Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari – Lessons From The Past

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari
AI: Summary © The history and importance of learning about Islam is emphasized, as it is a duty and the message of Islam is to do it. The need for more education is also emphasized, with the importance of recognizing one's actions and identifying as a Muslim. The conversation also touches on persecution and negative comments on people's behavior, as well as the importance of interest in the world and the need for individuals to overcome their weaknesses and overcome their fear of going alone.
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Then when you're looking at hundreds of anatomy, what I'll be visiting with

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for Serato was Filmora seed funded water and he was the headline of of the Marlin ama and found out when finally Marlins in I was in Canada in Northern Ireland

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especially relevant as salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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I will try to be very brief, because I have been told that the time is short. And we need to continue with the Juma prayer. But I just want to

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divert your attention towards something which is very important something to reflect upon a particular verse of the Quran, on which we should really ponder and reflect upon, we should ponder and reflect.

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The verse of the Quran is among other modalities that

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he talks about the previous nations, he talks about the Christians and he talks about the Jews, Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, that vokalia Celia, who lays it in Nevada, Allah she will call it in authority to do

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that the Christians say, they used to say that the Jews are not on the truth, they have nothing. And similarly, the Jews, they used to say to the Christians that you are on the

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way home yet Noonan Kitab. And also they used to read the same book, but still they used to say to one another, that you are not on the truth, you are not on the right path. Your religion is not correct, you are not on the truth.

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And the verse before that was panels Allah mentioned about the Christians and the Jews that

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the work before that was mentioned

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evaded my mind.

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Linear color generator in germantown and who then what do they need? And then yet hold on gender? Who's gonna follow that they used to say the Christians used to say to one another that

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nobody will enter Paradise, nobody would enter agenda there is no success and salvation in the Hereafter, then yes, who agenda 11 karna, who don't own a product except for that person who is a Christian or a youth? The Christian is to say that you won't enter college unless you are Christian. And there's used to say that no, you won't enter gender, gender, and you won't enter Paradise unless you are a Jew. This was in the previous nation, Allah mentions about them this, they had a debate and alone, related the whole episode. And he said, we're calling Linnaeus corrigenda, in lamancha, who's a nofollow. And then he says still kermani these are the vain hopes, they are just hoping that

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because they are just Christians, they will enter Paradise and Jews as well, that just because there are Jews, and because they are rude, and Jews, they will just enter Paradise Paradise is just made for them, like, for example, overseas in another place that locality, you would have noticed

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that we are the biller, we have a lot, we are the beloved of God, we are the sons and we are the chosen people. And we know that you say that they have the divine right to enter Paradise, and everybody else is the servant. And it is their belief that you have to be a certain group, or a certain nation or, you know, like a group, which will through which you identify yourself. And that's what the Christian Christians and the Jews and especially the Jews believe that many are called agenda 11.

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A lot is still common. Even these are just this hope. They're just hoping that just because they are Christians, and just because there are Jews, they will enter Paradise. And as you know that when Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the previous nations and talks about the Christians of the Jews of the polytheism, then we should call whoever he talks about, it is a it is he talks about them but it is addressed to us, as one of the companion said that nevertheless being able to cendana that these verses of the Quran have been revealed regarding the Christians and Jews, but as a lesson for us, so we take some heat and advice from this. Allah subhana wa tada is ordering us and combining

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different teaching the lesson here that we should not just hope to enter Paradise just because we're almost in just because we were born as Muslims. And this is the case which is happening now that we are treading the same path on which the Jews traded the Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said that it doesn't necessarily mean

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that you will follow the ways and the methods and the practices of those nations which came before you, ie the Christians and the Jews had one has was shivering the ship no one realized it had one not even not meaning like by inch by hand span each hands man you will be following them, following the nations before you ship, the ship, and then we said that you will follow them in such a way that if they went down the lizard hole you will also follow them and go down the lizard house. This is the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu I think

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within them and he also said in the narration, that if so much so that if one of them one of the views if they were to commit fornication with the mother, there will be somebody amongst your nation as well who will do the thing. So this is the lesson for us that we don't just because we were born as Muslims and this is what's happening today most of us that just because we we are our names, you have a Muslim name, our identities that we are Muslims, we have the recording registers and as a Muslim, my name is Mohammed Abdullah days, I'm a burqa, that's my name, because we were born in you know, our family or Indian family or a Pakistani or Bangladeshi family. Just because of that we are

