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AI: Summary © The segment covers various topics including a video about Mr. Ram and Missus Lachman, the state of the UK, and the rise of COVID-19. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding touching objects and the potential consequences of coronavirus on mental health and behavior. They also discuss the survival of bear and bear hunting, the importance of preparing for the worst-case scenario, and building relationships and taking control of behavior. The segment emphasizes the importance of knowing what comes out of the worst-case scenario and not just focusing on what is happening.
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Santa Monica, welcome to labor capital. Welcome.

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I started a few minutes later today. We're gonna start at the top of the hour, but I said to start a few minutes later today I'll explain it later. Which by then good luck

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slams Are you from tuning in

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slams where you're from tuning in, or you're tuning in from stuff like that.

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Those kind of things

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like Mr. Ram

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him hemo boss, your last name boss because that's really cool. From Dubai Fatone in that robotic Mr. Ma chaotic Muslim in Bangladesh. Shari far like most of them, Mo boss. Can my son I'm Serena is in Calgary. wetek Madame

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Bilal in Grimsby, UK that's a pretty cool name sounds like serial killer, Grimsby, the Grimsby murders.

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By through in Seattle Alec Muslim and Nicola in Windsor Malik Messina Samira in Houston walakum wa salam

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from Leicester see Gallo. Mo boss says that yes, their name last name is boss. Sam it comes out Florida. I miss your name there. Juju in Switzerland or lake Muslim. Hayes real from Somalia. Are you in Somalia though? That's the real question. St. Lucia here in Germany, Radek mustard I'm fake in London.

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Him Abbas says I say salaam to you brother. I say why, like Muslim to you back.

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I had to scroll down for that. Billa Lachman said there's a movie called the brothers of Grimsby. Hmm, maybe maybe it's somewhere in my bath, pack my mind.

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Now she says, Can you please give a shout out to sick kina had yet and saw that in Pennsylvania, like Massara? The NASA team Maheen rallied from a tsunami America and Cleveland

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has snapped. He's says yes. He really is in Somalia at the moment ATM. Welcome Hayes.

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inlude Luton oligomer Sam COVID in Toronto.

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Massoud in New York City man may Allah protect you Massoud New York City

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New York I'm no longer doing it. We're going to start at the top of the hour in Sharla Donna

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Thank you ma fair

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as Matt says I've been so sick today Subhanallah ismat hopefully inshallah to Allah it's not related to these things.

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So lawfully it's just some biryani that you made that didn't sit well

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he says yes, I'm in Somalia. Why?

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I don't know because everybody's in these boring places like London and Toronto and New York. It's cool when people tune in from cool places

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are Xena is in Mauritius valley from Santa

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Thank you, Bill. Allah says I have to say I'm not a keen follower, but I followed your advice on da and make a list. And don't make Dawei

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hamdulillah he's real says Mogadishu to be specific.

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And Bilal says Grimsby is really cool. The name is cool. I don't know if Grimsby itself is cool, but the name is cool for sure.

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Nas Yeah, Ahmed says a ceremony come from Mara Yan Mirage and Sarah Massoud says where are you now chef? For security reasons I do not disclose my current locations. Thank you very much. Maryam in Switzerland Zurich, in Zurich, Switzerland says is a cool place. I concur.

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And my hair says love you for the sake of Allah beckon Lydia but Neela we will start in four minutes inshallah.

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I'm in Pakistan in Assam. Why Safar

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Rubina says asked me this question last time I need your advice on when we make dua after for prayer is it better to

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make dua before just leaving or after you make dua before Simon can we end our door I was so a lot whenever I mean God before Sam said a lot comes out comes at the end by default.

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You can make dua before you say set up and you can do it before afterwards as well. So it's not necessarily an issue of which one's better

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it's just an issue of you know what for you maybe after Salah if you're done your prayer and you want to take your time making dua might be easier or during salah I don't think it's really that big a deal.

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Do both how about that? You'll not rush it in boring Ottawa. Ligna CERAM

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Massoud says, I watched lots of your lectures on piece TV Do they still broadcast on piece TV or is it done?

