The Subcontinent Scholars’ Contribution to Fiqh

Muhammad ibn Adam al-Kawthari


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The speakers discuss the legacy of theiter's statement about "rockets of the sky," which relates to the history of the writing of the Hadith. They share their own experiences with the writing and reconcile the title of the statement with the title of the book. The importance of understanding the title and reconciling it with the title of the book is emphasized. The transcript also touches on various narratives and their significance in the writing of science and the media. The speakers emphasize the need for people to follow the guidelines and not give personal opinions. They also discuss the influence of the "has been there" concept on various culture and politics and the importance of avoiding mistakes and listening to people and actions.

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala heard he was huge marine wide equilibrium tibia, homebase and Dean Allahumma aluminum and fauna when found out of him out of them to know was it in Ireland hola homophobic Nova de illuminator we are that

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spectra brothers and sisters as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. First of all, I would like to thank all of you for coming here today may Allah reward you all a future my older brothers and sisters

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are all also like to thank and

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show gratitude to the organizers of today's event to Ross publishers, throughout publishing and Brown College, for getting this together putting this together and inviting me it's an honor and privilege to be here.

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We have many speakers that we'll be talking about, as you know the theme of today's

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event, the legacy of the scholars, the scholars of the subcontinent, the origin of the Indian subcontinent, and the various speakers will be talking from different angles from different backgrounds. We've already heard sections of Doha speaking after me there will be other speakers who will talk about the legacy of the scholars from the Quranic perspective, from the Hadith perspective and as it was, it was advertised my

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concentration will be on the legacy of the scholars in terms of their contribution towards this is actually a very vast topic, very important topic. I just have a few points that I want to inshallah share with you.

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Fick is actually a very important part of our DNA

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jurisprudence many of you may want all of you have heard of SEC, it's part and parcel of our life assassin 15. There is no movement in our life without fix the laws the rules the injunctions of Sharia. A human being man woman cannot move without the laws and outcome of shanira it relates to every part of our life, every part every second, every moment of our life is connected to fifth and this fifth is the understanding of the Quran and Sunnah. It's not something which is besides the Quran and Sunnah. Fifth is the understanding of the Quran and Sunnah basically fake literally linguistically fake means to understand in Arabic you have 40 Her you have cold, which means to

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understand, and the one who has this understanding, well actually in the Arabic language from the linguistic point of view, you have to type two sort of words for pizza, you have Coco and you have focu her your food, there's actually a difference. One is Fatiha, which means to have some sort of understanding, basic understanding every human being has this filthy high have gone basic understanding of whatever you know, they have understanding. So if somebody has has a basic understanding of something

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that is known as fapy, I have coho and the one who has that understanding is known as far back. And then there is another from the same root word you have. You have Google, which means someone who has a real deep understanding, and the one who has this deep understanding is known as floppy and floppy, the jurist the pluralist folk Aha, we've had fuqaha from the time when the first floppy was who was the first floppy

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so you don't folk Aha, a messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who better understood the Quran, and his own statements and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was the first copy of his own mother who say you don't for her, because fake basically means to go deep to understand, to understand the Quran and Sunnah is basically what filter is. So the messenger sallallahu alayhi, wa sallam was the first puppy, but this is not for everyone. That's why when we see the Companions, the Sahaba, or the Allahu anhu, how many companions were that hundreds and 1000s of Sahaba, but from them as Imam even or even puts it, between 120 to 150, fuqaha Sahaba. That's it. Nobody else out of

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the 1000s of Sahaba companions, how many, most of them and many of them were relating Hadith. They were relating Hadith they were doing they were relating Hadith narrators of Hadith, Abu Huraira. The Allahu Anhu was known as the most prolific narrator of Hadith. Many of them were relating Hadith, but when it came to understanding going deep into the aspects of the Hadith, whether there's how do you sort of reconcile between contradiction generations is this nasef Is this one. So is this abrogating Hadith has this been abrogated? What is the deeper meaning of this? What is the literal meaning of this? What is the deeper meaning of this? How do you reconcile between different types of

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durations? How do you reconcile between some Hadith and Quran this is all to do with. So, there will only be between 120 to 115 Sorry, 120 to 150 150 Sorry,

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However, who are known to be the folk Aha, they were deriving law as they were extracting loads from the Quran and Sunnah.

