened to this animal what after you have designated the animal if something happens to this animal beyond their control, you're not required to replace it. Without you and without negligence from your on your part. You don't have to replace it.

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Okay, then

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what I already just did I mean, Jose, and the butcher should not be given any part of the meat for his payment. What I asked him Jazeera, the majority say and mean, because of the Hudson Valley or the alojado that the prophet SAW Selim commanded him to take care of his gammas. And he said, Well, that's all to just say, No,

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no, no, not even a Indira don't forgive the butcher any part of it, we will give Him

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we will give him from our own. So the so I had the order of hire, you do not give the butcher any part. But you can even give a butcher parts of it as a gift. Yes, you can. But you really have to be honest. It is it should not be like as sort of like an

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like an unwritten agreement between you and the butcher that you will give him like, let's say $10 and the height or the skin

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of the animal.

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And have you not given him the skin of the animal, you would have given him 15 knots. That sort of unwritten agreement is inappropriate, but if you give him his full payment, you know, and then on top of this, you give him a gift, then that would be fine.

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then the sheikh said was sooner Tony accouterment Ortega de Soto's De Soto, however Sadako DeSoto Thea in Aquila XM jazz, what I want to interfere okay. So how to divine the sacrifice This one is to eat one third of one sacrifice to give away one third as gifts and to give away one third in charity. And if he ate more, it is permissible if he ate more if it's permissible as not, it's not really cut and dry, has been prescribed, you know, traced all the way up to 11 years old. And so there are some reports from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about the vision but

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if you eat more than it is okay. However, if you eat all of it, then it does not count. You just have to give a little bit you know an ounce or something to somebody in charity.

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If you give it on charity, it will be good. You don't have to eat it as soon as they eat. It is it is essential that you give part of it in charity. If you give all in charity would have violated the center so nice to eat a little part

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at least because you know earlier the prophet SAW someone after the sacrifice the 100 channels they took a piece of meat from each one and boiled the the meat and

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The drank from this the eighth a little bit of meat and they drank from the soup so that they would have basically taken a share of each one of the 100 camels by drinking a little soup. So the sun is the is the eat part of it. And that is that is even you know now I'm in economics and for Karina you're sharing the same meat with the poor people so it is the same animal that you are given a charity or eating part of the same food that you're sharing with others. So it's like sharing

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but you have to give at least one part a little bit of it in charity. We're in academic surgery Okay, what I want to do well when I when I will do what I do what I say I'm in half

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okay? He said he may benefit from its hide but may not sell it or any part of it that's given if you can give the butcher part of it then you certainly can sell it although it is all for last month on its own sacrifice for a lot to be given to the poor in its entirety or you share with them which is preferable to share with them in eating

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meat. And then he said I'm unhappy in Canada wants to have better lumen hooghly I'm gonna be so sad I'm not I'm in college. So we're in the bottom of the

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economic Nami our hacer Min maratea as we said, if the value is voluntary, it's recommended to eat from it for the Prophet sallallahu Sallam came in with a piece of each candle he sacrificed to be cooked and he ate from the meat and drank from its soup and drank from it

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while Coleman were coolly were given a lemon howdy and Mata well para he should not eat from a mandatory offering except for the offering of the tomato and Iran because I said look Elena

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you know they brought to us beef and we asked what is this and they said that the prophet SAW saddam sacrifice cows on behalf of his wives on behalf of his wives. So

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so so so that was for the permettront Cara that was for the combining of Hajj and hombre That is why the profits sacrificed on behalf of them for their tomato and para so for tomato and Tehran you could eat from the year sacrifices

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or FIFA certainly you could eat from your sacrifice here certainly you could eat from sacrifice any sort of sacrificing but if this sacrifice is for making up for missed wajib or committing a prohibition or Fiat or xR you know missing the hubs or being prevented from proceeding or not then you don't eat from it. It is all it all goes into charity because unless it is Santa you don't eat from it. The only time when it is wet but you will eat from it is what the matter hot so just remember this if this is something that I can eat from if this is where I did that I sacrifice I cannot eat from it except the in connect on pyrrha you know yeah. Okay so then the chief said we're

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currently resolves mmm Raja Yoga here for the philosopher fella who's been shouting while I'm in Bashara tea and hatha yoga.