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Muslims by name, many of us, me included we are Muslims by names, we don't take the Quran and Sunnah and we don't implement it in our life. And this is the reason why we have so many difficulties and problems in the world which Muslims are facing. So Allah subhanaw taala says that the neighborhood originated in Germany demand curve moves and it is not about being from this group or that group. It is not about being just you know, because being born as a Muslim No, many of the things that we think that paradise and generated from something like a hotel which we have booked and when we go there, you know, phases that is not be set to assess early you know, your reservation was incorrect.

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This is based on mistake and this is what we think that just because we were born as Muslim, Paradise is for us, God is our allies only ours and he belongs to us. And because we are Muslims and therefore we should we should be entering gender without doing anything and we should be the most powerful in the world and everything should be for us. No this is not the case. And this is what the Jews believe they said that National Urban outlaw you are Hippo, so I'll say the same thing you could agenda things I'm in Canada, none of

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these are the whole they are just Amani is a Gemma plural of a word Nia which means vain hope, you just living in you know Disneyland or something having hope.

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It is, you will have

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seen that if you are choosing when you say if you are truthful and you are choosing what you are saying that only, you know he's saying about the Jews and the Christians that only the Christians and Jews will enter Paradise and also advise for us that it's only the Muslims we will you know enter Paradise. What's your proof? What's your deal? We'll have to bring your proof. Remember this proof is not just verbally The proof is not verbally PROOF is in action as well as learning. We say this Kadima, we believe in Allah subhana wa tada and then we have human as well as Islam, that the proof is in, in our words, as well as in our action will have to go hand in control. And then Allah

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subhana wa tada says, After that, but I'm an astronomer, what would you learn you are missing, that that person who is the person who will be successful who will have salvation in this world, and then a year after the one who is sincere is not being from this group or that group not because you were just born as a Muslim or not because you were just you know, from a Muslim family, you know, but only that person man Ursula, Virginia, who is that person who submitted his whole being a plumber who submitted his whole essence has always been to Allah subhana wa Tada. You see, Islam is Islam. Islam means to submit to the will and Kamala was in hand with Allah which means that we submit our

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whole and complete body and our whole being to Allah subhanaw taala meaning that the person himself he submits to Allah subhanaw taala it's not about being from a group. It's about your individual status. You know, it's not about because I belong to this particular group that says a whole group of I will say the whole group and says no, no, it's about your individual status, how your connection how my connection each individual person's connection is with Allah subhana wa tada under the Quran and Sunnah and about implementing the injunctions of Quran isn't enough in our life. So Allah says Burman Aslam originally learning and then what we're dealing with and he is the doer of

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good, he has a son, he does good, his actions are good. So he submits to the command of a lot as well as his actions are good this denotes and implies two things. One is that if not, and the other one is self interest is that you are doing it for Allah subhanaw taala whatever you do, it's for solely and only for less than a minute.

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And the other is that your action is in accordance with the injections of Quran and Hadith an awful lot and his messengers and a lot more it was sent him say to us. So this is what a lie saying that he was young that he

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ended up being again, this person has his reward by his nose, when I hope not even when there is no fear on this person. Neither will this person be greed. So when we look at the Christians and the Jews, and this was a mistake they made and until today, as you know that the Jews make the same mistake that we are the chosen people. And because we are you know, and you can't be a Jew unless you're from that group, and that nation. As you know Islam does not have this anybody who can who has lived all his life 90 years of his life in

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disbelief in copper and then suddenly he becomes a Muslim. He reverts to unconverted Islam, he can be the most closest to Allah subhanaw taala he doesn't have to be born in a Muslim family. And we see this is the reason why see, there are many Muslims, many people who convert to Islam, they are much more better Muslims than us. There are so many people who convert to Islam, they become much more better Muslims and because they have strived hard for it, because they they have they have to go through hardship, leave their family, and do Jehovah and we, you know, we are born Muslims. And many of us we are just Muslim sisters, because we are born. And the

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you know, if you look around in the books of appeaser

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that they state that the person who is a Muslim who believes in Allah subhanho wa Taala, just because his parents are the things that he man is deficient, his weakness in his demand, he is not even a complete believer, they have Eros in the difference of opinion whether you can call this person a Muslim or not. They've stated for example, your mum and dad during one of the trades are not happy that he said that.