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And the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the Hadith, of Muslim, multimedia and elsewhere he mentioned the virtues of the FBI remember those who are not for kaha there's also virtues for those kinds of Sahaba companions as well as the later to have your own Hadith and the ones who are just narrating but specifically for the fuqaha the messenger son Allah Allah He was send them he said, No God Allahu Imran send me I'm in Hadith and for half either who are belaga who are young Pharaoh Bahama any fit for him the messenger Salah artisan use the word fit pin for the harmony Falcon laser before begging Allah illuminate the person meaning his face, his heart, Allah illuminate, this is a

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dua from the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May Allah illuminate the man who hears a Hadith from me, and then he memorizes it and then he

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relates it to somebody else. This actually is a dua for the marriage of Hadith, the one who just hears it and then relates it to somebody else. And then the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said furrow Bahama, the Philippine Mesa before, the one sometimes was relating is actually not a puppy. He just relates the Hadith. And in another reply, he said for Uber mobile love in our arm in Sumerian, sometimes the one whom to whom he relates the Hadith to is more understanding of the Hadith itself. So there's many virtues there's a hadith as well, in Sahih al Bukhari, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, My UD de la who be hired on you for COVID-19 with whoever Allah

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intends good, Allah gives them him a deep understanding, you didn't know will be hired on you photography D. So there's numerous, numerous narrations. And as I said, this is not for everybody. Because Fick is very specific. It really it requires a lot of intelligence, a lot of deep understanding, it requires a lot of effort as well, a lot of time. You know, not a lot of people have time filled is only for people who have time who can take some time seriously. Yes, if you've got a wife who's going to complain, then you can never be a bookie when the brothers because you can't you need a wife who will sacrifice everything your day and night as the people who are

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involved. In fact, they have phone calls coming in at 11 o'clock, 12 o'clock, one o'clock, two o'clock, sometimes you have to answer 100 200 questions per week. I'm not saying month 100 200 questions per week, seriously. So this is not for everybody, this field is very, sort of requires a lot of effort. And that's why there were certain companions who are the Allahu anhu, who are from the 1000s, who are known to be folk Aha, and then from them that their own and then the Great Dane after them, and he carried on, and he carried on through the centuries through the eras and he came to the Indian subcontinent, in the subcontinent. Alhamdulillah Allah blesses a continent with many

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great folk AHA and many great

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scholars in different sciences, but especially in fifth

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in when it came to fic, we'll hear the you know, the other speakers talking about Hadith and Quran. But I just want to talk about some brief points. And based on those points, I will give you some examples, some important features, or

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salient features or some important features in terms of the contribution of the scholars of the Indian subcontinent when it came to tip number one, as you know, remember these are numbers points that I'm going to mention too time is very short. I have like about 1012 points, but I don't know if I'll able to get through all 1012

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The first point is that

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as you know the scholars of the subcontinent to Hanafy most of the Muslims in the in the subcontinent. I had it with us, I'm sure very. So there were deeply rooted in Hanafi fiqh. They were deeply rooted in Hanafi fiqh. However, one of the characteristics of the OMA on the fuqaha of the subcontinent is that even though they were deeply rooted in the field of Imam Abu Hanifa, Radi Allahu anhu, their Feck was new Seuss and text oriented, as opposed to some other Hanafis in other parts of the world. For example, if you go to Turkey, or you go to Syria, I stay two years in Syria studied there, you could see a big difference between the fuqaha of Syria and the focus of the

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subcontinent. In Turkey, which I visited recently, you will find are very, very much text based in terms of sorry, very much fake text based, whereas in the hands of the scholars of the subcontinent, you will see big and the reason for this is that the scholars of the subcontinent have always had a lot of deep connection with Hadith as one of the speakers will speak about, you know, the connection, the Allume the knowledge of the science of Hadith moved from the Arab world in the last 14 In the last century. The Islamic Hijri calendar 14th century it to move to the subcontinent, shareholder