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Some advocates now you know, concerning the person who when, when make of hire, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said whoever wants to sacrifice

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should not trim his hair or nails, or clip his nails from the beginning of the 10 the first 10 days of the ledger until he sacrifices

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until he sacrifices Okay, so that is a peculiar position in the humble America that it is forbidden. It is haram that you clip your nails or trim your hair. If you intend to sacrifice beginning on the first of the hedger until you have sacrificed until you have sacrificed the Maliki's and the Safra is that is only be tested this like to the Hanafi said it is permissible. How did they confess to this hadith they said that I said come to Africa here so the lines of Southern family office Russia and Canada,

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that I used to weave or twist connected the Garland's of the offerings of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam, and afterwards he would not abstain from anything that he used to do. He would not have seen for anything. So that's why the Hanafi skin test. So the Hungary's would come back and try to re bottle this and

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say that this is not about attire This is about Howdy. So, these are two different scenarios and honeyberries will also say that maybe she meant that you know certain things you know like

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marital relations or certain things, but she did not necessarily she was not particularly talking about clipping the nails and trimming the hail because this is specific and with Ayesha was speaking about is more general and the specific overrides the gender so for specific specifically trimming the hair or clipping the nails, we still stand by our possession that it is forbidden once the first ones within the sport

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but the 100 thieves will not stop.

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But also there is there is a rational argument against this in and of itself is a son. So now you're attaching an obligation on hinge meaning an obligation on us in

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the in the first place. Okay, as soon as one of the etiquettes of the son the etiquettes of the son

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of his son or

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son All right, for other than the promises Okay, as soon Mark get it, you know, emphasize. But so, like, how do you hinge like an obligation obligation not to trim, you know, prohibition to trim and, or clip your nails on something that's eventually not our job.

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But if somebody is could always say that this is the apparent statement of the problem solving, we're just stick to the apparent statement of the profit when the 10 day starts if you intend to make a tire, don't clip your nails or trim your hair, and we don't care about anything else.

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Anyway, it's just back and forth. But there is some disagreement over this issue of the sapphires and Maddock is that they took a middle position and decided this detested this like to not forbid. Now moving right on to and forgive me, I'm just gonna enough to use a little bit more of your time. But anyone who does have like an engagement, you could certainly leave

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whenever you please.

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But we have to finish this because it's the last day before our heartbreak and this is the last chapter in heart. We'll quickly go over it. It is a very small chapter we'll quickly go over babylock he's got a chapter on our sacrifice for a newborn.

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He the CFO,

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Allah tala said we're here so Nana good Anisha de McAfee at anyone in Zarya, Tisa, it is Santa

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for the boy two sheep or goats that are equal and for the girl The one who is son now for the boy to sheep or goats and for the girls that are equal and for the girl one

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it is something that because the prophets of Salaam said not with me.

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every RP has prescribed with a new with the birth of every newborn. So offer a sacrifice on his behalf and remove the filth off of him. And I know when I needed it honorable me. Certainly McAfee attendance is reported from hi Shannon jharia Tisha on behalf of the boy, two goats and on behalf of the girls one goat and some one may say why are they not equal? Well,

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it is a matter of perception certainly they are equal in the sight of God they are equal. The second one subotica minbar you are from each other equals certainly in the sight of God, equal in their humanity equal intrinsically equal, but the four of us are harboring a lot of them and that is if you if you take this if you take this hobbies, because this also is not certainly established with certainty. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam also sacrificed one sheep on behalf of it has been no one is better than it has been, you know to sacrifice more on his behalf. But there is a hadith reported from Alia or the llama and where the prophet SAW Selim only sacrifice one sheep of behalf