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hotties Mazzy from Toronto finally 100 I was stranded in Istanbul and made it home hamdulillah How long were you stranded in Istanbul Hattie's magazine. I heard about other people getting stranded there

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while Sephardic Madame

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we will get started in two minutes run from the bear

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MFA says in the future I have a plan to do a program with you in Charlotte Allah ma ter what's the what's the program going to be about? Give me a heads up

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It's Amira bag and I will wa Alikum Assam by Blue White Lake Messina.

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New while in Belgium, Belgium Land of the Smurfs I believe if I'm not correct,

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he says in quarantine in Istanbul are stuck there for 12 days Millis puntata. make things easier and then had to drive home a smart aleck mme.

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Today's session, I'm going to end with a joke. I'm going to end with a joke so stay tuned for that. About bears.

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Your Mama says my husband Nadler says that I'm Alec Muslim. Nadra How you doing?

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Like I said, I'm awesome. Mostafa Where are you now?

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Seema says it's Maghrib time in UK then go pray

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go pray

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All right, folks, we have hit the top of the hour. Let us begin.

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Take one es Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah yo, sabe my wallet and my bad

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I think I was gonna say, goodbye, I think I said said homolytic already. So Good Morning, Vietnam. Welcome to the max daily check in today. Inshallah, tada, we're talking about forests, and bears, forests and bears. So

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imagine that you are, this is really beautiful about about the human body, you're in the forest, you see a bear, you're gonna get freaked out, yes, you're gonna get freaked out, and then you're going to run. So this is what the body does, the body basically shuts down everything in your body. That's not essential to surviving. At this moment, your body shuts down everything. That's not essential. And so your body basically gives you adrenaline and gives you power to your legs up power to your speed. Maybe you're not even breathing properly, because your body's like we need to get out of here. And just to give you a if you've never been in a situation like that if you don't live in

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Canada, and meet bears all the time. I'll give you an example of how the body just takes over when you're in danger is when you touch like a hot pan or maybe you're ironing something we've all had that moment we've touched an iron. And before you can process that, oh, that's really hot. I should move my hand. Your body overrides your brain and pulls your hand away and after your hand has been pulled away, then you stop

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When you think whoa, that was hot, right? So here we are with the bear. Everything has been shut down. And everything has been shut down and it's survival.

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So let me tell you this. In our lives, we're not walking around looking at bears. And yet, in our brains and our minds, we're always thinking about worst case scenarios. We're always yes. Well, I suppose as that's the sympathetic nervous system kicking in it sounds cooler when I say everything's shutting down, and it's getting you focused to survive. Yeah, so there's no bears running around. However, we have bears going on in our head. big monster bears big Pillsbury Doughboy type of meat, you know that, that, that marshmallow man, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in the Ghostbusters, we all got those kinds of bears running around in our minds. And even though they're not there, even though

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they're not there, the body still reacts in a similar way it gets stressed out. So in the example of the bear in the forest, than the example of the bear in the forest, what if after, you know, this bear comes,

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right? And adrenaline starts kicking in and all of this stuff, and you start running? And then your friend takes off the bear mask? And then says, no, no, I'm just joking. I'm just joking. wasn't really a bear, would you still have felt it? And the answer is, yes, you it doesn't matter. Because whatever you think is real, whatever you think is real. That's how your body's going to react. So I used to have this.

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I'm kind of like, you know, my skill is solutions provider. I'm always looking for worst case scenarios and trying to deal with it hamdulillah in the My years with another institute and different things I'm do my mind is always looking for what's wrong, and how can we fix it from now, the problem with that, is when you go into overdrive, of what's wrong, what could happen wrong in the future, your body is always in this survival mode. Your body's always running away from the bear, even though there's no bear there. This might be useful in some cases. In some cases, yeah, I need to do a little preparation, this and that. But if your mind's always focused on the future, and

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always focused on what can go wrong, and how can I prepare for it now, you're always going to be in a state of tense, and your body's not relaxing, your body's not calming down. And that's not healthy for you. I used to this is this is a little deep, but I used to

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this topic went really far for me when really intense. And I found myself unable to be happy, unable to embrace happiness, because my mind was always searching for what's going to happen wrong tomorrow, and how can I prepare for it from today? And I felt that if I let my guard down, and I started, you know, just embracing the moment, then I'm making myself vulnerable to the pain that's going to come tomorrow. And so I just everyday I'd be I'd be having so much fun. And maybe you've been in situations like that you're having so much fun. And then all of a sudden a fear of tomorrow starts popping in your head. How can I Prepare from now you already start crossing that bridge or

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preparing to fight that Stay Puft Marshmallow monster, even though it never came. And so I wanted to mention some verses to you.

