Muhammad Hoblos – How can we Change in Ramadan?

Muhammad Hoblos
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and welcome to living Muslim the new show on the one path network what a fantastic opportunity to kick off the show in the greatest month of the the month of Ramadan the month that every single Muslim waits for all year round Joining me in the studio here today I have he Sham and Ziad Shabbat thank you very much for joining me my Allah subhanaw taala reward you Ramadan means so much to so many people as we've already seen but I want to ask you guys on a personal level he Sham What does Ramadan mean to you? Look thanks very much. I think what it means is sharing like the aspect of sharing because there's two things one is like the family experience

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that we have yeah sharing the thought together but then also the other thing I was thinking about was sharing with non Muslims you know at work you bringing your your plate off but lower he take you around the work and everyone's joining in they're asking what's going on? Yeah so I think it's really about sharing the knowledge and sharing you know the food and it's a very good chance to actually give our also isn't that Ziad What does Ramadan mean to you? Thanks for having us on the show hopeless well I've my pleasure Yeah. For me Ramadan is personally about reflection and you know taking the time out from your normal schedule to sit down and connect with the Quran come closer to

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Allah spandana II Shem what what is what is the purpose of Ramadan? I mean what's Ramadan all about because like you guys you know shared with us I know everyone has a personal

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everyone has a personal relationship with the month of Ramadan like he said whether it's connecting with family whether it's being appreciative you know for myself personally it's our right I love it, you know it's a fantastic time for Dawa I really get to engage with Muslims and but I mean what do you think the What do you think the purpose of Ramadan is obviously Islamic? Yeah, absolutely. I think it's about change you know, like one thing I've always admired about everyone is that they try changing something in Ramadan and you know even some of the boys that might be not so much practicing you know, they might have a girlfriend they'll try stopping speaking to her just during

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that month. So it really shows that people are making effort and Ramadan is that time to do that. I think they've been saying that well I mean, look, we do know that Allah smart Allah says that more or less he says that the month of Ramadan or fasting rather is so that we may attain taqwa. So many of us tend to hear this and I'm sure we hear this you know the hobas you know 10 taqwa is the fear of loss pantalla but really, what it also means is to become conscious to become conscious of this have to become conscious of your actions. And it's funny that you say that right because many times

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you tend to hear from their eyes or mushy or whatever the case is. We tend to hear this phrase Ramadan Muslim right and really it gets me going because I fallen into that you know I used to refer to people before as Ramadan Muslims, but then you know over time you start to think But hang on really in the month of Ramadan everyone is Ramadan Muslim, even the person that's very practicing the person that's not practicing altogether we all tend to have this you know this Ramadan Muslim in Allah when the month comes everyone wants to do more, practice more get closer to Allah subhanaw taala change our sins so you know somehow like you find that we become conscious and we start to

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measure and you know, speaking about girlfriends you know for me when I look back you know back in the days are some of the funniest things online some of the funniest things you know, I used to have friends that you know, he would have a girlfriend right so there's no problem with having the girlfriend but then when the month of Ramadan would come in, he would call or send her a text message that hey look you know, you know tomorrow's gonna be Ramadan so let's hook up tonight right or let's get together today Yeah, because as of tomorrow right as of tomorrow I can't be with you or that I can't talk to you you know so while yes we can have a laugh at that but it does show you how

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unique Ramadan is amazing that everyone understands that yeah every year everyone like it really does get to everyone you know I remember he Sham years ago when I wasn't sort of practicing as much you know in the month of Ramadan is the commies to freak me out right used to freak me out Why? Because you're always hearing how great it is and this is the chance and this opportunity but I still look at myself as I think man well I'm not praying I'm not fasting You know, I'm doing so many rounds in my life and now he comes this great month that I had no intention of engaging whatsoever so I used to feel that ease to create a further barrier you know, used to create this barrier

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between Allah subhanaw taala What are your thoughts on that? Yeah, I remember you know, 1112 years old high school first year of high school going to the bubbles behind the canteen and taking a bit of sip of water Oh, man, you know, just to get a bit of water in and that was what I'm alone was like, Oh, it's so hard to know. It's so hard not to drink. But once you start to understand that it changes i think that's that's the issue there that we don't have that understanding. And we're not communicating that to our kids into our youth. That's the problem I think. I agree. I'm had a similar experience, went to the water and F tree had a bit of a had a grape just before he's not

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hungry. But you know, we used to, we used to, you know, as kids

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was to come up with fatwas right because really they down we're all scholars Indian right so we'll do Yang you know and it was a really hot day right and I was only fasting because everyone else is watching me so

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I came up with a photo with everyone at school that if it's really really hard you're allowed to have one sip right you're allowed to have one CPU no you're not look I find that Subhanallah that many people want to get closer right many people want to get closer so so guys what are some of the goals? You know, what are some of the realistic goals that people can do because I know again, Ramadan we tend to hype it up so much, but everywhere you go, man everyone's talking about reading the whole Quran and everyone's you know, and everyone's talking about praying these long prayers, but really realistically you know, realistically who does that who does that so he Shema wanted to