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We're talking about Hoda. himolla used to say that the knowledge of Hadith knew from the Arab world and in the last century it moved to the Indian lands. And this is why we see that in the recent 100 years great scholars like Al Imam and Russia Kashmiri Rahim Allah He wrote a commentary on Sahil Buhari we have

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shahadi Rama Sahara and booty Rahim Allah writing a commentary 20 volumes on the Sunnah for Buddhahood. You have Chef as the Korean candle we are writing Oh Justin mosaddek 16 volumes commentary on the motto of nomadic you have Shabbir Ahmed with Murni writing commentary on Sahih Muslim and I will share with you today with money also writing the completion of that in Arabic, which is quite significant. There's nobody Allahu Allah makan, to my knowledge right now living in the world today who has an Arabic commentary on one of the major six books of Hadith throughout the world exception of Turkey with money. But anyway, these were great scholars in the last 100 years

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who contributed to the science of Hadith now when they have contributed the science of hadith is going to affect their fear. Without a doubt even Quran they wrote books on it for Quran common Quran so despite being text, you know, very much solid in the Hanafi Madhab they were very much Quran and Sunnah based as well. I don't know if you understand what that means. But anyway, those who understand they understand and that's why we will find that a lot of the thick of the subcontinent scholars is found in the Hadith commentaries. So you will find Cher has a career himolla writing a commentary on them Akbar from America will tell you about honey versus David chef he says this Malik

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says this. I haven't been humbled says this and honey Abu Hanifa is deleted is this 1234 You'll find you know the commentary of Imam and Kashmiri Rahim Allah on sexual Buhari federal body and he mentioned the evidences of the Hanafi madhhab and the most monumental classic work. This is a colossal work 20 Volume work. compendium of head of Hanafi grooves written by Chef lafer Achmed, personality money autonomy, Rahim. Hola, the nephew of perkiomen Madonna shall be turning 20 volumes in Arabic, all the proofs of the Hanafi madhhab from the beginning to end proofs from the Hadith and from the Sahaba from the statements and the thought of Sahaba or the Allah who I know it's printing

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it's available. The first volume actually was then printed and sort of edited, bumped it up with Manisha Hublin fatawa Rahim Allah He published it's hit the introduction of that book in a separate book in the Arab world. And this is taught when I was in Syria. This was actually one of the chefs down there used to actually teach this book to the students. 20 volumes are Allahu sunnah. This was written by who che Rafa Rama was Manny, the nephew of Hakeem would OMA a chef Mona Chablis, Tango Rahim Allah under the guidance of Hakeem OMA a shareholder and a chef at autonomy, Rama hula, under his guidance and his leadership and the his sort of dictation and this is a classic Cluzel

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monumental 20 Volume compendium of Hanafi madhhab proves like you know, this the reason why this was compiled, Shasha have returned we Rahimullah felt that people like today they are raising their voices against the mud hubs that look these models are based on weak proof. So this or that brother, Hadith week, whatever. So therefore, he thought, it's very much needed, that the proofs of the mud have been gathered, and you know, strong proof. So he gathered these were gathered and this was the whole reason for for it, so he ordered his nephew to do this. So you have this is one of the very important features of the Hanafi scholars of the subcontinent, the focal heart of the subcontinent.

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Number two

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when it came to following a mud hub,

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the scholars of the subcontinent

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the methodology they must look or the understanding was that yes, we follow one ima that's it tapa lead shafts. This is another topic I don't want to go into this topic of the bleed Woodloch shaxi Whatever. But we restrict ourselves to one image as much as possible. Okay.

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And moving out from the mud hub. That today we follow the Sharper Image have tomorrow we follow the Maliki and then the next time we follow humbly Morning, Mr. Hanafi afternoon on my shelf in the evening. I've got four ways here. This was something that they did not entertain and they will quite strict time as opposed to some other Hanafi fuqaha of other parts of the world. If you for example, example go to Syria and I stayed there as I told you, people, the scholars some of my teachers are very relaxed. It's okay take the rocks off, you know, the Maliki said These take the rocks around here shaft a Maliki Hanbury but, and the reason for this is that