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Allah subhana data tells us in the Quran

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blamelessly bene

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Khattab along with Anna, say, nothing will be flawless, except that which Allah subhanaw taala has written for us, nothing's going to happen to us, except that which Allah has befallen us. And so and the prophets of Elijah Sinha was once teaching this, this concept to a young companion.

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And he said no, man Asaba lumea cool new tech on my blog, let me a call, you'll see back the province of a lady some taught him young boy, that whatever strikes you like if there's 100 arrows thrown out into the air and something strikes you or let's say emit a billion bacterias, right, if something strikes you, there is no way that it was going to miss and if something misses you, there was no way that it was going to hit. So when people say oh, that was a close call, in fact, in the in the color of Allah subhanaw taala It was no matter how close it was, it was never going to strike you. And if something strikes you it doesn't matter if you did this and you did that and you did

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this and that it was never going to miss you.

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leniency burner, Illa market of Allah with Anna. And with that a person just, you know, there are things that we're in control of supposedly like, hey, what am I going to eat for lunch or something like that. And there's other things. It's like you're flying on an airplane, and you know what you're not in charge of where this is going. So just sit back, find yourself a nice movie on the plane and just relax and enjoy the ride. Because this is outside of your control. Lane. You'll see Verna Ilana cuts of Allah and Anna. So what should you do instead?

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What you should do instead is start focusing on the moment that Allah subhanaw taala gave you now, the moment that Allah subhanaw taala gave you now there was,

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you know, I'm reminded of

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a brother, who his mother had lost

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his brother, so So this is a brother, a friend of mine, and his mother had lost his brother. Yeah, meaning like his, his brother died. So what happened after that is that she became so sad, so depressed, and she found no joy in the remaining brothers and sisters that were the her children that he felt like it was as if he had died as well. And so this is another that's like thinking about the past. But thinking about the future as well as Allah subhanaw taala has given us blessings, given us safety given us quarantines given us all this protection. And yet we're thinking about what does the future hold and feeling fearful for that, and feeling sad and scared, it brings

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all these not so great emotions. And so the idea is to come back to reality to come back to now and focus on Hey, I'll cross that bridge when I get there. I'll cross that bridge when I get there. I say this to myself, Allah whenever I started thinking about something, hey, this could happen in the future, I say to myself, I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

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Because if you try crossing a bridge, before you get there, you're just walking into the clouds like that wily Coyote, right, you're just gonna fall down. So you don't want to be just walking into open air, you want to focus on crossing the bridge. When you get there. For those of you tuning in, I'm going to tell you guys a joke at the end of this inshallah Tiana. So stay tuned.

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When I was,

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in the early days, when I was building a mother Institute,

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working on it and doing, you know, setting up classes and so on. There were people that were against me, unfortunately, right Muslims, you gotta love some Muslims. So I would build something. And then here's somebody trying to tear it down. A great example of this is like, hey, we put up a poster in the masjid and somebody who has a problem with me will come and rip the poster down, put the poster up, person comes in nobody's looking, pull the poster down. Great job, buddy doing a great job. So

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and then you get multiple people like that.

