Haroon Baqai – Physical description of the Messenger [SAW]

Haroon Baqai
AI: Summary © The loss of Janae during a lawsuit and the long distance relationship with her caused her to sell drugs. The segment discusses the narration of WhatsApp's story, including a woman named Darla who was not present during court hearing. The segment also touches on the importance of not giving too many people too many opportunities to feel disheartened or insult, and ends with a small incident where a man named Mr. Earley is asked to practice faith and belief while setting up his son in his company.
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Obaidullah Amina shaytani r Rajim de

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la caja Canada Kofi Alonso de la he was watan has an attorney man.

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A woman

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law case he

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won el movimiento de la casa por

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la Ooh la la la Sulu.

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what is the MA?

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Meaning? Meaning

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that mean?

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Ba ba ba bamboo I mean who

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led one Ivan

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de la? de

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da de da Vinci Derpy him more. You are the weather the Mona Tina

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to bury him in LA Cana wafu la Joaquim

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well Juan de la la Vina Kevin fell watch me lately him lemina

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okell sama meanie Nikita

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levy navaho Minh and Nikita DZO being a more

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senior role necessary co for

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Karim Allah Allah He will be here as your main rabac brothers and sisters Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Whether the sisters this evening

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with the will of Allah azza wa jal and with his mercy subhanho wa Taala we will spend a few very precious moments,

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living and experiencing some of the moments from the life of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Brothers and sisters, the purpose of living these moments is so that we can fall in love

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and strengthen our commitment, our loyalty to the suta la Hassan along Rodney he was in them.

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But you see brothers and sisters, there's a very fine point here that you will hear the speakers tonight talk about over and over and that is

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that this love of Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam cannot be cannot be limited to feelings only.

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It can't just be emotions, it has to be put in motion.

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And that is that we've got to show our love to assume that a lot of money he was selling them by practicing his son, son alojado. He was in them.

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And so brothers, the sisters, to start this program,

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I was asked to share a brief description of Prophet Mohammed Salah long Radha he was alum and there are several narrations, some strong some weak to talk about his physical description of him so in the long run he was selling but I on purpose, chose one of the narrations which is a strong a good narration.

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But one that particularly not just talks about his physical being but more about his character. Because you see, our purpose is that we want to be able to take away something that

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We can put into practice, not after we retire, not after we graduate, not after we move back to our own country. But tonight, now, now before Muslim, and after meldet and after Isha starting tonight. So this narration was narrated by Eileen, it'll be along with Darla, and when he describes a lawsuit that a lot more than he was sent him. And he says, he starts off by saying that it was also a long while he was setting them.

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He always had a smile on his face, and his sense of happiness. So in other words, he was not somebody who, you know, had always had this frown on his face.

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You know, sometimes when we start practicing Islam, one of the things that people associate with the practicing Muslim said they don't ever don't ever smile. They always have this look on their face.

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How are you, brother?

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How is everything? Okay? And they're just on their way. But no, results are a lot harder. He was sending them always had this happiness on his face. He was very soft natured, and did not have a stone heart in a very soft part sort of long winded he was sending them. When people says ideal, the loved one. When people would come to him to ask him for approval for something.

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He would easily easily give consent, he would easily agree to things. There was no red tape, no bureaucracy. No, yeah, I'll get back with you before the day of judgment.

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No, his attitude was he was very easygoing, and he would give approval for whatever people asked for. He never spoke in a harsh or rude tone.

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Very soft spoken. Very kind, very gentle. He did not scream. While he was speaking. Yes, brothers. He did not scream.

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Even at his wives. So long while he was up. Yes, it's just he did not scream when he was talking

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at his children or grandchildren. No, he was very soft spoken sort of LaGuardia, he will send them

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and he goes on. He says he did not seek others faults.

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He did not seek others faults. He didn't have a laundry list of things that was wrong with the food every evening.

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He didn't have a list of things that the wife didn't do well or the husband didn't do well. No, he did not look for fall for other people. Instead, he would cover for other people for a long while he was setting them. He never over praised anybody.