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that originally it's not haram because we say all four are correct. They are all four understandings of the Quran and Sunnah they are all four different approaches, explanations, interpretations of the Quran and Sunnah. So and everyone did the HD heard, and Allah would accept all four, it's just the understanding of 1000s of scholars over 1000s of years for each of the mothers. So, therefore, originally, it's not a problem. It's permissible, however, because of the reason because of the fact that if we give this open sort of leeway, what will happen is that people will start following their own desires it will Hello, and this is why like Chef Moodle has has an Adobe rendition of the Korea

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Canada Hello Euro Hola. Both of them stated that this is not a Islamic shelter a ruling that you have to stick to one it's actually a sort of

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it's fair to are given in order to stop people from following the desires because people will start taking easy rules which the Quran condemns it about will Hawa for eternity Takata ILAHA however, there are certain cases in which this could be permissible. So therefore, it's not like absolutely haram but in certain cases, but there are strict conditions. So the folk AHA of the subcontinent, they were very, very particular about the strict conditions only when there's like, for example, genuine hardship, or whom Valois or harsh or D the extreme need or widespread need only then and they put conditions down. So it's like like for example, I'll give you an example in the Hanafi

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madhhab a woman whose

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this was the original ruling whose husband goes missing in Morocco food food is the one who's gone missing you know what the original ruling is that she has to keep waiting waiting waiting waiting until the time comes that it's sort of presumed that all his friends have died, the husband's friends have all died. So like you know, when when you presume now the husband's reached about 8090 Mottola Koran or about 8090 years of age, then that's when then the kadhi the judge will say okay, now we think most likely your husband's dead. You'll be waiting for him for 40 years. He's not going to come back now. He's probably dead. Now you do the dirt now. unica is fast and that 85 year old

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booty old woman you know it's gonna get married mashallah, this is original hannifin with a viewpoint. So this call is later Hanafi scholars in the subcontinent as well like turkey with Muhammad Allah wrote a book specially not just this particular issue, but many issues that were relating to women finding difficulty, hardships and women were leaving Islam. So he actually compiled the whole book and hated to Nergis until Marathi Elijah, you know, specific book four way ways out for a woman is it better and he he actually approached the Maliki Madhab the scholars and he gave fatwa that the Hanafis in this particular matter need to follow the Maliki method visibility

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follow the Maliki minimal or become a monitor and leave Islam? Of course. So, in certain extreme hardship cases, they did say yes, we have to follow you know, the we must follow the honey familiar but in cases, if there's a genuine need widespread need hardship, then what will happen we will give the ruling and allow people to follow another mother. But at the same time, other conditions, the one who's doing that must consult the great scholars of the other mother when hachimura himolla was writing his book, he consulted with a top manatee scholars from Makkah and Medina and also them some one or two other kinds of

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conditions they put, like for example, Delafield, which is when you make a combination of two mud herbs, which is not allowed, according to anybody, right. That's another issue I don't have time to go into but that's another sort of ruling or another condition they put

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number three, the third point.

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The third Hosea, or specific distinctive feature of the Folk Aha, the jurists of the subcontinent, is that they put a lot of emphasis on a person

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acquiring proper training, before he sits on the position of giving religious verdicts and rulings and giving fatwa.

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Today, we live in a time everyone's an expert, except the experts. Everyone's been emotional and everybody has an opinion. These people were very particular very particular. They said this is a science. It's not for any Tom, Dick and Harry or Coleman Hubbard, center Arabic, not everyone's job to start giving photos and religious verdicts until a person does not spend time under the guidance and does not undergo training under the guidance of a you know, expert for free. He is banned it is haram. Even earlier scholars said this cuttable Baghdadi mentioned this in his l 41. What the *? So this was something that

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They really emphasized upon you know what Imam Malik said? Day two I never gave a fatwa fatwa doesn't just mean like official Fatah but even telling someone a legal verdict. Hector Shahidullah DE SILVA owner man who are Allah mini be earning erotic until 70 People who are more knowledgeable than me gave testimony that I am worthy of giving you my magic How many people 70 And you know these 70 people what kind of people with money when you when is when he was telling this teaching us this in class? He said Remember, don't worry, don't look at the number 70 Look out man who are only 70 people above me not below me. So people under you can all tell you Mashallah. You're the greatest

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chef, you know, on Facebook, they're all like, you measure like, amazing chef doesn't matter doesn't do anything. But if your teachers if people above you, if they say yes, you are great, then this is an indication Inshallah, that according to Allah, you all, you know, you have something. So therefore, they were very particular about this.