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That person who,

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who just agreed who follows somebody in a man email, who loves

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the person who followed his parents or somebody who was a Muslim, just by following him, he became a Muslim just because he was born in a Muslim family, then this person is a man who's 30 is his man with OCD, human, dd any person who in the dough feet of Allah subhanho wa Taala, any person who, in being a Muslim in belief of Islam, he just followed somebody that he emailed. And his belief is not free from, you know, deficiency.

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And they're saying it so much so that it depends if a person was a Muslim, to a certain extent that because he was almost in because the parents are Muslim. And then if he was a Muslim in such a way that if his parents was worse with Islam, all his family was with Islam, his community was with Islam, and everybody wants to turn away from Islam, then if he also leaves Islam, then this person, then that means that this person is not a Muslim. He became Muslim just because looking at his parents, if his parents left Islam, and all his family, the old turned away from Islam, and all his society and his community and people around him friends, everybody's left Islam, and if he was to

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follow them as well, this means that he is only a college, which means that he's just following somebody and he's not a truth in in his own self. But if the case was that he became Muslim, because parents are Muslim, etc, etc. But to such extent, now, the man is firm that if all his family was to become non Muslims, that he will still remain in Islam, and this person is a true Muslim. So this is the reason that many of us, we've just, we've just become Muslims, because of how many Muslims our culture is Islamic because, well, so called Islam, our culture, our friends, you know, and our relatives, all Muslims are liberal, we are just one of them. And therefore we are remaining as

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Muslims, if we have the choice, we would not even care about itself. And therefore, many of us we don't even think about learning about Islam. You see how many people dedicate themselves to learning about Islam about the appeaser? For example, the first thing a Muslim should learn about is a theism that his belief he needs to know about Allah subhanaw taala does have a lot to handle data about the Toshiba the loss of panel data, and the learn about the messengers and a feeder is a whole subject in itself how many people learn about a feeder, how many people learn about sip? And then we say we have all these problems, we don't even get a bit of time a deal. In our world we think people are

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doing business in worldly in gaining money and in selling I'm not saying it's not important, it is important but nobody give any importance to learning about Islam.

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The Quran of Allah subhanho wa Taala which Allah subhanaw taala has given it

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we will read it we recite it and that's you know, even fewer than very few people even have the time to recite it but okay even those who decided to do it and think that we should even understand the meanings of the Quran many people are told that this is to do you know to learn and understand the Quran is the duty of some you know, supernatural creation which will be created or somebody else this Quran has been given to us as Muslims to this woman is not essentially Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, Christians, even though some of the Christians and Jews know about the Quran more than we do know we know about our own.

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We don't even have time that Okay, we have a life of 6070 years of our life, that everyday one hour go to somebody and say that Can you teach me a brief explanation of the Quran when I perform my handling?

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What is the lesson? Allah is trying to say to me, how am I converting with the last one with God? This book is not for the Christians and Jews for anybody else. And for us if we as Muslims are going to spend six, seven years of our life and not even think about what the Quran is trying to say then who is going to learn the Quran with no time for the Quran?

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So this is this is a great you know, deficiency we have in our Muslims we need to turn to Allah subhana wa tada and this is the reason why Allah says and what are the Hebrew word

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mean that you will not be grieved and you will not have problems in the world if you have complete proper reason.

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And this is and also Allah says that just because you're a Muslim, you are born as a Muslim. Allah is not going to help you just because you're born as Muslims. Perhaps it doesn't.