00:29:29 --> 00:29:59

on behalf of it has been given earlier, Iran who has grants his own grandson and his old Fatima to learn how to shave his head and to give the weight of his hair in charity. So Someone may say that this has been sort of countered by another Hadith and it is one share for both but the metric House Majority safe is still for the boy, one for the girl and this police that is reported from ice as a indicator so

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Whenever you answer a misconception, you will have to basically present all of the all of the we have in our heritage, leave room for people to take whatever position that they can take, because if they are not comfortable with the mainstream position, and the took another position that is better than having issues, difficulties, but then you will also need to, you will also need to make sure that you don't give equal weights to unequal positions important. And lastly, it is also important that you provide provide some justification for the mainstream position. And the justification for the mainstream position is that traditionally speaking throughout the history, people, particularly

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in tribal societies, now in in Europe, you know, who would be like an heir to the throne, you know, it was the boy. So, traditionally speaking, this was considered it received

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by more sort of, sort of festive

00:31:03 --> 00:31:13

reception and, yes, the doctor and condemn them for receiving the news of the birth of a girl with sort of discomfort or

00:31:15 --> 00:31:18

resentment, absolutely, the Quran condemned this

00:31:19 --> 00:31:41

and call it the way of the inner, but, the fact is that most most, the vast majority of them received the news of the birth of a boy with more festivities and more celebration and more joy, because this boy will then help them out in the field will then you know, be the heir to the throne

00:31:43 --> 00:31:56

be economically more advantageous for them to have a boy it is it has been always economically more advantageous particularly in those societies nowadays, it may not be different, it may be a little different, but there is still some sort of

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pay discrepancy.

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The but they but traditionally speaking about used to be it, so therefore, the demand of them to show more gratitude, or to spend more because they received the news that will cause them to be even happier.

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That would be the justification of to two sheep for the boy, one sheep for the girl. But then again, like I said, the profit sacrifice once the foreign Haslam Edna Holly his grandson.

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So that

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that was all that has also to be taken in consideration. But it is important to say that this does not mean that this is basically the value. Certainly the value is not to sheep.

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For the boy or when she for the girl and it is not a reflection of the value because they are intrinsically equal equal in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala

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then the safe sad youth Bahamas so worth we talked about this

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to cheaper the boy when she for the girl and then this year said yes Bahamas. La Crosse who went to South Dakota Wasn't he worried

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these should be slaughtered on the seventh day after the birth. In addition, his head should be shaved and charity should be given that is equal to the value of the weight of the hair in silver. Because the Prophet salallahu Salam Azhar is a lay of the land who said he sacrificed the sheep on behalf of one sheep on behalf of Hassan Ali. And he said to Fatima shave his head and give the weight of this in silver. And some of the scholars say in gold.

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Certainly it could be silver gold if you can afford to give this charity so get more it's good

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fanfare for the arbella screen for in fact for FY Why hadn't

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he Arbaaz rotta for In fact, if you didn't watch we have a

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So if it is

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here, if the seventh day passes, then on the 14th and if that passes, then on the 21st

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there is on the basis of controversial hotties from high Shatta Wale on, you know the 14th and the 21st on the basis of a controversial Hadith from Ayesha delana but it has been accepted and you know, so

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he tried to do it on the seventh keep in mind that his slaughtering needs to be on the seventh but if you want to have the party is recommended or not, is recommended. is required or not. No it's not

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require. So our paper means what? slaughter an animal? Can you slaughter an animal in

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Malaysia? Or you know, like,

00:35:10 --> 00:35:52

any place? It's not an animal in Malaysia online? for our people, yes, if you get power for the Yes, but it will be the Sunnah is to do what? possible, you cook it yourself, and you invite people to it. And those people, the rich and poor, because the community shares the communities, and it brings people together, you know, to share food together. And can you imagine the beauty of this concept is a beautiful concept. You know, particularly when you have like these events, that the prophets are some sort of reprimand that those who invite the rich to them and keep out or away. The poor it is it is,

00:35:53 --> 00:35:56

you see that one of the problems that creates so much

00:35:58 --> 00:36:08

sort of dissension within societies is the erosion of the public space where people don't get to share common experience together within the community.