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And that's why you know, the titles as well of Mufti share. I mean, I remember when we were studying dinar in Karachi, I studied with Somalia 99. Around that time.

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9899 2000 He used to tell us that, you know, when younger students in the second, third, fourth, fifth year, if they start calling you move this up, because get angry, tell them why you couldn't move to even till today. There are scholars who are moved. These are some of my teachers. One of them was with the mothership of money, half of the Hola. He's actually the nephew of stuck with money, but he's about 60 years in age. Just five years ago, he got an official title Mufti after 25 years of proper work in the dollar lift of Darren garage. Until now, he was a mold learner with just Mahadasha

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25 years under the guidance of the Tapi with the raffia with money, that's when you get the title Mufti. This is the town we're living in. There's just there's bankruptcy in knowledge when it comes to knowledge. You know, the ones who are really you know, the ones who are not mufti, like we didn't have these titles, and it's just, it's very sad. So has an adversary somebody said to him, yeah, floppy

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or floppy? So he looked at him. He said, our Hello writer for Python got Have you ever seen a floppy that you call him FOB?

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Have you ever seen a floppy before he took out the nyssma? I'm not a for me. So

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this is why this was something that the alum of the subcontinent really focused on with the Douglas Murray, shahada, Islam, Shackleton money, half of the hula and what he mentioned in one of the books, he said that you know, when we were students and this was like when we are towards the end of our years when we were studying nearly becoming on him.

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When we used to be at home his father was the grand mufti of Pakistan with Tisha Farah him Hola. People used to phone him. He said, we used to pick up the phone and listen to the question and related to our father or father, he never even used to rely on what on our listening to the question, he will take the phone and then listen again himself and then respond.

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And then he said after that, when he after a few years, when he became a bit sort of sort of satisfied, then he said, Okay, tell me what the question is, and then he would respond, and then they will relate it. He said, One day, somebody asked me the simple palapa shoe. So he said to my ear, he said to himself, select my father. Why bother him? In a simple yet an accident? So he told the person Yes, the lab has done. So when his father came back from upstairs. He said, Yes, somebody's phone came on. I told him. He said, the father looked at me. He said, You give the right answer, but never ever do that again.

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Never do that again. And then he said, since that date, we had a lesson. And we will never do that afterwards. He told us that, you know, small, small questions is his question just answered them yourselves. He said, even though we never used to do because we know that in the beginning that 30 of his father,

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you know, consider yourself to be someone who's not, you know, worthy. So

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this was one of the very important sort of features of the alcohol of the subcontinent that they would put a lot of emphasis on tarbiyah staying in a company, Sabra. This is not just a soul type of career. This is staying in a company of a qualified or a few qualified every single copy that came

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every single copy or a Mufti of the subcontinent. They've had proper training, at least one or two or three great folk, aha, they spent 567 years even afterwards they carry on just you have to always keep in connection with the people above you. Um, one of the other number four was that they will

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put a lot of emphasis on

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having coming to conclusions in terms of not having personal opinions, but whenever there's a new especially when there are contemporary issues, new issues, important issues, then they would get together as a communal type.

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Gathering would take place. So not everyone's individual that I think okay this is the ruling I say this is halal. This is haram. This is a fatwa. People would get together it would be done HDMI, you know, it would be done HDMI. And that's what we have like for example right now we have in the Indian subcontinent we have measurement overkill Islami, the Islamic finger Academy of India. We have the same one in Jeddah Mufti Sheikh Mohammed Shafi Rahim, hola he assembled a modulus known as Mejlis, TAPit masala, Hydra, you know, contemporary issues. So and they would, you know, get together collectively sort of come to conclusion and this is taken from a hadith Satan or you know,

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Vitaly Brody Allahu Anhu. He wants us the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam era, Allah. In kneser levena Amara lesufi Biona Amana Informatica Munna if we don't have explicit Amara nahi command and prohibition from you, what should we do? So the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Shall we do focus? RBD consult the folk Aha, and who are the worshipers who are righteous Hadees related by Imam with agrani and it's considered to be sorry, number five

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was that they would, really puts an emphasis on increasing the knowledge especially the Falco, understanding the fic going deep. Okay, a lot of emphasis on this.

