Muhammad Alshareef – So You Sinned

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © Speaker 1 explains that the poison causing COVID-19 is called Hadith, which causes a black dot on someone's heart if they commit a sin. If a person refuses to sin and doesn't do Krishna's (the symbol) forgiveness, the disease will continue to grow until everyone refuses to sin and continues to kill.
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Whether it's a snake bite or any type of bite, it's not the bikes that will kill you. It is the poison that remains with you after the bite, and if that poison isn't removed, then that's where the harm comes in. So there's a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, that when somebody commits a sin, a black dot forms on their heart, when a person does Toba and asks forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala that cleansed and if a person doesn't do Toba to Allah subhanaw taala the black dot stays there, the rust stays there. And if a person continues to sin and not repenting to Allah continues to say, not repenting to Allah, that rust piles up piles up piles up until it's

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seals the heart

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