00:36:10 --> 00:36:15

One of the Harvard professors call the call the box suffocation

00:36:16 --> 00:36:43

where the people who you know, go to like baseball games and stuff, they sit in a box, and air conditioned the box that received different types of services, different type of treatment, they don't share the common experience with the rest of the folks, the rest of the folks out there are having a completely different experience from this experience. And he said that this is growing more and more in America did not used to be like this. And even the difference between first and second grade.

00:36:45 --> 00:37:01

Tickets used to be marginal, very minimal difference between the different grades, but now it's becoming more and more so people don't share common experience with each other. And that is what you know, everything. People talk about how Islam does not really

00:37:02 --> 00:37:48

focuses on the individual relationship with God and does not talk about the collective and the social welfare, crazy stuff, whoever said Where do they make How do they make this stuff up? You know, everything is about you know, the social welfare, or a lot of things are about the social welfare, social well being and cohesion and so on and so forth. A lot it's about the slaughter is about this hat is about the Zakat is about this everything is about this. So anyway, so that is the Sunnah is to cook the food and to bring people all the people you know, the rich and the poor to share that joy of receiving a newborn by one member of the community so you you you choose the day

00:37:48 --> 00:38:00

that will be most convenient for the rest of the people slaughter on the seventh and then choose a day that you know keep them with meat for later and tell the truth of the data the most convenient for other people Yes.

00:38:05 --> 00:38:10

No counting the date of birth. So for is the birth the seventh will be the 14th

00:38:12 --> 00:38:15

so is that not counting? You add seven days.

00:38:20 --> 00:38:23

So if the date of birth is seventh, then it is the 14th

00:38:28 --> 00:38:34

so you're not counting the birth if you're adding seven, if today if n is seven, then it is the 14th.

00:38:38 --> 00:39:26

Then when zero Alba and when I actually Rola asthma, he should detach its limbs from the joints and not break the bones. He should detach its limbs from the joints and not break the bones in zero alpha and with a zero now, who said this is the law This is very important from Ayesha law. The law on ABA has been reported from afar and has been reported from others try to do it. If you can, if you can, too. This is not the report is controversial and it's not traceable to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and it is not even even after Ayesha it is not mandatory. So but it is preferable since some of his predecessors advised it that we cook the whole thing without breaking it out of

00:39:26 --> 00:39:32

the foul, you know optimism that the newborn will not have breaks or

00:39:33 --> 00:39:35

suffer from injuries.

00:39:36 --> 00:39:59

Lastly, while Hakuna Matata female siwalik is likely to hear concerning the rest of the rulings It is like what here concerning the rest of the rulings everything that applies which animal can you sacrifice which animal can you not sacrifice, everything applies everything that we said about both here before applies to our vehicle. There are two differences between okay on our paper. What are

00:40:00 --> 00:40:03

The two differences one is our gi plan needs to be

00:40:05 --> 00:40:20

a separate animal. So you can't really do one seventh of a cow or one seventh of a camel and say that this is Aki Aki needs to be a separate animal one goat one sheep, if you want to sacrifice one cow one

00:40:21 --> 00:40:29

camera that is fine. But it has to be as an animal for the newborn. You know?

00:40:30 --> 00:40:36

The second thing that is different is that with a peacock, you could actually sell the head and you could sell the skin and stuff

00:40:38 --> 00:41:03

and give the money in charity. Because the haka what is what is the incentive Arqiva here is the party and the celebration and the joy and so on. And this stuff does not serve that purpose. serve the purpose you know, the skin and the head and they don't predict you serve a purpose so you could sell them and give that money in charity, which is different from Okay, and others in happy.

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Sorry for taking too long. And for being late. We took 17 minutes over time. Recording other stuff your lawyer learns political stuff.

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