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And for a student or for an acronym for a graduate to carry, to carry on studying, increasing his understanding of the Quran and Sunnah, increasing his difficulty. And there was such like, we have stories like Osita personality, for example, he the story about him that he used to in holiday time, just tell the librarian to lock the door from outside and lock him up in the library for six, seven hours when he was 16 1718 years of age. And there are many, many examples like that. There's a there's a title, we say for p but there's another title known as for P Hu knifes for P O knifes according to the terminology of the focus of the world is a person who after going through so much,

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deep sort of relationship with faith and because of long integer of an experience, he becomes his nature becomes

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his nature becomes this happens in all sciences you know, different even a doctor sometimes a doctor with so long sort of experience after a lengthy experience. It's like sometimes he doesn't need to really sort of return back to the books. There were some people like that.

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and Russia and Kashmiri and Imam and Russia Kashmir Rahim Allah He used to say that from the subcontinent, we had Imam Rasheeda had Congo who was known as fapy who Knucks he used to say email people or Abilene is not for people enough. So was the famous Hanafi scholar from the from Syria. And he said, No, no, Jane was probably

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one of the great people like this was Mufti Hamlet Shafi Murni, the father of circus Maria Rahimullah known as fapy, who loves some of you may have heard the name of Imam Muhammad. Zahid that Ghostery Yeah, ever heard of Imam Muhammad and go three off the top of his mind he calls him the annual shadow Kashmiri of Egypt. He was Hanafi he wants wrote a letter to move to Mohammad Shafi Rahim Hola. And in that letter, you know he wrote long titles he said either Hydra to Hina Villa Allah and Mohammed el Fateh al Mufti Mohammad Shafi Erdogan the half of the hola etc etc. And then after that he said look at Tala tomorrow said,

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Bala tomorrow said to come your experience has become very long had a spatter Furby Hanif Sybil mannessah, he, you have become the key who knifes in the true meaning of the word. That's you, you have the title for everyone loves for you, who knows meaning that your whole body your nature, your blood, you know is it's fake. Basically, you sleep fake, you eat fake or you drink fake. You don't need to refer to book sometimes your nature will tell you there's a story which I heard directly from the chef to talk with me about his father, that once they were great scholars, him his brother shaquiesha binnorie. And you know that, you know that assembly they used to gather to deliberate on

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and discuss Islamic new issues, said one day we start from morning to NASA. There was a new issue that came up.

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And we discussed discussed at SR everybody's. And he said his father was the head of the machinists. But that day his father couldn't come because he was ill. So he excused himself. He said, You guys do the discussion. At some time. We all sort of came to conclusion. This is the first one this is a ruling. This is the verdict handle everyone. After I said I went to my father, he said we've all come to this conclusion. His father was in his bed he was quite sick, said what do you do come to a conclusion. Instead, we came to this conclusion. Say no, no, it doesn't sound right. So why is it just doesn't sound right. I don't want to I don't I don't feel that's right. You know, check again.

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So we've checked on the books with Dr. Shirahama. Dr. Remove the well he has insurance of denoting top top fuqaha of Pakistan at that time of Karachi. And he says no, no, I just I just don't feel right. It's just just doesn't feel right.

00:30:00--> 00:30:11

they said okay we'll check next day next day they check again halfway through the day the whole madness is sitting the old deliberating books and books from the Quran Tafseer us and Hadith commentaries and all the books on the Hanafi Manor

00:30:12--> 00:30:13

to something maybe he's ill

00:30:15--> 00:30:46

but then he went to him again he said I just don't feel right this is you guys all want to gather and you know agree you sign but I won't sign so then they said there must be something wrong so then what they did was they said okay they decided that everyone go back home tonight and think on their own in the room tomorrow we'll come back when they came back next day they really found out they were understanding completely opposite to what they will come to a conclusion for two days despite seeing the books and him on his bed. His just nature told him that this was not the right the conclusion right conclusion. This is what you call a puppy who knifes this happens in Hadith as

