Muhammad Alshareef – Stop Trying to be Perfect!

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The first day of the year is a reminder for everyone to focus on perfectionism and staying true to their dreams. gym membership and activities delay activities, but personal activities like cleaning one's closet and working on behavior improve. People are prioritizing their goals and are doing them according to their goals for the upcoming five years.
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As Salam aleikum Hello everybody tuning in

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can you hear me

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because the phone was cut in so

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I people say salam where you're from and will begin in sha Allah

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if this is coming out as if it's my left hand that is because the camera is reversed This my friends is my right hand Inception Smilla so should I please you and put into my left hand so it looks like it's my right hand or should I drink with my right hand regardless of what you think I will drink with my right hand Bismillah

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All right, that's it I'm done. Sam's where your froms

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Hello, slams I know some people are probably posting their snaps but it's not showing up for me.

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Or Hello?

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Hello, Holly. I'm wondering

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yes okay. Okay

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I think I shut up chat that's

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yeah, there we go. The first comment, Joe hello from India. I like Mr. Rama Rama dilla Sidra in Sydney Wallach Mr. Ram

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it's really weird. I couldn't start until I could see the chat. So I know somebody's out there. I know there's a number there on the side. But I feel like you know what, interacting and I'd like to talk to myself. Alright, let's get started. Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah. Holiday wasabi Malala. And my bad Estella Manik what happened to Allah here, but I care too. So today's reminder

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is about perfectionism, perfectionism. And what I tell people is that perfectionism is a slayer of dreams, or rather, the delayer of dreams. So say you want to do something. Yeah. And,

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and you insist on doing it perfectly, you insist on doing it perfectly. What happens when that happened? Firstly, you become stressed out, you're like, Look, I'm not going to submit this, or I'm not going to do this, until I can commit to do it perfectly. Even as I say that there's so many things, you want to clean your closet, for example, you're like, I'm not going to do it until I can do it all. And it has to be done perfectly. And until then I'm never going to clean my closet. Or you might say, hey, I want to send a message to my parents send a message to this person, that person, and I want to do it perfectly. And because you want to do it perfectly, it never get sent.

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And so throughout our lives every time we want to do something, even right here right now, in your day to day, guaranteed. There's some things that you need to get done, that you're not getting done. And if you look back at why aren't you doing it is because you're trying to do it perfectly. Or you're insisting that I have to do it perfectly. And therefore I will not do it. Because you know what, I'm a perfectionist. I'm a perfectionist. Whenever I hear somebody say that, like I'm a perfectionist, it it triggers my alarm bells. I mean, I do it too, but triggers my alarm bells. And I'll say well, what are you letting you're off letting yourself off the hook of in your life, and

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you're probably unfulfilled because you're aiming for that perfectionism. Because that's what happens. Now here we are at the beginning of 2020 Hamdulillah. And maybe you have some goals, maybe you want to do some things and you said you wanted to do it. But because you want to do it perfectly. Because you want to do it perfectly. It didn't get done. Or you started something and this usually happens at the beginning of the year. I don't know if you guys done this as well. Starting at the beginning of the year at the gyms the gyms are like They're notorious for this people get a gym membership. They start going to the gym first day is a battle royal at the gym.

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Everybody's jumping for this equipment that equipment and by now I think it's like the 15th or something

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Now the people just stop are going to the gym because they can't be perfect and one author men called it the day after perfect the day after perfect after, you know you didn't get the workouts that you set out to do done you're like, you know what, forget this, I'm not going to be perfect. So I want you to think about this in the short reminder. Inshallah Donna, the question is this. What are you delaying today? Because you want and you are insisting on doing it perfectly? Think about that, even if somebody wants to type in the comments, what are you delaying today? Because you insist on doing it perfectly.

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And then after you think of that, you want to ask yourself the question, what would this look like if I accepted to do it imperfectly? What am I delaying? So the first thing is think of something specific. Think of something specific that you are delaying because you're insisting on doing it perfectly. And then ask yourself the question, what would this look like if I accepted to do it imperfectly? What would it look like if it was done imperfectly?

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I will do the activity with you as well something that I'm I I've been traveling and my suitcase is is like sitting there and I need to unpack stuff and I have not unpacked because I want to do it perfectly. I want everything to be in the right spot and so on. And so it's getting delayed. So I would ask myself, what would this look like if I did it imperfectly? And I would say you know what, take this stuff out Muhammad as you need it, but make sure that you know what you do a little here I do a little here one minute here two minutes there and inshallah Tada whatever happens happens and just get it done. How about for you guys?