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Happy to answer the whole agenda, what is it

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that you think that you will just enter Paradise and gentlemen, just like that, without doing anything, I'm happy to welcome to NASA Holloman until the hardship which came to the nation's before you have not come to you. Without that you're just going to enter Paradise necessitated by federal law. There's so much hardship and difficulties and problems was zero, they will move her to a pool of a pseudo Nabina Muhammad Allah through law until the messenger the Prophet and the people around him the believers that his mother in law, when his help of Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to come. He says in another place a lot of I think don't hesitate to motherhood agenda. A similar meaning of

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this verse. So

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and transgender when

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do you think you would enter Paradise without Allah knowing who has done Mujahidin who has strived and who has patience amongst us and regarding the initial which I was Polish I was talking about the you will follow the Jews, you know by inch by inch about the other places in the Quran that why the Jews was cursed and why there was had so much problems in the world and they were persecuted. As you know, the Jews have been going through so much problems in history why Allah mentioned this in the Quran himself. He said that the Jews regarding the Jews he says study from evolving men and Latina has a harem narrative, that because of the role because of the oppression and suppression carried

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out by the Jews,

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heroine not even funny about

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that we need the lawful things which were lawful for them the good and pure things that made it haram for them when we put difficulty upon them. So because of the oppression, we'll remember that in a hurry

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for the full team and 30, Lyrica and because of them preventing others from the possible loss of handles darlin Welcome to hemo River. And because they were involved in Oklahoma, Marlon has been baffled because they should take the wealth of one another unjustly, you know, running, going and eating and consumption of another sentence. Well, if we look at these things, these are just four four things alone in the Quran, why the US was severely degraded in this world and why they were persecuted. And why does it have so much difficulties and problems? If you look at this verse, there are four things which are as mentioned, oppression, which we feel is refreshing and Muslim today, of

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course it is. This is the reason why many of these rulers they get what they they get what they done to other people. So rather than Allah does not like you, if you do, and if we do the same thing for the Jews to us are the same thing. Because Allah is the Messenger of Allah and the Sunnah for learning this word is that he is just and then in the market, of course, you know, if you're a proper Muslim, as a Marxist Berlin, was Yogananda who must end and you will get the fruits of what you have believed and you have acted upon. So he talks about for reasons the Ummah give oppression for we learn immunology, there has

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always been the human civilian era. The second reason why the Jews were persecuted is that they prevented others from the path of Allah, we see this in Muslims today, we are preventing all progressing one another from the path of Allah, we see this is quite prevented that if somebody wants to do something good, many people in different ways, shapes and forms are preventing others through different ways and means form through making disunity amongst Muslims and all other ways. Well, the first thing I'm unfamiliar with Kathy mareeba number three is that they were consuming Riba involved in interest and 99. Point 99% of the Muslims are involved and interested in everything

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is on base and interest. People say you can't do business without being involved in interest. Interest is one of the major things I've seen on which no other workers Hussein has been given such a promise such a punishment or losses I will be having in a run will that be worn off the wall raised by Allah subhana wa tada His Messenger. So this is a third thing we're working on one and nothing is bothering, then you take the wealth of one another, unlawfully and justly, extremely prevented today Muslim. People are taking loans and you know, we're not giving them back. Even one penny you take from somebody This is a burden on your back in the hereafter. The Messenger of Allah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said

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to me that the Muslim world is not helpful for you unless it is from the contents of his heart in his form his heart that you take something that he is fully content and happy with giving you that only lending is handled for you go to a shop and you know, you want to buy something and then you think 10 pounds a please put it down to 99 you force him and before thing on

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He's shy. And just because he was so much, you force him so much. And there were other customers working there, and you just made him come down tonight is a local, because he did not give you permission from his heart. This is what the meaning of the headings is. Yes, if he was fully happy, then okay, but if he wasn't, then it's a local, this is a meeting.

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This is just a minor. But many times people think, well, 1000s and 1000s of pounds of one another, there's no there's no thinking of giving it back. These are just four reasons which are not mentioned, why the Jews are persecuted. And if we look at these things, there are no Muslims. And also if we are going to do the same things with the Jews done with the Christians, and then we are going to get the same thing as they did also. And therefore it is very important that we don't just be as the beginning mentioned, and in conclusion, that as the citizen, you said that only the Christians would like to Agenda only the Jews in addition, just because being a Muslim born as a

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Muslim, the parallel is not something that the hotel which is reserved for us, we have to work for it, we have to work for it, we have to be true Muslims we have to identify not just be Muslims by ID identification, we have to be true, complete Muslim. If we do that, then

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the help of Allah subhanho wa Taala, the Nestle of Allah subhanho wa Taala will come