00:30:46--> 00:31:24

well. Some people just literally hearing a hadith they could tell if a hadith sahih hadith is Hassan with a hadith is Maduro and that's what they said in a little Hadith no uncut out in a hurry today for who sometimes Hadith has a light new light the light of the day you can see it recognize it when somebody is relating the Hadith, or in another Hadith he vollum and Kovalam in Layli to kill sometimes someone relates a hadith you can see the darkness you can recognize this is not a hadith. So anyway, that was something that they really focused on. And then also number next point is that they were very, very sort of Motorola there. They never used to. They used to be very small, firm

00:31:24--> 00:31:34

understands, but they never used to look down on people. They were very melodic, very humble humility, but very firm. They would they would be firm, but at the same time humble.

00:31:36--> 00:31:57

And there's incidents regarding this as well. Subhanallah so just so many things, but you see, even with people of difference of opinion, they were they were gentle. They were gentle. That doesn't mean they change their opinions. They wouldn't stand for something which they consider to be incorrect. But they were gentle. They were gentle.

00:31:59--> 00:32:01

Once in in the presence of

00:32:02--> 00:32:06

Chef Madonna chef retangular him hula. Somebody said I'm at another con Burrell.

00:32:07--> 00:32:47

He said why do you say Molana? He's a monana Despite we have in many many differences, quoting the Mona is an irony Subhanallah just imagine this is Hakeem and OMA regarding home this chef Amira de Haan What did you do? He said he's a coffee have somebody call you me and coffee will say your your you and your daddy's golfer as well. Subhanallah just imagine I mean, this is you know, this is something to recognize and realize the way there was fun. They wouldn't change their stance. They wouldn't change their stance. But there were there were gentlemen with the hammer. Shafia Rahim Allah the father of Sita with money. He used to always say to the scholars be don't be a sword. Be

00:32:47--> 00:32:48

what? Sink.

00:32:50--> 00:32:56

Don't be a sword on people. Be a silk you know why silk people touch you, you're soft, but nobody can break you.

00:32:57--> 00:33:34

They can waver you won't move from your position. I am on the hook I will stay but your soft. This is the balance to create the balance between the two. Shareholder Hynd Molana who the person who himolla Once he went to a gathering, people said to give a talk and said look, I'm not worthy of giving a talk. There's order here how can I speak to people insisted you have to share you have to speak you have you said okay. If I make any mistakes, please tell me I don't know anything. This is Shahid Hynde, you know the one of the greatest scholars of the Divinity, Allah ma. So he started his talk and he said if you don't do Allah che upon him in LVR when he read the Hadith and he started

00:33:34--> 00:33:38

translating, he said one fapy is more difficult on a bid

00:33:40--> 00:33:50

on the shaytaan, then 1000s of worshippers. So somebody stood up he said Mona said yes, wrong. Translation. A shed Dune is not more difficult. More, it's more disliked.

00:33:52--> 00:34:22

First said, I told you before I'm going to make mistakes. I'm not 100 I'm so sorry stuff. First is he said no. He said you made a mistake. So he said, Sorry, Sorry, university for Allah. I musta made a mistake. You know, I told you, I told you don't tell me to give a talk. I'm not knowledgeable. Then he said yes. Okay, what's the correct meaning brother? So the brother told him, he gave a wrong meaning. So the chef said, no, no, no, that reading was wrong. And then he told him that look, there's another Hadith and then it gave him an example explain to him and then he agreed that yes, what he was saying was right. In the beginning, he said, Sorry, I made a mistake. But when he said

00:34:22--> 00:35:00

something wrong, straightaway corrected him. This is the balance. Don't be a sword be silk, people touch you, you have the Waldo you have humility, you have gentleness, but at the same time, you know, the, you know, the This is why in war, the armory was made of what silk because, you know, another sword would just slide if it stayed on it, you weren't able to break it anyway, and there's just one or two other points as well, but I'm just gonna put them all together. They used to be very particular about staying away from those kinds of issues that create fitna those issues that create fitna like, for example,