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Will leads asking me Have you ever lived in College Park Maryland? Yeah, sure.

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Every will lead to me this year. Yes, I have I have lived in College Park Maryland for five years. You from College Park?

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Who else

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commenting or what you got? Or how has perfections are trying to be perfect hurt you in your life?

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This is awkward the texting is like 30 seconds. Too late. Okay, thank you Johanna redecorating my room. Yep, you want to do it perfectly so you never do it. Yes.

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I'm Ron says

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I like that. I'm Ron says I'm scared of joining a certain career. So I don't know if that's perfectionism or maybe something else I'm on. And Jennifer says that hamdulillah I'm not doing anything right now. I like that Jennifer. Good for you. I'm the law.

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Share with us your

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what's your mindset? Why are you not doing anything?

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Why are you getting stuff done?

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And Sidra says funny you are. You mentioned cleaning your closet, because that's exactly what what I gotta do right now.

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Yes, I think everybody has got to clean their closet at some point. We've all got closets that you know for the last three four years have never been touched and we know we want to clean it

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the question we are asking for those of you tuning in late is what is something that you've been delaying? Because you've been trying to do it perfectly? What's something you've been delaying because you're trying to do it perfectly? And what would it look like if you did it imperfectly?

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Johanna says I procrastinate so much because of getting it done perfectly. I'm stuck with my ugly wallpaper.

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wallpaper on your phone or in your room.

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I'm in irmo great question I met and let

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So let's kind of pull this. Let's close this off with this one. How to reconcile not be perfect?

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With the notion of, it's fun or sad. So

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I what I love about it, so don't be perfect. Yes, perfection is for Allah Subhanallah Donna, but Sen is constant improvement, if anything is Zen is your acting out, Hey, I'm not perfect, but I'm going to try and improve on this. So said a lot of people,

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a lot of people translated as perfection, to perfect something. But that's not the accurate meaning it's excellence is to do things with excellence. So constant behavior, constant movement towards your goal, as a prophet said a lot instead of saying, a humble Armel Illa. Allah, the Most Beloved actions to Allah are those things which are done consistently, even if small. So when you're doing constant, consistent, good actions, it says in doing something, doing something a little better, doing something a little better doing something a little better. And as time goes by, in fact, you reach a sand. And sand is like it's, it's like it's ongoing. It's not just like an end goal.

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Perfectionism, if you will, is just hey, it's perfect. It's done. That Zen is like constant. It's it's ongoing. So a lot.

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All right, we are done.

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I would like to read this comment from

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Jennifer says, I asked Jennifer Jennifer saying that she doesn't delay anything. Hamdulillah I asked her to give me her mindset. So she says, Well, I live in a constant consciousness that doesn't allow me to leave things for later. A sense of urgency that keeps me on my toes

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and the last question here and then we are done. elvina says What do you mean by perfect hurts, sir.

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Perfect. Trying to be perfect hurts because there's a mental stress. Like take, for example, the example of the closet, if you're trying to perfect it.

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If you try to perfect it, like I'm only going to clean the closet, when I can do it perfectly and completely, then you live for a very long time stressed out by that closet not being cleaned. And whenever you delay things like that, that you want to do it perfectly. Firstly, there's the stress that the end result has to be absolutely perfect. That hurts and, and the delaying of whatever you need to do because it's not just a closet that perfectionism hurts, it hurts your career, it hurts your you know, the things that you have to clean it hurts your communications, it hurts your

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in your business relationship. There's so many aspects of our lives, that if we allow ourselves to think that everything has to be done perfect, then our whole life becomes surrounded with stress, anxiety, not getting things done. So there's a lot of pain and a lot of hurt that comes with perfectionism.

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Zac Lohan and everybody thanks for tuning in. I wish Facebook would make these this text to be a little little faster. Inshallah, in the future. I said I'm gonna come check out visionary 2030 We're going to be doing a course very soon inshallah Tada within a few days, if you will, and, and this topic of perfectionism, and how to slay it, and how to just move forward with it even in our goals for the upcoming year for the upcoming five years. 10 years. If we think that everything has to be perfect, then nothing's gonna get done. So we need to just what would this look like? If it was done imperfectly cycle Essanay gonna have to love it. Good.

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