Muhammad Hoblos – Our Society is Collapsing

Muhammad Hoblos
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses their desire to portray Muslims as a problem and their desire to portray current state affairs. They also talk about the "immaterial crisis" of young children who are only happy and not enjoying school, and express their desire to become a doctor to help children achieve their education goals. The speaker suggests that children are not as important as adults and that parents should not let children become the "has to be" parent.
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Today I have a special guest

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is Mark usko. My fiscal okay. Okay, yeah, come down in the

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Santa Monica Mark McCullough, I lost my father Roger, thank you guys all for tuning in with you is your brother Mohammed is from Sydney, Australia, originally from Lebanon, but born and raised in Sydney, Australia. So right

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now I've built in the farms are hard to find in Australia when this is the model.

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So coming back to our roots, yeah,

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that's true.

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we're gonna film the film. Okay, so

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I'm involved with an organization called one path network. That makes amazing, amazing videos.

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And about a year and a half ago, we decided to make a short film. So

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it's been quite some time. But eventually we have finished it. So the film has been done. And now he in the UK, this is the first international country that we've come to, to play the movie in humbler we've,

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we've been around the country, we've played it about four times now. And we've had amazing response response from from the people on the band we're really excited about. So my message today, hopefully, you guys can meet tonight at 630 view cinema when we got a few tickets left. So last chance to get a ticket.

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For that, as it is, based on true stories, it

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is so so

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so the movie is based on children's true events that

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that I've had to deal with myself personally back home in Sydney, if not myself personally, then those were very close to us.

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And it's, it's, I guess, we wanted to take a different approach to exposing certain issues we have in the community, Muslims, unfortunately, we like to keep our heads in the sand, and just we do and just act like we don't have these major problems, right. But we do. We are not aliens, we are not, you know, we live in this community, we live in this country, and we face the same problems that many other communities face, whether it be drugs, you know, abuse, domestic violence, you know, we we have the same problems. And so this was just a, I guess, a fresh way, a unique way to sort of tackle some of the problems that we face in the community, we've got big massive problems. with

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drugs in the youth. Now they seem to think it's

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an easy way to make quick money, they don't want to work hard that it's fun to just want to make money quick time, but the consequences are severe. The only So in some cases with death in Britain, you know, death or severe injury or imprisonment, incarceration for many, many years, wasn't similar exposure in Australia was a sign sign, you know, it's the same and but I guess, you know, for us to just attack the youth and say that look, you know, that the youth just want to make a quick dollar. While that's true, but that's not entirely true. The youth didn't fall from the heavens, and this is what they wanted to have grown up to the world where now, you know, it's all about the good life,

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it's all about the easy life, it's all about the image. So therefore, most of these kids unfortunately, just want to do like what everyone else is doing. So is that the following media is at fault. For music, lovers, it's not one particular thing. It's definitely a collaboration of everything, you know, unfortunately now,

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you know, that's unfortunate, because it's all just an Islamic thing. I think humanity as a whole has lost. We have lost our humanity here. Now. And you know, and that's slightly slightly off topic. You know, I know that. I know that a lot of Muslims sort of defeat.

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yes, so so yes. So that's

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kind of Yeah.

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you know, slightly off topic. One of the things that I always like to speak about when I'm back home in Australia is that I say to people that you know, unfortunately today, especially with the media, we're made to believe that Muslims are the problem. You know, Muslims are problems, things are the problem. But I will say, let's just imagine for a moment, let's imagine for a moment, that if we got rid of Muslims, and we got rid of Islam, okay, will that solve the problem of the woman?

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And when I say this, if we got rid of all these things, and got rid of Islam is the whole point of me feeling any direction, whether it's in the Western world or anywhere else? depression is on the rise, anxiety is on the rise. abuse is on the rise, suicide is on the rise. druggie, you know, all of this stuff is on the rise. Absolutely. So what is what has Islam had towards that? So what I wanted to come back to is that I feel you know,

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As a whole of humanity as a whole religion aside, I think we're actually going backwards. We are absolutely 30 years ago, if you had that pain crash, it was hard, you're pulling out so much sadness. You're not paying cash last Oh, no plane crash. Yeah, let's carry on. We've become, we've been desensitized, we've become desensitized. It's not just that. I mean, I mean, you know, as a whole now, as a community, we unfortunately give attention and we praise the wrong things. You know, I came across some I actually came across a post not that long ago. And I really found that interesting. So this person was speaking about social media and what's happening, you know, across

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the world, and he was saying, you know, that there used to be time when you used to take a photograph of yourself, when you when you achieved something, when you reached a milestone in your life, people would celebrate, take a photo, he said, Now you take a photo of me. So true,

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human illustration of the real stuff we've achieved so little, and yet, we want to catch up.