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

People sometimes like to ask questions. What about our Imam of the Masjid? He does this this this this this talk with money says whenever you get a question right that you know what you should do to say tell the Imam to ask himself it's not your job with Tim hammer Sheffield Rahim Allah when people used to ask him questions where he would think people want to create fit tonight it's not about ama sphere theory theoretical type of questions about you know how many people were in the grave and the number of people have asked harmonica for you know, how the rally Salatu was Salam is he alive or not, you know, these kinds of theoretical questions. You know what he would say? Answer is Mala

00:35:35--> 00:35:54

Madame answer. midfirst new Islam in Ithaca humara Yanni, the Messenger of Allah Islam says, from the goodness of a man's religion is to leave that which does not concern you. Things that will not be asked about on the Day of Judgement. People we live in a time right now that people like to debate and argue about these kinds of issues. Somebody asked once was the chef era him Hola.

00:35:55--> 00:35:57

is at his Eid Yazeed.

00:35:58--> 00:36:11

Is he faster or not? He said, I don't know about him. I'm worried about myself, am I faster? Cannot. You know, I don't know if I'll be forgiven. Forget about him. So therefore, these kinds of theoretical questions, those that you know,

00:36:12--> 00:36:55

create fitna, they really avoided that they were very, very particular about that. And then also finally, last point, we they there's a lot of there is one innovative, innovative work, where the scholars of the subcontinent they compiled or their answers question answers have been compiled over many large volumes. And this you will not find anywhere even in the Arab world. This is a recent discovery of the last century. You know, like in even in Arabic, that's why I had some friends we know when we used to answer questions, some friends from the Arab world from Jordan elsewhere. They say to me that you're fortunate you can understand how many of your friends are Syria elsewhere, you

00:36:55--> 00:37:36

know what to do, because you can directly refer to these books which are in order because we don't have that even in the Arabic language fatawa books. This you will not find maybe one or two, but literally volumes of books from the beginning from, you know, purity and Tahara and solid and zakat and hajj all the way to the end. Question and question and so with evidences with proofs, this is the contribution the greatest probably contribution of the order murder for kaha of the Indian subcontinent. I have a whole list. I have actually written an article which is online somewhere on our website, but there's a whole list of books like for example, you have fatawa Muhammadiyah

00:37:36--> 00:38:17

Muhammadiyah chef Mufti Muhammad Al Hasan gonna go here I'm hola great. Who was the Mufti of 40 years of our own Dovin. One of the great we have the ALA managed to see him in 1996. We actually took measures of Hadith from him and studying in Dar Salam barre, this Mufti Maha Mudra hasn't gone go to 20 volumes. You find today, his facts and his fatawa 20 volumes amazing, amazing color collection in Daniel fatawa, Chef Mola, shimmery Tangerang, amazing six volumes, you have access to a photo of the Rasheeda radionomy Six, eight volumes. I can't talk about this. I'm just listing them because I'm ending in one minute. Each one requires like three four minutes but you know, you have

00:38:17--> 00:39:06

at our IMEA 810 volumes. We have endured 15 If the Muhammad Shafi Rahim Hola. We have keyfile Mufti of Tiki fire to the gallery by 10 volumes for our Halevi one volume Shaka lira Hamid Hassan booty we have hydro fatawa which was from her mother is in Pakistan for volume so far you have also what else did I mention in that in that GM Shafaq minutes money the same one who wrote allow soon these are in four volumes someone ate some more intense wine 12 volumes collection of q&a And finally well before I say the finally everyone's household every household has this is not really q&a But I cannot end this you know without mentioning best he's ever heavenly ornaments of her kingdom shareholder

00:39:06--> 00:39:40

national tanggram Allah and before I do the final final one we have a tower of money you know for that wealth money for the Earth man is the fatawa of our respective guests who is coming today share data with money for the whole three volumes have come out I asked him on Thursday about the 14th set forth more or less data will be released very very soon in a few weeks time and inshallah more and more as well. I mean, there's so much to say but I'm going to invest on this because my time stops at four o'clock we need to stick to time because we have great speakers much better than me. And you know they need to speak as well as for listening barnacle. Rafi comes