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So I was one sitting with some shoe. And I complained about the situation. And I said to them, and I was actually quoting a lecture that I heard, how can I this is the this is the thing that I learned from the lecture. And this is actually a reminder for all of you. Just because you heard something from a chef Don't take it so seriously. Sometimes he creates an analogy in our mind. And we think that that's the only map of the world. And it's not true. So this is what the lecture that I heard, and I was reiterating it to some other shields. In this lecture, the chef said, how can you build a wall when on the other side of the wall are like 21 different people. For every brick you put up on

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the wall, there's 21 people on the other side of the wall waiting for you to pull that put that brick up and to pull it down. This is what I heard from a lecture a cassette tape at that time. So I told this to the chef and he said to me such beautiful words. This chef said to me, and I remember how softly and sweetly he said my name. He said, Okay, Muhammad, he said my brother Muhammad and I'm I was much younger than him. And he said, If Allah wants that wall to be built,

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then nobody can tear it down. And if Allah doesn't want that wall to be built, then it doesn't matter how much effort you put in, or if there's nobody else on the other side, trying to take him down, that wall will not be built. And so place your trust in Allah Spano Tata, and do the work that you need to do. Focus on the now. Don't worry about tomorrow cross bridges when you get there. Then you'll see bunna Ilana Khattab Allah who will Mowlana

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So, here's my recommendation. My advice for you on how to implement what I'm talking about number one, is just that statement of you know what happens if this XYZ happens, what happens if XYZ you know what ABC happens? Tell yourself, I'll cross that bridge when I get there. For now, let me enjoy. If I'm home alone, maybe with kids family, let me enjoy building my relationship with them. Let me enjoy building myself up. There's a lot of free content all around the internet that people are given out. Now's the time to stock up all of these things. So focus on what's in your control today, building yourself and increasing in your a bad doing or is too far. Building your

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relationships with the people around you. And when these thoughts come in your mind, tell yourself you know what, when that bridge comes across it when it comes inshallah Tada? Now I know the response to this is, shouldn't you prepare? What if, you know, shouldn't you prepare? And I would look at you know, the preparation for crossing a bridge is like an 8020 an 8020 rule like the 8020 like 20% of your time, or even less than that focus on okay, if there was a worst case scenario, how do I prepare from now.

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So maybe I need to do XYZ maybe I didn't do that you do a little preparation for those things that will help us and you know, I did my preparation, I've got some stuff doesn't mean just close my mind. But I've done those things, those things I put aside now cross that bridge when I get there. And when I get there in java dot, I have some hiking boots, I got some extra water and some sanitizer, Inshallah, tada, everything will be okay. And instead of and then the next advice I would give you is that instead of always focus on focusing on what's the worst that could happen, ask yourself, what is the best thing that can happen? What's, what are the great things that could come

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out of this? What are the great things that could come out of this? And maybe how do you ride those waves? Great things that can come out of this is like, Hey, I could come out of this with you know, some education that I was never able to find time for. I could come out of this with relationships with my family that you know what I'm always traveling, I'm always out always at work. I could be building relationships with my family, or even online, what's the best thing that can come out of this? And focus on that rather than what's the worst

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law data item? And that's it. That's our reminder for today. The daily community huddle. I'll tell you the joke now.

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Right, here's the joke.

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We spoke we began today by speaking about the bear in the forest. So this is how the Joker's. So there's these two guys, they were hiking in the forest.

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And then they came across a bear and the bear was like raw and the bear is about to charge and this and the bears like starting beginners charge. And the one of the one of the guys says to the one of the guys immediately goes to the ground and pulls out his his sneakers, his runners, pulls out his knee, he starts changing his shoes. And then his friend said to him, What are you doing? You're not going to be able to outrun the bear. And then his friend said back to him in responses. He finished tying up his last lace. I don't need to outrun the bear. I just need to outrun you.

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And that's it sack Allah. Hi, Ron. Hi, Kamala. We started at 10 before the hour, so like 2:50pm New York Time inshallah Tada, we're going to start at that time. Give it about 10 minutes and then at the top of the hour, we will begin so go ahead for everybody that tuned in. Please share have fun. We are going to be doing if you haven't heard about the the time to thrive Summit. It is a summit that we put together. Actually before all this went down and hamdulillah all the topics have been turned in focus to helping you during this time that you're living in. So during How do you focus on community, your mental health How do what are the emotional toolkits and we've gotten amazing lineup

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stir Delia Mujahid we've got sugar here Brahim myself that's going to be I don't know the exact date I think it's April 4 or something like that. Check it out the website is discovered you the letter you discover you dot online

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SN Alec MA

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and Zach welcome to everybody that tunes in every day.

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