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He never over praised anybody. Nor did he ever exceed in joking with others. He would do. He would smile but never exceeded. In the jokes that he made.

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He did not he stayed away from any undesirable or indecent language so long while he was setting them. If he did not agree with someone, if it did not agree with someone, he would make sure that he didn't make the other person feel disheartened in any way.

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But he wouldn't say much to agree with him either. He will just stay quiet, sort of a long wire that he was sending them. And then at the same time, he wouldn't promise the person anything that he wouldn't want to do it for him. He wouldn't promise people unnecessarily he would never disgrace or insult anybody. Subhan Allah brothers and sisters,

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sometimes we find ourselves that we think it is a sign of our strength to put a person in their place to let them know that they are wrong. Now, not the suits that Allahu Allah He was setting them. He stayed away from three things

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from arguments from pride or arrogance. And from senseless talk, senseless conversations, things that have no reason instead, he's an alumni that he was sending them would only say things from which he would expect a reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala, which is of course what he preached to us also, when he says whoever believes in the law and the Day of Judgment, let him say something good or, or what?

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statement quiet he practiced that he would never say anything that

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would earn him the displeasure of Allah azza wa jal when he spoke solo

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While he was seldom on, he says that the people around him would sit in a way as if they were bird sitting on their heads.

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Meaning they wouldn't move. Because you know, if they move, a few move and a bird is sitting on your head, if you move, the bird would fly away. But the people around him, when he would speak so long, louder, he was setting them.

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People would sit in a way that a bird could stay sitting on their head, sort of long, windy, who was similar.

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If a person was talking to him,

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he would never make the person feel as if he didn't hear them.

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If a person was talking in front of him sort of long while he was sending them, this is Allie, explaining that he wouldn't cut them off, he would let them finish. And then he would talk. And he wouldn't let them feel that he didn't hear them. So if the results are long, while he was setting them putting in practical today's term, if it assumes that a lot of how to sell them was with us today, and if he had a phone, he would not be looking at his phone as a person was talking to him. No, he would be paying attention to the people sort of long while he was in them.

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When the people with him, sitting with him, if they laugh at something,

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he would laugh with them.

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He would laugh with them. And if the people around him were surprised at something, they express a sense of surprise, that job. He would be surprised wisdom, so long while he was setting them, again, to always make them feel a part of his conversation sort of long while he was setting them.

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If somebody with him, would exceed his limits would say something not nice, something rude. For example, there were there were times of course, as you know, that they were there will be a big one who would came to him would come to him so long. Why do you sell them and say things in a rude or disrespectful way? So long while he was setting them would never respond back in that way. Instead, if somebody would really exceed his limit, he would stay quiet. So the last one he was a limp or simply walk away.

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Brothers and sisters.

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These are some of the qualities of photo shoots are a lot harder, he will send them the galley rhodiola who Thailand explained to us, brothers or sisters, let us make sure again starting today. And as we listen to our esteemed speakers tonight, let's make sure that we not only fall in love with Alyssa laquanda he was setting them but we make a commitment that we will be like him so long while he was sending them. And that we asked Allah azza wa jal that he makes us of those people who get to be in the company of Azusa la while he was sending them. And I finished with a small incident brothers and sisters in Mr. Earley Allahu taala. And

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one time, he was praying, and that assumes that Allahu Allah, he was alone was there. So the suits that Allahu wa sallam told him in Massoud, he said, Sal Taka asked and you will be given it. Even Massoud asked for three things.

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And we asked a large level for those three things tonight. He said Allahumma inni, Luca Eman and lyotard Oh Allah I asked you for emaan for faith or belief that is irrevocable.

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When our amen lion fed, and I asked you all along with a blessing that will not perish. And then he said, one more offer kata Mohammed in Salalah while he was an alum, Fiji Anakin.

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And then I asked Allah to be in the company of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in the highest and eternal levels of Gemini. So we asked Allah azza wa jal to help us practice and live his son, civil law while he was setting them such that he gives us the blessing to be in his company in the highest levels of genda. So panic alone will be him the Chateau La Ilaha Illa and so Furukawa to Willig, Allah wa Sallim wa barik ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Sallim wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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