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and we will see the fruits of our actions in this world and the hereafter and before finishing I would like to also mention here that some people think sometimes that okay, at least we are Muslim, these people are not even Muslim, how come alone helping them it was not helping them in the world, in the world, the method and the Sunnah of Allah subhanaw taala is such research, that everything is left on the normal, you know,

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happenings of the world, whoever has more strength more power will overcome the other person. If there's two people one is strong, the other one is weak in the bullfight. It's logical the one who's got more power strength, you'll overcome the other person in order for something or something unnatural to happen you have to do something unnatural if there are Muslims and Jews fighting for example not

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Allah is not helping the Muslims or non Muslims it isn't insulting the non Muslims but they've got Muslim power, they will overcome the Muslims in order for the Muslims without having that power and without having you know, the facility or without having that the weapons etc if they want to overcome the nonsense and if they want to have ascendancy in the world they have to do something unnatural and supernatural they have to implement Islam in the lives of they do that then even if there's 313 as we know the content is how to overcome 1000s and 1000s to 1000s. of army of non Muslim. So this is the conclusion of today's talk inshallah.

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In the handling

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and handling, handling us in America visa

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can handle

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funny. So Hannah de la Humala season out in LA current Tacoma

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Washington in La la la sharika

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I want to be you know sweat on our bodies and

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while he was okay with the limited team and get here on casilla Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad

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in a Nutella

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will say goodbye you The more you want to feel was the birth of a couple of law he

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theorem is gonna allow her to add a layer for a Muslim woman

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when I can call the love of God at 30 of immortality journey

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if I happen to mentor Korean Tikka Masala

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cola sudo Allah de una de la, la, la La Hickory, la Cala even when I tell you what does that

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mean for everybody know

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what Islam is and what to do

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about it surely Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was

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one the thought of

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calling a solar generator in Dominica who didn't know till early you will

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feel so much better than Astra Maharaja hula he was

00:26:28 --> 00:26:37

a deputy minister who the Emory mariacarla What would you say to a man on Friday that will mustard on

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what I hope an Iranian without

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a whole recovery has settled

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and hungry to learn hamburger mama should want to learn La ilaha illallah wa Jalla wa ala nabina Muhammad Abdullah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam as a female.

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I'm about to say I got a lot in a lot of data because Amazon FBA in the Philippines is done in Korean arriba in lahoma ecosa who is a Luna NaVi you already know hermano fundo alayhi wa sallam with asuma Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa

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salatu wa salam and the remaining remaining

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while the love of Medina codifier Rashidi the doctor in Morocco

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one 130 This has been a woman who whom

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a lot more film Amina when when

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he noticed me on camera caribou Maria de la along with for this demo will mostly mean a lot

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to us in the shell called kasasa machine, along with a vertical mustafina female Shahrukh and

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amabhungane Angelica filicudi. Catherine Coloma Michigan surely a welcome box and then I'm in

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the vein in our VEDA Marcy Amina

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arena my father Julia

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Roberts acaba.

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De Habana Lana worry Valentina. What do you

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mean? Eva la prossima como la in La Jolla a little bit it will tell you that horrible when

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you will.

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More like little like little should

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a long

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straighten the nose in shadow.

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An humbling

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mnemonic to meet the

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Buddha Budo tennis 13 enough for the mustafi monster already know

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on a new one

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callooh Lee Idaho,

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Montana who doesn't know for

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whom wouldn't have

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a clue for the

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want to do a setting up for Ana she was

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saying you know Nikita

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ecocar Xena una mithuna Coleen from La Jolla coup

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De De De

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La Hoya

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and hamdulillah

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Rohini Maliki Yomi d. e Budo. Turner starring

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Dana fluoropolymers

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for levena

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a new one on me,

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Korea, Korea,

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Korea, yo Morocco

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coo coo

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coo coo

00:33:09 --> 00:33:11


00:33:14 --> 00:33:14

coo let

00:33:17 --> 00:33:18

me share

00:33:22 --> 00:33:25

have Fatima Lizzie who

00:33:32 --> 00:33:33

wouldn't hurt me

00:33:35 --> 00:33:35

a lot

00:33:44 --> 00:33:46

whoa whoa demon hamidah

00:33:49 --> 00:33:50


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Amal Kumar.

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