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So, you know, and I'll just find that interesting. So now, what's happening is that unfortunately, the youth are growing up in a world where, you know, money scheme

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is even even in most cases, unfortunately, Mum and Dad are only happy.

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You know, like, when you do well at school, none of them are happy, wiser, we're not doing well at school, maybe you're sending me, my kids out of school, whatever the case is. And I'm not saying that I'm someone who's intentionally being bad at school. No, but you know, if I'm genuinely trying to meet you, I am not academically the best. Mom and Dad are not so happy up to me, my parents aren't that academically strong at school, because teachers call me dumb. So I will try and do it as well. So our parents would upset me to be a doctor, because he came from a village came here expecting in high expectations for the children to revert schools, especially British, the British

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education system. But when we didn't achieve, is we upset. Yeah, blamed. Well, I mean, look, it's unfortunate. And I hope people don't take the wrong message here. Most of us want our kids to be doctors, but I sometimes question well, that's a noble thing. And that's a great thing. And I wish all of our kids can be doctors. But I sometimes ask the parent, why do you want your kid?

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Is it really because you believe that him being a doctor, or her being a doctor, so they can give back to the community, give back to the people give back to humanity, then that's amazing. Yeah, but unfortunately, in most cases, I read deep down in my heart, I want my child to be a doctor, because it's gonna be a better life for him. So it comes back to doing that, because

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it's coming back to money. So now what's happening now is teachers say, well, hang on, I don't have to do 10 years in university plus my experience, whatever, right? Some kids at the age of 18, he's earning more than 10 doctors in a week. So he's saying to himself, hang on, you know, if all this is simply so I can have a better life. You know, I can, you know, I can put myself ahead of the game and just take down this unfortunate rate, this drugs,

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being a doctor is a great thing. But we don't be doctors because we want to make more money, and I can have a better life. That's a very shallow reason to be a doctor.

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I become a doctor so that I can give back to humanity to uplift the human race. And unfortunately, it's not most of us now, especially in you know, especially especially in these ethnic communities will become doctors. So what can make the next person feel guilty about himself and about his family? through

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you know, how do I outdo my

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doctor was awesome to me. It was the first thing I say to you.

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It's a very, very shallow

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and it's very unfortunate because it goes against the principles of Islam. It's all about me. You see my status, my bank account, my house, my car, my popularity, the head with the rest of humanity. Yeah. That's what's happened at that community now not so much about me or about mutuality, as well. I mean, so it's, it's, and that's the unfortunate thing, Muslims, you know, as Muslims,

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and some fortunate because Islam is based on you know, Islam teaches us that Islam is a natural belief. So reading Islam applies to all humanity. And part of being a Muslim part of being a human is what can I give back? You know, it's not about what I can take today. It's all about locking it up. Even my friendship with you. The friendship of benefits, what can I take?

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Right, so finally, a few more, how can I benefit? There's no benefit anymore. Nobody wants to hear you, right? Nobody wants to know you. So now unfortunately, we make yours out of zoomy.

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Between now well, in Hollywood, unfortunately, someone that's got no skills, right? studied nothing contributed nothing towards humanity. Doesn't need a * video with a boyfriend. You should become the most popular person in the country.

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Now one of our young daughters are looking up to her. Now she dictates the mother and the father and to the rest of the daughters of humanity dress, what she should be wearing what she should be doing.

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You know, I'm sorry, but

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yeah, you became famous because you were prepared to record yourself with a boyfriend last night. Now, all of a sudden you have a horse thing. That's, you know, that's upside down. That's not a slam. I feel like we're failing as a human. You know, just the human race is starting doesn't mission, our system, human human issue, you know, the hard working person. Unfortunately, the hard working person is not honored anymore. Yeah. Right. So, so what advice can you give to youngsters? Sincerely, Thomas Thompson, who is tired has been traveling everywhere by forcing

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us to get

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into us adults. Look.

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The reality is, is that we've been created on earth for a very short time, really, so that we can worship Allah, Allah subhanaw taala has created us, for him, not created for anything else. So ensure you know, we need to get back to our faith, we need to get back to our roots. And the reality is was we're not going to be able to do that if we don't surround yourself with good people.

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Your environment will dictate who you are and where you're going.

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That's the bottom line. Very rarely does someone wake up in the morning and decide, hey, you know what, I'm gonna do drugs and become a junkie. Doesn't happen that way. But based on who they're hanging out with, based on where they're hanging out, eventually they reach that road.

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