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ask, what are some of the goals that you that that that you aim at? I think the first thing I was looking at is like what's the easiest for me to do that I'm not doing it. So things like you know your Vicar in the morning it's very hard to keep doing it consistently you might do it every now and then but to do consistently so that's something I always try targeting because if you can do it for the month, what's to say you can't do it outside of the month you know, and the other one is like the sooner prayers something so basic but to do it consistently even you know during the middle of work when you're so busy or in the middle of school, it's a bit hard so if I can do this my

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perspective is that I'll be able to do outcomes a lot easier Ziad What about yourself some of your goals the way I see it is if like in Ramadan you're actually holding back on things that are halon so outside of Ramadan will be even easier. It's meant to train you to refrain from that which is harder. So really it's about building that you know that self discipline in Ramadan Yeah, well look, I think I think that's a good point right? Because we need to know that Ramadan is not is not just about doing halal things right. Because really, Allah tala is far greater than needing us to stay away from food and water right so really Ramadan Of course it's about doing great things but it's

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also about leaving some of the bad things behind because just like he said yet you know that imagine in the month of Ramadan if Allah made what is usually Holland which is through the waters usually Holland but Allah subhanaw taala made it haram for us in the day so imagine what the things that Allah smart Allah has met him already. Imagine doing that, guys before we sort of come to an end I wanted to ask what are some of you know, what are some tips that we can share with people that are realistic? realistic? What uh, what are some of the things that people can do here? Just Just before we hit that I just wanted to say my Brooke on the studio, I think Yeah, before we finish off the

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shirt it's worth it it was all me man. It was all me the graphics the colors the scheme right? All me all of a very hipster I have to say now Louis truth actually had nothing to do with it. There's so many people behind the scenes and I lost my voice Thank you so much. I want to compliment your shoes. First time I see wearing

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shoes man. We're trying to hide the shoes. Yes. It's actually you know what we I think I might sort of human flesh. Right? Of course we tried to get the matching colors my last month I'll reward you. But yes, thank you so much for playing.

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I'll pay for that one. No.

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Shame coming back. What are some realistic things that we can do? Look at one thing that always works for me is you find a and you've done this before on baking soda in Amazon. Get yourself 30 short video clips of YouTube and aren't talking about MTV, right I'm talking about no man alikhan Hamza Yusuf whatever your flavor is right Get it? Five Minute clips every morning you start the morning like that. Yeah, just man pumper Yes, yes. Whenever you feel down replay it. Very simple. Just like a short reminder something to sort of pump give you enough to lift you up for the day. Absolutely. All right. Well, that's that's that's excellent Ziad. For me. It's to realize that like,

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change is step by step, you're not going to become a big chef in Ramadan. It's about establishing what you want to achieve. It doesn't have to be something massive, it can be something small, but work towards it. If you know what I mean, well, Ziad, I really really like that, guys, thank you so much for coming in my last pantalla reward you and on that I sort of want to sort of close it with that I like this idea. Let's keep it short. Keep it simple. And let's be specific, you know, I always say to the people will lay and inshallah I'll share this, you know, for myself and for you guys, you know, to be specific with what you want, you know, the prophet of Allah, He says something

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small, but consistent, is far greater in the eyes of Allah tala than then doing something that's large, but are one off, right. And something else that I also like, that you sort of touched on to his Shem is, you know, one goal that I have is, you know, when you share the idea of doing something new, it becomes a burden or Come on, man, I have to do something, right. But Alhamdulillah for most of us, we pray and if you don't pray, well, then what a better chance than this month to start praying. But if you're someone who prays, while you know, regardless, throughout the day, I'm going to come to these five prays, right? So if you want a realistic goal at home, add to them whether

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you're praying your sunon right, we know that the Prophet of Allah says whoever prays is 12 rock out of sooner in a day for him. The Prophet of Allah says, I promise him

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Palace in paradise. So imagine every day in the Ramadan and these are things we can take further so that these are things we can take after Ramadan right so of course joining things to the things that I'm already doing, I'm praying five times a day we can attach things to them small specific it's not going to burden me it's not going to be difficult, you know praying our sunan pray making of kar Salat Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam charity a day giving $1 a day. You know giving $1 a day throughout the month of Ramadan. I think that's a great goal. Why because I know every single day in this blessed month, I tick the box of charity. And so specific, small, achievable, and will

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lie you will get there. You will get there. This is the greatest month. This is the mantra last month Allah says I've opened the doors of my paradise and we've closed the doors of the hellfire. So this is the opportunity for every single person to come on. Once again guys, thank you so much for closing. Thank you all very much for joining us. Please take advantage of this blessed month. Everyone is welcomed in the month of Ramadan. Absolutely no one has the right to turn anyone away Allah subhanaw taala is far greater than any one of us. So please take advantage dive into this opportunity dive into this endless ocean of mercy. And we ask our last pilot except us and we ask

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Allah subhanaw taala to reward every single one of you so Panchen Lama behind the shadow Allah Illa Allah and Mr. Furukawa one or two will be like

ft. Hisham Krayem and Ziyad Sehran.

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